The Booth

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There is M/M Sex so if you don’t care for that this one is not for you.

“So did you enjoy dinner honey?” Ted asked helping Patti into the car, he had called earlier and told her not to cook dinner but to get dressed in her sexiest outfit he was taking her out.

They had gone to their favorite restaurant and had a nice romantic dinner, enjoying the food and each others company. It was a Friday night and the end of a very long busy work week for Ted. He just wanted to show his wife how much he appreciated everything she did for him.

“Oh yes honey dinner was great.” she said getting into the car, she made sure her short skirt rode up her thigh so he would get a glimpse of her stockings.

Ted leaned in and kissed her running his hand up her leg, “Mmm, sexy wife.”


“Right here,” he said kissing her again, reaching for her breast, “I love you baby.”

“I love you too,” she said kissing him back, “I can’t wait to get home.” she told him wanting to make love with him.

“Are we horny darling?”

“Always.” she said, closing the car door.

A few minutes later they’re driving through town, traffic wasn’t so bad considering it was Friday night. “Close your eyes.” Ted told her with a mischievous grin.

“Close my eyes?” she asked looking at him.

“Yes, just close your eyes.”

“Alright, they’re closed.”

“Hold my hand,” he tells her a few minutes later after they had pulled into the parking lot of an adult book store. He helped her out of the car and led her into the building. “Okay you can open your eyes.”

“Ooooohhhh, honey I like this.” she said walking over towards the sexy lingerie. “sexy stuff.”

“I thought you would,” he said they did have some nice clothes he had to admit. “if you’re a good girI I might buy you something.”

“Aww thank you baby,” she said picking up a black and red corset and holding it up to herself, “what do you think honey?”

“Mmmm, very nice.” he said picturing her wearing that outfit laid out across their bed.

Patti continued to look at the clothes, there was just so much to look at. Ted walked around looking at all of the clothes, glancing at the stiletto heels he wondered how the hell women walked around in them.

With a sigh Patti put the outfit back on the rack, it was pretty but too expensive.

“Hon, get that if you really like it.” Ted told her, he wanted to make her happy.

“But, baby it cost $50.00, that’s a lot of money.” she said walking over to where he was looking at the shoes.

“Nothing is too good for my sexy wife, get it.” he tells her, “I want to spoil you tonight.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” he tells her kissing the top of her head.

“Well, alright I think I’m going to try it on to make sure it fits.”

“Take your time honey.” he tells her, he watches her walk toward the fitting room and he notices they have a toy room in the back of the store. Thinking maybe they can find a new toy to purchase he goes in.

“Hi sir how are you?” the girl behind the counter said when Ted walked in.

“Oh hi, I’m great.” he said walking around the store. “when my wife comes out of the fitting room can you tell her I’m back here.”

“Sure thing.”

In the fitting room Patti put the outfit back on the hanger and got dressed, she had the best husband she thought walking back into the front of the store. She hoped he liked the outfit on her.

“Ma’am your husband is back here.”

“Oh thanks,” Patti said walking through the door to the back of the store.

“Honey, you’ve got to see this!” Ted called to her when he heard her talking to the sales lady.

“What did you find?” she asked walking over to him. “Oh my God.” she said looking at the huge dildo. “that is huge!” it had to be 12 inches long and four or five inches wide.

“Think you could take that baby?” he asked her squeezing her ass, “hmmm,”

“I don’t think so honey, it’s really big.”

“I bet you could baby, lube it up really good.” he said picturing her lying on their bed, he would love to see that dildo sliding inside of her.

“Oohhh look!” she squealed walking over to the toys on the wall. “Baby, look a vibrating butt plug,” she said, “look it’s purple…”

“Would you like that honey?” he asked her taking it from her.

“Oh yes, think of the fun we could have.”

“I know,” he said when a man walked from a back room, zipping his jeans up.

“Oh, sorry,” the man said noticing Ted and Patti standing there.

“No problem, they have booths here?” Ted asked, they had always wanted to play in a booth at an adult store.

“Oh yeah, anything you might like is back there,” the man said pointing to the door behind him.

“Thanks,” Ted said, “baby see anything else you’d like?”

“Handcuffs!” she exclaimed, “you could handcuff me.”

“I don’t know about that honey, you might handcuff me to the bed and never let me up.” he told her with a smile.

The lady across the room behind the counter canlı bahis smiled to herself, “Can I help you find anything else?”

“No, we’re fine.”

They looked around for a while longer, “Hon, is this one of those glass dildos you said you wanted to try?”

“Oh yes, I would love to try one of these.” Patti said joining him looking at them.

“Well honey, pick one out.” he told her, she never asked much for herself. He wanted to spoil her for the weekend.

“But, it’s $35.00.”

“Pick one dear,” he tells her grabbing her ass and giving her a squeeze.

Patti looked them all over and finally picked out a pink one, “I like this one.”

“Add it to our collection,” he tells her walking over to the anal toys, finding a set of 3 anal plugs that gradually got larger. “Wouldn’t you like this up your tight ass baby?” he whispered to her, picturing her on her hands and knees on their bed and he lubes it up really good and slides it slowly up her ass.

“Do you think I can take one that big?”

“Well, we’ll get some good numbing lube and try it out when we get home.” he tells her walking toward the register. “Anything else you see, that you might like?”

“Oh no honey, this is great.” she said thinking of all of the fun they would have when they got home.

The lady rang up the merchandise, “That will be $128.53.”

“Honey, that’s way too much money.” Patti said picking up the outfit, “I’ll put this back.”

“No you won’t,” he said her taking it from her and putting it back on the counter. “I want you to have it.” Ted walked over to a display and found some flavored lube and a couple of DVD’s. “add these please.”

“But, but…” Patti said trying to protest, he was spending way too much money.

“No buts,” he tells her kissing her, “let me spoil you.” paying for the items he took her by her hand. “all these new toys we’re going to need a bigger toy box honey.”

“Is it alright if we go into the back?”

“Oh yeah, sure.” the lady told him, “have fun.”


There were 5 doors on each side of the hallway, occupied rooms had signs on the door, empty rooms were open.

Finding an empty room he pulled her into the room and shut and locked the door behind them. He put the bag on a near by chair and he put his hands on her shoulders. Ted pushed her up against the door, he kissed her deep and hard. Taking her blouse he started to unbutton it, getting frustrated he just grabbed it popping the buttons off.

” Do you know how fucking sexy you look tonight?” he asked her kissing her passionately. Ted pulled the straps of her bra down so he could get to her tits. Leaning down he took her left nipple into his mouth and gently sucked on it, moaning.

“Bite my nipples,” she whispered putting her hands in his hair while he continued to suck her tit. She felt him grasp her tits hard while he sucked on them.

“Who’s my slut? Hmm?”

“Oh I am,” she said throwing her head back, “I belong to you.”

Flicking his tongue over her nipple he bit her there, feeling her gasp he knew she loved it. She had no problem with a little bit of pain, she loved getting spanked hard.

“Make me feel it baby.” she whispered, glancing down watching him move from one tit to the other, teasing her, squeezing her tits hard. “I love being my husbands slut.”

Ted reached down and slid his hand under her skimpy skirt, he was surprised she was wearing panties. He pushed the silky material to the side and rubbed her pussy. He felt her spread her legs wide for him. “Hmmm, pussy.”

“She needs some attention baby.” Patti said wondering if they were being watched. Glancing around she saw a mirror on the wall, she had a feeling somebody could have been watching them.

“Aww, does she need some attention baby girl?” he asked looking at her he spread her pussy lips he pushed two fingers deep inside of her. “my baby needs to get off doesn’t she?”

All Patti could do was nod her head yes, groaning loudly he fingered her tight pussy. Grasping the waist band of her panties he pulled them down her legs, she stepped out of them.

Pushing her against the wall he continued to rub and tease her pussy, rubbing her clit hearing her moans of passion, her juices were pouring out of her. Pulling his wet hand away from her slit he brought his wet fingers to her mouth. “Such a wet pussy,” Ted tells her pushing his juice covered fingers into her mouth, she sucked his fingers greedily, tasting her juices.

Going to his knees in front of her he lifts her skirt, grasping her by her hips he leans in and spreads her pussy open. Licking her shaved pussy, he felt her gasp when he pushed his tongue inside of her hole.

“Aww yes, oh fuck lick me,” she begs him putting her hands in his hair holding him down on her pussy.

Damn her pussy was sopping wet Ted thought as he continued to lick her, finally taking two fingers and slowly pushing them inside of her, finger fucking her hard and deep. He could hear her moaning, panting telling him to please bahis siteleri let her cum. Glancing up at her he knew she was enjoying what he was doing to her. His dick was already rock hard in his jeans, throbbing.

“Ummm, oh fuck please let me cum,” she whimpered feeling Ted nibbling on her pussy lips, inching his way to her hard little clit. “Yes,yes,yes,” Patti groaned loudly when he finally took her clit into his mouth sucking on it, flicking his tongue across the sensitive nub. “OMG, oh please let me cum,” she begged she was so close just a bit more and she would climax all over his face. Humping his face she looked down at him. “Awww, gonna cum, fuck.” she almost screamed from what he was doing to her.

“Nope,” Ted suddenly said looking up at her, he stood up and looked at her. “Now it’s my turn.”

“You’re gonna get me that close to cumming and just stop?!?” she asked in disbelief, he had never done that before in all of the years they had been together.

“Sure am,” he tells her putting his hands on her shoulders and pushing her to her knees in front of him. “I promise you’ll get to cum before the night is out.” Quickly he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and taking his hard cock out, he looks down at her. “Do it, suck my dick.” he says putting his hands on her head and guides her mouth to his throbbing member.

“But, but..”

“No buts,” he replies, “do as you are told.”

“Back so soon?” the lady at the register asked Keith as he walked back into the showroom. “Boy oh boy somebody is having a good time back there,” she commented to Keith.

“Yeah sure sounds like it.” he said walking towards the back of the store. “Umm, yeah well you know how it is.” he said with a smile and he walked into the back of the store to the booths. He wondered if that couple had came in the back and got a room. He hoped there was an empty one next to them. He wouldn’t mind watching some live sex. It sure was better than watching porn on his laptop and jacking off.

Walking down the hall he could hear loud sounds coming from some of the rooms. He could hear the guy he had spoke to earlier, talking, luckily the room right next door was open. Stepping inside he could see them through the two way mirror.

“You like that?” Ted asked Patti fucking her mouth.

All she could do was nod her head while she bobbed up and down on his cock, he grabbed handfuls of her long hair in his hands and fucked into her mouth.

If it was one thing she knew how to do it was to suck cock. “That’s a girl, suck me good.”

She did as he told her to do, looking up at him she reached down and stroked his balls. Letting his cock slip from her mouth she leaned down and sucked his balls one after the other into her mouth, licking them she could hear his moans of pleasure.

“Take my cock now.” he told her looking down at her, she stroked his cock, he watched her flick her tongue up the shaft of his member. “yeah that’s good.”

Teasing his cock with the tip of her tongue she flicked her tongue up one side of his cock and down the other. Patti teased him for several minutes, finally nibbling on the sensitive underside of his cock. She heard him gasp and he pushed his cock back into her mouth.

“Fuck,yes.” he groaned when she teased the underside of his cock, she did have a very talented mouth that was for sure. “suck me baby,” he said looking down at her watching her make love to his cock, holding handfuls of her hair he was in heaven.

Keith stood in the next room and watched the woman sucking that mans cock, he assumed they were married. “Oh yeah, suck his dick,” he said locking the door and unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. “fuck,” he moaned watching her working over that cock, he stroked himself. He just couldn’t seem to get off enough he was horny all of the time.

“Ummm,” Patti moaned around Ted’s throbbing cock in her mouth, feeling the hardness in her mouth always made her so horny. She let his cock slip from her mouth and she licked and nibbled his dick, stroking his huge balls at the same time.

She was so turned on, the floor was concrete but she didn’t care. She just loved having her husbands rock hard dick in her mouth. Her stockings would probably be ruined but she didn’t care.

“That’s a good whore, suck my cock, make it good.”

“Whore?” Keith thought, was she a working girl, if she was she was good at it.

She looked up at Ted, before she leaned down lower and licked his balls again, she felt him grip her long hair in his hands.

“Ohh, yeah baby,lick those balls.” he groaned looking down at her watching her licking him.

“Damn,” Keith said watching her licking the mans huge balls, finally after several long minutes she took one into her mouth sucking on it. “suck those balls.” he groaned watching her giving those balls a work over. He continued to stroke his throbbing rod, the more he watched the more turned on he became. What he wouldn’t give to have her mouth on his cock.

“Fuck baby you are the best cock sucker I bahis şirketleri have ever had.” Ted told her tugging on her hair, making her move back up to his cock, “look at me.”

She looked up at him, stroking his hard cock, watching precum form on the head. She leaned in and slowly licked his balls again, taking her time, flicking her tongue all over them.

“Ahh, so good,” he tells her taking his cock in his hand and rubbing it across her face, smearing precum on her lips. “Suck my cock.”

Patti did as she was told, she licked her way to the head of Ted’s cock, teasing him, licking precum from the head of his cock. Looking up at him licking her lips. “Use me, make me your whore,” she tells him, she wanted to be used. She wanted to be his little slut-whore for the night.

Ted looked down at his sexy wife on her knees, thinking how lucky he was to have her. Holding her head in his hands he guided his throbbing dick to her mouth, “Ummmm, yes.” he hissed pushing his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm,mmm.” she moaned taking his cock, sucking it into her mouth,she felt like such a slut she was loving it. In and out she took his cock, feeling the hardness, tasting pre cum.

“Suck that dick, take it.” Keith said from the room next door, he felt precum running down the shaft of his dick.

“Ahh, yeah baby suck my cock,” Ted moaned fucking her mouth, he thought he had heard someone talking, glancing around he saw the glory hole. He had a feeling they were being watched. If they were being watched he would give them a show. “Be my whore for tonight.”

Patti was feeling like such a slut, she took Ted’s cock deep. He held her down on his cock and he fucked her mouth, making her take him all the way. He felt her holding onto his thighs to keep her balance.

Keith stroked his throbbing dick, he continued to watch. Live action sure was better than porno, one thing for sure she did know how to suck dick. He wondered if there was away she would suck him off. He could hear her whimpers and her moans as she continued to suck cock. He saw her tits, she did have some nice ones.

“Suck me damnit,” Ted groaned holding her down, she couldn’t move even if she had wanted too.

Fucking into her mouth he felt her putting pressure on the shaft of his cock, god he needed to cum. Just knowing a stranger was watching him fuck his wife’s mouth had him so turned on.

Ted could hear the guy in the next room moaning, and jacking off, knowing the guy was getting off made his own cock that much harder. The way she was sucking his cock he was close to cumming. “Yeah, yeah that’s it my little whore, make me cum.” he tells her looking down at her, fucking into her hot mouth.

Patti suddenly pulled away for him for just a second she needed some air before she passed out. Gasping for air she looked up at him, she reached for Ted’s cock stroking him. “Give me your cum, I want it.” she tells him he pushes his cock back into her waiting mouth.

“Suck the cum from my balls,” he orders her, forcing his cock down her throat, he didn’t want to hurt her but he knew she loved playing like this. “I paid you good money, make me cum.”

Next door Keith was so turned on he was afraid he would blow his load before he wanted too. He had hoped there was away for her to suck him. He continued to watch the man fucking her mouth. She seemed to love it, being forced to take his cock all the way.

“Omg, I’m gonna cum,” Ted moaned feeling that point of no return, his cock felt like it were on fire. He looked down and watched her sucking his dick, he knew she was loving it and he knew when they got home he was going to fuck the hell out of her. “Mmmm, oh fuck, oh yeah take my cum,” he groans feeling his cock explode in her mouth, he gripped her head even tighter feeling his cum shooting into her mouth. “take it all baby take it all…” he moans giving her his man juice.

“Fuck!” Keith exclaimed stroking his cock hard and fast he needed to cum so bad, his cock was rock hard and throbbing, he watched the man next door give her a mouth full of cum. He saw her gasp but she swallowed every drop, licking her lips when he pulled his cock from her mouth.

Taking a chance Keith walked over to the glory hole and inserted his cock, hoping she would suck him.

Patti reached for Ted’s cock, taking him back into her mouth she licked him clean, getting every drop of cum. “Mmmmm, I love sucking your cock.” she said looking up at him.

“I know you do,” he tells her. “I…uh think someone else wants your mouth on their cock.” he said pointing to the glory hole with the hard dick coming through the hole.

“Can I?” she asks looking at Ted, licking her lips.

“Go for it baby.” Ted helped her to her feet and she walked over to the hole in the wall.

Patti reached down and took that strangers cock in her hand, she stroked him. She glanced at Ted and then she went to her knees. “Mmmmm nice hard dick,” she said flicking her tongue across the head of a strangers cock.

“Shit,” Keith groaned when he felt a mouth on his dick, felt a tongue teasing the head.

Ted stood there watching his wife, sucking a strangers cock, he took his phone from his pocket and went to camera and started to video.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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