The Last Resort

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“Nude Day? Would you please explain to me — one more time — just what the hell it is you’re talking about?” Victor said to his wife in a tone that suggested he was less than impressed with the idea.

Lillian Nordstrom looked at her husband and restrained herself from saying exactly what it was she was thinking. The former Lillian Virenius adored her husband – most of the time. Not right this moment, not at all. Times like this she wished that she could strike him over the head with a 2X4.

“It’s a family tradition that goes back generations in my family, darling,” she told him in a saccharine-sweet tone. “When the weather turned nice, all of us — the entire family, including aunts, uncles and cousins — would head to a resort for a three-day weekend where we would take in the beauty of nature by being one with nature.”





“I hate the idea,” Victor complained. Lillian knew that she had an uphill battle ahead of her. Despite both of them being of Swedish descent, Lillian had grown up there and only been in the US since marrying her husband. Victor’s family had moved there before his birth and he could be terribly provincial. In every other way, he was a wonderful man and gentle, loving and giving. However, when it came to their viewpoints on sex, the married couple parted ways drastically. Lillian believed that whatever went on between consenting adults was their business and her husband could be fairly provincial. In many ways, it was odd that they had even met and married, but fate moves in mysterious ways. Victor’s first wife had been a family friend and shortly after they divorced, Victor took his children to Sweden to see their grandparents and show that there were no ill feelings. Lillian and her daughter had been visiting as well and when the blonde, model-perfect Lillian set eyes on the intense, brooding Victor, she fell — and fell hard. She had never before met her friend’s ex and when Birgit gave her the “all clear”, Lillian went off in hot pursuit. She had less than three weeks to convince the recently-divorced Victor that a second ride on the marriage-go-round might be for him. After spending a few nights in bed with the alluring blonde, Victor was convinced. Lillian became his wife less than six months later and she decided that she would try to mold him into the kind of man she thought she needed and the kind that she deserved. She had not been wholly successful.

“I think mom has a great idea, daddy,” Gina said, hugging her father from behind. Lillian had never had any problems with Victor’s two kids, they had accepted her as their stepmother / mother right from the outset. In Gina’s case, the fact that there was only ten years between them had sweetened the deal. They were much alike and even wore the others’ clothes. When Gina divorced her louse of a husband 3 years prior, Lillian had insisted she return home until she got “settled” again. Victor hadn’t put up a fuss, as his import / export business provided them all with a huge home. Even after 3 years, Gina had yet to move out and Lillian didn’t want her going anywhere. The 37-year old blonde loved having Gina around, it gave her someone she could share a cup of coffee with or whatever else the two blondes might cook up together. People often commented to Victor that his wife and daughter looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. He rarely corrected them. Lillian and Gina were often joined at the hip and after all the grief her mother had put her through, why shouldn’t Victor be happy that his daughter adored his wife?

It wasn’t only his daughter — his son also hung on Lillian’s every word, although Victor suspected that Barry had a small and insignificant crush on his beautiful blonde bride. He didn’t mind and it was only natural, because Lillian was tall, leggy and blonde and resembled a model right out of the pages of Playboy. Barry was a good kid, but he was still a young man with a growing libido. Like Gina, Barry doted on his stepmom, although neither referred to her by that term. She was “mom” to both of them, even to Gina who was close to a contemporary.

Rachel came running down the stairs as she usually did, a mile a minute. “I heard all of you upstairs, what’s all the commotion?” She asked, her brother a few steps behind her. Lillian’s daughter and her 3-months older brother often acted like young marrieds and were usually found in each other’s company. Victor always thanked his lucky stars that his wife’s only child got along so well with the rest of her new family. The brunette Rachel was the only one of them that looked like an outsider, she was the only-non blonde. Her father had been an Italian count — supposedly — and Rachel was dark and sensual in a household full of blondes. “Is mommy trying to get daddy to take up golf again?” She teased, knowing how much her father hated the sport her mom thrived on.

“Worse than that sissy,” Gina giggled. “She wants him to join us on bostancı escort bayan …”

Rachel spun around on her heels. “Oh, come on mother!” She groaned. “I told you that daddy would never, ever, not in a million years join us for Nude Day,” she stated. “He’s simply too much of a … sorry, daddy … fuddy-duddy-daddy!”

Lillian smiled at Gina who smiled at her siblings. They all knew that Victor had an ego the size of the Rock of Gibraltar and didn’t like to be pigeonholed. “Okay, okay, I get the point!” He groused. “I’m outvoted, if you all want to parade around here for a few days in nothing but your birthday suits, I will play along.”

“Oh, not here love, what would be the fun in that?” Lillian turned on her charms. “Gina found a lovely place right outside of Toronto that will be perfect for us, it has all of the amenities. We’re going to drive up there Thursday night and come back Monday morning. The costs are quite reasonable and Gina …”

Gina cut Lillian off. “I’m paying for everyone daddy, I’m using dunderhead’s back alimony payments to give us all a holiday. Call it my way of thanking all of you for putting up with me these past 3 years.”

Victor threw up his hands in defeat and went to read his newspaper. He didn’t see Gina give her mom a peck on the lips and missed the conspiratorial look that went on between Rachel and Barry. Had he known what was really going on, he might not have made the trip … and missed the best weekend of his life.

They had a beautiful day for their drive to the Lincoln Family Resort, sunshine and clear skies all the way. Victor joked that he had never seen his wife pack so little in all the time he had known her, indeed, all of them had packed less than a suitcase. “Sorry daddy, mom won’t be wearing any sexy lingerie for you this weekend,” Gina teased her father. Victor rolled his eyes because there were times that it made him slightly uncomfortable that his oldest child knew so much about his sex life with Lillian. He knew that women talked to each other about this kind of thing, but should a daughter really know that kind of thing?

Adam Lincoln was as blonde as Victor’s family, he almost looked like he could be Lillian’s older brother. Born in Finland, he had moved to Canada nearly 25 years ago after meeting and marrying Grace, his Korean-born bride. They had 3 children, all of whom were stunning specimens. Victor noticed Barry eying Michelle, the youngest of the Lincoln daughters, a tall, exotic blonde with beautiful Asian features. Victor thought it might have been the first time in a while his son had noticed someone other than Lillian.

He would have been wrong about that.

Everyone was so cavalier about being naked that Victor himself managed to relax and adapt. The resort itself was magnificent, with a pool, tennis courts, beautiful scenery everywhere and about 20 families in attendance. A few people wore clothes — “Nudity is not mandatory” Grace Lincoln explained as she took them all on the tour. “We just believe it’s nice to become one with nature every so often and let your body and your soul have a breather.”

Lillian and the children all smiled and talked, with Barry barely letting Michelle out of his sight. After dinner, everyone was free to do his or her own thing, Grace explained. “We do provide aprons for coverage,” she teased. “Food can leave some nasty burns in unwanted places.”

The dinner was fabulous just as everything else had been so far. A fancy barbecue with lots of salad, good wine, fresh fruit and home-baked desserts, courtesy of “My wife, the domestic goddess”, Adam joked. The adult stayed and talked while their offspring were free to do whatever they wanted. Victor hadn’t seen his kids or his wife so joyous in years. Lillian was the kind of wife that men envied. How a 52-year old man had snagged such a beauty mystified Victor at times. She wasn’t even 37 and looked even younger. He knew that Lillian worked hard to maintain her looks and had a “secret regimen” she never discussed. He didn’t need to know, as long as she looked and acted so young, great! He would have been a fool to doubt its effectiveness, the results were in his bed every night.

Lillian and Grace had really hit it off and were discussing the virtues of Jimmy Choo over Louis Vutton, of all things. Gina had gone off to do her own thing and Rachel had gone for a swim. Victor thought he should probably move the rest of their meagre luggage into their room and thought to ask Barry for assistance. His son was nowhere to be found in the dining hall, so Victor went looking for him.

He found him.

What Victor also found when he went looking for his son stopped him dead in his tracks. He was struck silent at what he saw. His son was on his back on a deck chair with pretty, young Michelle astride his waist, Barry’s cock buried deep inside of her. The look of sheer bliss on her face made it clear to any observer — and they were out in ümraniye escort the open, where they could easily be observed — that she loved fucking the handsome, muscular young man. She also seemed to be giving as good as she got. Yet, that was not all that Victor was seeing and the additional view almost brought the handsome father to the ground in shock.

Riding her brother’s licking tongue was Rachel and there was no mistaking that this could not possibly have been their first time. The encouraging words that spewed from Rachel’s lips were not those a novice might use. She also seemed to be in perfect syncopation to her brother and she also was handling Michelle’s body with practiced hands. Victor wondered just what kind of lunacy he had uncovered.

Before he could say anything that would have caused the trio to stop or alert them to his presence, gentle arms encircled his waist. He supposed that Lillian must have noticed his absence and come looking for him. Was she aware of what was going on between the children? Did she know about their illicit affair. Before he could ask his wife, a hand covered his mouth to keep him from speaking. It was then that he noticed a large emerald on the hand’s ring finger — an emerald that had been a gift to Gina from her grandmother on her wedding day. Victor spun around in further shock and saw Gina and her mom standing arm in arm behind him.

“And now you know,” Lillian spoke softly.

“Know? What the hell Lillian, I don’t know anything!” Victor almost shouted before his daughter was able to reach him and calm him down.

“Yes daddy, you do,” Gina said gently. “Just do the math.”


“Add things up sweetheart, you’ll figure it out,” Lillian said as she sat down on a chair with Gina joining her there.

“Or think of it like a jigsaw puzzle daddy, fill in the missing pieces,” Gina suggested.

Victor sat down beside his girls, crossing his legs so that they couldn’t see his — stuff. “Okay, well it is obvious that Barry isn’t quite as inexperienced with girls as I thought he was,” Victor said.

“Right,” Gina smiled.

“I’m stunned to see that he’s fucking his stepsister …”

“He’s making love to his sister, darling, we’ve never used the step words in our family,” Lillian said to him. He nodded and tried to make sense of it all. “It was not their first time and I also saw that Rachel is apparently bi-sexual.”

“We all are, daddy,” Gina spoke and that filled in another piece of the puzzle for Victor. He looked at his wife and daughter as his brain fitted the pieces together.

“All of you? Are you saying …?”

“Yes Victor, she is,” Lillian said. “I’ve had sex with Gina, she was the first, followed by Barry and finally, my Rachel.”

“But …”

“Those were what our family Nude Days were all about,” Lillian explained. “We got together as a family and made love as a family. We also usually invited those old enough to participate. When I married you, I saw no reason to stop those activities, but our kids weren’t old enough. As they grew older, I explained and to a one, they wanted those experiences. This year, Rachel insisted that we allow her daddy to join us. I’m glad, since I’ve never really been comfortable with keeping all of this from you. Brigit wanted to tell you as well, but she could never figure out how.”

“Brigit?” “My mom?” Victor and Gina said in unison. “What does she have to do with this?” Victor asked at last.

“Well, we’ve never told you before now, but Brigit and I aren’t just friends, we’re actually sisters,” Lillian said, looking as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. “Sisters and cousins — same father, different moms — who are sisters.”

“Wow mommy, you never even told me that,” Gina said, her blue eyes wide open.

“I felt as if I didn’t have that right baby, but Brigit gave me her consent,” Lillian continued. “So you see, you’ve always been making love to family, whether you knew it or not.”

“I still feel as if I’m missing things,” Victor said, his head feeling as if it might explode. “You and Gina …?”

“”Me and Gina, Gina and Rachel, Gina and Barry, every one of us has had sex together, you’re the only one who was left out,” Lillian told her husband. “Until now — if you want. We all want you in on this, Barry says we’re wearing him out,” she laughed. Her face took on a serious look. “It isn’t fair to you, although I know this may be a lot for you to take in. I know it isn’t your style, to think out of the box.”

Victor nodded and Gina noticed her daddy had his “thinking face” on. “It is a lot, but I do have to say this. Any time I’ve allowed myself to go outside of my `comfort zone’, things have gone my way. I married a beautiful woman much younger than myself and that turned out well. I share 3 children with her and we’re a perfect, blended family. Maybe I need to push the envelope every so often and just go with it. Okay Lillian — Gina — escort kartal if this is what all of you want, I’ll try to go along with it. Just be gentle with me …” he laughed “… I have absolutely NO clue as to what to do next!”

As if to answer his statement, Gina scooted out of her chair and went over to Victor. She took his cock in her hand and her blue eyes seemed to be dancing. “I can show you what to do next, daddy,” she purred. “I’ll be patient — well, up to a point!” She chuckled.

“Hold on, having sex with my family is one thing, but in view of everyone …

“Oh right, I knew we left something out,” Lillian laughed. “The Lincoln Family Resort is for families that openly practice family love — incest,” Lillian said to her astonished husband. “It isn’t anything they haven’t seen before — in fact, Grace told me once we got done with you, she wants a turn!”

Victor couldn’t quite grasp that concept, but he didn’t really have time. His mind had temporarily gone blank due to the fact his sexy, petite blonde daughter was now engaged in giving him a blowjob. Sensing that they had to keep him off guard, Lillian ran behind Gina and moved underneath her. For the first time, Victor witnessed his wife and daughter engaging in what had been common practice for them for several years — incestuous lesbian sex. Victor knew that morality said he shouldn’t condone this. He shouldn’t find this sexy. All of that seemed wrong to him now. It was right for them and they were both consenting adults. Sexy — hell yes, it sure was! He could hear the noisy sounds of Lillian eating Gina while she, in turn, slurped at her daddy’s cock. His load shot up and sassy, adorable Gina took all of it, then shared it with her perverted mommy.

“Not as awful as you thought, right daddy?” Gina smiled. Victor knew whatever he said at that moment would make him sound like a gibbering idiot, so he just shook his head. His daughter and his wife then embraced and began kissing and fondling. For the first time in several years, the 50+ years daddy felt his cock stiffen soon after cumming. They smiled as they noticed his libido surging yet again. Laughing like schoolgirls, the two blondes pushed him on his back. “Me first, Daddy!” Gina insisted. “I’ve wanted this since I turned 18! Mommy’s had you all to herself, now she has to share!”

“I don’t mind, kitten,” Lillian laughed. “Fuck his brains out, you evil little slut!”

“Oh yes, I am!” Gina sighed happily. “Finally your slut, yours and daddy’s!” The tiny blonde slid her lissome young body down upon her father’s body while her beloved “mommy” rode his face. With years of practice, eating pussy was something Victor did very well. From his vantage point, he was able to see his girls embrace and play together. Yeah, oh fuck yeah, wrong or not, it was sexy as anything he had ever seen! It also felt wonderful, the way his sexy baby girl fucked — made love — to him was so much different than Lillian. She bounced and whirled about and was much more vocal than Lillian. His baby girl was only the fourth woman in his life to feel his cock and if what Lillian had indicated was true, that number was to rise exponentially.

“FUCK!, Daddy, shame on mommy for hogging you for all these years, you have a great prick!” Gina said as she arched and thrusted herself against her daddy while Lillian aided the procedure.

Victor couldn’t resist asking, despite the little voice saying he shouldn’t. “Better than …?”

“Oh fuck yeah daddy, he had the equipment, but he didn’t know how to use it like my daddy,” Gina gushed happily. She had wanted Lillian to help train her ex, but Lillian had said that the family sharing was one thing, but an “outsider” was another. Until Victor was a part of things, she couldn’t justify having him in their bed. Gina had agreed and was now pleased with her decision. Her ex didn’t deserve to be a part of something this wonderful, selfish dickwad that he was. Her lawyer was working on bleeding him dry and as a reward, Gina had made flirtatious overtures in the lawyer’s direction. Once everything was settled, the lawyer was going to feel Gina and Lillian unleashed, full throttle. Perhaps she should invite daddy — the lawyer was a tall, leggy redhead with dynamite tits!

From the past few years of working together, the two women knew each other’s moves. They switched places so that Gina could have her perfectly-trimmed pussy eaten by mommy and daddy could fuck her. Victor took his wife from behind and Gina got to see mommy fucked — by her daddy – for the very first time. Everyone at that point was enjoying the new experience and Victor couldn’t believe the intensity had not made him cum a second time. Was he subconsciously holding back in order to satisfy the two demanding blondes?

He wasn’t a stallion though, not by any means. They worked him to the point where he had to cum again and shared him — again. Then he heard applause and wasn’t surprised to look up and see his son, Michelle Franklin and Rachel watching their final moments together.

“I get him next!” The two younger women said in unison and then frowned, although giggling at the same time. Barry had the courtesy to throw a few towels to the temporarily out-of-commission trio.

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