The Day is Now Theirs

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The day is now theirs. Greg helps April into the truck making sure to slip his hand under the sundress that she bought for the trip. His hand making sure to check again to feel for anything like panties to get in his way. Fingers just dipping in to enjoy the wet he was looking for. As she sits he leans in for a kiss, which is retuned in a subtle but lustfully submissive way.

Heading to slightly explore the area for things to do. Finding a place for a quick bite they stop. Making sure to tease him unmercifully, she flashes her ass at him. His cock straining against the fabric of his shorts. They sit side by side in the small booth. After ordering they discuss what to do after. Greg’s hand once again finds a home between April’s thighs.

“Do you think I can help you get there before our food gets here?” He asks

“Not sure but what your doing will definitely make me more wet.” She replies

“Is that a bad thing?” Greg jokes.

“I sure don’t think so.” April purrs while reaching for her own fondle.

The potential for her orgasm is cut short by quick service, but her predicted outcome has her sensually slick and very turned on. They finish and once again climb in the truck. This time Greg lingers with more of a feel. His fingers penetrating deep into April instead of grazing her hot button. She kissed him deeply before stopping him so they can go to the store for dinner stuff.

Walking through the grocery store getting what they need, April finds that her ass is rarely free from Greg’s hand. Occasionally he flips up the dress to get a bare feel, which she bats away in mock annoyance. She finally whips around and grips his hardness. Her playing and horny actions are just precursor to a more exciting event.

April decides to up the game just a bit by purring dirty ideas at Greg. Comments in his ear at the checkout about how she needs his tongue on her wetness, and how she hopes he has a good load for her lips. She really sends him off the deep end by hinting that a video of her work to get that load albeit deleted after they watch it might be in the cards, but definitely bahis firmaları his cum on her lips.

The drive back to the air bnb is filled with amazing sexual tension. April’s feet go on the dash her seat leaned back with her sex ready to be touched. Greg reaches over to feel her. His fingers greeted with both a sensual slickness, and a tightening of her breath followed by a sigh as she melts into the seat.

Greg spies a side road and turns quickly down it.

“Where are we going?” April asks with her hand on his while he rubs lazy circles into her hot button.

“I think I need to paint your lips now.” He returns.

“Here?” She inquires.

“Yes here.” Is his answer, as the truck pulls over in a well blocked spot.

Greg climbs out into the heat of the morning. Going to her side of the truck he opens the door for her, leading her into the brush down a small trail. They find a small clearing that is just covered from the road with light bushes. He whips her around into him to plant a lustfull dominating kiss.

“So you want me to cum on those lips of yours?” He says more of a statement than a question. His hand quickly lifting her dress to feel her molten spot.

With a sultry but submissivly confident reply, “Yes I do, and I want you to film it.” She says

Without missing a beat she drops down, undoes his short letting them fall to the ground, grips his cock, and hands him her phone. He fumbles momentarily as the head of his member is taken in softly. Beginning to film, Greg is watching April look up at him through the lens as she softly licks and sucks. He knows he won’t last long because he has wanted this for a long time. She makes just a little bit of a show, squeezing the precum to the tip and rubbing it lustaly all over her sexy lips.

“Are you gonna cum here?” April purrs rubbing Greg’s cock over her lips.

“Or here?” Then moves his cock from her lips and wipes from cheek to cheek over her lips.

“I kinda want it all over.” She says before he can answer.

Licking and sucking April makes quite a show. Greg once again feels kaçak iddaa the pressure building. Knowing he isn’t going to last long he starts to moan a bit. She takes that cue to help him along. With one more stroke and deep suck his cock erupts onto her lips. The stroking brings more as it runs to her cheeks. Moving his cock from side to side as her cheeks get some of the slickness. As the climax starts to subside April smiles, to then uses him to wipe his cum into her mouth.

She stands with his shorts still on the ground, still holding onto her plaything.

“I can’t wait to watch that.” She whispers, taking the phone and walking to the truck.

Greg gets his bearings, to then hastily pull up his shorts. He follows quickly to catch her at the truck. She had just opened the door, and he turns her around. He just opens the door then props her foot up on the step bar. His hand finds her slick cleft and dives a finger right in. This time he drops down and takes her in his mouth. His tongue melts between her lips as the taste of her sex fills his mouth. Not wasting and time, the licks get firm and deliberate. No ramp up teasing, just launch straight for her orgasm. Quickly her knees start to shake. His licks take no time to push her over the edge. She pushes his face into her pussy with her free hand as waves of orgasm roll from her sex.

He stands up to be pounced on with to be lustfully kissed.

“Drive fast I need you to fuck me hard!” She growls out between her hard breaths.

Not missing a beat he tosses April into her seat and whips around the truck. Climbing in with a fluid motion, he starts and launches the truck in the direction of the house. Reaching over he pulls up her dress and moves her hand down. She takes the hint and begins to masturbate for him. The smell of lust hangs in the truck as they race to the house. Once there it takes no time for them to rush in. He lifts her dress over her head and helps her bra to the floor. As she drops his shorts and helps peel off his shirt. Now nude they climb onto the bed. April lays back open wide to invite him to fill her. Her kaçak bahis excitement allows him to fill her full, deeply. Voices of both become lustfully unrestrained. The passion of the moment becoming a blur of hard thrusting, nails scratching, necks bitten. April’s voice letting lose a “Oh God fuck me hard!” That is answered by harder thrusting. Her pussy exploding from it all. Greg pushes her over again before slowing his pace to catch his breath.

He abruptly pulls out leaving her bewildered, but before she could ask he flips her over roughly, plants two sensually stinging spanks, to then pull her ass into the air. Roughly he finds his way back in her. Now pounding again fast but not really hard. His hands gripping her hips as each fast stroke pushes her close.

April protests and between thrust labored breaths she gets out.

“Fuck me hard too!” As she pounds back into him

He meets her request with very deep hard motions. The sensation she was craving send6 her over again. Her pulse pounding in her ears as his cock pounds her cunt. The sheets pulled by her gripping, while he slows his pace but randomly slamming a couple deep and hard.

Greg looks down of the masterpiece that is her body. He drops the grip with his right hand to place his thumb on her backdoor. The pressure there shoots a tingle through her body. April finds she want to feel more.

“What are you doing there?” She asks

“Well your ass looked like it felt left out.” He returns. “You want me to stop?”

“No, be gentle but deeper please.” Her voice sounding confident.

Her backside very slick invites his presence. His thumb eases in triggering her backside to send tingles through her sex to her clit. The pace had slowed but still amazing. Her response to what she is feeling sends her quickly to the edge of her next orgasm. Sensing this he dips deeper in. With that, climax takes her. April is joined with his orgasm. They both crumple onto the bed.

“God you are sexy!” Greg whispers in her ear.

“Not as sexy as you.” April purrs back.

“You know I would love to watch what you shot.” April hints

“Well you know it will make me want to have you again.” He returns

“I am hoping so, I want to taste me on your cock after we watch.” April says with a look of pure lust behind her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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