The Cabin Ch. 01

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Comments and Feedback is always welcome! This is just the beginning, so even though there’s sexual things that happen, the actual acts will happen in the next chapter. I like to build up tension first; it’s like foreplay, right? ­čśë


Every year my family takes a trip to the mountains where my parents own a cabin in the mountains. Dad likes to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city at Christmas time and prefers to drag us all the way out to the cabin. The past few years I haven’t been able to make it due to the fact I have been putting myself through college the best I can, so even a trip home to visit during my breaks from school has been difficult considering I need the extra hours at work to save up as much as I can for school. But this semester I finally graduated with my Bachelor’s in English and am moving back home to continue with graduate’s school closer to where I’d prefer to begin my career.

I’ve been in California for the past five years, and now that I’m finally done, I want to get my graduate’s in education back in the beautiful state of Colorado. I know my family is excited to see me since I’ve been gone for so long and have only been able to communicate face to face through video chats. My little sister is the only one I’ve kept in regular contact with, and I got to see her grow into the beautiful young woman she is now. She just celebrated her 21st birthday a couple months ago, and from what I could see on Facebook and Instagram, she had a wild night with her friends.

Me, I’m at the ripe age of 24, having just had my birthday right after graduation back in November. Only, I had a few projects at work and a few other loose ends I needed to take care of before I could leave. But now I’m packed up in my trusty 4Runner, a full tank of gas and a decent amount of money in my checking account to get me home. I call Angela, whom I’ve always called Angel because she’s always kept me out of trouble, once I’m on the road.

“Hey big bro!” she answers through the speakers of my SUV.

“Hey there Angel!” I reply. “How’s my favorite sister?”

“I’m your only sister, dork,” she replies sarcastically and then giggles; I can even see her eye roll in my mind.

“Right,” I grin.

“Are you on the road?” she asks

“Yep! Only about 18 or so hours before I’m home. Is Dad really planning on leaving as soon as I’m back for the cabin?” I ask already feeling exhausted at the thought.

“I talked him into waiting a day to let you rest,” she says.

“I love you, you’re the best,” I praise her.

“I love you too,” she giggles again. “So, where are you now?” she asks.

“I’m actually already in Riverside, I should be in Arizona in about two and a half hours,” I tell her.

“I wish I could have flown out to drive back with you, I miss you,” she says, and I can see her cute little pout she does when she’s disappointed about something.

“I miss you, too, sis,” I say. “But, there’s really nowhere for you to sit, I’ve got this thing jam packed with everything I own. I had to sell a lot of crap just so I wouldn’t have to rent a U-Haul,” I laugh.

“Hopefully nothing important,” she says.

“Oh, no, I didn’t sell that,” I promise her, referring to my acoustic guitar I inherited from our grandfather when he passed away two years ago.

Since Dad gave up on music when he was about twelve, and I was just learning to play in High School, he’d left it to me. Angela used to love to sit and watch me play; she claimed it always relaxed her. I can’t deny I didn’t enjoy those times; even though not much was ever said while I played for her, we connected during those little sessions.

“Good,” she says. “Well, Mom’s calling me to dinner, can I call you after to keep you company on your drive?”

“I’d love that, Angel,” I tell her.

“Oh, and I’m about to spoil a surprise for you about the trip, Dad will be pissed if he finds out I told you, so you better keep your damn mouth shut,” she says.

I laugh at this idle threat. She’s all bark and no bite; if you saw her, you’d understand why. Angela is a tiny girl, barely five-foot tall and probably 90lbs soaking wet. She does this thing where she points threateningly at you when she makes these little threats, but it just comes off like a non-threatening toddler. I hold back my laughter this time, though.

“I promise not to say anything,” I vow.

“If you do, your ass is mine,” she threatens further.

“Must be serious for such language from you.”

“Oh, shut up, I’m not a kid anymore,” she says.

“What’s the damn secret?” I laugh.

“Chelsea is coming on the trip with us,” she says.

“Chelsea? You mean our cousin, Chelsea?”

“What the fuck other Chelsea do you know? Have you been banging a girl named Chelsea?” she asks.

I laugh hysterically at this. “Angel, I haven’t hooked up with hardly any girls in about five years. I’ve either been working, studying or sleeping, with barely any time for that last part. Hell, g├╝venilir bahis my meals were always on the run between classes or shifts at work,” I tell her.

“Well…that’s depressing. I was hoping for some good stories this weekend. Oh well, anyway, her husband took off on her with some dude from his platoon,” she says.

I shake my head at these little facts. “Wait, what? Didn’t they just get married like two months ago?”

“Yeah, and then he realized he wanted to be with a dude instead,” she says.

“Wow,” I say amazed. “So, she’s just looking to get away for a week?”

“Yep, well, I didn’t tell you, okay?”

“My lips are sealed, sis,” I promise her.

“See you soon, Dave,” she says and then hangs up.

Wow, a week with my cousin, huh? I’d be lying if I didn’t say she was my favorite cousin; we’ve always been close. Maybe that’s why she wants to join us; she’s feeling down on her luck and we’ve always been there for each other even if we’re thousands of miles apart.

Chelsea is also almost exactly between me and Angela in age being a year and a half younger than me and about a year older than Angela at 22. I always thought she was marrying this guy way too soon, but that happens with military guys. But, him leaving her for a platoon buddy…I didn’t see that coming.

Seventeen and a half hours later, I pull into my parents’ driveway. It’s nearing lunchtime, and I’m just hoping to get inside, make a sandwich and crash on the couch for a couple hours after a long trip. Of course, I know that’s not going to happen: First, Angela will come running out to give me a big hug; Mom will be a few slower steps behind her, doing her best not to smother me like my sister will; Dad will be standing in the doorway, grinning proudly at me for putting my way through school without so much as asking for a little to get by from him.

“And in three…two…one…”

“DAVE!” Angela screams as she comes rushing around the corner. Who I’m met with isn’t the girl I thought I was talking to on the phone last night. I’d had plenty of video chats with her over the years, but she apparently was hiding herself from me during those chats. When I’d left, Angela was a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl just coming into her own. But my jaw drops as my eyes are welcomed with a blonde bombshell of a woman crammed into her small frame. It’s difficult not to take notice of the very full breasts bouncing beneath her tight, white sweater. And she doesn’t just hug me when she reaches me; she jumps into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. She even plants a big kiss on my cheek when I catch her with nothing to hold onto, but a perfect, tight, round ass enveloped in tight yoga pants.

“It’s good to see you too, sis,” I say setting her down. “You look amazing!” I praise her and her cheeks flush red.

“Thanks, David,” she says and then Mom pushes her out of the way to hug me.

“Welcome home,” she says hugging me tightly.

“Thanks, Mom, it’s good to be home. Don’t worry, I won’t stay here long; just until I can land one of the jobs I have interviews lined up for.”

“You can stay as long as you need to,” she assures me. “Your room hasn’t been touched since you left five years ago,” she says and then takes a deep breath, which catches slightly in her throat.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it home, Mom. But you know Dad, he was teaching me to do everything on my own,” I tell her.

“I know, I couldn’t convince him to fly you home even once,” she grumbles as we walk to the front door where, as I called it, Dad is leaning against the doorway, arms crossed in front of him, and a proud smile on his face. As much as it drove me insane that I couldn’t come visit for so long, seeing how proud of me he is makes it all worth it.

“There he is,” Dad says straightening up and extending his hand to me. “The graduate,” he adds and then pulls me in for a tight hug. “I’m proud of you, Son,” he says.

“Thanks, Dad, that means a lot,” I say.

“Well, come on in, let’s get you something to eat and you can rest until we’re ready to leave. Do you have a bag packed for the cabin?” he asks.

I nod. “Yeah, I packed a separate one before I left and put it in the front seat, and my guitar is right against the back door,” I tell him, making sure Angela hears that detail in case she does grab my stuff for me; I’m sure she’s going to want to revisit some old times while at the cabin.

“Great! Angela can grab it and put it in the Suburban later. We’re all packed and ready to go,” he says almost as if prompting me to say that we can leave whenever he wants, which I consider to not be too bad of an idea as long as I’m not expected to drive at all.

“Well, how about we just eat something, and I’ll take a shower to wash off the grime of the drive; I can always sleep on the way up,” I suggest.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to wear you out before we get there,” he protests, but it’s only halfhearted.

I chuckle. “Yeah, Dad, I’m sure. I’m sure Angel t├╝rk├že bahis won’t mind me crashing on her lap or something,” I wink at her; I swear she hides another blush of bashfulness from me.

“Great! Head on up to the shower and your mother will whip something up for us! It’s almost lunchtime anyway. Is that alright, dear?” he asks Mom.

“Of course! I’ll make us some sandwiches; it won’t take any time at all. The food’ll be ready as soon as you’re down, David,” she says rushing in ahead of us to get started in the kitchen.

“Do I have any old clothes here?” I ask. “Everything else is pretty jam packed in the 4Runner,” I say.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, we’ll unpack your stuff after the trip. There’s nothing that absolutely has to come out, is there? No food or anything?”

I shake my head. “No, I finished the last of my travel snacks around Pueblo, I had to grab something in the Springs on my way through to help me stay awake. And then in Eagle Rock and south Denver,” I go on and on causing my dad to chuckle as he claps me on the shoulder.

I head up to the large bathroom that Angel and I have always shared. The room is right between our two large rooms. Yes, my parents own a huge house in the suburbs west of Denver. Dad is a successful business owner and Mom is a local politician. They do really well for themselves and have always been able to provide my sister and me our every need, but when it came to the things we wanted or our future, they’ve pushed us to save up for it and earn it. Lassiters don’t take handouts is basically our family motto… if we had a motto.

I start the shower and then look myself over in the mirror. There are heavy bags under my green eyes, but it feels good to be home again. I strip off my shirt and toss it aside. I’m in decent shape. Not being able to eat all the time, running around everywhere on campus, and squeezing in gym visits in those rare moments when I didn’t have something going on, allowed me to stay physically strong and to not gain much weight during my time in college. I don’t have rippling muscles, but my arms and chest are well toned, and I have a subtle six-pack of abs. I strip off my jeans next and let my flaccid cock hang in the wind for a moment. It’s probably the one physical thing about myself that I’m proud of.

I may not look like porn star material, but the few women and classmates I have hooked up with have always come back for more. It reached a point where I didn’t have to look for it anymore because I would get random texts or calls from girls I’d hooked up with before for a booty call. I left it at that, though, because I just didn’t have the time for a relationship. Of course, now that I’m in my mid-twenties, the idea of finding my special someone is definitely more appealing. Of course, I need to find a job and get my own place before that can really happen. So, I guess there’s always something holding me back, isn’t there?

The door opens suddenly and Angel gasps and then quickly shuts the door. “I’m sorry! I heard the shower going and thought you were in already!” she calls inside with a nervous giggle.

“One sec!” I call back and then quickly get into the shower shutting the glass door that has a clear top half and a frosted bottom half. “Okay!”

“Sorry about that,” she says but I sense more amusement in her voice than embarrassment.

“It’s okay, sis,” I say. “Why were you barging into the bathroom to see me anyway?” I ask and then see her carrying a fluffy towel in her hands before she sets it down on the long, marble-topped counter. “Oh, I didn’t notice there weren’t any towels in here,” I confess.

“Yeah, Mom sent me up with one because she’d washed them this morning and hadn’t had a chance to put them away with all the packing of Dad’s Suburban,” she says.

“Well, thanks for bringing me one,” I thank her and then take up the shampoo bottle to start washing the grease out of my long hair that’s typically pulled back into a ponytail; never a man-bun. I hate the guys who wear man-buns; every single one I’ve met has been a total douche.

“You’re welcome,” she says leaning on the counter.

“Was there something else?” I ask with a laugh.

She shakes her head and I swear she glances down towards my cock, which causes me to turn my back to her while I lather up the shampoo in my hair. But it’s unnecessary since it should be hidden by the frosted bottom half of the sliding door.

“I’ll see you downstairs,” she says and then quickly leaves the room.

“That was weird,” I whisper to myself, but I can’t help but notice it stirred something in my cock. My mind wanders back to how firm and perfect her ass felt in my hands as I held her up when she greeted me in the driveway.

I scold myself as my cock rises to the occasion; she’s your sister, don’t you dare think about her while committing such a lewd act! But I can’t just let a good erection go to waste either, so I rinse my hair, lather some conditioner in and while it soaks in, I grab the shampoo g├╝venilir bahis siteleri again to lube up my cock.

I stroke my thick, lengthy pole that has received so many compliments. One girl in particular wanted its exact measurements, so she got out her sewing measuring tape and measured it from base to tip at seven and a half inches long. No, not the monster cock of certain porn stars, but definitely well above the size of the average cock. What she mostly found impressive was the circumference was almost four inches around. I repeat before you start calling bullshit, that’s circumference, not diameter.

I think back at how much she loved struggling to take my cock in her mouth. She couldn’t take more than half of my cock before she couldn’t breathe anymore. I try to picture her pretty face sucking my cock while stroking the other half with her dainty hand, but all my mind returns to is my sister on her knees with water soaking her golden blonde hair with my cock shoved down into her throat.

“Oh fuck,” I groan as I stroke my cock faster and faster, trying to get this done before everybody wonders why I’ve been in here so long. Blame it on being on the road for so long, I tell myself.

I don’t hold back the thoughts anymore and allow my mind to imagine Angel sucking me off for all she’s worth. Her small fist wrapped around my meaty cock; her intervals between sucking and stroking me off before she rises and wraps her perky tits around my shaft, lowering her face down to meet my large cock as it pokes up between the tops of her tits. She licks the head, sucking on it like a lollipop while I fuck her beautiful breasts.

Suddenly I spew my spunk into the drain, careful to spray off anything that hits the gray, tile wall when I’m done spewing my seed from my cannon.

I quickly finish my shower, dry off and then go to my room to find an old set of clothes in my old dresser in my old room. Mom wasn’t kidding that they hadn’t touched my room; all Mom did was keep the dust and spider webs off the furniture and windowsills. The maid service has done a great job keeping this room clean; I’m surprised they never even used it as an extra guest room. Although, with three extra rooms in the house, they didn’t really need mine.

Finally dressed in a fresh pair of sweat pants, an old shirt from my days as a track star, and my old High School hoodie, I pull on a pair of socks from the fresh pack Mom had left on my bed for me and then step back into my loosely tied shoes. I feel more refreshed than I have in years; whether from the hot shower or from jerking off to my sister in my mind, I have no idea. All I know is I feel much better than I did when I got here.

When I join my family downstairs, they’re all finishing up with their sandwiches, so I sit down in at the extra plate holding a thick, turkey, bacon and cheese sandwich (my favorite) and a handful of potato chips with an ice cold Pepsi.

“Feel a little better?” Dad asks, and I nod with a mouthful of my sandwich. “You look a little more energized than you did when you got out of your car,” he chuckles.

“I feel a lot better; thanks for letting me freshen up,” I say once I’ve swallowed the food in my mouth. “Wanna get going? I can bring this with me,” I suggest and Dad’s eyes light up.

“Finish your lunch, dear,” Mom says. “There’s no rush,” she says pointedly at my father and he looks a little dejected.

I finish my sandwich quickly for my dad’s sake and then stand up with my soda. “Let’s go before dad loses his shit,” I wink at Dad.

“That’s my boy!” he praises as I take my plate to the sink, which Mom says to leave for when we get back, but I know full well that the cleaning service will be here one more time before we get back to take care of the basic cleaning while we’re gone.

We pile into the family Suburban, my dad in the driver’s seat, Mom next to him up front and my sister and I in the back like when we were kids. It doesn’t take long for me to start dozing, though and before I know it, my head is uncomfortably resting between the headrest and the wall. After a couple minutes, Angela taps my shoulder.

“You look really uncomfortable,” she says.

I yawn and nod letting my head fall back again; I’m too tired to find a different position. Then Angela taps my shoulder again.

“Yeah?” I ask slightly annoyed, but it doesn’t faze her.

“Why don’t you take off your seatbelt and lie across the seat?” she suggests.

“I don’t think there’s enough room for that, sis,” I say.

“There is if you rest your head in my lap,” she says sweetly.

I stare at her dumbfounded as I take in the view of her: her clingy white sweater, her golden blonde hair and those ridiculous yoga pants. I know I’d jokingly suggested it earlier, but she’s offering her perfect thighs as a pillow. She’s my sister, though, it’s innocent, right? I decide it is perfectly innocent; besides, I’ve missed my sister.

Grinning, I unbuckle my seatbelt and lie across the backseat on my back, resting my head in Angela’s lap. Her yoga pants are smooth and her toned leg has just enough give to make for a nice pillow. She begins to drag her fingers through my hair and in no time, I’m drifting off to sleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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