The Adventures of Anna and Kari Ch. 03

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Kari and Anna hiked with Sylvia’s family down the windy trail through the dunes to Sylvia’s villa gate. Hugo entered a code into a panel next to a gate that hung amidst the villa’s tall stucco walls and held the gate open as the Kari and her mother followed Sylvia through. The cute French villa Kari had envisioned when Sylvia first mentioned the place turned out to be more of a heavily fortified compound.

After the three naked women passed through the gate, the high walls led around a corner and then branched out into a set of a dozen open shower stations. Six shower heads lined the walls to the left and right and Sylvia claimed the first station, turning the handle on the wall and then stepping into the stream. She let the misty water spray across her dainty tanned breasts. Anna wasted no time in claiming the next station and Kari followed suit.

Kari let the first splash of water wash away Eden’s sticky white gift from between her full athletic breasts and then splashed the stream of water between her legs. She turned around to let the water wash over her back and watched as Eden, Hugo, and Julien began to rinse themselves under the shower heads across the small corridor.

Hugo and Julien turned their backs to their showers and Kari took measure of their equally low hanging penises. Julien had inherited an impressive set of plum sized testicles and pendulous uncut penis from his father and Kari couldn’t help imagine what it would feel like to take the length of them in her sex and anus at the same time. She felt her body awaken as she imagined staring into Julien’s piercing blue eyes while his father’s powerful hips pounded at her backside.

It appeared Anna’s mind was in a similar place. Kari heard her mother’s shower head turn off and then watched her mother’s dripping wet backside jiggle as she crossed the narrow hall to join Julien.

“Need a hand?” Anna offered as she wrapped her right arm around Julien’s waist. The younger man smiled and motioned toward his neck as he turned to face the shower stream.

Water streamed over Julien’s blonde head while Anna used her hands to reach up his ripped back and across his broad shoulders. She rubbed her hands down his muscular butt and then wrapped her right hand around his waist. Kari could only see the motion of Anna’s right arm but she could see enough to know her mother was playing with his well endowed manhood on the other side.

Eden and Hugo had taken notice of Anna’s handiwork and turned to watch their neighbors. They shared a look and then took hold of their own rising penis shafts. To Kari’s left, Hugo was rubbing small circles beneath the head of his penis while Eden, on the right, used long slow strokes from to pleasure her modest shaft. Eden’s left hand rose to her perky round breasts and she played with her nipples while the other hand worked her stiffening rod.

Anna’s hands shifted to Julien’s waist and she turned the athletic man so that he now faced outward toward Kari and Sylvia. Kari turned to see Sylvia teasing her small tan breasts with her hands while she watched her son’s impressive erection receive slow caring strokes from Anna’s hand. She stepped out of her station and joined Anna, indicating for her to circle around to her son’s front.

While Anna lowered herself to her knees and worshipped Julien’s massive erection with long slow strokes from the front, Sylvia knelt behind her son. From Kari’s vantage, it looked like she was spreading his butt cheeks and was stimulating his anus with her tongue. Julien turned his head up to the sky and smiled as water rushed over his face and down his chiseled youthful frame.

For Kari, remaining a voyeur was not enough. She crossed the aisle and placed a hand at the back of her mother’s long dark hair. Anna stood and then looked down her own backside while she guided Julien’s penis between her dripping wet legs. Anna leaned into Kari, stretching her hands up to her shoulders so she could balance. Her breasts hung like pendulums before her and Kari found they overflowed her palms.

The women kissed as Julien began to pump his manhood deep inside Anna. Kari reached a hand to her mother’s dripping wet snatch and could feel him press himself to the base of his balls inside her mother’s opening. She could hear the repeated smack of Julien’s wet pelvis against her mother’s soft butt as he gave her every inch of his young cock.

“Oh, fuck, he’s so big,” Anna whispered into Kari’s ear. Behind Julien, Sylvia rose to her feet and stood next to him. Kari saw Julien’s eyes grow wide and watched his pecs tense when Sylvia inserted a finger inside his rectum.

“I think my boy wants to cum inside you. Is that ok with you, Anna?”

“Sure, I’m fixed,” Anna panted as she continued to drive her hips back to meet Julien’s thrusts. “Kari, help me come with him,” she begged her daughter.

Kari’s fingers slipped between Anna’s soft curtains and found her engorged clit. She tickled the nub rapidly with her index and middle izmir escort bayan finger and watched her mother’s body succumb to the sensation.

“Oh, yes, mother! Deeper!” Julien begged and then Kari suddenly felt his thick shaft pulse as he emptied his testicles deep inside her mother’s wanton body. Eden and Hugo closed the gap between themselves and Anna and soon they were pumping short squirts of semen onto Anna’s backside.

“Guess we’re cleaning up all over again,” Sylvia laughed as she removed her fingers from her son’s butt.

After the group finished rinsing off a second time, Hugo showed Kari and her mother where to retrieve some towels from a bin at the end of the shower stations. Kari tied one up over her hair and another around her mid-section. It was just wide enough to cover her breasts and her legs down to her upper thighs.

The group exited the villa’s entrance tunnel and walked out onto an L shaped pool deck. At the far end, a man with dark brown skin had his back to the group. His face was buried deep into the crotch of the broad chested red-headed woman sitting on the side of the pool. She was either too lost in ecstasy to notice Kari’s group passing or was so used to playing in public that she didn’t feel the need to acknowledge them.

The group slipped into the posh cabana that Sylvia’s family was staying in through a sliding glass door. A large sitting room with floor-to-ceiling windows for looked out over the pool deck. Kari and Anna sat on the cool leather sectional with Sylvia while Hugo, Julien, and Eden retrieved lunch trays from the refrigerator.

As Sylvia explained, Hugo and she had noticed Brian on previous trips and always wondered if he would be game to “exchange favors” with the couple.

“That actually reminds me… do you have a phone I could use to check my voicemail? I wonder if he’s called,” Anna asked with some concern in her voice. Hugo pointed her to a small office that connected to the sitting room and she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

Several minutes later, Anna re-emerged with a look of terror on her face.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Kari asked.

“Brian left a long message. He said he was on a secured line from his lawyer’s office. Yesterday evening, the police came for him. They accused him of embezzling and laundering money. He said they’re freezing his assets and they’re even going after the money he transferred to me.”

“What the hell? You’re telling me he didn’t tell you he might get arrested if he came to France?”

“It was so sudden. He had no idea. At least, I think. Oh, my god. We have to get out of here.”

“Wait,” Sylvia interrupted. “Maybe we have another option. If your money is in a European account, did you actually have plans about how you were going to get it back to America?” Anna and Kari silently stared at Sylvia.

“What if I could offer you a chance to go some place where both of your skills would be invaluable? The thing is, we are at the end of our stay in this nice little village, much like you. We could take you with us. You see, it seems to me you all are already not burdened by the… constraints of continental society. Those rules are for everyone else. What I’d like to offer you is the opportunity to come with us to see where we live and how we live.”

“Uh, it feels like you’re inviting us to some kind of cult? No offense…” Kari responded as she flashed her mother a concerned look.

“On the contrary, Kari: where we are going, adults are free to be adults. To make choices for themselves. Everyone contributes and everyone gets something for their troubles. We’re actually quite a large community that has been built up over the years. There are some rules, of course, to keep order, but if you like beaches I think you will like it there. And if you want opportunities to be treated equally to your male counterparts, I think you will like it there. I can make arrangements to retrieve your belongings from your hotel. We can keep you safe, but I think we will have to move quickly. What do you say?”

“Well, we could stay here and face the authorities or run back to America and start over. What do you think, Kari?” her mother asked.

“I think door A has a bunch of angry Frenchmen behind it, door B has some angry Americans behind it, and door C still sounds a little cultish. Given the options, give me door C and security. For now.”

“Are we agreed, then? You’ll come home with my family?” Sylvia asked with a finality to her tone. Anna and Kari nodded. Sylvia turned to Hugo and the large man moved to the kitchen where he opened a cabinet and pulled out a satellite phone. After dialing the bulky phone, he spoke in French to the person on the other end in a vocabulary far too complex for Kari to pick up.

“OK. We can do this,” Hugo explained after he hung up. “We will find some clothes for you in the villa. Certainly someone has clothes that will fit you. Your things will meet us at our plane at the airport. Everything escort izmir is in motion, don’t worry. Now, my family needs time to get our things together. Just wait here and we’ll be leaving before you know it.”


When their limousine reached the airport, Kari expected to be greeted by another small private plane. To her surprise, the car pulled into an enormous hangar where a 747 waited for them. She watched several other groups of adults climbing the steps into the cabin. As she stepped out of the car, she stumbled in the ill-fitting shoes Sylvia had lent her. When she arrived in France with her mother, she was wearing a high fashion dress but she would be leaving in a t-shirt and pair of too short shorts that also belonged to Sylvia. Her mother at least was able to fit into a large beach cover-up one of the neighbors lent to her.

When Kari and Anna reached the plane, Hugo hurried them up to the upper deck where a small group of seats and comfortable lounge were located. He invited them to sit.

“Normally, our vetting process is very extensive, but these are… extenuating circumstances, if ever they existed. I know you all haven’t known me very long, but I am trusting you enough to take you to our very special, very protected home. Can you trust me in turn to have our people take a look at your background? We need to know everything so we can give you the best chance to fit in and hopefully make a life with us.”

“I don’t think we’re in a position to negotiate,” Anna said.

“Thank you, Anna.” Hugo reached for a clear pitcher and poured small glasses of water for Anna and Kari and placed them on the small tables next to their chairs. “And, one more thing: we need you to get some rest, both for your own sake and so that you won’t be able to recognize markers below us or the directions we travel. Please, drink your water. It will safely let you sleep and alleviate the stress you must be feeling.”

Kari hesitantly reached for the glass. She could turn back, she thought. After all, it was technically her mother’s account at risk, not her own. If she left now, she could get back to work by the middle of the week and it would just look like she was returning from any other European vacation. Of course, she could not abandon her mother. Certainly not after everything the woman had done for her and now that they were closer than ever.

“Bottoms up,” Kari toasted as she lifted her glass to Anna. The room temperature cocktail was sugary and fruity and went down smoothly. “How long does this take?” Kari heard words in the room as though they were spoken by another person. It was the last thing she remembered from her hurried exit from France.


Sometime later, Kari was aware of someone rubbing at her arm with a wet cloth. She thought she heard the sound of a shower head echoing around her and wanted to stand up but found herself unable to open her eyes or move. As the cloth moved down her chest and legs, she felt euphoric at this stranger’s caring touch. And then the world was gone again and she was dreaming of floating on clouds. Her mother flew up in a puffy white cloud next to her.

“I feel great, how about you, darling?” She said and then turned her cloud flipped in a barrel roll, sending her hair flying in all directions. “Wow, did you see that? I think they gave me magical powers.” Kari looked down at her own body and she saw that the clothes Sylvia had lent her were missing. She felt shame at the sight of her own nude body in the presence of her mother, so she covered her breasts with her arm and moved her hand between her legs.

“There’s nothing to worry about, Kari. In fact, I think it’s ok for you to wake up now. Kari, we’re here for you and it’s time to wake up,” her mother’s mouth was moving but her voice was not her own. “It’s ok for you to wake up now, dear,” she repeated. “You’ve slept a long time but we’re waiting for you…”

Kari sat up and felt her heart pounding as she awoke from her dream. She looked around at her surroundings – a large hut with a woven bamboo ceiling that peaked in the middle and long red velvety curtains that formed the walls and fluttered in the wind. It was a little more humid wherever she was now that it had been in France.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” she heard Sylvia say from her left. She turned and Sylvia and her mother were sitting in wicker chairs to the side of the large soft bed. Kari looked down and realized she was naked beneath the sheets and pulled the top sheet up to cover her breasts.

“It’s ok, we’re in a safe place,” her mother reassured her. “I can’t wait for you to see what’s outside these walls. Kari noticed a clear glass of water next to the bed.

“It’s safe. No more sedatives now that you’re here. Please, drink,” Sylvia urged her. Kari sucked down the water, cooling her dry throat.

“Where are we?” Kari asked the women.

“Let’s take a look, shall we?” Sylvia responded, rising to offer a hand to Kari. Sylvia and Anna wore long izmir escort cotton sleeveless dresses that tied behind their necks. Kari took Sylvia’s outstretched hand and used her free hand to wrap the sheet around herself as she rose from the bed. Anna pulled one of the long curtains that formed the walls of the hut a little to the side, just giving Sylvia and Kari enough room to pass through the fabric.

As Kari emerged on the other side of the fabric, she inhaled sharply, spellbound by the view. They were walking out to the side of a soft mossy path that led to a steep overlook. As they moved toward the rickety bamboo fence that formed a barrier at the edge, she could look down over the island stretched out below her. Through the dense tree canopy below, she could spot clusters of small homes and large villas. In the distance, she could see long stretches of yellow beaches split up by other small mountains and cliffs. Beyond that was a bright blue sea that met the blue sky on the horizon.

“Magnificent, isn’t it?” Sylvia asked. Kari dropped her sheet, almost on instinct, longing for her naked body to be part of the stunning landscape. She let the breeze flow across her stomach and closed her eyes to feel the sun kiss her forehead.

“There’s a dress for you inside, if you want it,” Anna offered after a moment.

As they headed back into the hut, Sylvia tied off the fabric curtain, allowing them to maintain a view of the outside world while Anna pulled a cotton dress from a hanger on one of the bamboo supports. Kari pulled the dress up over her body and turned so her mother could tie it in the back. Kari’s dress matched the other women’s’ dresses in its soft cotton composition – blue for Kari and Anna and yellow for Sylvia.

“There’s someone I need for you to meet,” Sylvia said as she pressed a small red button on a support beam. Moments, later, Hugo and Julien appeared at the opening in the hut. Hugo offered Sylvia the thick black fabric in his hands. “But we have to travel just a little more to get there so I’m going to ask you to allow me to blindfold you so that you can’t see every detail of the operation inside until you’ve committed. OK?”

“OK,” Kari answered.

“Why not?” Anna replied as she walked to Sylvia and turned her back to the woman. Kari watched as Sylvia reached the thick black fabric across her mother’s eyes and then tied it behind her head. Kari walked forward next, as Julien handed his blindfold to Sylvia and soon the world in front of her was dark again.

As Kari held Hugo’s hand and followed him, she felt the mossy soil below her give way to sand where they stopped. She heard a buzz and then the sound of a heavy door open.

“Give me your foot,” Hugo requested and Kari lifted her right foot and felt a loose fitting slipper slide on. “And the other.”

Once she was fitted with her new footwear, Hugo took Kari’s hand again and was led forward across a hard floor. The pressure and lighting inside suggested a small hallway and dim artificial light compared to the bright heat of the outside sun. Kari could hear soft voices in the distance and whispers around her as Hugo, Sylvia, and Julien helped their blindfolded companions navigate the building.

After several twists and turns, Kari felt disoriented as she was led through another door. She was led to a stopping point by Hugo and then she heard several people slip away as she was left to stand in silence.

“You can take the blindfolds off, now,” a woman’s deep voice instructed. Kari reached to her eyes and pulled the fabric down to her chin. As her eyes adjusted to the light in the room, she realized she was inside a very modern looking office. Her mother stood next to her, untying the knot behind her head. “Have a seat,” the middle aged woman in front of her instructed. The sandy haired woman was seated behind a desk and her poise suggested she was someone of importance.

As Kari and Anna settled into two modern-style chairs, the woman studied a transparent screen in the corner of the desk. Kari quickly realized the screen was only transparent from her side as the woman was clearly reading some information on the other side.

“My name is Audrey and I’m the chair of the board of governors for this community,” the woman explained. “I have to admit that I was a little upset to learn that Sylvia was bringing in strangers without warning but I understand the extenuating circumstances. To tell you the truth, Sylvia and her family were in France for a very specific reason: we were going to try to recruit your friend Brian. It’s unfortunate that he was scooped up before we could get to know him better but we’re I’m so happy this situation might turn out for the best.”

“You see,” Audrey continued, “Brian came on my radar when he unknowingly started trading with one of our fund managers. We were impressed with his financial success and his compassion for others – I don’t know if you realize how many people have benefitted from his foundation – but we also knew he was getting in over his head with some of his international dealings and we needed to recruit him before it was too late. We failed. But it’s our luck that we instead ended up with two talented and beautiful ladies like you.”

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