The Abrams Health Institute Ch. 04

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The next morning, Marilyn heard the doorbell ring. As she made her way down the hall, she fastened her robe, then heard the door open. Robert had beaten her to the door. She heard some muffled voices then the door quickly closed again.

“Who was it?” Marilyn asked.

“Delivery. You have a package.” Robert explained. “What is it? Can I open it?”

Just then, Marilyn realized what the package was. It was the realistic dildo she ordered, forgetting she marked next-day-delivery. Marilyn froze for a moment, thinking of a response.

“Oh Robert, you nosy boy,” Marilyn finally answered. “Just set the box on the table. I’ll get to it later.” Marilyn hoped that answer would suffice.

“Ok mom. Well, I have to leave now. I’m going to Jeremy’s house. He bought some new video games and a few of the guys are getting together.”

That was close, Marilyn thought to herself. “Ok honey, have a good time.”

“I will. Oh, and…” Robert turned as he stepped out the front door, “thanks again for… um, you know… last night. I’m really glad we got a chance to do that. And thanks for understanding.”

“You’re welcome sweetie. I hope you had fun.” Marilyn’s thoughts quickly turned to last night and the experience they shared. The exercise suggested by Dr. Abrams was definitely successful in relieving any shame or guilt about Robert’s masturbation. Not only was it something natural for a young man Robert’s age, it was now an activity they could share together.

After Robert left, Marilyn quickly turned toward the kitchen table where Robert had placed the package. She grabbed the pair of scissors from the counter and quickly began cutting the tape that sealed the box. As she opened the cardboard flaps, she could see her prize. Inside was a box with a clear cellophane window, revealing the finely sculpted and detailed phallus. Marilyn opened the inner box and pulled out the dildo.

As she held it in her hand, she was amazed at how soft and skin-like it felt, yet stiff and rigid. Everything about it, its length, its girth, reminded her of Robert’s erection. Marilyn found herself slowly stroking the shaft, imagining what it would be like to stroke the real thing, feeling it grow hard in her hand, imagining what it would feel like inside her. Marilyn felt herself growing moist, the heat between her legs increasing with every second.

Overcome by desire, Marilyn raced to her bedroom, stripped off her robe, and lied back on her bed. As she spread her legs, she lowered the dildo towards the entrance of her wet pussy. Marilyn rubbed the head of the shaft around her lower lips, coating it first with her juices, then plunged the shaft deep inside. Immediately, she let out an audible gasp. It had been so long since she had felt anything like that, so long since she had anything inside her. The pleasure was overwhelming. Marilyn continued to pump the dildo in and out, faster and faster, trying to bury as much of the shaft as possible with plunge until she felt it hit her cervix. It only took a minute, but Marilyn felt her orgasm fast approaching, the sounds of her wetness increased as she slid the dildo in and out.

“Oh… ohhhh… uhhhhh, … ahhhhhh!!” Marilyn cried out as she climaxed. The walls of her vagina clamped down on the phallus, gripping it with each pulse of her orgasm. Marilyn finally let go of the dildo, leaving it inside her, filling her up. Almost a minute after her last spasm, she reached down, and slowly pulled out the rubber penis. She couldn’t believe how intense her orgasm was. It was as if the new sense of openness with Robert had allowed her to finally be open to her own sexual needs. It was Marilyn’s turn now to feel sexually open about her own masturbation.

Marilyn got up from the bed and walked over to her bathroom and began to wash the dildo. As she rinsed off her own juices, she began to soap up the shaft, stroking it with her hand. Again, she paused to admire the similarities between the meticulously sculpted phallus in her hand and Robert’s penis. As she continued stroking the dildo, she began to wonder what it would be like to stroke the real thing. Would Robert let her? Would he want her to? Was she going too far? Yes, she thought to herself, it’s too soon. Maybe Dr. Abrams could help her and give her some guidance. Who knows what else the Dr. Abrams would prescribe for them. They still had another appointment.

Over the next few days, Marilyn would continually check in on Robert. By now, she had become familiar with Robert’s typical masturbation routine. He would generally masturbate once in the morning while he showered, then again at night before going to bed. Several times, Marilyn was able to peek in as Robert showered. Whether he intentionally left the bathroom door open or not was another question Marilyn wondered to herself. Perhaps he enjoyed having her watch him. She definitely enjoyed the show, especially at the moment of orgasm. Through the translucent shower door, she could see Robert’s naked body, his hand firmly wrapped around his erect penis, hearing him grunt bursa escort as he ejaculated, spraying his semen against the shower wall. Each time she saw him, Marilyn would retreat to her room, take her new dildo out from the dresser and bring herself to orgasm.

Sometimes at night, Marilyn would come in his room, as Robert rarely left it closed, and see what new masturbation material he had found on the internet. Robert was eager to show his mother some of the new sites. As Robert pulled out his penis and began masturbating, Marilyn would stand behind him, rubbing his shoulders, whispering encouragement to Robert, even commenting on the action they witnessed on the screen. Of course the real thrill for Marilyn was watching her son stroke himself, watching his technique, and finally seeing him ejaculate. She was always amazed at the force of his ejaculation, his semen spurting high into the air, and always in prodigious amounts.

When the day of the appointment at the Abrams Institute finally arrived, both Marilyn and Robert were trying to contain their excitement.

“What do you think Dr. Abrams will do for our appointment?” Robert asked.

“I don’t know honey. I’m sure she has a plan.” Marilyn answered. “She said she’s helped lots of families like ours.”

“Will she ask us about the um, …the assignment she gave us?”

“Yes sweetie, I’m sure she will. Just remember,” Marilyn turned toward Robert, “be honest. Be honest about how you feel. I think we’ve made good progress, don’t you?”

“Yeah mom, I do.” Robert smiled. “And thanks again for everything.”

“You’re welcome sweetie.”

After pulling into the parking lot of the Institute, Marilyn and Robert got out of the car and walked toward the entrance. After walking inside, they were greeted once again by Janet, the nurse who was present during their last visit.

“Welcome back to the Abrams Health Institute Marilyn,” Janet welcomed, then turned toward Robert. “And hello to you too Robert,” Janet said in an even sweeter voice.

“Hi Janet,” Robert smiled back, remembering her from the last visit. He recalled how Janet reminded him of a sexy librarian, a woman in her fifties with black-rimmed glasses, slightly graying hair tied up in a bun, standing maybe 5 foot 2 inches, and a bit plump. Her form fitting nurses outfit seemed to accentuate her large bust. As his mother signed in, Robert tried to keep from staring at nurse Janet.

“I hope we aren’t too early,” Marilyn commented.

“No, not at all,” Janet replied. “In fact, Dr. Abrams is expecting you if you’d like to go into her office.”

“Oh good. Thank you Janet.” Marilyn turned to her son, “Are you ready Robert?”

“Yeah mom!” Robert responded, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. His mind filled with excitement just thinking of what Dr. Abrams might have him do.

As they both walked into the office, Dr. Abrams rose from her desk to greet them. “Well hello there and welcome back,” she said cheerfully. “How are you both?”

“We’re doing fine doctor,” Marilyn responded. “Actually, much better,” she added.

“Oh I’m so glad to hear that. Please have a seat so we can talk about the treatments,” Dr. Abrams said as she motioned towards the two chairs facing her desk. “Now then, as I recall, these sessions were to help you both come to terms with Robert’s masturbation and deal with your feelings in an open way,” Dr. Abrams said as she glanced at her notes. “Masturbation is natural and healthy for young men like Robert and they need our help and understanding. During our last session we were able to observe Robert and encourage him while he masturbated. And I must say, you both did a wonderful job. Did you feel that the session helped you?”

“Oh yes” Marilyn quickly answered, patting her son’s thigh. “I think it definitely helped us.”

“Yeah,” Robert added, “it definitely helped us a lot.”

“That’s great to hear. Now, can you tell me, how about the assignment I gave you both after our session?” the doctor questioned. “Were you able to complete it?”

Marilyn and Robert both turned to each other and nodded, smiling enthusiastically. “Yes doctor, we did,” Marilyn answered.

“Yeah, it was great!” Robert commented. “My mom really helped.”

“And what did she do for you Robert?” the doctor asked.

“Well…” Robert turned towards his mother.

“It’s ok sweetheart. We can be open here,” Marilyn comforted.

“It was really great. Mom actually found some videos for me to watch while I… um, you know…um, masturbated” he said cautiously, feeling his penis begin to swell.

“That’s wonderful!” Dr. Abrams said. “I’m so glad you’re taking an active approach to this. And did you get to watch him Marilyn?”

“Yes doctor. I did” Marilyn answered almost bashfully, trying to hide her enjoyment of the activity.

“And did you repeat this exercise more than once?” asked Dr. Abrams.

“Um… yes, doctor. We did get a chance to repeat it.”

“That’s good,” Dr. Abrams encouraged. “Now, Robert, how do you feel now, bursa escort bayan about your masturbation? Are you more comfortable now, talking about it, and performing it without guilt or shame?” asked the doctor.

“Yeah, I think so,” Robert responded, still shifting in his seat, trying to conceal his growing erection. “I definitely don’t feel bad anymore.”

“Great. And you Marilyn? Are you comfortable with Robert’s natural need to masturbate and relieve his tension?” the doctor questioned again.

“Yes. I think we’ve come a long way,” Marilyn commented.

“Wonderful,” the doctor responded. “I must say, you both are progressing nicely, even faster than most of my patients. Well now, just a few more questions before we get to the next treatment. So, Robert, about how often do you masturbate now?”

“Um, about two or three times a day.”

“And where do you usually masturbate?”

“Well, I guess I’m usually in my room. Or when I’m in the shower.” Robert paused, thinking about all the times he purposefully left the bathroom door open, secretly wishing his mother was watching him while he masturbated. He would even leave the door open to his room, allowing his mother to easily observe him playing with himself. At this point, Robert’s penis was bulging obscenely, his hands struggling to cover it.

“And when was the last time you ejaculated?”

“Um, last night,” Robert answered.

“Good. I’m glad to hear that you’re masturbating regularly.” Dr. Abrams seemed pleased. “Ok Robert, I think we’re ready for the next session. And judging by the front of your pants, I think you’re ready too,” she chuckled. “Could please step behind the screen and change into the robe, just like last time?”

As Robert stood up, both Dr. Abrams’ eyes and Marilyn’s eyes went immediately to Robert’s crotch. His erection was simply impossible to hide. Robert quickly ducked behind the screen and began to remove his clothes.

“Oh, young men,” the doctor quipped. “How quickly they develop erections.”

Marilyn smiled, trying to hold in a laugh. It was true. It seems like Robert had a perpetual erection. Or maybe he just wasn’t hiding it anymore, especially since their recent openness.

Robert finally emerged from behind the screen, still fumbling with the robe’s tie. His erection hadn’t subsided the least bit, a large bulge clearly visible as his penis poked through the material like a tent pole.

“It’s ok Robert,” the doctor consoled, “don’t worry about tying the robe. Let’s step back towards the exam table where there’s better light.”

As the Robert and Dr. Abrams walked toward the exam table, Marilyn stood up, following closely behind, eager to know what the doctor had in store for him.

“I’ll need to do another quick examination Robert,” she explained. “If you could please hold your robe open for me.”

Robert opened the robe, displaying the large erection he had been unsuccessfully trying to hide. As Dr. Abrams knelt down, she looked up at Robert, smiling somewhat mischievously as she reached for his penis, taking a hold of it and squeezing it along its length.

“Well, you certainly have a firm erection,” Dr. Abrams commented and she continued her thorough examination of Robert’s penis, finally reaching up with her other hand, cupping his scrotum.

Marilyn felt herself growing moist again as she watched, admiring her son’s erection, so stiff and proud, being handled by the doctor’s expert hands.

“Your testicles feel nice too Robert, very well developed,” Dr. Abrams added as she continued massaging his genitals. “You know, since both of you have progressed so quickly after our first session, I was wondering if you would consider being part of one of my research projects.”

Robert and Marilyn both looked at each other, not certain what to say yet. Marilyn finally spoke, “Oh, what kind of project doctor?”

Dr. Abrams stood up, facing towards Marilyn. “I’m writing a research paper on male sexuality and physical response. And I think Robert would be perfect to help add to my data.”

Robert was definitely intrigued. So far, he was enjoying his exam, becoming more and more aware how much he also enjoyed displaying himself in front of his mother and the doctor. “What do I need to do?” he asked.

“Well,” Dr. Abrams continued, “along with some of the information I’ve already collected from you, age, height, weight, penis size, etc, I’d like to collect data regarding the amount of ejaculate you produce, as well as recording the force of your ejaculation by measuring the distance you shoot.”

Robert’s eyes widened, his penis twitching at the thought of cumming again in front them again.

“Of course,” the doctor added, “I’ll need to videotape the session to document Robert’s masturbatory technique and to accurately capture the data I need.”

Marilyn and Robert paused, not sure how to respond despite the fact that both of them were completely receptive to the idea. Robert couldn’t wait to perform again and Marilyn couldn’t wait to see him ejaculate escort bursa again.

Although Dr. Abrams knew the videotape wasn’t completely necessary, she simply loved how quickly these eager young men agreed to be filmed while performing their most intimate act. Since she began filming their ejaculations nearly a month ago, she had recorded nearly a dozen young men, their ages ranging from 18 to 23, with various penis sizes, most with lengths of 5 to 6 inches, the largest at 9 inches. Dr. Abrams seemed to prefer Robert’s penis to the others. She simply loved its shape, its feel. But maybe just as important, Dr. Abrams loved the way Marilyn participated during the sessions, the way she watched, how her eyes were transfixed on her son’s penis. Dr. Abrams seemed to sense Marilyn’s arousal, heightening her own.

“Well, um, Robert,” Marilyn stuttered. “You’re 19 now. It’s up to you. Would you like to help Dr. Abrams with her research?”

Robert couldn’t say yes fast enough. Of course he wanted to. He would be only too happy to. “Uh, yeah. Sure, I’ll do it,” he finally answered, again trying to hide his enthusiasm. During the discussion, he had forgotten how hard he was, pre-cum was already dripping from the head of his penis, forming a small pool on the floor.

“Wonderful!” Dr. Abrams exclaimed. “I’ll have Janet prepare the camera.” Dr. Abrams made her toward her desk, pressing the button on the intercom, “Janet?”

“Yes doctor?” the voice answered.

“Can you please get the camera ready for our videotape session?”

“Right away doctor.” Janet replied.

Dr. Abrams walked back towards the counter and pulled out a large sheet of paper from the drawer. As she spread the paper across the exam table, Marilyn noticed a series of marks on the paper, indicating inches and feet. She couldn’t help but wonder how far Robert would shoot. She had always been impressed by the force of his ejaculations.

“Ok Robert, please step over to the end of the table,” Dr. Abrams directed. Robert walked over and positioned himself, his erection still leading the way. “Why don’t you go ahead and take off your robe. It might get in the way of filming.” This was also a bit of a lie, just another excuse to see Robert naked and to also observer Marilyn’s reaction.

Just as Dr. Abrams suspected, when Robert dropped his robe, Marilyn’s eyes intensely scanned her son’s body from head to toe, pausing to admire his well-sculpted rear, but always returning to his penis.

Just then, the office door opened. It was nurse Janet carrying a video camera and its tripod.

“Thank you Janet,” the doctor said. “Please set it up in the usual location.”

As Janet positioned the camera at the other end of the table, Robert couldn’t help but wonder how many times Dr. Abrams and Janet had filmed these ‘sessions.’ The thought of them filming other young men masturbate just fueled his arousal even further.

“There we go,” Janet announced. “All focused and ready to go. You can begin whenever you’re ready.”

“Ok Robert, we’re ready for you to begin,” Dr. Abrams said. “But before you start, would you like some lubricant for your penis?”

“Oh, uh, yes please doctor,” Robert replied.

Dr. Abrams turned toward Robert’s mother, “Oh, Marilyn, could you please grab the bottle of lubricant? I believe it’s at the end of the counter.” Marilyn turned and spotted the clear plastic bottle. As she returned, Dr. Abrams spoke again, “Thank you Marilyn, and could you please pour some on Robert’s penis?”

Marilyn was only too eager to oblige. As she walked over toward her son, she noticed he already had his hand around his penis, firmly grasping his erection. As Marilyn poured the clear, viscous liquid, Robert began slowly stroking himself, coating the length of his shaft in the wet, slippery liquid.

Janet remained at the camera, making sure to capture the perfect angle and view. At Robert’s right was Dr. Abrams, standing next to him with one hand on his shoulder, the other hand moving up his thigh, gently stroking up toward Robert’s scrotum. At Robert’s left was his mother Marilyn. After setting down the bottle of lube, she too placed her hand on Robert’s shoulder, then gently slid it down his back, lightly brushing his buttocks, then gliding her hand back up to his shoulder.

All the while Robert was completely lost in the moment, slowly stroking his erection, enjoying every sensation. From the warmth of the swollen shaft in his hand, to the soft touch of Dr. Abrams’ and his mother’s hands, Robert was lost in a world of complete pleasure. There he was, masturbating in front of not one, not two, but now three beautiful mature women, completely focused on him, watching him stroke, up and down, slowly and deliberately.

Robert couldn’t be certain, but he thought he could see nurse Janet lick her lips. He wanted to put on a show for her, for Dr. Abrams, for his mother, for all of them.

“That’s wonderful Robert,” Dr. Abrams finally said as she whispered into his ear as he stroked. “You’re doing such a good job. Keep going Robert.” Dr. Abrams slid her right hand just underneath Robert’s scrotum, gently rubbing the back of her hand against his testicles. “What do you think Marilyn? Isn’t your son doing great?” she asked again.

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