The Litter Pick Up

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How I got involved in a litter pick is anyone’s guess. My friend said I should come along and so early one sunny Sunday morning I found myself with seven other people on the bank of the river near my home.

As there was an even number of older and younger people the organiser decided to pair and older volunteer with a younger one and then sent two pairs in each direction. Our group decided that we split up when we got to the half way point and one pair would continue to the end of the bank.

The girl that I had been paired with and myself drew the short straw and had to continue along to the end. We quickly decided that we would walk to the end and then pick up litter on the way back. As we walked we chatted and got to know each other better.

Saffron was 20 and studying environmental science at university. She certainly looked the part. She was very slender and wore a long dress and sandals. Her hair was braided and she had a naturally pretty face. I was finding myself quite attracted to her despite being thirty years her senior. She was very chatty and sometimes even flirted with me a little. The litter pick no longer seemed such a chore but there again, we had not actually picked up a single thing.

When we got to the turning point we were both hot and tired. She lifted an arm to point out a bird swimming on the river and told me some random fact about its migratory pattern. I followed where she was pointing and then looked back at her. Her long fingers, slender arm and shoulder with a small tattoo. I then noticed her armpit hair. Initially I was a little shocked but then I found it quite attractive.

“That water looks so inviting.” She said.

“It does.” I replied, “Shame I didn’t bring my Speedos.”

Saffron chuckled and looked at me. It felt like she was trying to work out what I would look like in such a garment.

“You don’t own Speedos do you?” She asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, bright yellow ones.” I joked.

Saffron laughed and wrinkled up her nose. She looked so cute and her laugh made my knees weaken.

“Who needs swimming things?”

With that she grabbed her dress and pulled it off over her head. I was gobsmacked. This slender girl I had only met less than an hour ago was standing in arms reach of me with nothing on. güvenilir bahis She showed no embarrassment in being naked in front of me. She had her back to me so there was not much to see but what I could see was very pleasing. My cock began to twitch in my shorts.

“Hold this then. She said throwing her dress to me, “Unless of course you are going to join me.”

She turned to face me. Her slender frame was inviting. Her small breasts with large pointed nipples looked ripe for sucking. Her stomach was slightly rounded and her pussy was surrounded by a thatch of thick pubic hair. Once she felt that I had taken in her body she headed for the water and started to paddle in the shallow water near the shore.

I watched for a few moments then dropped her dress on the ground. My t-shirt followed along with my shorts and boxers. Naked as her I headed towards the water. She watched with interest as I approached. I was not as toned as her but was quite active and so had a reasonable physique. True, I had some flabby bits but for my age I was passable. Her eyes rested upon my semi errect cock that swung from side to side between my legs.

“You have a good body for an old guy.” She said with a giggle and splashed me.

“Hey, less of the old.”

She splashed me again so I splashed her back. I did a better job than she did and she took a large volume of water on her chest. The water ran down her tits, across her belly and between her legs.

“You git.” She squeeled with delight and splashed me back.

I got a face full of water and the shock caused me to stagger. Saffron lunged forward and pushed me. I fell back and with a splash landed in the water. Saffron stood above me as I lay half submerged in the river. Despite the cold water my cock was fully erect. She straddled me and guided it inside her pussy.

“Mmmm.” She murmured, “That feels good.”

Saffron started to ride my cock her small tits bobbing as she moved. I lifted my hands and took hold of them and lifted my head so that I could suck her nipples. I could feel her vaginal muscles contract around my aching cock as she rode it.

“Fuck me.” She urged me.

I started to meet her downward movements and she began to gasp with every stroke. Saffron rested her hands on my chest and we looked each türkçe bahis other in the eyes. She bit her bottom lip and gasped. Her pussy clamped around my cock as she orgasmed.

“That was intense.” She said as the wave of pleasure passed.

I sat up further and we kissed deeply. Her rhythm started again and she ground her groin into mine. Saffron closed her eyes and began to gasp as my cock thrust deep inside her.

“Cum again for me.” I urged her.

Saffron, still with her eyes closed rode my cock frantically. I felt her pussy clamp around it again and she gave out a long moan. I was close to orgasm myself but wanted so much for her to cum again too. My mouth found a nipple and closed around it sucking hard. She whimpered and began to thrash about on my cock.

With a loud moan like a wounded animal her vaginal muscles contracted around my cock. This triggered my own orgasm and cum began to flow from my cock into her. She gripped my head and pulled my hair as her orgasm ripped through her. My mouth continued to suck on her nipple until she could take no more.

“Stop. Please stop.” She begged.

I stopped sucking her nipple and leaned back into the water and rested on my elbows. Saffron tried to get off but her knees would not allow it. She sat there on top of me. My cock had slipped out when she tried to get up and now it rested against her pussy lips.

“I suppose picking up litter now will be an anticlimax.” I said smiling.

“Shit.” She exclaimed, “I had forgotten about that.”

She managed to get up and gingerly started to walk back to the bank. I followed admiring her. I could not believe what had just happened. Once we was on the bank we found our things. The sun was beginning to dry up off so we grabbed our rubbish bags and still naked, started to pick up some litter.

“I don’t know what came over me.” She said at last.

“Well, I came in you not over you.”

Saffron laughed and flicked her litter picker in my direction as if to try and grab my cock that was rocking from side to side in the sunshine.

“Oi.” I exclaimed and dodged away.

Saffron giggled and tried again. We had an impromptu game of tag with our litter pickers and then we realised that we were getting closer to the others.

“We had better get dressed güvenilir bahis siteleri I suppose.” I said.

Saffron wrinkled her nose and then nodded. We dropped our bags and pickers and pulled out clothes on. Once dressed we continued back to the meeting point collecting litter on the way.

“Are you married?” She asked eventually.


“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry. It has been a while now anyway.”


“Not for a while.”

Saffron looked pleased. We carried on with our work and soon got to the point where we had left the other pair. We were now struggling to find anything to pick up and so tied off our bags and walked along chatting.

“Fancy a blow job?” She asked.

“What? Here? Now?”

“Well, I would but the others are just ahead.”

I looked up and sure enough, the rest of the litter pickers were waiting for us. I looked back at Saffron who was looking at me with a saucy glint in her eyes.

“Finally.” Someone remarked as we joined the others.

“Sorry.” Saffron said, “It was a lot harder than I expected.”

I burst out laughing.

“That sounded bad didn’t it?” She added with a grin.

A few people gave us dirty looks and we all headed off through the woods back to the car park. Saffron and I brought up the rear. A few kept looking back and whispering comments.

“Do you think they know.” Saffron asked me.

“They either know or think they know.” I replied, “But are you bothered?”

“No of course not.”

“Good, because I’m not either.”

The trail eventually arrived at the car park. Everyone was either getting into their cars or on their bicycles. Saffron grabbed her bicycle and looked for me.

“Are you going home?” She asked.

“Yeah, a shower and put my feet up I think.”

“Any chance I can get this in your car?” She replied referring to her bicycle.

I looked at it and nodded.

“Give me a second and I will find room for it.”

With some jiggling about and dropping the back seats down I just managed to get it into the back of my car. We got into the car and I started the engine.

“Where to?” I asked assuming she just wanted a lift.

“Your place.” She said resting a hand on my leg, “You mentioned something about a shower and putting your feet up.”

“Ok, my place it is.” I said as I put the car in gear.

“We have the rest of the day don’t we?” Saffron said and slipped her hand between my legs and gave my cock an affectionate squeeze.


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