The Cruise Day 02

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After 2 years of planning and a year of talking their spouses into it, Arlene and Dennis finally got together on a cruise. They had been enjoying “cyber-sex” for many years. Their cyber-sex had turned into real emotions for them and they needed to find a way to be together physically. This cruise was it.

Their first day went well. They had met and consummated their love for each other, while still appeasing their spouses. That first evening, Dennis and his wife went to dinner and spent some time in one of the ship’s many nightclubs. Arlene and her husband had dinner with their kids and then spent the best part of the evening trying to put two excited kids to bed. The parents followed closely behind.

The sun came up on a clear and beautiful second day on board. Dennis went for an early session in the weight room, followed by a swim and sauna. Afterward, he got his wife up and they dressed for breakfast.

Arlene had the kids up and dressed before her husband was awake. They all headed for breakfast.

The breakfast buffet was long, fresh and delicious. Dennis made small talk with several of the people as they all sampled the foods available. His eyes were met several times by Arlene, as she too, made her way around the buffet. They never were next to each other, although once, Dennis was able to talk to one of Arlene’s children. They sat at different tables, but positioned themselves to look past their spouses and see each other.

The schedule for today called for Arlene to take her children to the Children’s Activity Center for the all-day program for children. The morning would find them with their spouses. In the afternoon, Dennis had signed his wife up for a water aerobics class followed by a massage. Arlene kept her and her husband busy for the morning, then, knowing the answer, she asked him what he wanted to do for the afternoon. He said he would like to sit and sleep by the pool. After lunch, she unpacked the sunscreen and told him to be sure to use it, and sent him to the pool.

As his wife was getting changed and gathering things for her afternoon, Dennis said he was going to check out the casino on board. His wife said that was a good idea and he should enjoy himself.

“I’m sure I will” he said with a smile as he left the room. He walked first to the pool and saw Arlene’s husband settling in. It took all his self-control to maintain a walking pace as he left the pool area to go to Arlene’s room.

After her husband left, Arlene had stripped and wrapped herself in a satin robe. She focused on the door, waiting for the knock. It was only a couple of minutes until the knock came. Although she waited for it, she was still startled by it. She was at the door in a bound. She opened the door and pulled bahis firmaları Dennis inside.

He had been standing there, mesmerized by the sight of her. He had waited and longed for Arlene for many years, since their on-line relationship had begun. They had exchanged pictures but he was still breathless at the sight of her, wrapped in the white satin rope. Her nipples were jutting out and the fabric allowed the outline of her entire nipple to show through. She had purchased this robe especially for this cruise, knowing they would be together and knowing Dennis was such a boob man.

She pulled him into the room and they embraced, kissing each other deeply. They kissed again, and he moved back from her.

“You look great!” he stammered out.

“You like?” she said, as she did a twirl. “I bought this for you. I thought you might like it.”

They came together for another kiss. This time his right hand slid up and around to her front, grabbing hold of her left breast as his right hand moved down her back and grabbed a handful of butt. She moved up and down on him, letting herself feel his shaft rub her abdomen as she did. They parted and he reached for the cord holding the robe closed.

“Not so fast there, Mister”, she said pushing him away lightly. “I want to see you first.”

She started on his belt buckle and he obliged her by removing his shirt while she undid his pants. She slid the pants and underpants down to his ankles. He stepped out of his flip-flops and pants at the same time. As she pushed his pants to the floor, she had knelt down, and her head was now even with his rigid pole. She looked up into his eyes as her hand rubbed up his leg and grabbed him. He shuttered when he felt her hold him. His eyes closed as he felt her mouth engulf him. Her hand rubbed his balls as she sucked on him. She pulled him out of her mouth and licked the length of his shaft down to his balls. She licked him back up to the tip, tongued the hole on the end and then took the entire length into her mouth again.

He moaned and stroked her hair. There was nothing more he cared to do at this moment. He was in Heaven. He mouth was as sweet and soft as he found her pussy yesterday. She could hear him moaning and that only drove her to suck him harder. He began moving his hips. She knew he was near. He grabbed her head and held her face to him as he felt himself coming in her mouth. Never had anyone given him a better blowjob. She stayed on him and sucked every drop. She swallowed every drop. She was surprised at herself. She almost never swallowed and always said she didn’t like the taste. This time, she loved doing it and found the taste intoxicating. She made herself a promise that she would be doing this again.

He reached down kaçak iddaa and grabbing her elbow, he helped her to her feet. He pulled her close to him and kissed her. The broke and she looked at him. He knew what was on her mind. He pulled her into him, pressed his lips to hers and let his tongue into her mouth. She melted into his arms.

“Time to return the favor, My Dear”, he said as he moved a step back and untied the cord. He moved his hands up and slid the robe from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. He held her naked body to his.

He moved her back to the bed and told her to lie down. He lay beside her, and reaching over, cupped her breast in his hand and kissed her again.

Then he sat up, moved down the bed and grasping her ankles, slid them back to her buttocks. She allowed her knees to fall to the sides to give him full access to her womanhood. As he moved to the center of the bed, his eyes never left her slit. He could see it glistening on her dark hair and could smell her arousal. He knew this would be something wonderful.

He moved his head down and began kissing her, up and down the length of her slit. She let out a sigh and he noticed her legs had relaxed, even more. He reached his hand in, and pulling her lips open slightly, he blew on her. A tingle ran though her body.

He kissed her slit while he held it open. He kissed it up to the top, gently kissing her clit, and then he kissed it down. When he got to the bottom, he let his tongue slip inside her. She squirmed. She had never felt such pleasure.

He kissed her again and then his tongue went in again. This time, he wiggled it inside her. She was in heaven. He began moving his head back and forth, tongue-fucking her. Her hips began moving involuntarily. He pressed his face harder into her wet pussy. He could feel her pubic hair on his nose. She was holding his head. He moved his mouth up and licked her clit. She started moaning loudly. He moved in and started to suck her clit. He thrust his right index and middle fingers into her. She came violently.

He allowed her to recover a few seconds then started kissing her clit again. He fingers were partially out of her and he moved them inside her again. She loved this feeling. He started alternately licking and sucking her clit. He moved a third and then a fourth finger into her sopping pussy. She let them all in her.

Now they were like two frantic animals. He was ramming his hand into her hole while sucking on her clit. Her head was bobbing back and forth as she held the bedspread with her clenched fists. He increased the tempo of his hand as it moved in and out of her and she came three more times as he pounded her pussy and sucked on her clit.

He heard her saying “Oh, oh, oh, oohhh” kaçak bahis and her pelvis left the bed as she came in the largest orgasm she had ever experienced. His hand was soaked and she was dripping onto the bed. He slowly remove his hand from her, and began licking her, gently, cleaning up all the juices on her.

As he was cleaning her she tried to relax and enjoy the sensation. She loved having her pussy licked. And he did it well. In spite of herself, she found herself getting turned on again. He could sense that he wasn’t alone in his enjoyment of the job at hand.

He licked her slit and noticed her shutter as his tongue went inside her again. He kissed her slit again. Then pulling back slightly, he lifted his head and started at the top of her hairline and began to kiss downward. He looked at her face to see her smiling, her eyes closed. He kissed her down, stopping briefly at her clit to allow her more pleasure, and then began kissing and licking his way to the bottom of her slit. He knew the juices had run further down, so his tongue followed their trail. She pulled on her knees to allow him further access to her. He kissed and licked her down to her anus. When he got there, he licked the entire area clean and came back to the anus and pressed his lips on it. Then he moved his tongue out of his mouth and into her anus. She relaxed and allowed him entry into her back hole. He began to move his head and was soon tongue fucking her back hole. She wanted this, but wanted more. He knew it. He began to slide his hand up and let a finger slip into her. She moaned with approval.

He kissed his way back up her slit and started to suck her clit while moving his finger in and out of her butt. He started to suck hard on her clit and put two fingers of his other hand into her now soaked pussy. He moved his head back. He wanted to see this.

He worked a second finger into her anus and once she was comfortable with that, he added a third finger to her pussy. Then a fourth. He began moving his two fingers in and out of her anus while simultaneously moving his whole hand in and out of her pussy. He was watching this, while looking up to see her face. She was smiling, and groaning, and muttering things and throwing her head back and forth.

He knew she was ready and plowed his two fingers as deep as they would go, into her butt. His other hand, with four fingers in her pussy, gave several rapid thrusts and then held inside her, deep, and rubbed her insides. She came again.

He moved up beside her and they laid together in each other’s arms for several minutes.

“Time to go back”, she said, holding back a tear.

“I’ll be back. We’ve got five more days to enjoy each other, not counting the cruise.” he told her.

They dressed and after kissing at the door, left the room and rejoined their spouses and the ship activites, knowing they would be together again.


Please, let me know if you would like more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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