The Pact: Wild Cards

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I woke up for a third consecutive day as someone’s sexual plaything, this time due to something cold pressed against my asshole. Before I quite realized what that was, I felt a push inward with what had to be human fingers, and then an invasion by what could only be a cock. It was very large, so I suspected that it belonged to Bacchus or Felix. I then saw another cock pressed to my lips and I was already waking up, so I began licking it gently, after which I opened my mouth and let the dick move toward my throat.

That was when I noticed the gag reflex, of course, and there was no denying that it made things unpleasant, but the actual cock itself was very sensual and slick. It wasn’t long before it went deeper into my throat and actively fucked my face, while I felt that other dick move in and out of my butt. I felt stretched back there, but I didn’t mind. They had already taken my anal cherry and I had enjoyed it then, so there was no reason to object now.

This wasn’t quite how I had initially pictured my week going, having gay sex with two other men, but I had embraced this side of myself and now I enjoyed it without any real embarrassment or shame. No one had touched my own cock yet, but I still felt an incredible excitement, especially as that dick up my ass honed in on my prostate. This double penetration continued for another few minutes, with my gag reflex acting up a second time before I was able to move past it and just enjoy the cock in my mouth, licking its head and length as well.

At last, however, I felt the first dick twitch in my butt, followed by an incredible, slimy liquid released into my bottom. The cock softened and withdrew from my bunghole, to be followed by another that entered my ass. If that was clearly a man, then who was fucking my face? Not ten seconds later, I found out, after a hot, creamy fluid filled and coated my throat. The second man in my backdoor didn’t last long, either, filling it with his spunk as well.

By then, I needed to relieve myself, so I rose and realized that one of my partners was none other than Liam Estrada, my former boss. He owed me a serious explanation, and I think that he realized it as I walked to the head with the sound of cat calls and wolf whistles from both ladies and gentlemen alike.

I wasn’t to be left alone, of course. Blanca followed me and started fondling my ass while I pissed. Then she turned on the shower and motioned for me to join her in it. It seemed that she would explain things for her uncle, instead of him doing so directly.

“Okay, what’s going on here? I thought that Liam wasn’t interested in joining us yet, that he’d have to be talked into fucking you again, let alone me. What the hell happened?” I demanded to know.

“Uncle Liam called me up this morning and told me that Becky had confessed everything, the whole plot and all that. He said that he had never been so excited and flattered in his entire life, and that he wanted badly to join us, but he never dared to consider it until right then, because of his own scruples. I told him that he should ‘fuck’ his scruples and join us.

“Then I described everything that happened and he confessed to me that he had wanted to jump your bones for a long time now. I knew that you wouldn’t mind, just be a little confused, and that I could then get you caught up. I hope I wasn’t out of line to encourage him to try you out. He saw your ass and really wanted it bad, too. He had to agree to wait until Bacchus and Felix had their turn, however,” Blanca informed me, licking her lips as she mentioned the gay sex that had occurred shortly before.

“Okay, so now you’re really turned on and want me to fuck you hard, eh?” I surmised.

“Of course, but I have to wait my turn. It’s been agreed that Becky Adler gets you next. Sorry to exclude you from that convo, but you were sound asleep. Count on you being a heavy sleeper, I guess. Anyway, Becky wants you to fuck her hard … very hard. In her ass, too. She told me to tell you that you should fuck her ass every bit as forcefully as Uncle Liam fucked yours. She wants it balls deep in her booty.

“The others can have her after that, but you get dibs on her virgin asshole. Yep, that’s right. Becky has never taken it in the ass before, but she wants you to get that cherry, just as Liam took her other one. She’s tried almost everything else, but as a good Jewish girl, she was a little slower to go for the sodomy.

“Uncle Liam opened her up to a lot of things, but this is one hole that he has agreed will be yours first. He plans to be next, however. He wants to give you his anal virginity as well. He’s never been fucked up the ass before, either. They want to share the experience of having it in the butt with each other. They think it will be a bond that they can share forever,” Blanca elaborated, as she stroked my dick in the shower.

“And what will the sexy niece be doing, while her uncle and future aunt get it on with yours truly?” I teased Blanca, caressing her buns as we rinsed off in the ataşehir escort shower.

“Probably letting her uncle fuck her up the ass while his fiancée gets pounded by her lover,” Blanca answered before kissing me with a great deal of tongue and then turning off the shower.

“Really? That sounds like a lot of fun. So, Uncle Liam and the future Aunt Becky will be part of our little circle as well, I see,” I observed as I dried Blanca off.

“Yep, your past and future bosses will be part of your harem. Didn’t really think that was gonna happen, did you?” Blanca replied as she reciprocated.

“I was perhaps a bit skeptical, if hopeful. Certainly was taken by surprise on the Liam side of things. I thought that he was totally straight,” I commented.

“So did he, until he realized how much he wanted your ass,” Blanca giggled as she followed me out of the shower, fondling my butt as we joined the others.

Never having met Becky Adler before, I was truly stunned at her beauty. She had an olive complexion, which was a surprise, as were her grey eyes and her long, luxuriant jet-black hair. The way that she greeted me, however, was the real seal on the deal. She gave me an intense stare, not trying to conceal how she ogled my body, and then wrapped her arms around my torso as she planted a French kiss on my mouth.

“At last, the great Ian himself. Not that I didn’t watch my fiancé fuck your sweet ass, but now I get to kiss you and service you myself. Alright, Blanca go ahead and play with your uncle. I know that he is waiting to bone his niece again. Here, put that lube on me, dear, and slip your cock up my ass where it belongs,” Becky encouraged me, bending over with her cheeks nice and spread apart as they should be.

I was extremely hard by then, having had my mouth fucked once and my ass pounded twice that morning, I had no trouble getting my hard dick to go very far up Becky’s butt while she began to gasp and sigh in response to the meaty cock slamming her booty. I worried that I might have hurt her by going too far in a cherry ass, but Becky only reacted by using her hips meet me halfway on each stroke. She started panting really hard, which was something that Liam later explained as her natural reaction to the delights of rough sex.

Speaking of Liam, Blanca and he really made out like college sweethearts, and then she knelt to suck and lick his cock as well as his balls. I could tell that he had as much of a hard time holding himself back as I did. Blanca seemed so enthusiastic about finally enjoying her uncle again that she didn’t waste much time spreading her cheeks for him as Becky did for me.

“Fuck me in the ass, Uncle Liam! Fuck your niece in the ass!” she begged him.

Pretty soon, the sound of Liam ramming Blanca’s asshole was joined by the grunts which came from Bacchus sticking it to Des in the butt while Felix pounded Tina there as well. Tammy wasn’t idle, either, going from woman to woman to eat their pussies while we fucked each of them hard in the booty. I made a mental note to myself that Tammy should get rewarded with a gang-bang soon, maybe even made the object of the entire group’s lust for a few hours.

Meanwhile, my own cock thrilled to the delightful tightness and heat of Becky’s butt as I probed it furiously. Her pussy smelled strongly of her excitement and her thighs glistened with the fluids that poured down from her cunt. I had never fucked my boss before, so this was quite the change for me, but I got the impression that our relationship was never going to be the usual one of employer and employee anyway.

After several more minutes of this ruthless penetration, I came in Becky’s ass and felt the intensity of her own climax as it happened at last. That was when I heard Liam groan as he shot off his spunk in Blanca’s tush. When Tammy began sucking my dick straight from Becky’s bottom, I was a little stunned until I recalled how clean it had been when pulled out of her butt.

When Bacchus filled Des and Felix spent himself inside Tina, Tammy sucked each of us off straight from those ladies, including Liam directly out of Blanca. I then pulled Tammy up to her feet and gave her a deep tongue kiss that enabled me to taste the cum in her mouth as well. She licked her chops and then knelt behind each of the ladies to lap up all traces of the spunk leaking from each woman’s bottom. The squirming and moans that followed made it quite clear that the other ladies truly enjoyed this service, as did the kisses that each of them placed on her lips when she finished.

Once I was nice and hard again from this incredibly sensual act of submission by my hostess, I knew what was coming, and I was right. Liam bent over in front of me with his cheeks apart and invited me to bugger him, which I did once the hole was properly lubed and relaxed. I took it in stages, of course, as he had never taken it up his ass before, but I was soon balls deep in his colon. That Liam enjoyed this more than I expected was made evident kadıköy escort bayan by how his dick refused to completely soften the whole time I slammed into his butt. I couldn’t believe it, of course, but I was really having fun myself, pounding the man’s rump with my hard dick to my satisfaction.

I held out longer than previously, partly from nerves and somewhat due to having cum already that morning, but this constant friction on my cock did a number on my restraint, as I rammed his manhole for our shared benefit. What stunned me was how much over the past few days I had become accustomed to gay sex as well as straight, to the point that it seemed just as natural for me to sodomize another guy as to fuck a girl in either hole. Admittedly, straight sex was still better, but this wasn’t bad at all and it certainly opened up new possibilities for my personal satisfaction.

Finally, of course, I expelled my considerable load in Liam’s bowels, exulting in the idea of his asshole now being slimy with my cum. I was a bit surprised when first Liam and then Becky planted rather fierce kisses on my lips, inserting plenty of tongue as well. I didn’t resist, of course, finding this triple tonsil hockey rather pleasant as well.

Liam then announced, “I need a shower. Who’s gonna join me?”

Tina jumped up and held onto him, grabbing his butt as she did so. The next noise I heard was the shower turning off and running for several minutes. Then there were lapping sounds, as with a tongue, followed by serious moans and sighs that made it clear that Liam had chosen to feast on either her pussy, her ass, or some other sensitive area.

I looked over at Blanca and told her, “Spread your legs. I know that you’re clean enough to lick, so your pussy has a date with my tongue.”

Within minutes, I was quite involved in lapping away at my saucy Latin blonde, who began whimpering at first. That was followed by her already slick cunt becoming even wetter, as her juices flooded her thighs as well as my face. I also sucked on her clit repeatedly. She began shivering, then growling atavistically, and finally squealing as if someone had poured hot broth on her. Her whole body went rigid, and at last, she turned limp and seemed to turn into a quivering heap of sultry flesh.

When I leaned over to stroke Blanca’s hair, however, she grabbed my face and planted a French kiss on me that should set a whole new standard for passion. I realized by then that the others had looked at me with awe, and the moment that Liam and Tina returned, Tammy and Des made a beeline for the shower.

“Excuse us, folks, but I think that we both want a bit of what you just gave Blanca,” Des giggled as they walked to the bathroom.

I licked my lips in anticipation and meanwhile turned my tongue loose on Tina. She didn’t quite expect it again so soon after being dined on by Liam, but she didn’t complain, either. On the contrary, Tina was just as loud for me as she was for my former boss, while I lovingly sampled her sweet slit and sucked on her clit. Soon my face was now drenched with her juices just as it had been with Blanca’s.

Once Tina came, Becky took a wet wipe and cleaned up a bit before walking up to me and showing me her freshly wiped pussy. I didn’t hesitate to give her the same treatment, especially as she seemed cleaner in general than the others that morning. It turned out that she had showered scant hours before she had arrived in anticipation of fucking me at last. The wipe was just for my peace of mind and to encourage me to eat her out, which I did with my typical gusto.

About the time that I got around to sucking Becky’s clit, making her cum at last, Des and Tammy emerged from the shower and gave me longing looks as well. They evidently wanted me to have them for breakfast, too.

“Tammy gets it first, as she is the hostess,” Des urged me, as I pulled my mouth away from a collapsed Becky.

I certainly didn’t mind the taste of brown sugar, in this sense or the other, and I dined hungrily on Tammy, invading her cunt repeatedly with my tongue. It wasn’t long before I began sucking on her clit as well and she seemed to get chills as well as breathing much heavier before she finally climaxed.

When I started eating Des out, she was the loudest, of course. She couldn’t help but make a lot of noise, as I gave her the same fine treatment that I performed for the others. My jaws were a little sore by then, but at least I had given my dick a break and still kept five horny women happy.

After Des came, the ladies grabbed me, wiped my dick just to be safe, and each took turns servicing my cock and balls with their mouths. I was soon as hard as steel, but I also had one promise left to keep, so I gestured for the men to join me, as my jaws were now back to normal.

Just to be sure that I sucked enough dick to satisfy my Des’s fantasies, I alternated between Felix, Bacchus, and Liam. I licked and sucked them while the women continued to do the same for me, escort maltepe a sight that must have really excited everyone present, judging by their facial expressions.

“Stop, please,” Des asked me abruptly.

“Okay, sure, but why?” I wondered.

“You’ve kept your end of the deal with the men, and went above and beyond it, in fact. Still, I have a favor to ask you, if you don’t mind,” she continued, blushing a little in spite of her recent adventures.

“What is that?” I asked her.

“Can you men please do a train? I want to see one in action. Ian, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to be the engine, so to speak, so that your cock remains ready for us ladies. Bacchus, please fuck Ian’s ass. Felix, stick it up Bacchus’s butt. Liam, ram Felix deep, if you’re okay with that,” Des suggested, which brought grins to everyone present.

I was a little leery of that much pressure on my ass, but Des winked and mouthed a reminder of her promise that she would never ask anything to harm me or my butt. The next few seconds were almost a blur, as lube was spread generously on my backdoor by my fiancée (along with repeated kisses and licks as she got the chance). Then I felt a sudden push inside my sphincter, with a very familiar dick returning to my bunghole. Bacchus was in my ass, and he started actively fucking it just as Felix began slamming him and Liam shoved his hard cock inside Tammy’s husband to finish the train.

Meanwhile, the women were better than their word, as each lady bent over for me in turn and let me fuck her ass. Des was first, but then Tammy, Blanca, Tina, and Becky each enjoyed a few strokes of my dick inside their bottoms. Then the ladies wiped my cock clean and gave me several strokes in their pussies to add to the surprise. This was followed by more time in their butts, another wipe-down, and even more pussy on my dick.

All this time, Liam kept butt-fucking Felix, who in turn sodomized Bacchus, who eagerly ravaged my bowels. This kept up the whole time that I pounded the women in both holes, but it couldn’t keep on forever. After what felt like a splendid eternity, but was actually only about twelve minutes, Liam sent a decent load up Felix’s tush. This prompted Felix to cum deep inside Bacchus, who at last spilled a load in my asshole.

I had bottomed out in Becky’s cunt when this all happened and I shot her some serious seed, right at the opening of her womb. She had a rather fine pussy, I had to admit, even if her ass was her best feature. This was one time that I hadn’t really planned for it, but I had just fucked my future boss when she was most fertile of all, having gone off the Pill.

“Congratulations, brother. You’re a father now,” Becky stunned us all.

“What the fuck do you mean?” I asked, completely confused.

“I’m your half-sister, Ian, and you just put a baby in me. I believe that’s called incest. I tracked you down and set this all up in place, like a nice game of chess, piece by piece. Sorry if I made pawns of the lot of you, but I promise that I do love each of you. Especially Liam, since he is my soul mate. Why do you think that I was so cool with him screwing his niece? It’s because incest is the hottest taboo that one can ever break.

“I assure you, Ian, that none of these women or men knew that they had been played. Their feelings were and are very real, I believe, as are mine. You won’t be my subordinate at work, either. You’ll be my partner. I can’t boss my little brother around. It would just be wrong.

“This is all real where it really counts. I just played matchmaker, that’s all. I love the idea that I picked my own sister-in-law, almost as if I designed her for you myself. Des is perfect for you, the ideal kind of woman for that role. I looked out carefully for my brother’s interests, even shooed away the sort of woman who might try to manipulate or mistreat you. I couldn’t let that happen.

“I wanted a woman who would share you, for instance. She had to be the sort who would put you first in her life and worship you as her idol. She had to be a redhead, of course, because I knew how you felt about gingers. She had to know how to cook, and for that, a plumper sort of gal was best, especially since you didn’t seem to mind some curves on a lady. She had to be a fundamentally submissive woman, of course, and that Des really is, for all of her fiery spirit, still very much your slut.

“Don’t worry, guys. You will each get a turn to knock me up. Hope you don’t mind, Liam. I want to have babies by each man present, though certainly including you. I really hope that every man here puts a baby in every woman here, sooner or later. That’s just how it should be. Well, of course, there is the matter of Des’s sister Nina, who will hopefully join us in time and have her share of babies by each man in this room.

“I want a big, happy family, if a bit unorthodox, the family that you and I never had, Ian. Dad was cruel and abusive to your mother as he was to mine. He wanted your mom to have an abortion, but instead she gave you up for adoption to the parents that you knew, for which I am very glad. Your mother was not his mistress in the true sense. She was his secretary and he basically made her service him to keep her job. She hated him for it and I don’t blame her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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