The Awakening Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Aunt Sarah, Mom and Me.

I was asleep when I feel the wonderful sensation of a wet mouth and tongue sucking and licking my cock, and a hand stroking me. In my still half asleep state and because the bedroom was pitch dark I did not know who my mystery lover was.

As the unknown person continue to deliver an illustrious blow job I became more alert, but was still not able to distinguish who was giving me this magnificent blow job.

My hand reached down to caress the head and hair of my mystery lover, is it Angelique, my cousin, or my aunt Sarah, Angelique’s mom. At this time it does not matter whom the mystery lover is, as I am close to cumming.

My hips are on automatic, and begin driving off the bed and up into the warm wet welcoming mouth. The lips and mouth of my lover are tightly wrapped around my engorged cock, and with every move, I bottom out in her ravishing mouth. The head of my cock tickling and going past her tonsils.

The mystery of my lover, the sloppy blow job and her groaning only adds to my excitement and heightens the pleasure I am receiving.

I am blinded by the light coming in from the hall as someone opens the bedroom door. I panic, until the familiar voice asks, ” room for one more”. It’s my mom, aunt Sarah’s sister.

My mystery lover moans in response with my cock down her throat, her moaning reverberating down my cock, and intensifying my pleasure.

As my mom approach the bed, my eyes begin to adjust, and I am able to make out her 38, 28, 38 figure, her only piece of clothing slips off her shoulders and falls to the floor, she steps out of it, and nude, makes the final 3 steps to the bed. She is as naked as the day she was born.

Two fingers of her right hand is playing with her pussy, and as she arrived at my mystery lover, the slapping sound of a hand hitting my lover’s ass echoes throughout the bedroom.

I still can not identify the person sucking my cock, the only image I could make out of my lover, is her blonde hair and head bobbing up and down my cock.

My mom takes the two fingers from her cunt and traces them on my lips, I savor the familiar taste of her cunt and suck on her fingers.

She climbed on the bed and straddled my head, asking, “if I am enjoying the blow job”. She does not wait for my reply as she rubs her moist cunt on my face.

As her hips sway on my face, I stick out my tongue and begin licking her hot moist familiar cunt. My tongue parts her lips and enters her pussy, she begins riding my face, as my tongue plays in the devil’s playground.

My hands move up to mom’s legs and ass, caressing her, as she smothers me with her cunt, I arch my hips and back, off of the bed and groan into cunt, as I cum in my mystery lover’s mouth.

As I continue to cum in her mouth, she brings her mouth to the crown of my cock and locks her mouth and lips on me, taking my full load.

My mom pins my head down on the bed with her cunt and stifles my groaning, as I continue cumming, she soon follows and cums on my smother face and in my mouth. I savor the wonderful tasting pendik escort nectar the I love and crave so much.

As she continues grinding on my face her sweet tasting and smelling nectar cover my face, mouth, and tongue. It’s in my nose and on my lips and cheeks, running down the sides of my face.

My lover continues sucking my cock, as I deposit my load in her mouth. My cock is not granted any time to deflate, her ministration keeps my cock rock hard.

My mystery lover grips my cock and licks it up and down a few times before I feel her sucking my scrotum, while her hand strokes me. She then licks between my legs, and her hand abandons my cock for a minute, but if feel like forever.

She climbs on the bed and takes my cock in her hand, rubs it’s on her moist pussy lips, and between her love petals a few times. She’s rubbing it at the entrance of her cunt, and her pussy lips engulf my head. I am only in an inch or so. The pleasure is intensive.

She stays like that for a minute or so, moaning, “so so so biggg, while adjusting to my size. She slowly goes down and my cock goes in a couple more inches. Her hips begin gyrating, as she sinks all the way down. I am planted in her all the way. She cums and scream, covering us both with her juices.

A few seconds later she’s riding me again bouncing up and down, repeatedly saying “yes yes yes fuck me fuck me fuck me”.

I finally recognize the voice, I know the identity of my mystery lover, it’s my aunt Sarah. Christmas has come early for me. One of my fantasies has been fulfilled, my mom and her sister, my aunt in a threesome.

She continues giving me words of encouragement,

yes yes yes, fuck me fuuuuck meee nephewwww, fuckkk meeeee.

It inspires me, even more, when she calls me nephew, rather than David.

My mom gets off my face and for a few seconds I have an unobstructed view of aunt Sarah as she rides me, her beautiful breast bouncing up and down, her lingerie bunched up around our midsection blocking my view of her cunt and my cock as she fucks me.

My hands reach for her breast, but they are too far away. My mom sits on the bed next to aunt Sarah, they begin french kissing and playing with each other tits. I almost cum from seeing this.

They both turn their heads and look at me, then they wink and smile at me, as my mom kisses her way down to aunt Sarah’s tits, one of her hand’s tweaks and caress her breast as she sucks on aunt Sarah’s other tit.

Aunt Sarah holds mom’s head in place, as she slurps and sucks her breast, never taking her eyes off of me as she continues fucking me. Her eyes smoldering as tongue escapes her mouth, her mouth slightly opens, but no sound comes out, other than gasping for air. Her tongue peeks out and traces her lips, while our eyes lock on each other.

Mom other hand goes under aunt Sarah’s bunched up lingerie. I look down and can see her hand moving, as she rubes aunt Sarah’s cunt, her fingertips make contact with my cock, and it does the trick, as I explode in my aunt’s cunt, as she cums.

She slumps over on me, I am still in her, as her maltepe escort tits crash down on my chest. I wrap my hands around her as we begin french kissing. I feel movement on the bed, I can no longer see or feel my mom.

A few seconds later she spreads my legs and begins sucking where my aunt and I are joined together, licking our join genitals, and licking our juices.

My aunt and I continue kissing and swapping tongues, she kisses her way down, stopping to suck on the nape of my neck, and nibbling on my ear, as she works her way to my nipples, they are just as rock hard as my trapped cock that’s in her…

I no longer feel my mom’s mouth and tongue on my cock and balls.

Then I hear aunt Sarah saying ” lick my ass baby, you know how much I love it.”

Aunt Sarah moves up dragging her wet cunt and our combined juices on my pelvic area, mom grabs my cock and in one move swallows me, she coughs and begins chocking on my rigid cock.

I still can’t believe my luck, this has to be a dream. One that I never want to wake up from, but no, it’s not a dream. The reality is, I am in bed with my dream women, my mom, and aunt Sarah and we are not sleeping.

Aunt Sarah licks and kisses her way back to my ear, paying special attention to my lips, for a brief moment her tongue enters my mouth and teases me. As she moves to my other ear, she blows her hot breath onto my face and into my ear, her tongue probes it and I shiver, as she whispers, “the night has just begun lover boy,” then nibbles and bites gently on my lobe.

Aunt Sarah pulls away, and lets her lingerie slip to the floor, as she steps out of it, she turns on the lamp on the bed stand.

I am now fully able to see and appreciate her glorious body.

Her long bronze tapered legs, her lightly sparse golden hair on her mound, her flared hips, her flat belly. Her slightly sagging breast with dark rose color nipples, only makes her look more enticing and sexy.

Her angelic face, her full ruby color lips and bright blue eyes with blonde hair. Her glistening body and ripples of sweat. She is perfection.

As my mom continue giving me the best head I have ever had, She’s applying a lot of her saliva, and with the combined juices of my aunt’s and my own, it’s a wet sloppy blow job, just the way I like it.

At times her head moves very slow and its more teasing, running her tongue along my shaft and the crown. Sucking on the head and making slurping sounds with her mouth as she sucks me…

When she bottoms out she makes a gurgling sound that inflames my desires even more. Her other hand is busy playing with her cunt.

Its aunt Sarah’s turn, she straddles my head, and I can feel the heat coming off her, her delicate aroma surrounds me, and some of our combined juices trickles out and down her cunt. My tongue reaches out and swipes at it. l moan savoring the taste of her nectar and my juice combined, as it lands on my tongue.

I start licking her pussy, and my tongue probes her cunt, searching for her nectar, fucking her. She starts fucking my tongue, and as I open my mouth, kartal escort I pull her down. She starts riding my face with gusto. My mouth lips and tongue is locked on her cunt, and she starts moaning, as my mom mounts me, and starts riding my cock.

They are both facing each other and I hear the smacking of lips.

Then it goes silent and I hear Aunt Sarah’s say “bite my nipples suck my tits”. It’s silent again, all I hear is “gasping and groaning”. A few minutes later I hear, ” I’ve missed your tender touch, taste, and tongue probing me, licking me, and making me cum. It’s been too long big sister, waaay to looonggg”.

My view is obstructed but I don’t care, the pleasure I am getting far out-ways the ability to see them.

My mom is riding me faster, she is bouncing up and down my cock. I hear her telltale sounds, she makes, as she is about to cum. She is close, I hear her hissing, moaning and finally ” I’m cuuuming, cuuumming on my babiiiieeeees cock”.

That triggers my eruption and me to am cumming, my cock stuffed all the way up here. In the womb, I came out from 20 years ago.

I immediately hear the inaudible sounds escaping my aunt’s mouth, followed by a distinguished, “yes yes yeeees, don’t…hm hm hm… don’t don’t…. hm.. hm hm, don’t…. stop nephew, don’t stooop, suck hm hm hm, suck… auntieee’s hm hm….. used hm hm…. hm hm… cunt… yes yes yes, yeeeeeeees, I’m yoooursssss”.

She shivers and shakes, then yells out “I am cummmming…. hm hm hm…. I am cummmming in my nepheewwss mouth”.

My mom collapses on the side of me and my aunt on me, we lay here, but only for a moment.

Aunt Sarah leans over and takes my deflating cock out of moms cunt and begins sucking me, licking my mom’s and my juices off my cock. I start stiffing up again as my mom roll over onto her back. I look at her and she brings her head to me, we both smile and begin french kissing.

Aunt Sarah is now jerking off my cock, as my mom moves her head back, aunt Sarah and her starts licking each other’s cunts, and gets into a 69 position.

I climb off the bed admiring the most beautiful pair of sisters, pleasuring each other.

I approach the foot of the bed and kneel on it, placing a pillow under mom’s ass. My cock is at full mast once again and ready to please them.

It brushes aunt Sarah head, and she takes me in her hand and brings it to her mouth, she sucks and lick me a few times, then lines me up to my mom’s cunt. I slowly push until three inches are in, I back out and aunt Sarah licks and sucks me, we repeat this a few more times.

I am ready, and I line my cock up with mom’s ass.

She says “noooo noooooo you are to biiggggg.”

I slowly push the head in, and stop, she’s breathing hard and fast, I stay there for a minute, letting her adjust to the intrusion, and size. I push forward, another few inches enter further into her anal cavity, her breathing is rapid, and aunt Sarah continues licking her cunt and my cock.

A few minutes pass by and another few inches go in, and with one final push I drive my way home, she yells and screams mother fuckerrr, mother fuckerrrrrrrrr. I rest there for a moment, until, I feel her relax. She starts moving and rotating her hips. That’s my signal she is ready to take a deep ass pounding…..

to be continued, next its aunt Sarah’s turn.

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