The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 07

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If you’ve not read the previous chapters, let me give you a little background. Our story began with David, Monica, Jack and Mary Ann learning that they must participate in a Nude Day Assignment at Community College. This caused a bit of a fire storm at both Monica and Mary Ann’s homes. To help out, David’s mother agrees to let them gather at the family ranch for a day of nudity as a way of preparing for the next day’s required Nude Day on campus.

In addition to the four students, David’s younger sister, 18 year old Leah, mother Linda, Monica’s mother Hortencia, Mary Ann’s twin brother Joe and the new pastor of the local ecumenical church show up for the day and the night before.

With so many naked people in close proximity sex was bound to break out … and it did! Today the 4 students and David’s sister Leah go off to their Naked Day Class where they meet up with 40 others; and yes … sex breaks out again and again.

Everyone is of legal age, all names and places are fictitious. You may want to start at the beginning and read all of the chapters, just click on Dragonwriter at the top and the link will take you to my story page.

Thanks for reading our story, please vote and comment. Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.


Mary Ann, Leah and Monica snuggled together in the back seat while Jack and David sat up front. The 30 mile drive to Northern Central Community College took almost an hour today; a lumber truck had traffic blocked on their county road. The driver had pulled the large truck into the middle of the hog backed road to allow him and his helper to change a flat tire on the trailer. Deep drainage ditches on either side forced traffic in both directions to come to a complete stop. When they finally finished the backed up traffic stretched for nearly a mile.

While they waited David said, “Jack, it’s a damn good thing you decided to head out early.”

“Well, I didn’t plan on this, but I figured it’d be best to get there early. If these ol’ boys get their asses in gear we’ll still get there early I guess.”

Leah leaned forward sliding her hand between the seats and quickly pulled Jack’s cock out from under the leg of his shorts, “Come on out Mister Happy,” she said laughing.

Jack jumped in his seat, “Fuck Leah; not here!” he was laughing as he pushed her hand away.

Mary Ann and Monica were laughing good naturedly as Monica said, “David, your sister is a regular horn dog!”

Leah fell back between Monica and Mary Ann giggling, “Well fuck, he’s not driving …”

Soon afterwards the truck started moving and returned to the northbound lane allowing them to continue. They arrived in the Student Parking Lot a good 20 minutes before class. They sat quietly for a few minutes each one considering the naked journey across campus to their auditorium classroom when Mary Ann said, “Look Coach Helen and Coach James are right there naked as can be!”

Sure enough the two teachers were walking along as they would any other day except they were stark naked. Coach James’ nearly hard cock bounced back and forth showing at least one perfectly good reason why Coach Helen might have married him.

“Wow,” said David,” Coach Helen looks great doesn’t she …” and clearly she did. A tall woman perhaps 5’10” or so, she was extremely fit with long slender legs, a hard bubble butt and firm teardrop shaped breasts featuring rock hard ruby red nipples.

“Wow,” said Monica, “she doesn’t have a hair on her pussy …”

“Yeah, I noticed,” said Jack.

“Do you guys prefer a shaved pussy?” asked Monica.

Jack and David were quiet for a moment … then Jack said, “Honestly, I don’t care either way.”

“Never tried one, but I’m willing to give it a try,” said David; and then he open the door and stood up as he hollered, “Hey Coach! Can we walk with you?”

The pair stopped and turned toward the parking lot, then seeing David, Coach James smiled and waved, “Sure, come and join us!”

David leaned in saying, “Come on let’s all go together.” He quickly stepped out of his shorts and pulled off his t-shirt and walked around opening the car trunk. He seemed perfectly comfortable being naked on campus. While the others stripped he grabbed their backpacks and passed them around.

While the students were busy undressing and getting their backpacks Leah gave her clit a quick strumming and shivered through a sweet little orgasm. When she opened her eyes Monica bumped her shoulder with her own and whispered, “I saw that, stop having fun you little minx,” then they giggled together.

Jack turned to them, “Hey, what’s going on?”

Mary Ann gently slapped his bare butt, “Nothing big boy, now take my hand.”

Walking up to the coaches, Coach James said, “Who’s the new young lady?”

David stopped and took Leah’s hand, “This is my sister Leah. She was curious about how this all might go today and I invited her to come along. I hope that’s OK?”

Coach Helen stuck her hand out, “Very canlı bahis nice to meet you Leah. It’s good to know you support your brother in our experiment.”

Leah smiled, “Everybody supports David …” and the others broke up laughing.

David just smiled as he said, “Smartass.”

Coach Helen turned to her husband saying, “James, you’re staring.”

“I’m sorry guys, it’s just that … well … Mary Ann you look unexpectedly amazing,” he said.

Mary Ann blushed, “Thank you Coach, I feel pretty good too.”

“Well you should, wow … but, not to denigrate anyone else, all you ladies look great!”

Taking his hand Coach Helen said, “OK Jimmy, time to go guys.”

They walked in a group across the campus only seeing a few other students taking the Nude Day Challenge; however, they were watched closely by a great many. At the mid-point of their walk a half a dozen classmates joined them. Leah was entranced by all the naked boys; she turned to Mary Ann, “Isn’t it exciting to see all the boys?”

Mary Ann paused and gave Leah a hug as she whispered in her ear, “Oh yes … I feel like I could just fuck every one, I’ve never been so excited.” Her eyes dancing, Leah whispered, “I know!”

Entering the classroom the Coaches took to the raised lectern area, Jack and Mary Ann took their usual seats with David and Monica sitting behind them. Getting comfortable Monica waived Leah to a seat next to hers, “Normally Cathy sits here but she told me there was no way she’d be naked so don’t worry just get comfortable.”

Looking around there were quite a number of other students. One of the girls down front, a skinny blue-eyed girl with short brown hair and little pointy tits stood and asked, “How many dropped out?”

Coach Helen said, “17 as of the last class, so that leaves just these brave souls today.” She then called the role. When she finished she announced that there were a total of 41 students present, 19 men and 22 women.

Coach Helen smiled, “Welcome everybody, it’s nice to have you with us today. First, I’d like everyone whose family joined them in nudity today to raise their hands.”

Almost half of the class raised their hands.

“Very impressive guys, be sure and pass on my congratulations to your family for their bravery. As you know, it takes real courage to step outside the box and expose yourself, naked and otherwise. Now all of you who raised your hands please stand and tell us about your family. Let’s start in the back, Jenny start us off …”

A small round girl with a modest figure stood, “Um, well, my Dad said if I was gonna’ get naked in public I should have his support. It’s just him and me at home so he stripped off last night and we just practiced being naked together,” she laughed, “we even fed the horses naked. It was fun even though Dad had a boner most of the night.”

Coach James asked, “How’d you react to your Dad’s boner?”

Jenny blushed, “I just sent him off to rub it off and it worked, at least for a little while. He was real sweet about it; it was no bother.”

Coach Helen said, “Thanks Jenny, I’m sure we all appreciate you telling us your story.”

“… and right next to Jenny, is that Carl?”

A big farm boy stood up with his narrow cock tall and firm, “Yes Ma’am that’s me. So at my house I got a sister a year younger and my mom and dad. They was not happy about it but my mom and sister said they’d do it with me. Dad hasn’t agreed yet; anyway this morning I found mom in the kitchen cooking our breakfast naked and my sister joined us a little later. It was kind of awkward but they was good sports. I think they was embarrassed by my stiffy, but I told them I couldn’t help it. They both said they’d stay naked with me all day too. Dad just said, ‘bullshit’ and stormed off.”

“Thank you Carl, be sure and thank you family for their support.”

And so it went as Coach Helen called on a girl and a boy in rotation from the back of the auditorium to the front until she reached Monica.

“Monica, how about you going next please.”

“Well Coach, basically my dad is crazy and absolutely forbid me to be involved in any way. So, with a little help from my friends I improvised.”

Coach James interjected, “How did you improvise Monica?”

“I told David and he invited me to join his family so basically I added myself them; and I wasn’t alone either …” just then Mary Ann stood up.

“Excuse me Monica,” Mary Ann said.

“No problem Annie, you talk too,” Monica said.

“My family is as crazy as Monica’s and she was telling me about her situation and David invited me to join his family as well; they’re great,” said Mary Ann.

Just then Coach Helen eased her hip up onto the corner of the desk sitting to the side of the podium. In so doing her legs fell apart fully exposing her pussy which gaped open slightly. The view created a soft rumble of excitement among the boys and she quickly glanced down. Realizing the view she’d inadvertently created she held up her hand bringing silence to the bahis siteleri room.

“Yes children, this is my pussy. It is a pussy virtually identical to every other pussy in this room. In my case when my legs are spread it pops open a bit, that’s called a gape. So let’s all have a good look …”

She slid up further onto the desk top and lifted both legs so that she was completely exposed, “Jimmy, give me a hand please.”

Her husband stepped up taking one leg behind the knee and lifted slightly while she did the same with the other. With her free hand she took hold of one of her pussy flaps and Coach James grasped the other and together they spread her open as wide as possible. Her bright red interior was open to the class.

“Everybody take a moment and look as much as you like; go ahead …!” she said.

It was quiet in the class room although several of the boys began to stroke their stiff cocks and more than one girl rubbed and dipped a finger or two.

After a couple of minutes she slipped off the desk and rubbed her bottom before speaking, “You boys are all out there with your sex organs, but a pussy is something of a mystery, mostly hidden out of sight. Since this is a sex education class, why not get a good look, and remember it’s just a pussy like every other one on the planet. Now, let’s get back to Monica and Mary Ann.”

Mary Ann sat back down as Monica began, “So anyway my mom decided to go with me to David’s house and we picked up Mary Ann and her brother Joe on the way. We spent yesterday afternoon and last night at David’s being all naked together, and Jack was with us too. We drafted a sort of a community paper for the assignment … I hope that will be alright?”

Coach James spoke up, “That sounds interesting, let’s talk about it after class.” He sounded pleased and interested.

“OK then, I think that’s everybody; your Nude Day Papers will be due at the start of next class. Remember, at the “start” not later!

“Alright, it’s time for the parade. You’ll remember just a few minutes ago I was all out there and Coach James has been all out there from the start of class” she said laughing quietly.

“I should apologize for laughing but most of you boys have been hard for over an hour. Would you like some relief?”

There was a stir of excitement and apprehension in the class room until; “Coach, ah, what exactly do you mean?” asked a tall broad shouldered young man in the middle of the class.

“Good question Thomas. What I mean is this … if there were no penalty, no judgement and no talk outside this classroom … how many of you would like to masturbate right now?”

She looked around, “Go ahead, raise your hands.”

Monica poked David, “Put your hand up dummy, that thing looks like it could bust!” Mary Ann patted Jacks leg and nodded. David and Jack raised their hands and slowly, slowly every boy in the room raised their hands.

Coach Helen smiled broadly, “Good decision guys. Now all you fellows who want some relief come down to the front.” Hesitantly every one of the boys stood and made their way down front. “Good, form a line across the front facing the girls.”

While the boys were working their way to the front, Coach James took a small and a large bag from his backpack. He went up into the seats passing out 2 large paper napkins to each of the girls. When he finished he passed out a foil wrapped condom from the smaller bag to each of the boys. They stood awkwardly across the front of the room, 19 cocks hard and flushed, short and long, fat and skinny, bobbing side by side. The girls looked on with laser like intensity.

When he finished he stood to one side and carefully opened a condom, softly stroked his large cock several times and rolled the condom on. Finished he nodded to his wife Coach Helen.

“Alright boys open the condoms and put them on, we don’t want to make a mess do we; and girls, the napkins are for you. If you’d like to rub one out while the boys are busy jacking off, please do. From the smell of sex in the room I think you could use it too.”

Slowly one boy after another unwrapped a condom and worked it over their swollen meat. They stood awkwardly looking side to side and then Coach James said, “OK guys, now’s not the time to be embarrassed; I’ve been carrying this boner around for the better part of 2 hours …” and with that he spread his legs for balance, leaned back a little and began to slowly stroke his swollen cock.

One after another each boy joined in. Every girl in the classroom was glued to the spectacle of 19 boys and Coach James jacking off in front of them. Leah leaned in between Monica and Mary Ann, “It’s just too exciting!” She was breathless with excitement and she was not alone.

Mary Ann’s skin had begun to flush a soft pink with excitement, Monica’s eyes were wide and bright. Mary Ann said, “Oh God it’s just too bad we can’t see each of the boys shoot their hot cum … that would really be something.” Her breath was quick and fast.

Just then Monica said, “Oh bahis şirketleri fuck it …” as she leaned back in her chair spreading her legs to give her fingers easy access to her soggy cunt. Leah watched intently as Monica’s fingers wasted no time plunging into her pussy as her other hand began to work her clit.

Looking around Leah saw that most of the girls who were busy ogling the cocks joined in busily frigging their pusses. Looking down over Mary Ann’s shoulder she could see that Mary Ann was pinching and pulling her red nipples with one hand while shoving 3 fingers in and out of her red haired pussy; her head lay back eyes tightly closed.

David and Monica locked eyes as he stroked his big red meat. The room was filled with the sounds of sex, moans, groans and sighs filled the air until a small, round, dark haired girl in the back said, “Fuck it, I need some cock!” and then ran down front where she dropped to her knees in front of a tall skinny blond boy stripping the condom off his cock.

With the blond boy’s meat bare she pulled it deep into her mouth sucking loudly. All eyes seemed to focus on her lusty sucking. It seemed to be a trigger as several of the boys bucked their hips forward blasting ropes of cum into their condoms. Leah was fascinated by the way the ends of the condoms ballooned outward with their creamy bounty.

Just then Mary Ann stood in what might have been a trance like state and walked steadily to the front of the room until she was directly in front of David. She reached out very calmly and took his big red meat in her hand, stepped up onto the podium pulling him after her and then quietly pushed Coach Helen out of the way … she lay back on the desk top, spread her legs and looking David directly in the eyes she growled, “Fuck me right now!”

David looked at Monica who quietly nodded her head and then he ripped the condom off before pushing his thick cock directly in Mary Ann’s hot red pussy until his balls rested against her bottom. She immediately locked her legs behind his back as he leaned down to chew and suck her bright red nipples.

Mary Ann responded by crying out, “Yes, Yes Davey, oh God chew’um, suck’um fuck me with your great big fat dick … aaaah!!”

Monica was fascinated by the way he was able to literally pound Mary Ann’s pussy into the desk top and simultaneously attack her large beautiful tits with his mouth. Leah leaned to her and asked, “Are you mad?”

“No honey, Annie deserves a turn with Davey and besides, I’m gonna’ get me some of Coach!” and with that she stood and worked her way down to Coach James where she bent forward, reached back, spreading her cheeks exposing her asshole and opening her swollen pussy wide. She turned her head back to him and said, “Get some Coach …” He quickly stepped up and slammed his throbbing cock all the way in … Monica cried out in a loud voice, “Yeah baby, work that big dick!”

Three girls in the back of the room had managed to get on the floor forming a triangle where they were each lustily sucking pussy. More than a dozen couples had come together and were fucking madly; grunts, cries and groans filled the room. Everywhere one looked there were cocks and pussies slamming into one another.

At the edge of the platform sat a pretty black haired girl busily sucking the cocks of two gangly farm boys who looked like brothers. While she sucked one she happily fondled the cock and balls of the other. While all this played out Jack had stood quietly, softly stroking his very hard cock, at last he turned and looked at Coach Helen who’d been watching her husband pound Monica’s willing pussy.

He walked the few steps over to her by the desk, “Pardon me Coach, why don’t you put your pretty ass up on this end of the desk, I want a mouthful of your pussy …” his voice was soft, warm and friendly.

She looked at him with a quiet smile, “Oh what a good idea,” she said as she slid up onto the desk top where her naked hip brushed against Mary Ann’s head. Jack stepped in, lifted her legs as he knelt resting her knees on his shoulders. In position, Jack began to lick, nuzzle and suck her pussy. It was a veritable swamp of sweet juices, he loved it.

In the sexually supercharged air of the room people began cuming and orgasming one after another. One of the three girls in the back was so overwhelmed that she curled into a ball twitching and lay very quietly. The other two rushed to the front of the room, bent over in front of available cocks and were immediately entered.

David’s cock had been on fire inside Mary Ann. He was amazed how hot her pussy was; it felt like a pool of liquid fire. While he hammered into her she’d cum several times, so often he lost count. For her part Mary Ann just wanted to keep cuming, deep down in her secret place, she wanted to fuck every cock in the room.

David felt the explosive burn begin deep inside until he squirted cum as hot as lava while twisting Mary Ann’s nipples savagely causing her to convulse with pleasure losing consciousness briefly. When he finished cuming he was exhausted and staggered back. His large cock slid out followed by a small river of cum that pooled around Mary Ann’s ass on the desk top, Mary Ann lay there in a daze breathing deeply.

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