The Corrupter

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Everyone in the story is 18-years or older. As well, this is a work of fiction. I don’t actually condone this sort of behavior. Please keep this in mind and enjoy. A final note, this is the first of what may be more stories like this, depending of appeal to readers. Thank you.




I know what I am and I make no excuses or tell myself pretty little lies about me. I am an evil slutty bitch who treats everyone around her like dirt. Why am I like that? Because I can be. Why can I get away with it? Because you will never find someone with a body as hot as mine, let alone know how to use it.

I first learned about what I was a little after my mom died, which was the day after my 18th birthday. My father was never anywhere to be found, so suddenly it became me and my stepfather, Rick. Rick wasn’t bad looking but he was by far a hunk. In fact, he was pretty much average. He stood about 5’7″ when chestnut brown hair and brown eyes, not much bigger than me, really.

I little after my 18th birthday, I start to experiment a little with sex. A first, it was just a vibrator or a dildo to help move up from just masturbating. Then I start to shove the vibrator up my ass while using the dildo.

However, the neighbors had son named Joe, who was a collage football player. While he was visiting, one thing led to another and we ended up fucking. Joe even more surprised at how wild I was as then I was. I was a virgin and I ending up showing him a thing about fucking.

There were a several guys and a few girls sense then but there seemed to be something missing. I wasn’t bored, don’t get the wrong idea, but it was clear that it was hadn’t had the best I have. There was some sort of undiscovered fetish I had, which I just couldn’t find.

I finally found It with my stepfather, Rick. It’s ironic because I never like him or respected him in anyway. So Rick helping me find what I was looking for was unexpected at best.

I wanted a new car, because I had just got my license but he was all ‘why don’t you get a job’ and ‘you can’t just demand things and expect them to just be given to you’ and all that other shit. As you might have guessed, Rick was a work-for-your-money and live-by-god asshole. However, I put up with it because he was the CEO of a very successful company, which made him a rich asshole.

Which was why the house didn’t make any sense. It was a 2-bedroom house in an everyday neighborhood. Not ever a pool. It was basically average household, which with his kind of money was rather pathetic.

However, on that night I was taking my laundry into the laundry room and he happed to be there, folding his. It was while I was stuffing it into the washing machine when I noticed how he just kept starring at my ass. So I shook it a little. You should have seen his eyes almost pop out of his head! It was at that point, I realized that I just fuck the bastard for the car! I had already did it with several guys so I knew what I was doing. And the best part, I have never had anyone say no!

And how could they? I was small, light thing with EE size tits and a bubble butt! With perfect ivory skin, black hair and green eyes, I just said ‘I have to fuck this’ all over me. But Rick was the first time I truly realized that I.

Which was why I just turned to him and asked up front, “Rick, was it just me or did you catch you staring at me ass?” Again, he eyes grew as big as saucers.

“Alice, what are you doing?” he asked him, trying to be all authoritative; at which I might add he was failing miserably.

“Asking a question. Dud!” I told him, “Did I just catch you starring at my ass?!”

“Alice, I am…” as look, without even realizing it, started to look under my shirt, which was braless.

“Rick, now your starring at my tits!” I told him, moving in for the kill. “Oh my god!” I said, putting an emphasis on each syllable, “Rick, my stepfather, wants to fuck me! Who would have guess?!”

“Alice, I am you father and…”

“Stepfather! You are my stepfather, not my father. There is a big difference!” I pointed out.

“I am in charge and…”

“Not anymore! Now I’m in charge.” I declared. “And I want a car and a good one!”

“I said no!” He told me in anger, “I already do you that if you want…”

“That was when you were in charge. Now I am charge!” I interrupted, not let him get that far with that. “I am in charge because I have the thing you want, which is to fuck me!”

“Alice! This is totally inappropriate! You are way out line!” Rick said desperately, hoping to escape me. So I grabbed his cock which was already rock hard.

“Is that why you have this raging hard-on?” I asked him, mockingly, “Is that why you want to fuck me? Because of how ‘inappropriate’ it is? Your stepdaughter so hot, just can’t help yourself can you? I understand, I’m the hottest thing you will ever met.”

I knelt down and started to rub my tits on his cock. “Rick, I filled out in all the right places, didn’t’ I? Big tits güvenilir bahis and big ass on a petit frame. You could just do anything with me couldn’t you?” Rick looked torn, between desire and freedom, like I was through shackles on him, “I bet you starred and fantasized about me while I was sleeping. You just can’t help yourself can you?”

For a moment, Rick closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. But then he rallied himself and tried to push me away. “Alice, this joke of yours has go way too far.”

“Rick, stop trying to deny it. Just admit that I am in charge and you are now my new fucktoy.” I told him as I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly. That was when I got a surprise of my own. “Wow, you’re this big?! Well, now I know what my mother saw in you. I always thought it was the money, but it was your big cock!”

Rick was going to try push me away again when his cock went in my mouth. I unleased all sucking power of my mouth on it while playing with the tip with my tongue. At that point, he just started to move with it, fucking me mouth while I sucked his cock. It was when almost about to cum, that I stopped.

I removed my shirt, took his hand and placed them on my tits. Rick grabbed them roughly started to move them around and that was when I said, “I’m not going any further until you admit it.”

“I want to fuck you.” He said. Rick, god bless him, still had a little fight left in him.

“Then admit it.” I told him.

“I just did.” He told me, and which I shook my head, “No, you just said you wanted to fuck me. That’s a given. Admit It.”

“I don’t understand.” Rick told me, and I think a part of him really didn’t.

“You get nothing until you admit it.”


“Admit it!”

“You’re in charge!” he finally said

“What are you?” I asked him

“Your new fucktoy. I do whatever you tell me because I want to fuck you and can never say no” he answered, all resistance gone.

“I want car and a fast one!”

“I give you the jaguar I was looking at.” He said resigned.

“I also want a new house.” I told him. “Sell this piece of shit and move to a better one. With a pool and a hot tube.”

“I’ll go house shopping tomorrow.” He said.

“Take off my clothes.” I told him as I sat down, “And kiss my feet while doing it. I don’t want to your hard-on!”

He was so obedient suddenly. Article by article, my clothes went as he kiss my feet as ordered. I removed his shirt all the while. “Stand!”

When he stood up, I wrapped my tits around his cock, “You like that, Rick? You like you stepdaughter ordering you around while kiss her feet! You like her wrapping your cock in her tits? You like being a slave to her every whim? Did you? You cock sure does! It like it!” it did this while a put the tip of cock into my mouth.

When he came it was spectacular. I guessed that he hadn’t done it in a while because he coated my tits with his spunk. “What a big mess made! Clean it off, you fucker!” I told him, shoving his face into my tits, “You lick all that cum off me, you little asshole! You made the mess, now clean it up!”

You have no idea how turned on I was at that moment. My stepfather had cum hard on him tits and now I was making him lick his own cum off me! The control I had was just a turn on! I just wanted a new car but I didn’t realize how much I was going to enjoy it until right then!

I pushed him down and sat on his face and said, “Eat me out!” Rick was suddenly an animal. He just when at my pussy like a starved child. “Oh my god! You are a surprise! Keep at it.” And then started to suck his cock at which he was quickly rock hard again.

“That’s right, Rick! You make me cum!” I told him, totally turn on. My pussy was soaked and I need some relief of my own. “You make me cum right on you face, you shit! You did this to me, you asshole! You turned on so you much. Now fucking get me off!”

It was one of the best orgasms of my life. The complete control I had of him was great! “Okay, Rick we are at the main event. You dick is going in you my pussy and we are going to fuck.”

I removed my pussy from face and started to tease him just rubbing me pussy on his dick. “Alice, please! Please, just put in! I’ll give you anything!”

“Do I own you?” I asked.

“We be over this. I…”

In punched him in the nuts as hard as I could. The sound he made was epic! “Do I fucking own you, you piece of shit?!”

“Yes! Oh, god yes!” Rick screamed out, “This isn’t happening!”

“Oh! It’s happening!” I told him, not letting have him have a second of reprieve. “You stepdaughter is naked on top of you! She is about to fuck you brains out! She just enslaved you to her for life! Isn’t that right?”

“Yes! Yeah, it’s right!”

“What do you want me to, Rick?”

“I want you to take you hot pussy of yours and put my cock in it.” Rick said, “I want you to fuck me brains out!”

I then put it in and screamed in pressure. “Oh, yeah! You do have a nice cock!” I then started to move türkçe bahis a little as I started our fuck session. “You like that, Rick? You like you stepdaughter’s pussy? You like the hot, tight teenage pussy gripping you cock like vise grip?”

“Oh, god! You’re even tighter then a vise grip!”

I started to pick up the speed, as I said, “Fuck me back, you little son a bitch! You call this fucking? I’m not some soft little girl! I’m a seasoned slut! Or didn’t you notice? Didn’t you notice that I’ve been fucking guys forever! Now fuck me!”

Rick started to pick up speed. “Harder, damn it! Didn’t you hear want I said? I said fuck me!” he started to move a little harder but that was it. “Oh my god!” I said, in disgust. “Okay, let your slutty little stepdaughter show you what really fucking is.”

And then I unleashed myself on him. In started to fast and hard, in a pace in which only sluts like me are able to do. I’m sure his eyes would have turned into saucers again if they hadn’t just rolled into the back of his head. The torture he was going through was too much for him to take and he just blasted his load into him without thinking.

That only made me want to do worse.


I couldn’t help but have fantasies about Alice. Ever since I met here, I had fantasies about and I hated them. At times it took everything I had not to try to make a move on her. I thought her mother was a score for me until I met her daughter and realized that she had nothing on Alice.

Her huge tits and bubble butt on that small frame with her ivory skin which really made her black hair bring out her face along with her emerald green eyes. If it wasn’t for her attitude, I would have fallen for her on the spot. She seemed to feel that she was a queen and treated everyone around her, me included, like trash at best. But the fantasy came anyway.

Alice’ mother married me for the money, I always knew that. I wasn’t that handsome and got the impression that most women found me boring. When her mother died, I would have thought Alice would take off, because she was only stayed for her mother. Her mother was the only one Alice treated with any respect and the only one she would ever listen to.

But she stuck around, partly to take advantage of me but mostly because she really had nowhere else to go. I always let her partly because I loved her mother and partly because of the fantasies which I had. I never knew until right now she was sexually active but it was clear that she was even better than any girl had I previously. Even her mother.

When she started coming on to me, I tried to fight it off but I couldn’t. The real thing, as it turned out, was both better and worse than any of my fantasies. Better, because Alice defiantly as seasoned slut who knew exactly what she was doing. Worse, because of what it was doing to me. This was the worst Alice had ever treated me and not only was I letting it happen, I was encouraging it.

This wasn’t love for her. She was torturing me, breaking me into her slave and I was letting it happen because she was right: I did want to fuck her and I could never say no.

When she hopped on my cock, it was the best fuck I had ever had. I just came just like that. I didn’t even have time to warn. It just happened. I knew that Alice wasn’t going to be happy about it, but I didn’t expect what I got.

She punched me right in the face, as she screamed, “You motherfucker! Did I give you permission to cum?! You fucking loser! Find some stamina, you little asshole!” Then she pointed out something which surprised both of us, “Well, you’re still hard. At least you can keep a hard-on. Stupid shit!”

She all fours and raised her ass into the air. She then grabbed her ass and spread her ass cheeks open and ordered “Lick it.”

I immediately obeyed. I had seen what happened when I tried to defy her. “That’s right lick my little asshole. Get it nice and wet so you cock will slide right in. That’s right. You going to fuck me in the ass, nice and good. Oh, yeah. Did my mom teach you to kiss ass like this?”

I had to have gone at it for fifteen minute before she said, “Okay, Rick. It’s assfuck time. It’s time to fuck that teenage ass. And if you come before me again, I swear I will make you wish you were never born!”

It was even tighter then her pussy, which I wouldn’t have thought possible until now. I just couldn’t believe it.

Then I surprised us both again. A started to assfuck her, long and hard. “Oh, yeah!” Alice screamed in ecstasy, “Yes, that right! Wow, you catch on fast, Rick! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what really fucking is. Oh yeah! You fuck that 18-year-old ass! You fuck it as hard as you can! Yes! Yes!”

I watch to cum so bad. I wanted to just burst, but I found willpower which I never knew I had. Or at least never needed. It must have been born from the fear of what Alice would do if I came again before her. From everything she had done to me so far, it was no bluff when she said that she would make me sorry if güvenilir bahis siteleri I did.

Her whole body started to shake as she was hit with a huge orgasm, one which dwarfed the one she had on my face. I kept going because I wasn’t told to stop. I need to make her happy enough to let me fuck her again.

Alice suddenly, without any warning, pushed me off her. I landed hard on me back. She shoved her pussy back in my face with she started to suck me off again. If it wasn’t for me having to lick my cum off her earlier I might not have been so eager to lick it out of her. but I just when at it, eager to please her some more.

It was when she came again that my willpower finally gave out. I came in her mouth as she came on my face again. That when she stood up and said, “It started out bad but ended pretty good. You defiantly need more training in sex but overall have talent. I guess you will do as fucktoy for me.”

She kneeled down and grabbed me the throat and said, “I’m in charge now. After you recover, get yourself cleaned up and finish my laundry. After all, tomorrow you have to car to buy and house shopping to do.”

And as that she just left me lying on the laundry room floor. I took me an hour to find the willpower to pick myself up. I work on her laundry but couldn’t finish mine. Not in the condition I was in.

I staggered into the bedroom, battered and beaten, and just dropped on the bed. I think passed out before I hit the pillow because suddenly my alarm clock was going off waking me up. I didn’t have to work today, of which I was grateful, but there a couple things which I wanted to check on with.

I hopped in the shower and stated to clean myself up, realizing I was a mess. The effect of Alice fucking me almost to the point of rape caused me to have bruise and our juices were still all over my body and I had to get it off.

I decided to get Alice her car and buy a house for her. I house was most important, because I had to get her out of this house. I need her out of here right way. If I let her have her way again, she would start demanding things which I couldn’t afford. Money didn’t grow on trees and there was no way she would use it reasonably. I had to get her out of this house.

Unfortunately, Alice realized was I was going to try and do. Worse, because I was in such a bad state, tired and sore, I didn’t think to lock the door to the bathroom.


I went to bed, naked and satisfied, after taking a shower. However, I was a little worried about Rick when I woke up. It wasn’t how I treated him, that was just what he deserved. I was concerned that he would rally himself and try to kick me out.

I need to be sure that he was complete under my thumb. I thought about him agreeing to give me a car and buy a new house, because this house was crap. But it maybe that was the end of it. He might try to throw me out and send me to that house just to get me away from him. I couldn’t have that.

When I got to the bathroom, I heard the shower running and knocked. “Hey, Rick! How are you feeling?”

When I got no answer, I knocked harder and that is when I ran into a pleasant surprise. I was just going to shake the door to make me heard, but the door just opened up. He couldn’t have been feeling his best because he always did that.

When it became quickly evident that he didn’t realize I was in the room with him so I just hopped into the shower with him. You should have seen him jump! “I’ll wash you back, turn around.” I told him.

“Alice, what are you…” He started to say before I roughly turned him around.

I then took the bottle of soap, poured some into my hands and started to rub his back. When I saw him flinch, it was clear he was still feeling the effects of our fuck session last night. “You know; I guess I was a little too hard on you.” I said, “I mean, it was your first time with me, so I guess expecting you to be perfect was asking too much.”

“My first time?” he asked with more than a little fear. Well, well, well. It looked like he was coming up with an escape plan.

“Do you really think I was just use my new fucktoy once?” I asked him and watched him stiffen up. I started to wash his legs as I continued, “You’re thinking of a way out, aren’t you? God bless you, Rick. I had a feeling you were going to try something to get away, but I thought it was just my imagination. Oh, Rick!”

I turned him round again, as I poured more soup into my hands. I then started to rub his chest with the soap. I watched him close his eyes as his cock start to go hard. I then put some of the soap on my tits and started to rub it on his cock.

“Do you like that, Rick? Do you like you stepdaughter washing you cock with her tits?” I asked him with mocking sweetness.

“Yes. Yes, if feels lick heaven.” Rick admitted.

“Is that right? It feels like heaven. Well then…” I put the bottle of soap in his hands. “Wash me now. Start at my back.” I told him.

His hands started to shake as his poured soap into his hands, like he was trying to find out if this was a dream or not. When he started to wash me, it was clear that this wasn’t the first time he had do so. He rubbed my back with experienced hands. “You washed someone before?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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