The Deal Ch. 21

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Diana stood in the doorway of the convenience store. She could see an animated conversation between a pointing Cindy sitting in the back seat and Matt in the front seat. She walked back to her car by the pump.

Diana opened her door and climbed in as Cindy pointed again out the windshield.

“I was just telling Matt how I always think it’s so funny having a church right across the street from a strip club.”

Diana laughed, “I know. I always wondered what the club owners were thinking when they bought the building across from the Baptist Church. You’d think they’d lose customers as people would be scared of being seen from the Church as they went into the club.”

Cindy put her hand on Diana’s shoulder, “It’s got to be quite a rush to take your clothes off in front of so many strangers. Talk about butterflies. I think I would go insane.”

Diana laughed, “It is an incredible rush.”

Both Matt and Cindy swiveled to stare at Diana, “Oh, and how do you know that for a fact? More fun with Dad?”

Diana blushed, “Yeah, your dad talked me into entering a couple of amateur nights here and there.”

Matt chuckled, “I’m soooooo sure it was tough to convince you.”

Cindy smirked as Diana lightly punched a grinning Matt in the arm, “Would you ever do it again?”

“I’m already nude all the time in front of the two of you.”

Cindy pressed on, “Yeah, but this is in front of strangers; that’s totally different.”

“True, and that does add quite a rush to it. I don’t know, maybe.” Diana looked over at the club.

Cindy gave a throaty chuckle, “I think it would be an amazing rush to watch you strip in front of a bunch of strangers. Don’t you Matt?”

Matt turned and smiled at Cindy, “It was such a turn on, seeing her nude on the beach in Jamaica with Craig and Chip. Oh, and Mr. Deforest as well.”

“GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Don’t even remind me of that jerk,” Diana snarled.

Matt laughed, “I wonder if he still has your bikini bottoms?”

Cindy looked from Matt to Diana, “Mr. Deforest, bikini bottoms?”

Matt had a wide grin on his face, “Yeah, my old Biology teacher who thought Craig, Chip and I were bullying a helpless woman to take her suit off for us so he yelled at us and gave us a lecture. Mom got so angry she stripped and threw her suit at him and threatened to kick his ass all the way back to the States I believe.”

“You mean he was in Jamaica at the same time? That’s too funny.”

Cindy and Matt smirked back and forth at each other as Diana spluttered at the memory until all three cracked up again.

“So anyway mom, I still think it would be real hot to watch you strip in front of others, and gee, take a look at the sign, it’s amateur night tonight.”

Diana laughed, “It’s always amateur night at Hot Legs.”

Matt put his hand on Diana’s thigh, “Yeah, but they don’t have hot legs like yours I’m sure.”

“Oh lame, cheesy flattery will get you nowhere,” Diana responded with a twinkle in her eye. “Say I agree, what’s in it for me, Mr. Dealer?”

Matt rubbed his hands together, “I always love this part!”

Cindy put her hand on Matt’s shoulder, “I’ll tell you what. You strip tonight and I’ll do it the next time.”

Matt almost broke his neck swiveling it to stare at the grinning Cindy, his mouth hung open in disbelief.

Diana laughed, “Now that’s a deal I can’t refuse. Seeing you on the stage and watching Matt try to control his little friend. Two shows in one for me!”

While all three laughed Diana pulled out of the gas station and swerved over into the parking lot of the mildly crowded Hot Legs. After just a minute, the three where at the door being stopped by the bouncer getting bad news.

Diana raised her voice, “Are you kidding me? But they’re both at least eighteen and won’t even touch a drink—we promise.”

The burly bouncer folded his arms across his chest, “I’m sorry ma’am. Bars, especially adult clubs, have to follow the drinking age and can only let twenty-one and over in. Believe me, I would love to see the two of you on stage, but no can do. We’d get shut down in a heartbeat if I let these two kids into the place.”

Cindy looped her arm through Diana’s, “Come on Mom, we can have plenty of fun on our own.”

As the three walked back to the car the bouncer shook his head, “Mom???”

As the three sat in the car Diana turned toward Cindy, “Fun of our own, huh? Have something particular in mind, sweetie?”

Cindy smiled, “I think we should have our own strip show at home with a lucky audience of one.” Cindy patted the grinning Matt on the shoulder.

Diana laughed, “Ooooohh, sounds like fun; audience requests and participation more than welcome, my dear boy.”

Diana started the car and drove to the exit of the club never noticing the blond haired man who was watching them from his car after entering in behind them when they got to the club. The man waited until they had driven down the street before he got out of his car and entered the club.

The bouncer güvenilir bahis named Carl, still smirking from his encounter with the Hughes and Cindy, held the door open as the blond approached.

“Evening, Mr. Deforest.”

“Hey Carl,” Matt’s former Biology teacher greeted as he walked into the club.

Soon the car was parked and Matt, Cindy and Diana were standing in the living room.

“Okay Matt, you get the music set up while Cindy and I plan and get ready,” Diana told her son as she took Cindy’s arm.

Matt had the sounds of Def Leppard pounding in the house as he darkened the living room except for two bright lights with the shades angled to cast a bright oval of light in the center of the living room floor.

He was just sitting into the middle of the black leather couch when a door down the hall opened, and he could hear the whispers of the two giggling women.

Both walked into the outer darkness of the room dancing to the music.

Diana purred, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice.”

She took Cindy by the hand and spun them both into the light in the middle of the room. Diana was wearing one of her business suits while Cindy had on a white Oxford shirt and jeans. Matt settled in as the two women gyrated around, each other’s hands running across and over their curves.

Slowly Diana positioned Cindy so she was facing Matt while Diana was behind her. Diana ran her hands up and down the sides of Cindy’s shirt pressing against the sides of her breasts. Cindy ground her ass into Diana’s pelvis. Diana reached across and opened the first button on Cindy’s shirt and spread it caressing the exposed skin. She brought her hands down and undid two more buttons all the while spreading and caressing. A lacy white bra was exposed to Matt’s appreciative eyes. Diana more quickly opened the rest of the buttons before pulling the shirt out of her jeans and spreading it wide open before her hands came back up and cupped the young girl’s bra encased breasts. Cindy’s breath hissed at each squeeze as she continued to grind into Diana.

The older woman let her hands glide over Cindy’s rib cage and stomach before slipping in and sliding over the edge of the jeans until both hands met at the clasp and zipper. The fingers tugged and opened the jeans. One hand darted into the opening and cupped the shaking girl’s sex briefly before sliding back up to grab the zipper which she tugged downward.

Diana slid down Cindy’s back pulling the denim down her legs, exposing the white panties, garter belt and stockings. Cindy raised one leg at a time so Diana could pull the jeans off which she threw out of the circle of light. Diana pressed her face into the panty covered ass before her. Cindy gasped and clutched her breasts.

Matt watched as Diana rolled down the back of the panties exposing Cindy’s ass to her mouth as her hand slipped in from underneath and pressed into her sex, a bulge in the panties all that Matt could see as his mother continued to lick Cindy’s ass.

“Oh fuck,” moaned Cindy still softly gyrating to the music.

The bulge slid back down and out of the back of the panties causing a couple of wisps of black pubic hair to appear above the edge of the panties. Diana leaned back a bit as both hands grabbed the sides of the panties and yanked them down completely exposing the patch of black hair stark against the white garter and stockings and Cindy’s pale flesh.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” moaned Cindy as she swayed her hips and lifted one leg at a time so Diana could pull the panties off and toss them next to the crumpled jeans.

Diana slid back up Cindy’s body licking and kissing as she rose, her hands again reaching inside the shirt to cup the heaving breasts. Diana latched on and sucked the back of Cindy’s neck as she grabbed the collar of the shirt and pulled it off Cindy’s body leaving it to puddle at their feet.

Cindy looked out and could just see Matt’s form and the dark image of his hand stroking his exposed cock.

“Oh fuck,” she said again before closing her eyes and pressing back into Diana.

Diana continued to suck on the soft flesh as her hands came around to find the catch of the bra which they released. She slid her hands under the side straps and cupped Cindy’s bare breasts under the loose bra squeezing them.

After a minute of fondling she placed her hands onto Cindy’s shoulders pushing them forward and down as she licked her way down Cindy’s spine, her hands gliding down the shoulder blades still pushing forward and down. Cindy got the intention and leaned forward and down as Diana lowered herself behind the girl. The loose bra slid down the arms and fell off in a jumble onto the strewn white shirt on the floor.

Cindy spread her legs and bent over forward grasping her ankles with her hands, her breasts swaying forward and backward causing Matt to gasp and stroke harder. Cindy groaned at the sight before yelling “Oh shit” as Diana pressed her tongue deep into Cindy’s ass before licking down into her wet sex.

Diana held onto each cheek of Cindy’s türkçe bahis ass spreading her wide so her tongue could go deeply into the girl’s sex rubbing her face and alternating between hard and soft licks.

Cindy brought her hands up and pulled on her hard, pebbled nipples as she stared into Matt’s eyes. Even with the loud music Cindy became aware of the sounds of Matt’s stroking and Diana’s licking. She moaned more and more.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum…Fuck,” she yelled before falling forward, her hands splaying out and pressing against the floor to keep her upright. She shook as the orgasm coursed through her body. She smiled as she watched Matt explode all over his rubbing hand.

Diana sat back on her haunches and smiled when she saw Matt’s pulsing cock.

Cindy brought her knees down and crawled over to Matt taking his cock into her mouth washing it with her tongue. Diana rubbed herself through her skirt as she watched the two.

After making sure Matt’s cock was completely clean, Cindy turned and crawled back over to Diana, pressing her body into the older woman making her fall back onto the floor. Cindy pressed her naked body into Diana and kissed her hard, thrusting her tongue deep into Diana’s mouth while holding her head. She made sure to wiggle her ass, highlighted between the strips of white from the garter and stockings for Matt’s visual pleasure.

Cindy leaned back up pulling Diana with her. She stood and brought Diana onto her feet. Diana stood still as Cindy swayed to the music and rubbed her body into Di. Cindy pressed into Di’s chest and kissed her deeply. Keeping their lips locked, Cindy’s hands trailed down slowly unbuttoning Diana’s blouse. Once the blouse was open, Cindy licked along Diana’s cheek and ear as she slid around the older woman. Matt stared at the gaping blouse and the smooth tanned flesh exposed between. His mother was not wearing a bra underneath her proper business attire.

Cindy was now standing behind Diana. She sucked on the back of her neck as she rhythmically pulled open and closed Diana’s blouse, repeatedly flashing Di’s breasts to her son.

Cindy left the blouse hanging and slid her hands up inside the back of the blouse tracing over Diana’s smooth skin. Once her hands were up to Diana’s shoulders, Cindy softly scratched downward as she dropped to kneel behind the now moaning woman. Her hands grasped the sides of Diana’s knee length skirt and tugged it down her legs quickly, leaving her in the open blue shirt and a midnight blue thong before her son.

Cindy reached her hand up to the top of the blue blouse’s neckline pulling it down and off Diana. Cindy let it drop and splayed her hand open on the center of Diana’s back and pushed the woman forward and down. Diana grinned and leaned forward grasping her ankles to lean before Matt just like Cindy had earlier.

Cindy brought her hand down and pushed her face into Diana’s backside licking loudly. Matt could barely see Cindy’s hand come up between the panting woman’s legs to rub and press into her thong. Diana groaned.

Cindy brought her hand back and grasped the strings that made up the sides of the thong and pulled it down Diana’s long legs. Di raised one leg and then the other to kick the small fabric off.

Cindy put her hands on the sides of Diana’s ass as Di spread her legs wider apart.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” went the young girl before she sunk her mouth deeply into Diana’s sex. She continued to lick as she ran her hands over and around Diana’s backside and sex.

Slowly Diana gyrated her hips to the music and Cindy’s licks as she squeezed her bare breasts and pulled on her nipples. She could see her son slowly masturbate in front of her. She groaned again louder.

Cindy ran her fingers over and into Diana’s depths as she softly licked around the moist areas.

Diana brought her head up sharply and groaned and then slowly gyrated her hips back towards Cindy behind her.

“Oooooooooooooohhhh, Matt. Cindy just stuck her finger up my ass, and now she’s fucking it with her finger. Oh FUCK,” Diana groaned as she hung her head down again, eyes open in small slits to watch as Matt stroked his cock harder groaning.

“Oh, that’s it baby, don’t stop. That’s just the right spot. MMMMMMMMM. Oh Cindy, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. I’m cumming,” and with that scream Diana flooded into Cindy’s mouth.

After shaking strongly Diana sunk down to her hands and knees between Matt and Cindy.

“Oh, shit,” groaned Matt. Both Cindy and Diana looked up to watch Matt cum again.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, my turn,” Diana whispered as she crawled forward and took Matt’s penis into her mouth, swirling her tongue around to clean the messy flesh.

After she finished cleaning her son, Diana rested her back against the front side of the couch next to Matt. Cindy smiled and crawled over to lie against the other side of Matt’s legs.

“That was fucking amazing,” breathed Cindy.

“Oh, yeah,” agreed Di. “Believe me; that was much better than any of the times güvenilir bahis siteleri in front of strangers.”

“I bet,” Cindy nodded her head. “But I still think it would be an amazing rush to do that in front of an audience.”

Both women purred as Matt caressed both of them on their heads and shoulders softly trailing his fingers lightly over their bare flesh.

Diana grinned, “From my past experience I know that’s true. Are you working tomorrow?”

After Cindy shook her head ‘no,’ Diana continued, “What do you say we give you a chance to experience that thrill for yourself?” Matt, can you be a dear and hand me my phone?”

With a grin and absolutely no idea what his mother was up to, Matt reached over to the end table and grabbed Diana’s cell phone which he handed to her. Cindy just stared at the smirking woman as she hit a speed dial.

The butterflies in Cindy’s stomach flew in an explosive panic.

“Sue, how’s it going? So you, Jeff and Craig have any plans for tomorrow night?” Diana winked at Cindy whose mouth had dropped open.

“Oh shit,” whispered Cindy swallowing hard.

“Oh, I see. No, that would be fine. Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. Come around nine o’clock and bring some wine with you and believe me, we’ll be providing the entertainment.” Diana laughed as she hung up the phone.

“Oh, shit,” Cindy repeated as Matt looked at her with a huge grin on his face.

“Hey, it’s not strangers at least for your first time,” Di chuckled as she hit speed dial again.

Cindy just stared as Diana spoke into the phone again.

“Hey Kim, I heard about Adam and Jeff being away for the weekend, but do you and Chip have any plans for tomorrow night? No, good! How about some fun at our house around nine o’clock? Yep, you bet I mean that kind of fun. You bring yourselves and some wine and we’ll provide the entertainment. Great! See you then.”

Diana clapped her phone shut and smiled widely at Cindy.

“Oh shit,” Cindy repeated again slowly returning Di’s grin.

Diana widened her smirk, “So now counting Matt, you have an audience of five to perform to tomorrow night, six if you go solo. What do you think of that?”

“Oh, my fucking God,” Cindy gasped. “My butterflies are going crazy just thinking about it.”

Diana laughed, “Ready or not, the old neighborhood is back in business and believe me, it can be a very wild and crazy ride.”

Matt clapped his hands, “I am so taping this.”

It was a long time before the butterflies let Cindy get any sleep that night. Cindy was so glad that she had a rare weekend off from work.

Diana, Cindy and Matt spent the entire Saturday cleaning and cooking up snacks for the evening. At eight o’clock Diana and Cindy went into Di’s bedroom to prepare while Matt got the living room ready. At ten of nine the Hughes house again pounded to the sound of Def Leppard. Matt left a couple of soft lights on but focused the two big lights on the open area near the left wall where a quilt lay. The two end tables had various snacks on them as well as a bowl filled with condoms. Matt fiddled with the camera on a tripod off to the right corner of the room. He just about had everything ready when the doorbell rang. He ran to let his best friend and mother in followed closely by his next best friend and mother into the house.

All four radiated excitement at the prospects for the evening. Sue clapped her hands at the sight of the room.

“About freaking time we got a party started. Too bad for the men, but if they’d prefer to freeze their asses off ice fishing then their loss – sucks to be them.”

Kim laughed and agreed.

“Where are DI and Cindy?” Sue asked as she looked around.

Matt smiled, “They’re planning a grand entrance and performance for your entertainment.

“Ooooooooo” both Sue and Kim cooed as their sons looked on with huge gleams in their eyes.

The four got settled into the couch facing the lighted quilt area.

From in the bedroom Di and Cindy could hear the banter of their neighbors amidst the loud music.

“Ready to live out that fantasy, my love?” Diana put her hands on Cindy’s shoulders and stared deeply into her green eyes. “If you aren’t, just say the word and I can do a solo performance that will certainly keep the masses happy.”

Cindy smiled, “Honestly, I’m so nervous I could throw up, but I wouldn’t miss this for the world. The butterflies – I love feeling like this. Besides, these aren’t strangers and at this point, they’ve all seen me nude at one time of another. Like Sue just said, ‘about freaking time we got a party started.’ I can’t wait.”

Diana laughed and hugged the beaming but trembling girl tightly in her arms, “Oh you are so perfect for this family. Now let’s go have some fun.”

Holding hands the two women stopped in the dark hall just out of sight from the group in the living room listening to the friendly conversation.

“So Matt, do we all get copies of your tape of tonight’s performance?” asked Sue.

Cindy put her hand on Diana’s shoulder, “Omigod, I completely forgot Matt’s taping this.”

Diana laughed, “It seems Matt has got quite the porno director bug. About time we got a tape of someone else other than me. I can’t wait to see you on film.”

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