The Doric Diaries Ch. 02

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“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

Though I had wanted my relationship with my older sister, Sasha, to blossom into something more (sexual), it didn’t. Once we were back from the market she seemed preoccupied with Petar, my older brother, and apart from some harmless flirting, she didn’t seem to have time for me. However, my relationship with Krissy continued uninterrupted with both of us unable to keep our hands off each other. Krissy was the youngest and was very much like Sasha — a juicy, obstreperous lass filled with a passion for life.

At no point did I think that what we were doing was wrong. Both Krissy and I accepted the change in our relationship as something normal and healthy and in fact, it had brought us even closer together. We snuck away every chance we got and fucked each other silly.

Then one night, a few weeks later, while I was checking on the goats, Laura, my other sister, came up to me.

“Andy, can you come with me to the bathroom, I heard howling again and it makes me nervous,” she said.

“Sure, give me a minute … I just need to make sure that all the gates are locked.”

In the last few days, we had seen signs of wolves in the yard. This meant that they were desperate and a pack of hungry wolves on the prowl is dangerous. We had two Anatolian Shepherd dogs which were capable of fighting off predators but we kept them in the pen with the sheep. We did not want them chasing after the wolves into the hills where they would be at a disadvantage.

Anatolians are large dogs that were bred in Turkey specifically to ward off wolves and mountain lions. These fierce watch dogs weigh over 170 pounds and are excellent herding dogs with a deep protective instinct towards the flocks that they guard. However, in the hills the wolves would gain the advantage and it was not uncommon to find the half-eaten carcasses of dogs that had foolishly chased after them.

After making sure that the pens were all secure and that the dogs were fed I turned to Laura and said, “Okay, let’s go … where’s Krissy?”

“In the kitchen helping mother,” she replied.

That was unusual — Laura was always the one helping clean-up after dinner but I didn’t give it any further thought.

Once we crossed the yard into the trees that fringed the outhouse, we were hidden from the kitchen and the porch. And just as we neared the bathroom, Laura took hold of my arm and pulled closer to me.

“I saw you and Krissy,” she said, her voice dropping to almost a whisper.

“What?” I was really surprised and didn’t quite know what she meant. I stopped walking and took a step back so I could get a better look at her.

“What did you say?” I asked again.

“Last night. I saw you both doing it … like animals!” She asserted, “You were fucking her.”

I was stunned and didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure if there was anything I could have said. Laura and I had very little in common and were not too close and this was a conversation that was bizarre at best. She was Mother’s favorite and spent all her time in the kitchen and at that moment my heart was stuck in my throat as the consequence of her discovery buzzed in my mind.

“Are you angry?” she asked.

I thought about it, trying to come to terms with the revelation — it wasn’t a secret anymore.

“No, not really. I was pretty sure we were going to get caught sooner or later,” I replied nonchalantly and then added, “Krissy is just too reckless but I shouldn’t blame her …” my voice trailed off.

“In any case, we are not doing anything wrong,” I added as an afterthought hoping my apparent air of indifference would get her off my back.

“You are fucking your younger sister!” she sounded incredulous.


We were quiet for a while listening to the leaves rustling in the breeze over the hissing of the ubiquitous Cicada, a sibilant chirrrr, chirrrr, chirrrr. I could tell that she was struggling with her thoughts.

“She makes a lot of noise,” Laura said looking away.

“What do you mean?”

“When you were fucking her, she was moaning so loudly I’m surprised Papa didn’t come into the bedroom.”

“You are kidding … was it that loud?” it was my turn to be surprised.

“Yes. And, you were both oblivious of everything. At one point, I sat up and watched but neither one of you noticed.”

“Are you going to tell?” I asked deciding that it was better to get it over with.

“I don’t know. Tell me how it started?” Laura replied.

I shrugged, what the heck, she might as well know.

“Remember that day when I told you we were going to see something special and you went back home? Krissy came with me and that’s when it started.”

“You mean when you were following Sasha?”

“Sasha and Petar,” I corrected.

“Why? What did you see?” she asked with a quizzical expression.

“Hmm … I’m güvenilir bahis not sure I should tell you,” I answered halfheartedly teasing her but also unsure of what she would do if I told her about Sasha and Petar.

“Okay, then I will have to tell Mama!”

I stared at her and she stared right back. Her cheeks were slightly flushed and I recognized the look; it was that stubborn look of hers. She could be such a fucking bitch!

After a while I looked away thinking how pretty she was getting to be. Physically, she was very different from Krissy and Sasha. Laura had inherited Mom’s Nordic genes. She was lean and tall with a body like a model. She had small, perky breasts and long limbs and was on the slimmer side while Sasha and Krissy were more fleshy and curvaceous. I had always thought of Laura as being the cold one.

“Okay, here goes; we saw Petar and Sasha doing it behind the river …” there I said it. The proverbial cat was now out of the bag.

It was Laura’s turn to look surprised. Her blue eyes widened with disbelief while she just gaped at me.

“You are lying! I know you are, Andy … you are always making things up!”

“I’m not lying, Laura. I swear on Grandpa’s grave … that is what we saw! Go ask Krissy.” I rebutted angrily, a bit miffed that she would assume that I would lie about this.

We stood quietly not saying anything. Laura knew that I would never swear on Grandfather’s grave — ever — unless I was telling the truth. She leaned back against an old Sycamore Maple with low hanging branches and plucked one of the wide-horned leaves. She kept twirling the leaf in her fingers staring at like it held the answers to the questions that were muddled in her head.

“So, I’m the only one who was left out,” she whispered softly and when I didn’t reply, she continued, “Why didn’t you come to me, Andy? Do you find Krissy more beautiful?”

“No, it’s nothing like that! It just happened, Laura, I swear. We got really excited watching them and then …” I stopped. I wasn’t sure how to explain it to her.

“I know exactly what you mean. Watching you both doing it was so, umm … so sexy!”

“Really?” I was taken aback by her candor.

She nodded and was staring at me again, her blue eyes wide and sparkling with excitement. My instinct kicked in and I decided to strike while the iron was hot.

“Do you think …” I paused not feeling quite as confident as a moment ago, “… do you want to try it?” I asked her, lifting her chin up so I was looking into her eyes.

“I …” she started and then stopped.

“You don’t have to if you don’t feel like it … I’ll just go back to Krissy,” I interjected.

She hesitated and then nodded, “Okay … yes, I want to do it!”

It was barely a whisper and she looked away.

I didn’t know if she was acquiescing because she didn’t want to be left out or whether she was really excited at the prospect of making love but I wasn’t about to give her a chance to reconsider.

I led her behind the outhouse and leaned her against the back wall and kissed her lips as gently as I could. Her mouth opened up and I felt her tongue snake into mine, swirling and twisting while we took turns exploring the newness of one another. Her lips felt soft and warm and cold and wonderful and I heard her moaning into my mouth while we sucked on each other.

My heart was racing; beating so hard that I was sure she could feel it against her chest. I reached down and pulled her against me by her ass, my hands cupping her cheeks, squeezing gently while grinding my cock into her crotch. I continued kissing her, my tongue probing between her lips, gliding along the roof of her mouth and the soft pink sides of her cheeks. It felt so smooth and moist reminding me of the treasures that were buried between her legs. I nibbled gently on her lower lip and felt her humping back, sucking fiercely on my tongue.

The first time with Krissy was pure instinct. I had no idea what I was doing but now, after we had been having sex for a while, I knew just how to please her and had learned that what she loved most was oral sex — she couldn’t resist the feel of a warm, wet tongue lapping at her slit and it turned her on more than anything else. In my naiveté I deduced that what had worked for Krissy should work for Laura and though I would learn a lot more in the years to come, in this case, I happened to be right.

I kissed Laura’s ears gently licking behind the earlobes and felt her shiver and then traced a path slowly down her neck, leaving a trail of soft, wet kisses until I had made it to her breasts. I sucked on them gently biting down on the nipples, trapping them between my teeth and lashing the tip with my tongue. Her dress was made of thin, cheese-cotton and even though she had her bra on, I could feel the plumpness of her nipples through them. They were hard, pointed little nubs that I suckled for a while, squeezing and toying with them until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Then türkçe bahis dropping to my knees, I pushed her dress up and was surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing any panties. God! She’s so fucking sexy!

“Hold this,” I whispered pushing the bunched up, front hem of her skirt into her hands.

Even in the dim, blurry light of the wall lamp I could see her vaginal lips swollen with desire and her pink slit glistening like a slash of molten silver.

And like Krissy she had almost no hair down there but the little she had was soft like golden down. Her outer lips were much larger and plumper than Krissy’s and I wondered if this had some significance; whether it meant that she was really more sexual? I was taken by the inherent differences between my sisters my mind making the comparisons even while I was overcome by her sensuality and the subtle nuances within the anatomy of her venal flower.

“What are you going to do?” her voice was strained and distant.

I didn’t reply but instead licked her slowly starting from the bottom and flattening my tongue as I reached the top of her cunt. The first taste of her was salty and piquant but it was quickly washed over by the sweetness of the nectar streaming from her as I sucked her little pleasure pea into my mouth and tickled it with the tip of my tongue.

Her legs jerked and then gave as she slid down the wall onto the blanket of grass.

“Oh God …” she groaned, “What are you doing to me?”

Now that we were on the ground, I had better access to her and began lapping at her in earnest. I first licked around the outer lips letting my tongue roam the sensitive region between her inner thighs and the nerves that ran along the underside of her cunt then moved slowly towards the layered petals of her vagina, skirting her clit and making sure to avoid any direct contact. I worked the perineum licking the delicate tissue that bridged her slit to her anus, rimming her slowly, savoring the clean, arid taste of her and then worked back up to her cunt. I couldn’t help but notice that her labial region was swollen and engorged with blood.

I could feel her fingers weaving through the layers of my hair, tugging gently while I continued to pleasure her. Her breathing was labored and harsh broken by the synthesis of soft moans and whimpers of pleasure. She was now dripping wet.

I inserted one finger into her and then added a second and felt her shudder as her cunt stretched wetly around the invading digits.

“Ohhh … Andy …” she gasped and spread her thighs even wider.

She felt incredibly tight as I worked my fingers gently in and out of her continuing to lick her inner thighs and around the lips of her pussy. I knew from the way her hips were thrusting up and twisting that she wanted me to pay attention to her clit and though it was engorged with blood and stood sticking out from under its hood, I made a point of avoiding any direct contact. I wanted to push her to the brink, to the point of no return, without actually stimulating the little bud that crowned her core.

“Please, Andy … please … oh, oh, oh God … baby, I need to cum …” she murmured.

And when I knew that she couldn’t stand any more of the teasing, I covered her gash with my mouth and sucked on her pleasure pod drawing it in between my teeth. No sooner had I done this then her back arched and her body went stiff. I could feel her trembling as her orgasm spread from the epicenter between her thighs, racing along her body, the synapses triggering in rapid succession, each pulse building until finally they exploded in a million, bright lights in her brain.

She let out a strangled gasp and grabbed my head pulling me into the tepid dampness of her crotch while she thrashed and bucked smearing my mouth and chin with her vestiges of her juice. It was intense and short and as exciting as anything I had experienced with Krissy.

I continued to lick her savoring the taste of her and then spreading her lips with my fingers, thrust my tongue deep into her fucking her silky cunt with my tongue. And while I did this, I pushed my thumb into her anus, trying to get it into her and just then I felt her climax peak again, her body twitching uncontrollably.

“Don’t stop … no, please …ohhhh …” she protested as I moved away.

But I knew that the time had come to consummate the act and I crawled on top of her. I could feel the heat from her crotch searing the underside of my cock like a wet, licking flame guiding me to the pit of her smoldering furnace.

“Put me in,” I whispered into her ear and eased her fingers down towards my shaft.

The feeling of entering her for the first time is something I’ll never forget for as long as I live. Her fingers were still wrapped around me as I pressed into her and felt her cuntal lips parting as the head of my cock slipped in enveloped by the hot, velvet glove of her canal. I could feel the subtle tugging of her cunt, sucking wetly at the domed tip of my cock güvenilir bahis siteleri drawing me farther and deeper into her. I kept inching in expecting to run up against the rubbery barrier of her cherry and was surprised when there was no resistance.

Her hymen was broken — could it be that she wasn’t a virgin? Did Petar beat me to it? Or was it Papa? No, it couldn’t be … must be Petar, I thought to myself.

I pushed in further and she cried out like she was in pain.

“Is it okay, Laura?” I whispered into her ear.

“Mmmm … don’t stop, please don’t stop, Andy … deeper, go deeper …”

“I don’t want to hurt you, baby … this your first time, isn’t it?” I couldn’t help myself, she felt so tight that I thought I would rip her open.

“Yes, yes but you won’t hurt me. Please, Andy, do it … fuck me … fuck me hard … harder …” she whimpered.

And I did. I fucked her for a long time thrusting as fast and as hard as I could. With each stroke into her I would mash my pubic bone against her vaginal apex before pulling back, almost all the way out, feeling the cool air of the night chilling my cock before plunging back in again, driving the surging length of my dick into the moist, silky heat of her cunt. Unlike Krissy, Laura wanted me to ravage her. The harder I fucked her the more she liked it.

At some point, her hand snaked between us, her fingers manipulating her clit while I stroked back and forth and in and out of her. The only thought I was focused on was to pump my seed into my sister’s deliciously tight cunt. I could feel her twisting her hips forcing my cockhead to probe that special sensitive region of her passion, reveling in several tiny climaxes that wracked her body before I finally shot my load. I could feel the semen spewing up the length of my shaft until it splashed, thick and hot, deep inside her belly. I lay on top of her trembling with pleasure, my body jerking spasmodically, as my cock swelled and pumped repeatedly filling her full of my sticky seed.

It was only after I had squeezed the last glob of ropey ejaculate into her that I realized that she too was climaxing, this time more intensely, the powerful muscles of her cunt convulsing gently around my cockhead, milking me into her as our juices mingled together in an incestuous cocktail of liquid lust and love.

I felt her thrusting up at me, her body bucking disjointedly, until finally she went limp and we were still, our extremities tingling from the spastic release of orgasm. Our breathing was heavy and ragged; our bodies, covered in a sheen of sweat as we lay fused together descending gradually from the euphoric zenith of a mutual creaming.

“Oh God, Andy … that was so beautiful!” she whispered kissing my neck and lips.

I felt her cuntal muscles squeezing my softening cock trying to keep me in her for as long as she could.

“Mmmmm … that feels good!” I whispered back, “You’re so fucking hot, Laura!”

“Better than Krissy?” she asked, squeezing again, and gently pushed my hair back off my face.

“Different … you’re different. But, I loved it,” I said honestly then added, “Krissy likes to suck me … she loves doing oral!”

That’s all she had to hear. She rolled me over and wiggled down the length of my body. I felt her lips closing around the tip of my cock while her fingers wrapped around the base as she began to suck me in and out of her mouth. I wasn’t fully soft and my cock was still coated with the coagulated remnants of our juices but the feel of her lips caressing the ridge of my glans sent electric jolts of pleasure along my shaft that was almost too much for me to bear. I felt myself begin to harden and lay back twitching with pleasure, my body lost in the novel morass of her oral resuscitation, waiting for that moment of tortured nothingness so that I could baptize her mouth with my incestuous cum.

I later found out from her that she had broken her maidenhead when she masturbated with a small cucumber fantasizing about fucking Papa, Petar and me! Amazing! And here I was thinking that Laura was the cold one.


The Meeting

The next day when Papa returned from the Director’s office we knew that the news wasn’t good. His expression was frozen in a mask of anger and frustration. The back taxes and fines being levied were way beyond our capacity to pay and though he filed a complaint protesting the extent of the fine, Papa was convinced that it was futile and that there was nothing we could do.

That evening the normal banter around the dining table was subdued; suppressed by Papa’s sullen mood and the uncertainty of these new developments.

“Well, maybe they will reconsider after the complaint has been registered,” Mama said. She was the eternal optimist.

“No chance of that. The complaints are handled by the same office so I don’t see them changing anything. However, there is a way out of this. Director Dragovic did make an offer to help us settle …” Papa said softly.

“How, Papa? What did he say?” Sasha asked as she went around the table serving the meat and dumplings to the rest of us.

Petar was silent but had stopped eating and sat staring across at my father.

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