The Halloween Party

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Halloween fell on a Saturday this year and it was the last year that two friends would be able to go trick or treating before they went off to the adult world of college.

Lauren and Suzy were best friends. They met in 5th grade and have been by each other’s side ever since. They are both eighteen year old high school seniors.

Lauren is a tall and slender brunette with small perky breasts and slight curves. Suzy is a several inches shorter than her friend and also quite a bit curvier. Suzy has always been jealous of Lauren’s body, she’s not fat, but she always felt like she was and no matter what she did she was never able to lose enough weight to make herself happy.

Through high school she slowly became more comfortable in her own skin and stopped trying to lose weight. The result was that she filled in a little more around her hips and ass giving her very sensuous curves.

She knew that guys in school would stare at her large breasts but she was usually too self conscious to show off. She would always keep herself covered with sweatshirts or loose sweaters. Lauren, on the other hand, liked the way boys looked at her and would often wear tight low-cut tops and short skirts.

One of her biggest thrills was when she caught her English teacher staring up her skirt one day when she sat in the front row. The thought of an older man looking at her like that made her flush and she felt a tingling between her legs. She teased him a little by spreading her legs out and sliding down into her chair to give him a better view. After the bell rang she ran out of the room with the rest of the class and had to go to the restroom to compose herself. She was surprised to find that she was moist from the experience. Lauren often thought of that show at night when she was lying alone in bed.

Both girls had steady boyfriends at one point or another but they were both single now and would always day dream together about how much more mature college guys would be.

The two of them had made a tradition of going out trick or treating through the years and were determined to go out one last time.

Suzy spent much of the day reminiscing as she sorted through a box of her old costumes in her closet. Halloween was her favorite holiday and she always felt like a kid again when she got dressed up and went from door to door.

Suzy pulled out a black leotard and remembered going out as a black cat several years earlier. The year after she wore that costume her pet cat Twinkie passed away and the costume brought back fond memories of her pet. She decided to wear the costume one last time in his memory.

Suzy stretched the thin black material over her body and looked at herself in the mirror. She had grown a little since the last time she wore the costume but it still fit. One thing that she noticed was that she would definitely have to shave before going out as her short curly pubic hair escaped from the sides of the tight material. She felt good as she examined herself in the mirror. She liked the way the leotard pressed against her skin and followed her curves. The costume covered a little less of her than she remembered. The leg openings came up high over her hips and the backside was little more than a thong, but she liked it anyway.

Suzy placed her costume on her bed and hopped in the shower to prepare for the night. Suzy had never shaved herself before and felt a little naughty as she shaved off all of her hair. After finishing in the shower she returned to her bedroom and put her costume on. In addition to the thin black leotard her costume consisted of a short black translucent skirt, pair of little cat ears, black leg warmers, a fuzzy black tail pinned to her costume and a little face paint as the finishing touch.

She loved the costume and couldn’t wait for her friend to arrive.

Lauren showed up at Suzy’s house dressed and ready for a night out. She still hadn’t told Suzy that there would be a change of plans.

Lauren was dressed in her old girl’s explorer outfit. Girl’s explorers are a little like the girl scouts. She had to make a few alterations to make her old outfit fit but she looked amazing. Her costume consisted of a light brown pleated skirt with attached suspenders. She wore black patent leather shoes with white knee socks. Under her suspenders she had a white short sleeve blouse. The blouse was thin enough that you could clearly see her silky black bra underneath. She also wore a pair of matching panties that were readily visible if she bent over too far.

Suzy answered the door and was shocked at her friends outfit. She grabbed Lauren’s hand and pulled into the house and up to her room.

When they got up to Suzy’s room she slammed the door shut.

“What are you wearing? We can’t let my parents see you dressed like that, they would never let us out.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“You know you look great, but you can’t wear that trick or treating.”

“I know. We’re not going trick or treating though. We’re going to a party tonight.”

“A party? Where?”

“I got us invited to a house party at the college bahis firmaları campus across town.”

“How did you do that? We can’t go to a college party.”

“Don’t worry about it. Everyone will think that we go to college too, but only if we don’t dress like little girls. We need to make a few changes to your costume Suzy.”

Lauren pushed her friend down on her bed and pulled her leg warmers off.

“A college woman would never wear these.”

She went over to her closet and pulled out a pair of black high heel boots.

“Put these on.”

Suzy pulled the boots up her legs and took another look in the mirror. She was surprised at how much older she looked with the addition of the boots that came all the way up to her knees.

“Now you look hot. Let’s go I’ve got my car downstairs.”

“I’ll go first and let you know if the coast is clear.”

Suzy slowly crept out of her room. When she heard her parents’ voices behind their bedroom door she signaled for her friend to follow.

“Bye Mom, Lauren and I are going out.”

“Have fun honey. Don’t eat too much candy.”

The girls flew out of the house giggling as they jumped into Lauren’s car.

“I can’t believe we’re going to a college party.”

“I know it’s going to be so much fun!”

Lauren pulled out of her friend’s driveway and headed to the party.

They parked the car down the street from the party and headed in. The house was a large Victorian with a wrap-around porch. The girls could see several people drinking and laughing on the porch and the front lawn. Music poured out of open windows and several dancing silhouettes were visible in the front room.

The girls entered the house and made their way into the front room. The room was crowded with people dancing and drinking. There was a makeshift bar in the corner and a DJ on the far side of the room.

They felt so mature.

A tall blond college guy came up to them as asked if they wanted a drink.

“Sure, what do you have?”

“We made up a special drink tonight. This is our famous jungle juice. Don’t drink too much though.”

He handed each of them a red plastic cup.

“Oh my god this tastes SO good.” Suzy gushed as she gulped down her drink.

“I know, let’s get another.”

The girls got a refill and migrated onto the dance floor. They broke apart from each other as they were each approached by a different guy.

They kept looking over at each other flashing big silly smiles as they danced away with college men for the first time.

Suzy’s dance partner was about her height with a very muscular body. He kept at least on hand on her at all times. When the music slowed down he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into him. As they danced together his hand slid down and rested on her ass. She liked the feeling of his warm hand touching her through the thin skirt that she wore.

She looked over and saw that Lauren was kissing a guy as they danced. Her arms were locked around his neck and his hands were pressed against her ass under her short skirt. As he massaged her ass Suzy could see glimpses of her friend’s silk panties peeking out from under the hem of her skirt.

Suzy turned her attention back to her partner and saw him moving in for a kiss. She parted her lips as he pulled her to his mouth. His tongue probed hers as she leaned her head back and pressed her hips into him.

Suddenly the music changed to a much faster beat. The dance floor shook as everyone broke free from their dance partners and bounced along to the music.

Lauren reached out and took her friend’s hand.

“I need a break. I think the alcohol is getting to my head.”

Suzy followed her friend out of the room. They fruitlessly searched the main floor of the house for somewhere to sit before they when down into the basement.

The atmosphere downstairs was much mellower than the party upstairs. The basement consisted of a large room lit only by a disco ball hanging in the middle of the room. The girls saw an empty couch against one of the walls and plopped down.

“That was so much fun!”

“I can’t believe I made out with that guy.”

“I know I saw you kissing him you little slut.”

“Hey, I saw you making out with a guy too!”

“I know, I can’t wait for college.”

Suzy looked around the room and pointed to the corner.

“What’s that?”

She was pointing at a large black leather object on a platform.

A man’s voice answered.

“That’s the bull.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a mechanical bull. Anyone who can beat the record gets a special prize.”

“What do you have to do?”

“Just stay on as long as you can.”

“Can I try?”

Lauren still felt a little light-headed but overheard her friend’s conversation.

“Yeah that sounds like fun. I’ll bet you can beat the record Suzy.”

“Are you sure? It’s not easy?” The man said.

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

“OK, I’ll get it set up.”

He went over to the corner and plugged in the bull and then went over to the bartender in the corner. He came back to the couch kaçak iddaa and handed her a drink. “Everybody who rides the bull has to do a shot first.”

Suzy drank the shot and follow him over to the bull.

First he flipped a light switch and the room was immediately bathed in a shimmering red light that danced off of the disco ball. The red light danced across Suzy’s body and made shadows appear and disappear in the far corners of the room. He flipped a few switches on the side of the bull and helped her on.

“Do you want to try it on beginner or expert?”

Suzy was feeling confident and shouted out “EXPERT!” as she took her position.

In front of her was a silver handle bar and there were two lips on either side of the leather bull for her to rest her feet on. As the bull slowly rocked to life she felt something between her legs. She looked down and saw a small opening with something sliding through and rubbing against the crotch of her leotard.

She looked down at the guy “What’s that?”

“You said you wanted expert. You need to ride the bull if you want to win, but don’t worry a lot of girls do it.” He reached up and grabbed the object in his hand. She could feel his hand touching her thighs as he stroked the object. “There you go, now it should slide right in.”

Suzy’s hand slid down and felt the slick skin of the warm rubber cock. Feeling her inhibitions disappearing she pulled the crotch of her leotard to the side and slid the rubber cock into her tight shaved pussy.

The bull lurched into her as the cock slid between her legs. She tightly grabbed the bar in front of her and rocked her hips with the motion of the bull. The cock moved with the bull and slowly fucked Suzy while everyone in the room watched.

Lauren couldn’t believe what her friend was doing. She could see the cock sliding into her friend’s pussy with every thrust.

The guy who fired up the bull plopped down next to her on the couch and offered his hand.

“Hi, my name’s Mike.”


“Your friend looks like she’s having a lot of fun up there.”

“I can’t believe it”

Mike wrapped his arm around Lauren and pulled her into him.

“I haven’t seen you at one of our parties before. Are you new?”

Lauren looked up into his blue eyes. “No”

“I’m sure I would remember such a beautiful girl.”

Lauren’s inhibitions were melting away with every compliment.

“I love your costume” Mike’s hand was resting on her thigh twisting the hem of her skirt in his fingers. His hand slid down her thigh and rested on her knee. “Your skin is very soft” He tilted his head and moved in to kiss her. His hand moved back up her thigh as their lips touched. Lauren let out a soft moan into his mouth and his fingers slid under her skirt. His hand pushed between her legs and gently caressed the fabric of her panties as she spread her legs apart. He rubbed her through her silk panties as they kissed. Lauren could feel herself getting wet as they made out.

His fingertips danced across the silky material as his finger pushed into her moist pussy through her thin panties. Lauren’s head fell back as he massaged her pussy “ohhh… mmmmm…”

She felt his warm breath on her neck as his tongue traced circle against her soft flesh. She didn’t care where she was anymore; she just didn’t want him to stop.

Suzy looked over and saw her friend with her head tilted back and a hand between her legs. She moaned as the bull picked up its pace. She gripped the leather bull between her bare thighs as she bounced up and down on the rubber cock. She felt incredible as the cock filled her up. She was starting to like the idea of being watched as this mechanical bull brought her to ecstasy. The first wave of orgasm rolled over her body as the bull pulled back and pushed the cock deep inside of her. She almost lost her grip but managed to hold on as she arched her back and pushed her hips into the back of the bull.

“OH GOD, YES!” she screamed as her pussy clamped down on the rubber cock.


Lauren could feel his fingers slip into the waistband of her panties slowly pulling them down her legs. She lifted her ass up as they slid onto the floor. His warm hand glided up her leg sending shock-waves of pleasure through her body as his fingers danced across her soft trembling skin.

The thin fabric of Suzy’s skirt fluttered around her as the bull rocked her back and forth. Her legs shook as she was gripped with another orgasm. She panted as the cock relentlessly pounded into her tight pussy. She leaned forward and pushed her hips back into the rubber cock as it filled her up. Her juices were flowing down the side of the bull and down her legs.

His finger traced the edges of Lauren’s soft pussy. She moaned as she felt a finger slip inside of her. His thumb pressed against her clit as a second finger entered her. Her body slid down into the couch pushing him deeper into her. Lauren let out a loud moan as a tremendous orgasm ripped through her body. Her breathing quickened. She rocked her hips into his hand. His fingers moved in and kaçak bahis out of her as she came all over the couch.

Suzy leaned forward and pressed the red button to stop the bull. She collapsed onto the hard leather as it slowed to a stop. The cock was still inside of her as she lay there panting. She felt a hand on her back. Someone said “I think we have a winner with a new time of 24 minutes and 38 seconds!”

A hand reached between her legs and pulled the rubber cock out of her. She felt so empty as it slid from her dripping pussy. A pair of hands took her by the shoulder and helped her slide off of the bull. She stood on the platform quivering with her juices running down her legs as he announced her special prize.

“Since you’ve been such a good sport you win a free trip to the fantasy room with the guy of your choice. Now choose carefully, this is your fantasy come to life!”

Suzy looked around the room still in a daze from the mixture of back to back orgasms and jungle juice. She didn’t know what the fantasy room was but she was taking her choice very seriously.

In the back of the room she saw a hot guy with short brown hair. He looked like he was at least six feet tall and was very muscular. His costume was a roman soldier. He wore a small toga wrapped around him that left most of his chest exposed. Whoever was on the platform with her must have noticed that she was staring.

“I think she’s made her choice. Won’t you come up here and collect your prize.” He pointed to the hot roman and waited as he stepped up to the platform.

His arm reached around and pulled Suzy into him. She slid her hand around his muscular body and stared up into his hazel eyes.

“Well don’t they make a cute couple? Now off to the fantasy room for you two.”

He led them off the platform and through a door in the back of the room.

Lauren didn’t know where her friend was going and was a little concerned for her as she was led out of the main room.

“What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry, you should be proud of your friend. She made a new record and won a trip to the fantasy room.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a place where her dreams can come true.”

She saw his face pulling away from her and sliding down her body. His hand took her legs and lifted them up as he slid between her thighs. He lowered her legs and they rested across the back of his shoulders. His warm breath sent a chill through her body as his tongue ran along the folds of her pussy.

He tasted her cream as he pushed his tongue in her. Her thighs were hot and sweaty against the sides of his face. The top of his head pushed her skirt further up with every lick. Lauren was enjoying the attention and quickly stopped worrying about her friend.

As they entered the dark room Suzy felt a pair of strong hands grabbing her waist. He pulled her into him and met her mouth with his. His hands slid around her and grabbed her ass through the thin material of her skirt. Her nipples were straining against the leotard as she pushed her body into his to meet his kiss.

He picked her up like a rag doll and flopped her onto a soft bed. Her body was enveloped by a soft plush comforter as she sank into the soft mattress. He jumped on top of her straddling her body pinning her hands down above her head. His mouth returned to hers and then slowly moved down her neck. She felt his lips kissing her skin as they moved across her body. He kissed one nipple before moving to the other side and playfully biting her other nipple through the fabric.


Her body writhed under his. Suzy wanted to fuck this hot stranger so bad her whole body ached.

His hands moved down her arms catching the straps of her leotard as they pulled the fabric over her skin. The cool air in the room washed over her bare flesh as he exposed her large breasts. His mouth returned to her nipple as he continued to push the material down her stomach. His hands lifted her hips up allowing him to fully expose her waiting body. She lay there in the dimly lit room with nothing but a pair of high heel boots waiting for him to fuck her.

Lauren gripped Mike’s hair and ground her hips into his face as his tongue slid across her wet pussy. She arched her back and gyrated her hips into his face while his tongue lapped up her juices.

“Oh GOD! Don’t stop!”

She moaned louder as he brought her to another climax. Her sweet juices flowed down his chin as he licked her pussy clean.

Mike stood up and pulled his jeans down kicking them to the side. He sat down next to Lauren and pulled her on top of his lap. Her wet pussy pressed against the shaft of his hard cock. She looked down at him and started grinding her pussy into his cock. Her juices allowed her to slide easily over his stiff cock until she felt the tip of his cock pressing into her. His hands held her as she lowered herself onto him.

“Ooohhh. You feel so good. Fuck me Mike.”

He pushed his hips up to meet hers as she settled onto the base of his cock. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began fucking him on the couch. His eyes followed hers as she repeatedly traveled the length of his meat. She would tease him by pausing with just the tip of his cock inside of her before pushing herself back onto him. He moaned into her neck as Lauren rode him.

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