The Discontented Housewife

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The summer was hot, hotter than usual and canning tomatoes all day had made her grouchy. Willard was out of town for another week and she was sweaty, and horny. She pulled her T-shirt over her head and going to the sink filled a cup with water and poured it over her head and down the front of her body.

She screamed out at the shock of the ice-cold well water. God! It almost burned but felt so good as it evaporated that she got another glass and did it again. She heard applause from the back door.

Grabbing a towel to hold to her voluptuous chest, she whirled around. There stood Joey, her erstwhile brother-in-law always around when you didn’t want to see him. “God, woman you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen with those sweat tendrils of curls all over your flushed face and those hard wet nipples. He walked closer, lowered his head, and licked.

She didn’t mean to pull him closer she meant to push him away that’s what she told herself later anyway. He did feel so good and she was so needy. He reached and cupped both her breasts and pushing them together lapped up the dripping water. She was soon hard and puffy with desire and could feel the wetness gathering between her thighs when he finished.

He reached and got a glass of water. She thought he needed a drink until he pulled her shorts down, grinning at the fact she hadn’t worn underwear. He smiled as he started drizzling the water over her feminine mound.

She had just shaved it that morning thinking anything to help her feel cooler. The ice water made her shiver or was it the thought of his mouth to follow? He sunk to his knees and stuck out his tongue. He pushed her down on a chair and pulled her legs wide apart. He was like a vacuum cleaner as he illegal bahis sucked, nuzzled and lapped up every drop and then went after the dew she was dripping down her legs. She came screaming her hands covering her mouth to mute the noise.

He stood and pulled loose his hard and dripping cock. The first thing she noticed is he was nothing like his brother, and her mouth dropped open. He grinned. “Time you had a real man for a change darling.”

Without thinking of any consequences, she only knew she had to have his cock she leaned forward and he walked into her mouth. He tasted sweet and clean and like milk on the edge of going sour but still drinkable. She went back for more. He tangled his hands in her hair after pulling out the pins so it dropped down and curtained them in its silkiness. She wrapped him in the hair. She used her mouth on his head and the entire shaft she could handle. She wrapped her hair around the rest and let the soft silky texture of it send him climbing on the passion ladder faster than in his whole life. The only thought in his mind repeatedly was ” what was that asshole brother of his doing with a goddess like this woman.”

Close to coming, he attempted to pull free. She sucked him further into her mouth and sucked harder until he was filling her with his cream. He watched in fascination as she swallowed repeatedly until he was spent. Finished and getting slack she continued to suck until he was hard again.

He reached and picking her up pushed her up on the kitchen cupboard and pushed into her dripping center of desire. “You do want this right Peggy?”

“I shouldn’t but I do so shut up and fuck me before I come to my senses.”

He had wanted her since the first night his brother illegal bahis siteleri brought her home. She was pregnant and they were going to Ohio to get married because she was underage. He should have been in jail for what he did being almost twenty years older than her, but his parents were happy at the thought of a grandchild and so they helped him out with money for the trip. Willard knocking her around in a fit of anger two months later sent her to the hospital and she lost the baby. He knew from watching her on visits home she hadn’t been the same since that night.

He watched her head go back, her eyes close, watched her bite her lip and worry it as he felt the ripples of her vagina around his rampaging cock. He was gentle but he was taking her deep and his hands were busy on her breasts and clit as she moaned and humped him back hard.

Finally, she threw her arms, which had been on the counter around him, and pulling him tight, trusting him to hold her she came. He felt her melt around him and her juices cascade in warm rivulets over his cock. He erupted deep inside her body repeatedly he spurted his juices deep within her and became so weak kneed at the intensity he had to withdraw and sit down. They smiled like idiots at each other until the afterglow disappeared and embarrassment took over. He left her sitting there and went into the bathroom to clean up. When he returned she was dressed again and the kitchen straightened up and two ice cold bottles of beer sitting on the table.

“Peggy,” he asked shyly “should I take that and go, or do you want to talk?”

Peggy motioned to a seat. “Joey, you can’t tell anyone about this your brother would kill me. He blackened my eye last month for talking canlı bahis siteleri to Fred the butcher while I was getting my meat in town.”

Joey’s hand clenched hit the table hard.

“That’s just how he is Joey, until I can’t stand it anymore that’s how it is.”

He nodded, leaned over and kissed her cheek. “You know where I live in the city, if you ever leave, I will help you and my parents be damned.”

She nodded, he picked up his beer and left.

Three months later, his doorbell rang and he opened it to find Peggy, black, blue, and hardly able to stand. He picked her up undressed her and put her to bed. It wasn’t until he was undressing her he noticed her slightly swollen belly.

Two days later, when she was stronger and could talk, she told him she was pregnant, Willard it seemed after the miscarriage since he had never wanted kids had gone out and got a vasectomy. He had beat her almost senseless when he found the positive pregnancy test. When she wouldn’t admit to sleeping with anyone he chained her to the stanchion in the barn and only gave her water twice a day. It took her three days to pick the lock with a pin from her hair.

She had left right away taking a bus leaving the truck at the station. She had nothing but her life. Joey who as a free lance artist could work anywhere packed up the apartment that night and left an early morning notice for his landlord, no forwarding address but for his agent and then they were on the road.

They didn’t stop driving until they were a whole country away from the town they had called home. Once the baby was born, they spent enough time in Las Vegas to get a divorce for Peggy and to get married. Joey has sent the parents pictures of the baby but they have no idea who the mother is, or where they are. Someday maybe when Willard dies they may return until then they are all the family they need and now when Peggy gets antsy the studio where she often models for her husband is right next door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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