The Lifeguard Tower

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It’s getting late and the people on the beach are all starting to show how many beers or wine coolers they’ve had. They are turning up the music and some people are dancing. My boyfriend is deep in a baseball discussion with some guy from New York — a Yankees vs. Red Sox thing that is completely irrelevant to me.

The music is so loud now I nearly miss the buzzing sound my phone makes when the text message comes in. I flip open my phone and read: “Lifeguard’s Tower 5m.” Inside of me there is an electric kind of flutter. I look across the bonfire to where you are sitting with your girlfriend. Her back is to you as she sips another wine cooler and talks to her college friends. You are closing your phone and putting it in your shirt pocket. I flip my phone close and nod.

I mentally make a note of the time and start picking up a few of my things and putting them in my beach bag. “Hey, honey, I’m going to go put this in the car and get another drink, okay?” I call out to my boyfriend. He doesn’t even look up from his conversation. “Okay,” he dismisses me without missing a beat in his discussion of relief pitchers.

I walk back from the beach toward the parking lot as if I’m going toward the car, but when I reach the lot, I veer left and head back onto the beach toward the lifeguard’s tower. My body is coming alive anticipating that you will be there waiting for me. I don’t even look back at the crowd on the beach as I start güvenilir bahis to climb up angled wood ladder that leads to the tiny hut that houses the tower.

When my hand hits the top of the tower deck, you reach down and pull me up. You sit back on the wide wooden bench and pull me onto your lap. I am already starting to get wet just feeling your arms around me and your hands on my back. “Kiss me, baby,” you whisper reaching up and pulling my chin up to your face. Your mouth closes over mine and I love the taste of sea air and salt and beer on your lips. A moan escapes me as your tongue slips into my mouth, probing and tasting me.

I reach under your shirt and feel your strong, solid chest and then under my lap to stroke your cock, already hard against my thighs. “I want to suck it,” I breathe into your mouth as you kiss me hard. I lower myself between your legs and quickly pull down your swim trunks. Your cock is so hard it springs out and I rub my face on it — loving the smooth, hard skin of your rock hard cock. My tongue begins to lap at the head over and over. My small hand stroking the shaft as my mouth closes over the head and sucks.

“Mmmm…you taste so good in my mouth, Ryan,” I moan. “I love it when you fuck my mouth.” Your hands are in my hair and you are working my head up and down on your stiff cock. My pussy is so wet I reach inside my skirt to finger my clit. I am so close to cumming, but you pull me türkçe bahis roughly back up onto your lap.

Your big hand reaches under my skirt and pulls off my panties, you plunge your cock into me hard, all at once and it makes my breath catch. Your cock is so big, it’s filling me completely and I moan loudly in ecstasy as you begin to rock back and forth on the bench, fucking me in hard, steady strokes.

“Oh, Ryan, that’s so good. You are so good,” I am clinging onto your large frame. I wrap my legs around you and reach down to pull off my tank top. My soft, heavy tits are brushing up against your mouth as I move up and down on your cock.

“Yes, give me those tits,” you demand. “Those tits belong to me, not him.” You mouth closes over my left nipple and sucks hard as you pound your thick cock into me. I arch my back toward you.

“I belong to you, Ryan, wherever and whenever you say,” I moan loudly as I cum hard all around your cock -the muscles of my pussy convulsing around you again and again. I am breathing hard as you pull me off of you and turn me around facing the outside of the tower.

My arms reach out to hold on to the railing and I can feel you moving behind me. Your hands push my legs apart and the tip of your cock moves against the opening of my pussy as I bend forward toward the edge of the lifeguard tower. I can see the beach from here, see the light from the bonfire and see the shadows of the people güvenilir bahis siteleri when you enter me from behind, moving now in slow strokes.

I hear the waves and strains of the music from the party below us as your cock begins to move faster inside of me. My tits are bobbing underneath me and I am hanging onto the railing as you fuck me harder and hard. “Yes, Ryan, fuck me harder.” It’s so good. Your hands move around to cup my tits hard, pulling on my nipples. “Make me cum for you, Ryan. I can only cum for you.”

One of your hands suddenly moves down from my tit down between my legs. Your fingers work their way to my clit and begin to rub in quick, deft movements. I can feel you getting harder and hard. You are working my clit and we will cum together with you fucking me hard and my eyes scanning the horizon, the beach, the people, and the waves.

“Oh fucking yes, Ryan,” I am screaming into the wind as I cum hard, drenching your cock as your explode shooting your hot cum deep, deep inside of me. “Ryan, Ryan,” I am shaking when you release me. I need to sit down on the bench for a few minutes. You are pulling up your pants and reach down to hand me back my panties.

“You will do this whenever I call for you, won’t you,” you ask, helping me pull my shirt back over my head. “You can’t help yourself, can you?” You are smiling and kiss me on my forehead.

“You know I can’t help myself,” I sigh. “I can not resist you.”

I make my way down the ladder and head toward the ladies’ room to wash my face and try to clean up before heading back to the bonfire where I’m sure my boyfriend is still talking about the Homerun Derby.

-The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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