The Auras Ch. 01

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–[Authors Note: This is my first erotic short story, and the first short story at all that I’ve written in over 8 years. I hope you enjoy it. It starts out slow, so please bear with it, there is much to set up. If you do enjoy it, please let me know. I want to hear your thoughts, and much of that will contribute to whether or not I continue it, write a different story, or simply stop altogether. Thanks again for reading, the authors AND the readers are what make this such a great site. Don’t forget to vote! ~Uzumati]–

I had always been a strange child. Aside from never really getting into much trouble, I did a lot of things that kids don’t normally do. I would go out of my way to bring a laugh when I felt it was needed, or a smile if the occasion called. I broke up many fights on the playground and never got in one of my own. And even though I was very young, I could intuitively tell what kind of mood a person was in. Armed with this knowledge, I would try my very best to make the person in question happy.

But perhaps the strangest thing about me was revealed on my 11th birthday. I was chasing my older sister Mary in the back yard, while the rest of my friends and family played or sat on the porch eating. Mary loved running, and was always faster than me. She would tease me relentlessly, knowing that when I finally broke and gave chase, I wouldn’t be able to catch her. As she ran up to the porch and hid behind my dad, I tripped on the concrete lip and fell face forward, smashing my head into the ground. I was instantly knocked out.

When I awoke, I felt terrible and groggy. As I slowly opened my eyes, I was assaulted by a vibrant mass of swirling colors. As the images slowly cleared, I discovered that I was in a hospital room, and the colors were radiating from the people surrounding my bed. Around each member of my family, a blue aura radiated, mixed with smatterings of red, green, and many other colors.

Seeing I was awake, my mother approached my bed. “Jacob, are you alright?” she said. There were tears in her eyes.

“Mom, you’re glowing” is all I said. Then I passed out again.

I would be informed later that I had a concussion, and that strange visions were expected and normal. But the colors and auras I saw around people did not go away. I was taken to many doctors, my family sick with worry that something had gone terribly wrong. Eventually I lied and told them they went away on their own. When I did so, I noticed that the auras of each of my family members changed subtly. It was too much information to read all at once, but I resolved myself to understand what they meant.

For the next seven years, I dedicated myself to unraveling the mystery of the auras. Deciphering the meaning of the colors was my first goal, and I accomplished it fairly quickly. Blue meant that a person was sad, or worried. Red, when closer on the scale to orange, represented anger, but when darker on the scale meant passion, love, or arousal. Green could mean both feelings of guilt or jealousy. Black represented pain, either emotional or physical. And the many shades in-between made up the various other emotions a human being could feel.

But simply discovering the meanings of the colors was not enough for me. Quickly, I moved on to the meanings of the positions. I found that the colors around a person’s head represented what they were thinking, colors over the heart represented what they were feeling, and colors on the limbs represented the actions they wanted to take based on those thoughts or feelings.

As time went by I gained more and more control over my powers. What was once a swirling mass of colors was now a map I could read almost instantly on a person. The chaos had become a brilliant pattern. I also found that I could single out specific colors, blocking out the rest, or even turn off the auras altogether, allowing me to see what everyone else saw.

These powers gave me a very intimate insight into the feelings of my friends, family, peers, and teachers, and I quickly became a counselor of sorts. When my father died in a car accident when I was 13, I was able to console my mother in a way no-one else could. When my oldest sister Stacie had her heart first broken by a boy, I knew exactly what to say to put a smile on her face. And when kids at school were in trouble with friendships or relationships, I was able to guide them through their worries and leave them feeling relaxed and happy at the end of it.

Life continued on, and it was good. I had a loving family, I excelled in music, sports, and school, and for the most part, I was content. I had never had a girlfriend of my own, and I yearned to be intimate with someone, but aside from that I honestly could not have been happier.

I woke up on the morning of my 18th birthday feeling very happy. At my request, the day would be spent at the park, enjoying a nice picnic lunch before heading home to change then out to dinner at my favorite seafood restaurant down by the güvenilir bahis beach. I got up from my bed, and looked down to see my morning wood. A glance at the clock told me I wouldn’t have time to take care of it, so I stuffed myself into my boxers and a pair of jeans then opened my door and walked into the hallway. The smell of pancakes and bacon assaulted my nose, and ignoring everything else I began to make my way to the kitchen. I was still a little groggy from having just woken up, and so I wasn’t paying very much attention to where I was going when I turned the corner. I bumped right into my sister Mary, who was just coming out of the bathroom after having taken her shower, wrapped in nothing more than a towel. My bump knocked her off balance, and as she clutched the sides of the door to keep herself from falling down, her towel came loose, revealing herself to be completely naked underneath.

“Hey!” she screamed, as she quickly pulled the towel up to cover herself, but not before I had gotten my first look at my naked sister. Standing at 5’9″, Mary was the tallest of my sisters. Only a year older than me, she was toned and very athletic, with straight brown hair that she kept at shoulder length. Her passion for running had never abated, and it showed in the smooth, muscled contour of her legs. Her stomach was firm but not ripped, but I barely even glanced at it when my eyes had found their way to her breasts. They were the smallest of my sisters, maybe a B cup at the largest, but they were firm and looked soft. At the center of each stood a pink nipple, un-erect probably from the hot shower she had just taken. I felt my cock stiffen in my jeans at the sight, bulging forward, straining to rip through the fabric. ‘Holy shit, my cock has never felt so huge!’ I thought to myself.

“I’m sorry” I said quickly “I wasn’t watching where I was going. Here let me help you up.” As I moved forward, I saw Mary glance at my crotch and gasp slightly. ‘oh shit’ I thought, but it was too late now. I grabbed her arms and pulled her up into a standing position while she still clutched at the towel. Now standing at close to eye level with me again, she grinned sheepishly then made to move past me and start down the hall. I sighed mentally in relief that she wasn’t going to say anything about my throbbing erection, but just as I made to move myself I heard her stop at the end of the hall call out to me.

“Hey Jake.” I turned just my head to look at her, in order to not give her another chance to look at my jeans. “Enjoy the show?”. I could feel my face turning bright red and quickly started making my way down the hall towards the kitchen. As I left I heard her laughing raucously behind me.

I knew I had to stop and duck into the living room to wait for five minutes before my erection would abate. Hearing no-one nearby, I quietly slipped my jeans down and pulled out my dick. ‘It’s fucking huge!’ I thought to myself. I had always had an average sized penis, 6″ and nicely thick, but staring up at me now my cock was easily 10″ long. I stared at it in a mix of fascination and terror. ‘What the hell is happening to me?’. I watched as it slowly grew limp but did not return to the smaller size I was accustomed to. I jumped when I heard a chair in the kitchen scrape the tile floor and quickly stuffed my now flaccid member back into my boxers and pulled up my jeans. When I finally got to the kitchen, my whole family was already there waiting for me.

“What took you so long?” my mother asked upon seeing me arrive.

Mary looked up at me and laughed quietly, then said “Oh it was probably nothing mom, I ran into him in the hallway and it looked like he had some hard to do chore to take care of before breakfast”. I turned red in the face again and mumbled an unintelligible agreement while taking my seat.

“A chore, on your birthday?” my mom asked. “We’ll have none of that. For the rest of the day you just relax and let me and your sisters take care of you.”

The rest of the breakfast was not easy. Between bites I kept stealing glances at Mary. With almost X-ray vision I could superimpose the image of her naked in the hallway again, her soft breasts with those pink nipples burned into the brain. Caught up, I looked around and found myself wondering what my other sisters looked like as well.

Sharon was the next oldest. At 20 years old, she was 5’8″ tall, pale, and incredibly skinny. She kept her dark black hair cut short, just below the back of her neck, but left her bangs long, falling in front of her face, mostly hiding her cat-like green eyes. Despite her petite frame, she had fairly large breasts. This morning they were tucked beneath her pajama top and mostly obscured, but I knew they had to be at least a C cup. Her fingernails were painted black, and a quick glance under the table showed that her toenails were painted the same color. She wasn’t really a goth, or at least she didn’t hang out with the goth kids when we attended school together. She just burned türkçe bahis easily in the sun and stayed inside most of the time. Sharon was a violinist, and among all of us remained mostly to herself, locked up in her room in the basement, practicing. We weren’t that close initially, but when I started playing the drums in Jr. High our shared love of music quickly brought us together. We weren’t as close as Mary and I were, especially considering what had happened just earlier, but we got along fine.

Stacie was my oldest sister. Where Sharon was tall and pale, Stacie was short and thick. She wasn’t fat, not even close, but her hips were wide, and her legs muscular and thick, the result of years of playing volleyball. Her incredibly curly hair was bleached blond, the only member of the family to stray away from the browns and black of our heredity. Stacie was 23, and in the fall would be starting her last year of under-grad at college. Her wide hips led to a trim waist, and above that lay her enormous breasts. Although only 5’4, she easily had the biggest tits in the house. Staring now, I imagined they had to be at least a D or DD. They seemed to strain to get out of her tight black cotton night-shirt, and I could tell from the lack of lines that she wasn’t wearing a bra. A 5 year age difference between us and a lack of common interests had left us not as close as I was with Mary or even Sharon, but while I would have the occasional quarrel with those two, I never fought with Stacie. After the night I had comforted her, she had become a kind of protector or second mother for me. She always looked out for me and made sure I was on task, doing the right things.

Guilt wracked through me as I turned my head to look at my mother. ‘Am I really doing this? You are such a perv’ I thought to myself. As I turned my gaze toward my mother Jessica, I tried to look at her objectively for the first time. What I found was that she was absolutely gorgeous. Despite having never dated since my Dad passed away, she kept herself in great shape, with weekly Pilates classes and aerobics tapes she used in her bedroom. Her brown hair fell softly down past her shoulders, complimenting her dark brown eyes. She was 5’6″, revealing that all the height in the family must have come from my father. ‘Her breasts must be somewhere between Stacie’s and Sharon’s’ I thought to myself. Not able to see much else of her, I returned to the task of eating my breakfast, lost in daydreaming.

The sound of a chair scraping the tile once again broke me from my reverie, and I looked up to see Stacie begin clearing plates off the table. Finished myself, I got up and started to clean my spot when I was interrupted.

“Nah-uh, not on your birthday”. Stacie said with a smile. “Go take your shower and get dressed while the rest of us clean up this mess, then we’ll be out the door”.

“But I thought we weren’t going to the park until noon” I said with some surprise.

My mother broke in then, saying “we aren’t but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a couple of surprises for you today. Now go get ready before I unleash Mary on you to get you motivated”.

The blush that had faded during breakfast returned once again as I was reminded of our meeting in the hallway. Mary just grinned, and before anyone else could see me I quickly made my escape. As I walked away I heard Stacie ask “What was that all about?” but when no reply came she simply said “whatever” and went back to collecting dishes.

Reaching my bedroom, I pulled a clean pair of shorts, boxers, and long sleeved T-shirt out of my drawer and headed to the bathroom. Once inside, I quickly stripped out of my boxers and jeans to look at my friend below again. ‘hell’ I thought to myself. Greeting my eyes, my cock was once again back to it’s normal size. Looking up with more than a small amount of disappointment, I caught my reflection in the mirror and turned to get a better a look. Despite the sudden loss of my newly found length, standing looking at myself in the mirror I couldn’t help but feel good about the way I looked.

Long ago the acne of my youth had left my face, before almost any of my peers were as lucky. It also occurred to me that each of my interests had done a lot to improve my physique as well. When I started running cross country with Mary, my legs had grown strong and fit. I added situps and pushups to that regularly, and the effect it had on my abs was substantial, with a well defined if not quite body-builder like 6-pack covering my mid section. My arms had gotten a much needed boost when I began playing the drums, and while no-one would be purchasing tickets to my gun-show or anything like that, they were certainly strong and taut. My face was chiseled with strong jaw lines, and my nose was sharp but not pointy. My skin was tan from summers mowing the lawn and running cross country shirtless, and the sun had affected my messy dark brown hair as well, turning it into a lighter color that more closely matched my eyes. At just over güvenilir bahis siteleri 6’1″, I was an imposing sight in the household.

“Not bad stud” I said softly to the mirror, before turning the shower on and getting the water warm. ‘Too bad it never helped you with the ladies, you’ve never even kissed a girl chump’ I thought to myself. Nothing like a bit of humility to bring you back to reality. The truth was, while my ability to see auras was a blessing I would never take back, in some ways it was also a curse. With a great amount of practice I had found that I could derive meaning from the colors of someone’s thoughts. And while there had been girls that had liked me in the past, they had mostly thought of me as a friend. In their thoughts I had seen their true desires for one person or another, and using my abilities I would go about setting these people up if their thoughts and feelings were shared. I had hooked so many people up that the kids at school had nick-named me Arrow, as much for my matchmaking skills as my speed in cross country. ‘Cupid doesn’t have a girlfriend, does he?’ I wondered to myself.

Stepping into the shower my thoughts once again turned unbidden to my naked sister. ‘This is the shower her breasts just stepped out of’. Sigh. ‘Perv’. Looking down, I was disappointed once again, doubly so even, as both my cock had returned to its 6 inch size and it had become erect from thoughts of Mary’s breasts. ‘I can’t walk around with this all day with my family watching my every move’. With a resolute purpose I set about stroking myself, allowing myself to once again picture those soft pink nipples my sister had kept hidden from me for 19 years. It wasn’t long before I could feel the cum in my balls rumbling, signaling an impending eruption. I groaned softly “Mary…” as I burst forth, thick jets of sperm spraying against the wall, only to get washed away by the water reflecting off my body. My knees trembled with the force of my orgasm, and my heart raced. I had never cum so hard!

Feeling a little light headed I stepped out of the shower and toweled myself off. I put on my clean clothes then opened the bathroom door and wound my way around the hall to my room. Once inside I shut the door and went about putting on my socks and shoes. When I had finished, I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes, thinking over the events of this morning. ‘In truth, it’s probably nothing’ I told myself. ‘Most likely I was just imagining the increase in the size of my penis. After all, I’ve never been that aroused before’. Yeah. Even I wasn’t buying it, but I had to go with it, as there was no other explanation that I could see.

A knock on the door once again broke me out of my daydreaming. I looked up to see it open and my mom enter the room. “Jacob! What are you doing? We’re all waiting on you to go!”

“Oh, sorry mom, I forgot we were going somewhere else first” I said as I got up from my bed and made my way over to her. As I approached her my mom embraced me in a tight hug, then pulled me back, keeping her hands on my arms and looked me in the eyes.

“You’ve grown so much. Your father would be.. so proud”. A tear appeared in her eye as she looked at me, and I felt my own eyes tug just a little bit as well. I pulled her back into the hug and we just stood there for a minute before I let her go.

Now long ago, I had stopped looking at my family members aura’s unless it was absolutely necessary. The decision had come about based on my own guilty feelings. This was personal information after all, and I just came to feel that I was intruding on their personal lives. I would still glance if I felt that they were troubled by something, but otherwise I kept them blocked out. But today I used my powers to look at my mother as she stood before me.

Her aura was like a rainbow, but the predominant theme I could garner from the chaos was a mixture of love and pride. Reaching forward I took her hand in my own and looking into her eyes I said “I Love you Mom”.

“I love you too Jacob.” she replied softly. As if snapping out of a trance, she continued “Now come on, your sisters are waiting and we’ve got a lot to do!”

With that we left my room and went to the living room where I found all of my sisters already dressed and waiting to go. We piled into the car, a Toyota Avalon, myself taking shotgun and my sisters taking the back seat. As we pulled onto the road I asked “So where are we going?”.

“Now now, I told you it was a surprise” my mom replied, patting me on the leg. A few minutes of silence passed before she continued “Come to think of it, Mary, its about time you hid the view from your brother”.

I was surprised, as we hadn’t been driving very long at all, when I saw a pair of heads appear from behind holding a blind fold that was quickly tied over my eyes.

“Hey!” I shouted in protest as I felt it being cinched behind me.

A voice from behind, Mary’s replied “Coulda used this this morning little brother”. A slight pause, and then “Maybe both of us could have used one”. Then she busted up laughing. The rest of the car kind of giggled as well, knowing something was funny, except for me. My face was once again turning red under the blind fold.

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