The Dutchman

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Lori arrived at the hotel early. She was thankful to have the extra half hour to prepare and she was happy to not rush. She liked having the time and she never knew what service would be like when she was checking in.

The staff knew her at the hotel. No one questioned why she was checking in when she only lived a 20 minute drive away. She’s been a regular guest since last summer, checking in once or twice a month fairly regularly since then. She’s met a variety of men at the little hotel. There were a few one time only encounters and a couple of her regular lovers liked to meet her there. That day she was meeting the dutchman.

Lori originally met the dutchman through an online hook-up site. One that she never thought she would ever post on. He replied to her ad, they chatted and decided to meet. Lori’s never been with a lover like him before. He’s introduced her to orgasm inducing nipple pinches, the joys of hair pulling and restraints. She has to ask him for dates. He says he likes it when she asks. And Lori does. She checks in every week, hoping he will have time for her. It has been 6-weeks since she last saw him. She was giddy with excitement about seeing him that day.

Check in was smooth and efficient. Her room was as expected. The independent hotel had a greek feel to it. The room was outfitted with ornate metal decorations on the wall and a bathroom painted an azure blue with a glass bowl sitting on top of the counter instead of an inset porcelain basin.

The weather was nice. Spring is such a pleasant time of the year in the Bay Area. Lots of blue sky, a light breeze, and moderate temperature that felt just right in her simple dress. First item on the agenda was to turn the air conditioning on in the room. It always felt good to have the cool air blow across their sweaty bodies. And she knew their bodies would get sweaty, they always did. She had a few minutes so she decided to do her 7-minute qigong routine before she stripped down.

She let the dutchman know what room she was in by sending a text just saying, “I’m in room 224”. Then she left the door to the room open so he would just need to push it to enter. After getting naked and doing a little freshening up, she pulled the sheets back and got comfy lying on her belly in the big bed. She generally hid under the sheets when she was waiting for him but this time she was feeling a little randy. She cued pandora on her phone to “Tantra Cafe Vol. 0 – Venice” – an obscure collection of spoken word, opera, French, and hot lounge tunes from the early 2000’s.

And waited. He was about 20 minutes away. She kept her legs spread open. She was giddy with the want of him and she could feel her wetness growing. And finally, she heard the door being pushed open and his tentative hello. She watched him take his clothes off and waited for him to join her in bed. Sometimes he would walk over and would want her to suck on his cock while he was still standing or once he wanted them to be on their knees on the bed. This time he walked bahis firmaları to the other side of the king-sized bed and laid down with at least a body or two between them. He was on his back.

Lori scrambled over to be at his side. She nestled into him the best she could, taking in his smells and the feel of him. He was tall and trim and had wonderful body hair on his chest and belly, between his legs and under his arms. He smelled like soap and deodorant. He smelled like the dutchman. She ran her fingers over his tummy and chest, circled around his hard cock, let her fingers settle in between his thighs or linger on his taint and balls before she started her circuit again. Her head was exploring his underarm and his neck, her tongue making its way to his ear. She was enthralled.

And while Lori was reacquainting herself to his body, his right hand was covering her left breast, giving it a brief massage, teasing her nipple. When she reached up to meet his lips he gathered her hair and held her at bay, she strained against his pull, wanting to kiss. She could feel his breath gently flowing across her face. She was so close. So close to his lips and so close to tasting him. And then he allowed the contact and it was like heaven. The taste of his mouth, his lips, the sensation of his tongue in her mouth sent shivers through her body.

And then he intensified the nipple pinching. The orgasm inducing nipple pinches. And when this happened she started rubbing her legs together and she could feel the string between her nipples and her pussy being pulled and she started in on making her little “oh” sounds and soft murmurs. He knew exactly how to pinch her, for how long and how hard. He knew when to ease up and to how to caress her gently. When she let out a longer, more powerful, oh-moan, he asked her, “What?”

And she said, “Oh, that feels so good. I love your pinches.”

“You say that to all your men,” he said disdainfully.

“No, only you. Only your pinches. No one else pinches. Not the way you do.” Lori is nearly out of her mind, in her special place, enjoying the sensations of her body barely able to carry on a conversation.

“Don’t you tell them you want pinches?” he asks.

And Lori had to pause, she was pulled back to think over this question. He knew she got pushed out of her groove and thankfully let the subject drop and got back to pinching. The dutchman pinched for a long time. And Lori’s finger made their circuit run along his body until finally he was ready to fuck her.

She rolled over onto her back, lifted her knees and spread her legs open. He knelt in front of her and positioned his thick hard uncut cock so the head of it was kissing her clit and he rubbed the head up and down her vulva and in doing so he spread her juiciness and heightened her pleasure. She was going out of her mind in anticipation of his first entry into her pussy. He positioned the head right at the opening. He gently probed her giving her a little nudge and then again and again, another kaçak iddaa nudge and finally he plunged inside and he filled her up completely. And Lori’s gasp was an expression of her fulfillment of feeling him inside her. She heard him murmur something about her tight pussy and then felt the pleasure as his cock stimulated her pussy with its rhythmic pounding and entry. Lori’s song hit their high notes, the dutchman gave his gasps and soon the thrusting ended and he rolled over to lay next to her. They laid there, panting, side by side, for several minutes as the tingles of their love making subsided.

But soon, Lori was back at his side, smelling and caressing and nuzzling into him. He asked her if she was still looking for a Dom, Master or Daddy and she wasn’t sure what to say. Was she looking? She was always looking and assessing. Thinking and deciding. She was looking, yes, but what was she looking for and why was she looking? She had him. She had another lover, maybe even a third. Did she need more? What did she want?

Finally, she said, “I’m not looking for a Master or a Dom specifically. But I am looking. I’m still on my quest for the one. I would like to find him. I would like to have sex once or twice a week, or at the least once every two weeks. I don’t have that now.” She felt lame for saying it but it was the truth-ish.

They talked about when they last saw each other. They agreed it was somewhere between 5-6 weeks ago. He concurred it was too long in between. She reminded him that he was her favorite. That she wanted to see him more often. She complained that he didn’t have enough time for her. She said she didn’t want to find a lover through the online community she was involved with. She would rather use a dating site to find someone. She thought she would wait until late summer or early fall. She wanted to wait until after the first post-pandemic fuck frenzy subsided and things had settled.

Then they started talking about the pandemic and the state opening up. He was looking forward to restaurants being opened up again. She wanted to return to the pool for swimming. He didn’t think there was going to be a crazy fuck fest. She wasn’t so sure. Then they talked about the variants and the vaccine. She completed her vaccine doses and her immunity date was fast approaching. His first shot was scheduled for later that week.

They continued with their foreplay. Him pinching and her caressing. He said, “What do you think? Is it time for me to fuck you again?”

“Yes, please,” she muttered, “do you want me on my knees?”

“Do you like being on your knees?” He inquired.

“Yes, I do.” She answered as she began to pull herself up, she looked over and saw his thick, hard, proud, beautiful cock and she couldn’t resist tasting it. So she opened her mouth, licked the head of it, took it in her mouth. He didn’t want this.

He started slapping her face with his cock and asking, “Isn’t it hard enough?”

“Yes,” she answered, not quite understanding.

But when kaçak bahis he said, “Then get on your knees.” Lori knew what was expected of her and quickly complied. She loved being ass up, head down, especially when she was super wet. She loved the pounding the position provided. She loved the feel of his hands on her hips or on her back. Sometimes when they were in this position, the dutchman would enter her and stay still while she pushed herself into him and wriggled her hips to feel his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

This time, he let her play a little but soon he was driving himself into her. Slamming into her from behind. Lori started singing her song. She could feel his cock rubbing up against her g-spot and the waves of pleasure emanating from her. She loved when she could feel him inside her. She loved his pounding.

After they came, he laid down where he had been and Lori waited a bit before she rolled over to nestle into him. She needed to feel her pleasure for a few minutes, just concentrating on it. When she was ready, she was back by his side, inhaling his smells, caressing and being caressed. Life was so simple in these post-coital cuddling moments.

But the conversation started again, back to dating. Lori started with, “I worry about myself when I’m 70. I don’t want to be a senior citizen alone. I want to be with someone. Someone to talk with. Someone to keep you company at your doctor visits. Someone to worry over you when you are in the hospital.”

“I don’t think that far ahead. I like living day by day.” He said.

“Yeah, I get that.” She said but she didn’t. She doesn’t know why she is thinking about it now but it comes up a lot for her lately. Probably with her oldest leaving home soon and only having two more years with the younger child at home. She is thinking about her nest and how she wants to fill it. She knows she wants to be with someone. Someone that has his life together and is supportive with her life. Someone she can show her drawings, writing, knitting or other projects to. Someone who recognizes and appreciates her talents. Someone to share her joys and sorrows. Someone who can hold and cuddle her and help her feel loved and safe and home.

“You know, there are older women, women in their 60’s, participating in the online community, looking for a Dom or Master. I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to wait that long.” They were quiet then, both lost in their own thoughts or maybe concentrating on the pleasures at hand. More caressing, more pinching, more hair pulling. And then he decides it is once again, time to fuck her. He’s always good for three fucks. She loves that about him. And his hard cock. She loves that about him too. She knows he is older than she is but she doesn’t remember how old. He has kept himself in great shape by biking the Santa Cruz Mountains for fun.

Before he enters her again, he positions her hips so he is sure to hit her g-spot with his cock, while she thinks about him and wonders at how Dom-like he is. She loves the way he makes her feel. Feelings she does not get from other lovers. She craves it and can’t describe it. But that is the end of her thinking about it because he was inside her again and it felt amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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