The Love Family

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My name is Steve White. I want to tell you about my family. There are four of us: my Mom–Susan, Dad–Dave, my 20-year-old sister, Ellen, and me. I just turned 18. Both Sis and I are full-time students at the local community college.

We have always been a close family, but we grew much closer when we became THE LOVE FAMILY.

I remember the Wednesday night when everything changed. Dad had called a special family meeting–ordinarily we held our meetings on Sunday evenings, so I knew something big was up, and the way things had been going for us, it was probably something bad.

Dad’s large salary had been the family’s only source of income, but he had been out of work for months and had not been able to find another high-paying position. Since he had lost his job, we had used up all of our savings and were surviving on his unemployment checks and whatever money he could borrow.

Mom and Dad were huddled in a conversation at the dining room table when Ellen and I walked into the room. As we sat, I heard Mom say to Dad, “I know, Hon, but we have to do whatever we have to do to keep the family together.”

With a somber face, Dad looked at each of us and started speaking.

“Well guys, things are looking bad. My unemployment has run out, and there’s no one left to borrow from. In short, we’re up the creek. Flat broke.”

After a moment of silence, he asked, “Any ideas?”

We sat there for what seemed like hours trying to figure a way out. Mom had always been a housewife, and Ellen and I were both students. None of us had any special job skills, so we all agreed that if we went to work, the money we would earn would not even be enough to make our mortgage payments.

Dad finally said, “There is one way we could get some money, maybe a lot of money.”

We all stared at Dad, who seemed hesitant, like he was avoiding giving us some really bad news.

After a long pause, Dad said “Dick Foster will pay us $1,500.00 if we made a home video for him.”

I knew that name and asked, “Is he your friend who owns the adult bookstore?”

Dad nodded and said, “That’s him.”

Ellen asked, “Exactly what kind of video does he expect us to make?”

“He just wants one tape. A demo, as he calls it. He says if the money people like it, they’ll give us $5,000.00 for each additional video. They want us to make a series of tapes called THE ADVENTURES OF THE LOVE FAMILY. They’ll be porn videos.”

I was in shock. I couldn’t say anything. I felt sad that things had gotten so bad for our family. Then it started to sink in. After all, I was a teenager, a very horny teenager. I realized that with this new development, I might have a chance to screw my sexy sister–to screw her WITH the family’s blessings.

Unlike Mom, Ellen was tall, around five foot seven. Her boobs were much bigger than Mom’s, and her legs–I’ve masturbated many times thinking of those long, lean legs wrapped around me in a hot fuck. It wouldn’t have surprised me to learn that Dad wanted to bang her, too.

Hell I might even have a shot at Mom. Mom has always avoided mentioning her age. She looks young, maybe thirty, but I figure she had to be at least forty, about the same age as Dad. She’s petite with dark hair and a knockout body. She’s in great shape, thanks to daily jogging. I’ve caught sight of her naked body a few times. I get a hardon just thinking about her dark, lush bush. Her tits are small and they droop just a little, but her nipples are very long. canlı bahis Thinking about sucking on them makes me hard, too. Judging by the little squeals I’ve heard when she and Dad are getting it on at night, she’s one hot fuck. I’ve cummed many a time while listening to those squeals.

Who knows, I could even become a big-time porn star. I knew I had the equipment–I was better hung than most porn stars I’ve seen. I also knew I had the staying power.

All of a sudden, the situation didn’t seem so bad.

According to Mom, what we had to do was disgusting, but we had to put on the best show possible to make as much money as we could.

Mom took complete charge of the video project. She decided that the demo tape would be something relatively mild, as Dick suggested. Her idea was to interview me and watch me masturbate. Ellen would handle the camera, and Dad would monitor our show and make notes on ways to improve our performance in case we wanted to do another take.

Mom decided that the taping would take place the next afternoon. That would give her time to decide on how she would conduct the interview.

I didn’t want to shoot my wad too quickly when I got on camera, so that night and the next morning, I masturbated seven times, but I might have overdone it because by the time of my interview, I wasn’t sure I could get a decent boner.

When the time came, I sat on the living room couch, wearing a tee shirt and jeans. Two kitchen chairs, five or six feet in front of me, waited for the arrival of Mom and Ellen. Dad, with pad and pencil, sat in a recliner that was situated about fifteen feet away, to the side of the room.

My worry about not being able to get a good hardon vanished when Mom and Ellen made their entrance. Ellen wore a black, see-through bra and black, crotchless panties as she backed into the room while recording Mom’s entrance.

I was shocked by Ellen’s appearance, but Mom’s shocked me even more. She wore only a transparent, white teddy, without panties. I realized I would have no trouble at all getting rock hard. My cock had already begun to stiffen.

With the camera focused on her, Mom sat directly in front of me. She crossed her legs, then grinned and winked at me as she uncrossed and spread them just enough to give me a great view of her pussy. I stared at her dark bush and gasped. She had trimmed it so that it was in the shape of a heart. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but my dick got even harder.

“Hello Steve. How are you today?”

I was so focused on Mom’s bush that it was several seconds before I realized she had spoken to me and was waiting for my reply.

“Uh. I’m good… eh, I mean I feel great,” I spoke with as much enthusiasm as I could muster as I stared at Mom’s beautiful valentine.

Ellen kept the camera focused on me while Mom asked, “Steve, honey, when did you first start masturbating?”

Like a dummy, I asked, “You mean today?”

Mom and Ellen giggled wildly. My face suddenly felt hot, and I realized I was blushing. Ellen, grinning ear-to-ear, kept the camera pointed at me.

With a smile in her voice, Mom asked, “I mean the very first time. When did you come for the first time?”

“When I was eleven.”

That seemed to impress Mom. She asked, “And how many times a day do you beat your meat?”

As I was previously instructed, I began massaging my already hard cock through my jeans.

“Two to four times a day.” That wasn’t true. I actually did bahis siteleri it five or six times a day. I lied because I didn’t want people to think I was a pervert.

“Do you have a favorite spot where you do it?”

“No. Any place where I can have the privacy. Usually, in my room, sometimes in the bathroom.”

On Mom’s signal, Ellen focused the camera on the bulge in my jeans.

Mom smiled. “It doesn’t take much to get you hard, does it?”

“No, I guess not, and sometimes I can stay hard for hours.”

That was true.

“I haven’t seen your cock since you were a little boy, but judging by the bulge in your jeans, it’s grown quite a bit. Can you tell us how large you are?”

“Nine inches long and six-and-a-half in circumference,” I boasted.

“Wow. That’s huge,” Mom said. She seemed entranced as she stared at my bulge. I noticed she had begun to breathe rapidly and squirm in her chair.

She snapped out of her trance and said “Where do you want to perform today?”

“In my room.”

“Lead the way, sir.”

Mom, Ellen, and Dad followed me into my room.

The women sat in two chairs, several feet from the end of the bed, and Dad took the chair a few feet behind them.

I stood at the end of the bed and started to unbuckle my belt when Mom said, “Stop. We can’t have you undress yourself. Ellen, would you take off your brother’s pants?”

Ellen giggled as she handed the camera to Mom. She stepped to me and began to grind her crotch into mine.

“Now, now Ellen! Just undress him. We don’t have time for hanky panky.”

“Aw,” Ellen said as she turned her sad face to the camera. Once she unbuckled my belt, she slipped her hand inside my jeans and grabbed my hard dick.

“Nice,” she said.

“Ellen! No more of that now. The people want to see Steve beat his meat. If you keep doing that, you’ll have him cumming before he can get started.”

She released my cock, and with an exaggerated pout on her face, she looked into the camera and sighed.

Ellen unzipped my jeans and slowly pulled them down, bending her knees and lowering herself at the same time. I wasn’t wearing underwear, so my hard cock sprang out. It whacked Ellen on her cheek. She grabbed my shaft with her hand and quickly french-kissed the head of my cock.

She removed her mouth from my cock, and wearing a shit-eating grin, said, “Oops!”

With genuine shock, Mom said, “Ellen! Now quit that!”

My sister, still grinning, moved back beside Mom and took the camera, which she aimed at my cock.

By now I was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Are you good and hard now?”

“Oh Yeah,” I replied.

“Before we go any further, let’s check your size, just to show the people that you weren’t exaggerating.”

Mom appeared visibly excited. She was squirming in her chair more than ever and breathing so hard, she was almost panting.

“Ellen. You keep holding the camera while I measure. I don’t think I can trust you holding your brother’s dick.”

Mom moved close to me and with a trembling hand, caressed my stiff meat. With her free hand she placed a ruler alongside my shaft. Ellen moved the camera close and zoomed in on my hardon.

“Wow,” Mom said with a quivering voice. “That’s more than nine inches! It’s almost ten. What a piece of meat,” she exclaimed as she squeezed my dick and smiled at the camera. It was several seconds before she finally let go and sat back down.

After taking a deep bahis şirketleri breath, Mom said, “Showtime.”

That was my cue, so I began stroking my cock with my right hand. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I popped my load. Just having Mom and Sis play with me had brought me to the edge.

Holding the camera with one hand, Ellen used the other to finger her cunt as she squirmed in her chair. Her mouth was open and she actually started to drool as she stared at my cock. At the same time, Mom played with her own pussy and was squirming more than ever.

Mom surprised me when she cried out, “Oh yeah. Stroke that Monster, honey.”

I looked at Dad. The pencil and paper were on the floor. He had his hard dick out and was beating it in time with my own stroking. I smiled as I saw that although his cock was big, mine was bigger.

As I watched Mom and Ellen playing with themselves, I knew I’d be cumming in a matter of seconds. Then I heard Mom’s squeal and I lost it.

I moaned, “I’m going to cum.”

Ellen handed the camera back to Mom and quickly kneeled in front of me. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Mom looked like she was close to cumming again as she watched the scene through the camcorder’s viewfinder.

A thick stream of hot semen erupted from my cock and hit Ellen in her left ear. She opened her eyes, and as cum began to dribble down her neck, she waited for the next shot. It came an instant later and was thicker and longer than the first. Like an expert, she caught the entire string in her mouth. As she started to grin, my dick erupted again, propelling another thick strand of cock juice that splattered on the tip of her nose. Ellen adjusted quickly and was able to get most of it in her mouth and with a quick swallow, was ready for more.

When I was done cumming, I had lost track of the number of strands my cock had spewed, but it had to be a personal record.

Ellen still knelt at my feet, her face covered with cum. Both of her eyes were closed by large deposits of my cock juice. Strands of cum hung from her chin and ear.

I heard Mom squeal as she came again.

After a moment, Mom had collected herself and looked relaxed. As she videoed Ellen’s cum smeared face, Mom said, “This is just a sample of the quality of videos that you can expect from THE LOVE FAMILY. If you enjoyed the show, tell your friends about us. We would love to hear from you. Just send your emails to the address on the screen. Be sure to include any special requests. We love to please.

“Cum again, soon.”

Ellen waved at the audience as Mom turned off the camcorder.

Ellen sat on the floor, her arms resting on my thigh, my cum still dripping from her face.

Starry eyed, she looked up at me and said, “Wow, little Bro. You’re a real stud. I’ve never seen a guy cum that much before.”

She looked at Mom and asked, “Mom, are you pissed at me for doing all that wild stuff?”

“No, not really. I didn’t think it was very nice, but I suspect THE MONEY PEOPLE will enjoy it. We have to put our true feelings aside and do whatever makes money.”

* * *

Dick Foster dropped by that afternoon and picked up the tape. Less than an hour later, he telephoned Dad.

After the call, Dad was smiling when he announced, “They liked it and want another. They’ll pay us $7,500.00 instead of $5,000.00 if we make it spicier.” He looked at Mom and said, “They want to see Steve and you together again.”

I was glad I was sitting at the table so no one could see the hardon I was getting. I looked at Mom’s face. When she realized she was grinning, she changed her expression back to a somber one and said, “We’ll do whatever we have to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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