The Hired Help

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She lived alone in a large house in the country, and other than having an empty nest, it was the perfect setting for her life—almost. She was happy with her friends, her work, and her hobbies, and she loved living in the country with lots of wide open spaces, as well as the peace and quiet they brought. Besides her steady job, she had a small team of helpers to take care of the property, manage the fences and roads, etc., and to help her look after dogs from time to time. They were mostly short-term help, but one of the men had stayed on longer than the others, and over time she found herself relying on him for an increasing amount of help around the property.

He was a fairly rugged-looking man, though there were still signs of youth mixed in with the toughness of working outdoors most of the year. His skin was tanned, and it glistened with sweat when he worked, something she secretly found to be attractive and tempting. Though he was quiet, polite and respectful, she sensed there was more to him than he let on, and she secretly spent many moments wishing to know more about him.

Among her many passions was hosting fun weekends with her best circle of friends, and it gave her something to look forward to as often as possible. Her large house served as the perfect setting for occasional sleepovers, opportunities for them to come together and spend a long weekend together every few months, making meals, shopping, going out on the town, and just hanging out together. These weekends also gave them time for much-needed “girl talk,” something that none of them had much of a chance to enjoy any other time.

Part of the nightly ritual was a quick change into their nightwear and robes, some movie snacks and a “chick flick” or two, during which the women would talk about any topics at all, though they usually tended to migrate toward sex and other topics not frequently shared outside these gatherings. Though they tried in vain to hide it, even the most conservative and old-fashioned of the ladies seemed to be enthralled by the discussions, and would frequently contribute in ways none of the others would normally expect.

Topics ran the full spectrum from recent dates or special engagements with their husbands or boyfriends, all the way to their most exciting erotic memories and things they liked doing to their men or having done to them. Blushing turned to rapt attention and wild imaginations as the ladies took turns contributing to the conversations. Still, every evening’s fun eventually led to a room full of exhausted ladies and big plans for the next day, so they would divide according to plan and go off to their respective beds for a night’s sleep before the next day’s events.

She spotted him outside working on the big gate to the property, so she walked down the road to where he was busy tightening the hardware and oiling the hinges. He saw her coming down the dirt road, and quickly made sure he looked as good as he could, given the circumstances. He had always tried to maintain a professional relationship with her, never assuming for a second that there could be anything more than that. Still, he thought she was beautiful inside and out, and always wondered what it would be like to get to know her on a more intimate level. He was very careful not to let her catch him staring at her when she was around, though that didn’t stop him from taking long, lingering glances at her whenever he could. He especially liked how she always treated him and the others with kindness and respect, and he insisted that they all treat her the same.

When she was almost to the gate, he put down his tools and started walking toward her. They exchanged polite greetings and some small talk, and she told him she was expecting six friends to arrive later that morning for another one of her “girlfriend weekends.” He thanked her for the heads up, assured her that the gate would be working fine by the time they arrived, and that he would be happy to help them unload their suitcases. She thanked him, and said there would be plenty to eat if he needed a meal or a cold drink while they were there. He smiled, and she smiled back, giving him a lingering look that he always enjoyed. No words were exchanged, but the message was pretty clear. She simply turned her head and walked away as he watched her take every step, soaking in the sights and imagining things he didn’t think he should imagine.

Her friends arrived one at a time over the span of about an hour. He stayed close to the house and greeted them as they parked, and helped with their suitcases and groceries. Soon, they were all there, and the celebrating had begun. He went back to his chores, but was happy after sunset when she came outside and told him dinner was there if he wanted some. He thanked her and walked inside with her, to find all of the ladies sitting at the table with food all around. While he cleaned up a bit, she fixed him a plate and invited him to join them, and he listened quietly as they talked about their days since their last weekend together and what bahis firmaları they wanted to do the next day.

When he was finished, he quietly stood and excused himself, thanking her for letting him join them. The ladies all said goodnight as he walked to the door, and she said, “I’m sure this was probably pretty boring to you since all we did was talk about girl stuff, but I’m glad you joined us for dinner.”

He smiled and said, “My pleasure. The food and the company made it well worth it. Thanks for sharing your meal with me.”

She asked what else he had to do, and he mentioned a couple other chores he had, but said he’d be leaving after that. Before he left, she stepped toward him and reached out to him for a hug, which he gladly returned. He enjoyed the feeling of holding her in his arms, and she felt surprisingly comfortable that close to him. She thanked him for the help and said she looked forward to seeing him the next day.

He held tight and said, “I will be here early tomorrow…” He then turned and walked outside as she closed the door behind him.

She watched him through the glass pane of the door as he walked down to the barn. When she turned around, she was greeted by the gawking eyes of all of her friends, who were completely silent until they simultaneously erupted into a storm of teasing and joking comments about how obvious it was that she was “after the hired help.” She blushed and tried to calm them down, but it was no use. She did her best to fend off the questions and chatter, and it led to all kinds of fun discussions that night, and she blushed every time one of them suggested she should do something about her secret thoughts.

All the talk was very exciting. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, and secretly wished he hadn’t left. She was in her own little world while the other ladies talked and swapped stories and fantasies for what seemed like hours. She was imagining her own fantasies in her mind.

When it was finally time to go to bed, she undressed and climbed into her bed. All the talk had given her confidence and a sense of adventure that she was starting to believe just might be worth exploring. She thought about waking up early so she could go offer him some coffee or something, just for an excuse to see him. She imagined his hands touching her body, and without thinking about it, she started moving her own hands over her skin. In her mind, it was his big firm hands touching her, and she was oblivious to everything else except the moonlight streaming in through the windows.

She felt her stomach and slowly moved her hands to her breasts, where she found her nipples firm and hard. She shivered as her hands flowed gently over them and up to her neck, where she imagined him kissing her. Slowly, she moved her hands back down her body, past her still-hard nipples and down to her stomach, where she imagined him breathing warm breath on her skin as his whiskers rubbed against her as he dropped lower and lower. Her fingertips barely touched the flesh between her shivering legs when she found that she was already swollen and dripping with wetness.

She made a conscious effort to control her breathing as she imagined him on top of her, pressing against her as she willed him to penetrate her. Without even thinking about it, she was touching herself, one hand on her breast while the other felt the wetness and swollen lips between her legs. Small circles with her fingers became more and more urgent until she felt herself climaxing to the thought of him thrusting inside of her while she kissed him deeply. She had no idea how loud she had been, and hoped that none of her friends in the other rooms had heard her. The only thing she did know for sure was that she was going to find him first thing in the morning.

She quickly drifted off to sleep, but awoke at the light of dawn to the quiet sound of truck tires on the gravel road that wound past the house and down to the barn. She heard the motor shut off, and the opening and closing of the driver’s door, followed by his footsteps in the gravel. The sound of the door to the barn opening and closing assured her of his location, so she quickly got up and got dressed. Not wanting to look like she had planned anything, she freshened up but didn’t waste any time taking a shower or doing anything special with her hair. She poured a thermos of coffee and strode down to the barn, still not sure if she could actually do anything to make last night’s fantasy come true, but knowing for certain that it never would if she just stayed in her room.

She swung the side door to the barn open and found him inside. He was moving some equipment from the back of the barn up toward the front door when he spotted her. He wasn’t startled, but rather surprised to see her, even though he was secretly hoping he would, ever since he had dropped the hint the previous night. She smiled a nervous smile and said, “Good morning! I brought you some coffee.”

He thanked her and asked how the first night of the girls’ weekend had gone. kaçak iddaa He poured them both a cup of coffee as she told him about what had gone on and what they were planning for that day, though she left out the parts about the ribbing her friends had given her about him, as well as her little fantasy encounter. He knew she would have to leave soon, but he really didn’t want her to, as he had been having his own secret thoughts as well, and this was one of the few times he had ever had her all to himself.

He did not want to violate any unspoken trust or agreements on proper behavior around her, but deep down inside he wanted her, and every moment with her made that fire burn even hotter.

After about 20 minutes, they were all out of words and sat in the silence, awkwardly glancing at each other and then back away, each of them not sure what would happen next. He was sad when she announced that she should probably head back up to the house and start getting breakfast ready, and he walked her to the door. His boldness overtook him, however, as she started to open the door.

Without even thinking, he reached for her and took her hand as she tried to reach for the handle. He spun her around and pulled her toward him. They fell into the kiss they had both been craving for months, and immediately knew it was too late to stop themselves. He pressed her against the door as it slammed shut, and they continued kissing and clawing at each other for what seemed like an eternity. For just a moment they stopped and stared at each other, with only the sounds of their heavy breathing breaking the silence. Then, without any other signal, they fell back into each other and started kissing again.

As she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck, the tail of her shirt popped free and his hand immediately found the flesh of her lower back. His hand ran up her back, across her bra and to her shoulders. He then brazenly dropped his hand down past the top of her pants and he squeezed her round ass as he pulled her toward him. His hand slipped easily down inside her jeans and her panties, and she moaned invitingly as he felt her flesh for the first time. He moved his hand from one side to the other, enjoying the feeling, and savoring the little moments as his fingers slipped through the crack between her cheeks.

She pulled away just enough to breathlessly say, “Hay loft…”

They let go of each other ran back down the hill to the barn, and found their way to the ladder that led to the loft. They scampered up and she fell onto a pile of hay as he quickly fell beside her. They resumed their kissing, and she was amazed at how he seemed to have no inhibitions about touching her body. At times it was as if he had four hands, because he was always touching her someplace, and she loved every second of it.

She didn’t even really notice that he had unbuttoned the front of her blouse until she felt his big hand cupping one of her breasts. She gasped as his hand lifted her bra up and over her breast and found her hard nipple. She moaned as she felt his fingers squeeze her nipple gently, and he drew circles around it until it was firm and hard again. His mouth moved quickly down to her breast, where for the first time he felt what she tasted like. He slid the other side of the bra up as well, and rolled her on top of him while kissing and sucking on her breasts as he slid a hand behind her and unfastened her bra in a snap. Again, she hardly knew anything had happened before she realized that both of her breasts were free and receiving his full attention.

As she straddled him, she felt the unmistakable evidence of his excitement. She pressed down against him and felt his erection all the way through his jeans as he pressed it against her swollen vagina. She could also feel her own wetness as she moved in small circles against him. Her desire for him overtook her at that point and she slid down is body, unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest and stomach as she unfastened his belt, the top button of his jeans, and unzipped the zipper. She reached inside and felt him for the first time, throbbing in her hands and dripping his own moisture from the tip. She melted at the thought of him being inside of her, but she wanted to spend a few minutes getting to know him better first.

She grabbed the tops of his jeans and slid them down just far enough to give her unhindered access to his hard penis, and she wrapped a hand around it and took the head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it and tasted the moisture while her soft lips squeezed him. She slowly but eagerly moved her head, mouth and hands in concert, giving him the sensation of thrusting into a deep, warm, wet place. He was speechless as he lay there, watching her head moving and feeling her tongue and lips sliding up and down his shaft while her hands teased him and squeezed at the same time.

The most difficult thing he could ever remember doing was getting her to stop long enough to help her out of her clothes. He got her completely naked, kaçak bahis and marveled at the sight of her body and her shy smile. She helped him get naked, and then they fell together again. She tried to pick up where she had left off, but he spun her around so that she was lying on top of him, with his head between her legs and his mouth just a couple inches from her wet flesh. He wrapped his arms around her waist from underneath and tasted her swollen pussy lips and the moisture that was literally dripping from them.

She called out loudly when his tongue spread her lips apart and penetrated her, and she squeezed his hardness with her hand as she lay with her head in his lap while he continued tasting her. Though she wanted to keep up her own licking and sucking, she found it impossible to do much of anything while he continued his assault on her. She continued stroking, and plunged him back into her mouth for a few strokes whenever she could think of anything besides what he was doing to her. He alternated between gentle licks and more direct sucking, causing intense pleasure and making her call out. He wrapped his large hands around both of her cheeks and spread her open as he watched his tongue darting over her lips, and he dipped a finger inside her wetness and spread it to other places before resuming his licking and sucking.

He marveled at the sight of his fingers disappearing inside of her and feeling her reactions every time they did. He was especially excited when he felt her contracting on his fingers as her first orgasm struck. He kept his mouth in place, providing just the right combination of suction on her clitoris and occasional flicking with his tongue, while his fingers slowly dipped inside her and back out again until she stopped convulsing.

She hadn’t yet caught her breath when he rolled her back over and fell on top of her. At first he just kissed her deeply, pressing his chest against hers and feeling her wrap her arms around him. He then felt his throbbing erection touching his target, and pressing against her bathed him in her wetness. He slid the length of his shaft along the outside of her pussy, coating his hard cock with her moisture, and then wrapped his elbows behind her knees and rolled her legs up toward her chest.

She reached down and found him, and pointed him toward her opening as he leaned into her, simultaneously kissing her while plunging inside of her to the full depth of his length in one thrust. They both moaned loudly as he fell into her, and for just a moment neither of them could move. The feeling of his erection stretching her open set off another series of orgasms as he pressed against her still-sensitive clitoris, and the sensation of her contracting and squeezing his penis with her inner walls made him even harder and more eager to have her.

When they were able to move again, he started a slow, steady rhythm while alternating between kissing her lips, her cheeks, her neck and her ears. She replied by lifting her knees even higher to allow him deeper penetration, and by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer. He continued thrusting into her—sometimes slowly, sometimes furiously—until he slowed down to catch his breath. She took that opportunity to shift underneath him, rolling first to her stomach and then lifting herself to her knees, dropping her shoulders back to the hay and offering herself to him in a sign of complete submission.

She reached back and spread herself open for him as he got on his knees and pressed against her, sliding effortlessly into her and reveling in the sight of his erection surrounded by her flesh and wetness. She was completely exposed to him, and he studied her as he pressed into her, watching her accept every little bit of him.

She let out a long, low moan with every slow thrust until she looked over her shoulder and said, “Go ahead…just take me…let me make you feel good.”

With that, he put a hand on each of her hips and thrust firmly…deeply. She gasped and closed her eyes, her head falling back down to the hay as she arched her back. She reached underneath with her fingers and felt his full length sliding in and out of her. She teased his balls as he moaned at the sensation of her hands touching him while he thrust into her. He watched again as he penetrated her, and intensified the rate of his thrusts until he could feel the sensation in his loins that told him he was reaching the point of no return.

Almost instinctively, he closed his eyes and called out as his own orgasm struck. He kept thrusting into her as he exploded inside her, and she reached back and tried to pull him closer when she thought he was about to pull out. She felt him throbbing inside of her, and the warmth gushed out of her as he overfilled her insides. With no strength left, he fell to his side, still inside her, and they lay there for several minutes and caught their breath in silence. He caressed her skin with his hands, found her breasts and hard nipples, and kissed her neck and shoulders while she wriggled at the sensation. He wrapped his arms around her so she could not break free, and continued kissing and breathing hot air on her neck and shoulders. They did not move after than until he finally fell out of her.

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