The Anticipated Meeting

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Chloe flies into the Houston airport at 10:50am on June 7. Flying first class is always exciting, but the anticipation of finally getting to meet Austin in person is overwhelming. She departs the plane and looks for the nearest ladies room to freshen up, wanting to look her best for the first meeting.

Leaving the restroom, she waits in the lobby, looking for the man of her recent distractions of late. She spies him through the busy lobby, smiling as their eyes meet. Chloe meets Austin half way, extending her hand to shake it, not expecting him to pull her into an embrace in the middle of the busy Houston airport. She whispers in his ear how good it is to finally meet and how desperately she wants to get out of the airport to be with him. She lightly kisses him on the neck as she pulls away, winking her left sparkly blue eye. He can see by that wink that she is full of mischief. They anxiously leave the airport, arm in arm.

Once settled in Austin’s truck, she leans over and wraps her arms around him and kisses him deeply. Recreating the deep sensual kisses that they’ve talked about during the many conversations that they have shared over the Internet. Finally being able to feel his hands on her body is about her undoing. She remembers the many nights lying in bed just trying to feel the soft touch of his hands and lips on her now tanned body. She giggles lightly in response to the ever-growing bulge in Austin’s pants. Chloe runs her arms down his arms and chest, feeling his heartbeat, smiling wickedly at him. Both knew that this day would once come. All of the sexual teasing between the two had finally come to a head (no pun intended!) She deftly lowers her hand and rubs the hardening bulge in the front of his jeans, knowing that this is what they both have dreamed and fantasized about.

Knowing how turned on they both are, Austin suggests leaving for their destination. He tells her about all the hot spots and sites of Houston as they drive out of town to the marina. Austin has chartered a small sailboat in which they are going to anchor a ways out in the water in a secluded area. Both are excited to get there and spend their short time that they have together.

Once at the marina, Austin leads Chloe to the slip where the charted boat is docked. Both anxiously step aboard, and go below to the cabin. She is surprised to see a bottle of champagne and strawberries and cream chilling on a silver platter on the small table beneath the porthole. Seeing the sparkle in her eyes, he knows that this romantic gesture has pleased her, he pulls her close to him and the excursion begins.

She once again wraps her arms around his neck, lifting on her toes to kiss his neck. She lightly bites on his earlobe, softly whispering how much she wants him, totally and completely. Her fingers slide pendik escort down his chest and work the buttons on his shirt, kissing his bare chest a little further down as each one reveals more skin. His skin is hot on her tongue; she hears that is breath catches every now and then. She finally unbuttons his shirt and places her palms on his nipples, slides her hands up and pushes his shirt over his shoulders and down his arms. She pushes him lightly back so that he sits on the small sofa in the cabin, and she turns around looking for her bag and the bathroom. She kisses him lightly on the lips and tells him that she will be right back.

She grabs her bag and saunters to the bathroom and closes the door halfway. She quickly changes into on of the many lingerie outfits that she has brought with her. This one just happens to be white and lacy. She slips out of her jeans and short t-shirt and slides the satin and lacy negligee over her head. It is long and flowing, with the straps criss-crossing in the back. She opens the door and walks out.

She sees that Austin is breathless at this vision in white, knowing that it is meant only for him. He stands and comes towards her. He takes his hand and places it lightly on her cheek. Chloe moves her face so that she kisses the palm of his hand. She takes his hand in hers and places it on her neck and slides it over her warm, silky smooth skin. He reaches his other arm around her by the lower back and pulls her close to him, leaning down, kissing her lightly on her forehead, next her eyes, her cheeks and finally on the lips. Savoring each caress of his lips on her skin. Their kiss intensifies as he lifts her in his arms and Chloe puts her arms around his neck to hold on. He lays her gently on the bed, staring at her hungrily. She whispers to him to take off his pants that she wants to see him naked. She too is hungry to feed this need that they both have for each other. He teases her, unbuttoning his jeans, lowering the zipper, watching her intent gaze. He slides his jeans over his ass and lets the fall to the floor and steps out of them. He quickly rids himself of the boxers that he is wearing and moves to the side of the bed.

Both are enraptured with each other, staring, touching lightly, and kissing. It seems like hours that they lay there kissing and touching each other. However it is only minutes. But both are lost in time enjoying this salacious foreplay. Austin desperately wants to see her naked. He slides the strap down her shoulder, exposing one breast with its nipple already budding. He runs his hand over the tip and Chloe bends her head back, gasping lightly at his soft touch. She then feels something warm on her nipple, looking up; she catches his gaze as he lightly suckles her pert nipple. With his other hand he lowers the other maltepe escort strap so that it bares her other breast. His lips make short work of reaching it, suckling it as well. Chloe arches her back, languishing in the ecstasy of the moment. She lifts slightly as he slides it down her body. Austin kisses down her belly, following the satin down her aroused body. She spreads her knees a bit, feeling his tongue quickly move over her lips, his tongue touching her clit for only an instant. He then kisses down her legs and kisses back up the inside of her thighs. She spreads her legs wider this time, Austin settles between them.

Austin hears Chloe moaning at his careful ministrations. He has to hold her hips so that he can continue to lick and suck on her swollen clit. Chloe starts to whimper, as she knows that he loves to hear her vocalize her pleasure. Austin slides a finger within her hot honey pot and smiles to himself when he sees her reaction to this. Her hips begin to thrust upwards feeling his finger hit one of her many erotic pressure points.

She desperately reaches for him to slide into her, but he resists. He is tempted; he is hard as a rock and feels his member throbbing impatiently. He continues to thrust his finger in and out of her while paying particular attention to her swollen bud. Chloe feels a white hot heat from within her overcome her as her legs begin to tremble. She knows that this is only the first of many orgasms that she will share with Austin.

She feels the gentle rocking of the boat not sure if it’s the actual motion of the waves or the waves of her orgasm moving her. Austin slides up on her, kissing upwards to her neck. She grabs him by the shoulders and rolls on top of him. Smiling, she tells him that it’s his turn now. She straddles his waist. Feeling his hard cock beneath her bottom, she slides her body down, pressing her breasts against him. His cock slides between her lips and Chloe shudders as it runs across her sensitive clit. Her breasts move down his chest, and his cock is nestled in between them. She presses them together so that he can feel the tight firm breasts around him. She lowers her head and seductively slips her tongue between her lips and licks the head. Blowing lightly on it. Kissing down the shaft. Licking to the base. She fully extends her tongue giving Austin her famous one long lick to the tip. She can tell that he is having a hard time trying to keep it under control. She feels his cock pulse on her tongue as it lovingly swirls all around it. She slowly covers the head with her hot mouth, sliding her lips around him. He is larger than she thought and has a bit of trouble. But, she can tell by his shallow breathing, that her efforts are not wasted, he is moaning…loudly now. She smiles inwardly as his hands mover over her kartal escort head, his fingers getting tangled in her curls. He tugs lightly and this turns Chloe on even more. She knows that he really loves this. Her fingers begin to fondle his balls, very lightly at first, but still demanding. As she slides him in and out of her mouth, her tongue continues to press against his hard cock.

Her pace is erratic, quick for a minute, than slow and tortuous the next. She slips his cock from her mouth, using her hand now to stroke him, looking at his gorgeous face, realizing that he is even more handsome in person. She notices the strained look on his face, trying to hold back. She kisses up the side of his body and lightly whispers in his ear to let go, not to hold back, that she wants him to cum. She wants to taste him and whispers this also to him. He smiles at her and she knows this is her clue to get back to work. She moves back over his body, her nipple lightly brushing over his lips, she hears him groan and it makes her giggle. She wraps her other fingers around him, now using both hands and kneels between his legs. Austin puts some pillow beneath his head so he can watch the view. Chloe keeps her eyes transfixed on Austin’s’. She licks her lips sensually and moves her lips over his cock once again. However, this time, her tongue swirls around the head, then around the rim, finding her favorite sensitive spot and flicks her tongue wildly over the soft, hot swollen flesh. Her fingers continue to stroke his hard shaft, occasionally caressing his balls from time to time feeling them hardening as well, she knows that he is close. Austin continues to purr, and to moan, and tells Chloe to suck his cock. Hearing his breathless pleas makes Chloe move more efficiently, she loves sucking on his cock. Her pace quickens and her mouth covers his head again. This time sucking harder, as if to suck out his hot, warm cum. She wants him, she need to taste him finally after all this time. Not able to withstand another moment, Austin moans Chloe’s name over and over, calling her name when he’s about to cum. Her mouth slides lower on his cock, quickly and this is Austin’ undoing. She feels the hot, thick, sticky cum spurt from the head. She moans as she feels the warmth sliding down her throat, tasting him completely. Finally she swallows. She lets his soften cock slide from her lips and licks him dry. Kissing his cock on the head as she looks up and winks at him.

She slides back up his body and nestles within his arms. Her hand runs over his chest, feeling his heartbeat, finally starting to slow down. She looks up at him, his hand on her chin, he lifts it to kiss her on the lips. It’s the sweet, soft type of complete fulfillment kind of kiss. Both are sated for now, but know that they have the entire weekend ahead of them.

The original plan was to do a bit of fishing, but both are now thinking the same thing, not to waste a moment of this precious time on the fish. Both Chloe and Austin drift off to sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms, both smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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