The New Mandy

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The curse was heartfelt. Having just woken up I could see the time was just four minutes past three in the morning. Remembering I had deliberately unset my ‘Do not Disturb’ feature did nothing to help being woken up by the incoming text at such an ungodly hour of the day.

Sighing to myself, I leaned over, grabbed my phone and looked to see who had sent me a ‘spam’ text. I cheered up a little to find it was from Mandy.

Mandy, the ‘old friend,’ had turned out to be a sexy and extremely enthusiastic lover the previous weekend. Chuckling inwardly I recalled just how much I, no ‘We’ had woken her inner-self from a long period of loveless inaction. We had literally fucked ourselves to a standstill. Boy! How unexpected and delightful that had that been. At my age I thanked the Lord’s of the Universe responsible for the discovery of a certain little blue, diamond-shaped pill. Mandy had told me I reminded her of the ‘energiser bunny!’ Then giggled when I told her how and why.

I turned back to the text message and opened it to read: ‘Hello lover are you still awake?’

Still blinking the sleep from my eyes I replied : ‘Not asleep now’

The answer came back very quickly: ‘Me neither. Can I come round?’

My answer didn’t take much thinking about: ‘Of course – I’ll put the coffee on.’

I started getting out of bed to do just that. She lived about half an hour away and I thought I had plenty of time to get the coffee pot on and then have a freshen up. First things first, I opened the drawer of my nightstand and swallowed another of those little blue pills.


As my feet hit the floor the front door bell rang. Cursing again, and as I was still naked I pulled a bath-robe on, and went down to see who was at the door. Checking through the peep-hole I was startled to see Mandy stood outside. Without putting the lights on I opened the door and she slipped in. Threw her coat off and standing naked in front of me went, “Tadaa!” Then grabbed my robe and unwrapped me as well.

Now older I may be, but something like that does still tend to attract my full attention and turn me on.

Very quickly.

‘Himself’ went from ‘interested’ to ‘Full readiness’ in a lot less than it takes to read that sentence, especially as a cold hand was now caressing both güvenilir bahis him and the rest of my ‘dangly’ bits.

An aside crosses my mind at this juncture, so I’ll pose a question. Guys, why is it that a cold hand placed anywhere other than your ‘wedding tackle’ makes you shudder and complain. Placed on both himself and my balls it does tend to bring things to ‘full mast’ very, very quickly. Or maybe it’s just my anatomy that’s suspect? Answers on a postcard some other time!

No matter, darling Mandy, pleased as she was at not just my readiness, but also my willingness to play was now giving me the pleasure and indulgence of a deep-throat final warm up. She muttered, “He’s ready.” Then turning round she put her hands on the stairs and bent forward to let me take her from behind.

Her sigh as I sank slowly and deeply all the way in was masked by the sound of pleasure that I gave. Her warmth gave way to heat as she welcomed my cock into her willing and ready depths. I had grasped and held her hips as I was entering her. Now I changed grip moving my hands round to her front and fondled her full, pendulous breasts as I half leaned over her. In the cold air her nipples were hard and aroused.

Squeezing them I slid almost out and then all the way back in as she clenched her muscles on me. The effect on both of us was to make us realise that this was not going to be a long drawn out coupling and I upped the pace.

A lot.

Mandy keened quietly as I took her hard and fast. Pushing us both towards a peak that arrived as suddenly and rapidly as we now both desired.

Once, pushing hard and sending a burst of spunk so deep, mauling her breasts as I did so. Twice and a squishy wet second burst, then one last deep, slushy dribble of spunk.

As I eased back and my rapidly diminishing cock slid from her pussy, she called, “All mine, on your back!” And pushed me down onto the hall rug.

Wet and fragrant she kneeled, her pussy just above my face as she sank her lips over my cock to suck and clean him of our joint juices. I pulled her down so that I could do the same, my tongue now deep inside devouring her naked wetness. An aside licking and suckling on her clit was rewarded by a cry of yet another orgasm that helped feed me more juices from her depths.

Wet and sated we türkçe bahis rolled apart, still breathing heavily from our exertions.

I spoke first. “Jeez lovelies, what brought that on?”

Mandy replied, “Couldn’t sleep, so played a little. That made me horny and worse so I wondered if you were alone. Decided to take a chance and thought I might have a little fun at the same time. Coasted down the hill so you wouldn’t hear me arrive. Parked outside the house and then sent the text. When you said ‘Yes’ I was already inside the porch outside the front door so all I had to do was ring the bell. I just hoped you were on your own without visitors.”

My turn to laugh as I said, “Lucky I was! Shower time.”

We went to my wet room grabbing a couple of hot towels from the rail on the way. We turned the waterfall shower on and when it was hot enough went in.

“My turn first.” I soaped and massaged her beautiful, full breasts, and then her back before kneeling and as she put a foot on my thigh cleaned and washed her hairless, naked pussy.

“That’s new, I like,” I said, testing out the smoothness with my tongue.

“Just for you lover. I’m changing, becoming a new person. A new outlook. I had become a frumpy, staid old-maid with Gerry. That’s all he wanted out of me, that and being his damned housekeeper. You’ve brought a new, much happier me back to life. I’m never going back to those times. He’s already moved out. No! I kicked him out. Most people don’t, didn’t know that we were never formally married. That and the house was only in my name. I owned it and I’m glad we never got round to changing that.”

“No matter, your turn now,” and she had me stand up and finished washing the soap off my back before soaping my half hard cock and the lovely handful of balls she had in her other hand.

Inevitably and now with the help of sufficient time for the little blue-one to now properly kick in, he hardened and became ready under her willing grasp.

“Not here,” she said.

So we turned the water off, got out and dried each other off before she grabbed my hand and led me down the landing into the only lit room and what she hoped was my bedroom. She was right. Pushing me onto the bed she followed and kneeling between my legs gently took my balls, one at a time into her mouth. Any güvenilir bahis siteleri lingering doubt about my cocks ability to return to hardness was forgotten. She held him, licked him, made love to him. I’m uncut and she gently slid the skin of his crown back and licked and suckled round the rim of his corona. Such sweet bliss.

Then again she knelt with her legs under my arms and ‘queened’ me with an already squishy, juicy cunt as she carried on her sword swallowing act.

Heaven! I adore the taste and aroma from a puss that’s telling me it’s ready for the next stage. This time she wanted to be on-top. I wasn’t about to complain about what is my favourite position to fuck. Obligingly he stood straight, proud and willing and all Mandy did was to slowly drop down until the crown was at her lips. She lowered a tiny bit more and I felt his angry, hot tip press against her juicy, wet lips. She slowly, oh so teasingly slowly, took the crown inside her. The heat of her awaiting, readiness of scalding heat as she took him down to the ring of the corona. That she was ready to take his girth and length was beyond dispute as she eased him into into her wetness her juices oozed out round him. Then it was her turn to let him fully in and she did so by just dropping down.

All the way.


Touching her furthest depths.

Her innermost sanctuary.

We both groaned at the wonderful feelings now aroused within us. She leaned forward and her pendulous breasts and wonderful nipples, dangled in my face begging to be pleasured. It would have been rude not to have done so, so I suckled on them. Hard! Knowing that she would feel it right down deep inside and yet again I was rewarded by the muscle clench I so loved.

This time she played a new trick on me. Without moving she clenched and unclenched her muscles, using them to milk me. My rapid and sudden cumming took me by surprise and was intense as it was unexpected as she went, “YES!”

The intensity meant I actually blacked out for a little while, something I’d never had happen any time I was in control, which for the first in a long time I hadn’t been.

A little while later for want of a better word, I awoke my lovely Mandy still laying on top of me. My cock, still feeling the effects of my little blue helper, better than half hard and still inside and she, breathing slowly and gently, asleep.

I pulled the comforter around us both and went back to sleep myself.

My last thoughts were the new day had started pretty darn well, bring on the morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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