The Pact: Wild News

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Dinner proved be quite the enjoyable business, but I could tell that the staff knew that something was unusual, even if they couldn’t quite put their finger on it. We all had very wonderful food, at least, and thankfully at least one designated driver per group, because the amount of wine that we ended up drinking with dinner was a bit much. The dinner party lasted until well past three, and we frankly gorged ourselves, including on the dessert. It was a damn good thing that Becky, Tammy, and I were filthy rich, because we could use the money in this case. The check was embarrassingly large and I naturally tipped the waitress as well, a sweet thing named Giulia that Des informed me was her first cousin on her father’s side, but who grew up in Naples instead of the States.

That Giulia hadn’t asked questions audibly was strange, but Des whispered in my ear finally, “She has been passing me notes in Italian, telling me what a lucky girl I am, having you and all. I think that she’s jealous or at least envious.”

“Really? I feel bad for her, but I’m a man of my word. We have a pact, after all,” I observed.

“Screw the pact … and Giulia. I’ll smooth it over with Becky, I promise. My cousin needs some hard cock and now. Give it to her. There’s a janitor’s closet. She’ll meet you there. I already told her that you’d be there. Besides, she needs an anchor baby to keep her in the States,” Des kissed me and said loudly enough for the others to overhear.

“An anchor baby? Is it that close? She’s in that much danger of deportation?” I reacted.

“Just do it, honey. I know what I said before, but what the hell, the girl has needs. Don’t ask me to explain the inconsistency. It’s a female thing. We’re fickle like that,” Becky interjected.

“Do us proud, stud,” Nina winked at me, causing Tammy to laugh, as did the others.

I didn’t know enough Italian to really converse with Giulia, so I simply went to the janitor’s closet as asked and didn’t ask any questions when I felt a mouth surround my dick. Assuming that it was Giulia, I just went for it, fucking the face that offered its service to me. I had to hold back to keep from cumming, however, since I didn’t want to miss the chance to fill her belly with my seed. That was when I felt a kiss on the back of my neck and turned around just as the lights came on.

It wasn’t Giulia who had been sucking my cock. Giulia was right behind me, but she quickly got into the action, adding her mouth and tongue to the one already pleasuring me. The other girl was probably a year or two older at most, and I was almost sure that they were sisters, as they looked so much alike. I damn near came just from fucking both of their mouths. I began removing Giulia’s panties and hiking up her skirt when I saw the other lady lean in to rub her clit. Apparently, she was afraid that Giulia might need more stimulation, which I didn’t mind, although she seemed plenty wet to me.

Before I knew it, I was so far inside Giulia that her companion was almost forgotten … almost, but for the fact that she now applied some canola oil to my backside and began fingering my asshole. I really had to concentrate not to cum at that point, but I managed by sheer force of will for a good several moments. For each stroke, of course, I felt another finger added until the entire fist was in my butt, while Giulia met my hip movements with vigorous ones of her own. She also kissed my face as I rammed her with her legs in the air. I then felt the fist pulling out and a tongue running along my crack down to my taint and my balls. Then the tongue would go back up to my tailbone, after which it headed back down. Whomever the second woman was, she was pretty kinky, I had to admit, though Giulia still managed to be the center of my attention.

At last, however, I couldn’t hold myself back and I began to explode in Giulia’s twat. She started moaning excitedly and it evidently had something to do with the idea of what just happened, especially once the other woman began sucking my cock clean of Giulia’s womanly fluids. They both kissed my mouth with a kiss that was more French than Italian, at least in name, before the door to the closet opened at last.

“Aunt Giovanna! You, too? Dear God! What would Father say?” Des pretended to be angry and shocked for a second, and then she burst out into laughter.

“Congratulations, stud. You’ve just been ambushed! This was planned all along. Becky was in on it, too. Don’t worry. The other Adlers don’t know about it, but everyone else does now, including you, the last to know. Why the last, because you’re the prey, of course. Becky kind of lulled you into false security, didn’t she? Oh, well. Anyway, welcome to the family.

“There is something that you should know. My aunt isn’t a stick in the mud like my parents. In fact, it took a while for the breach to be healed between Mom and Aunt Giovanna. Try and understand. When they were younger, Dad and Aunt Giovanna were lovers, but they broke it off because it was frowned upon by our families. Cousin Giulia here is the fruit mersin escort of their love, so to speak. This is the more pleasant side of our family, babe,” Des assured.

“Exactly, what Sis said. Becky knew us through Aunt Giovanna, who has helped to mentor us a bit, break us away from some of that thinking, though the process didn’t happen overnight. We didn’t know what was in the wind, but Becky nudged us along toward our goal. I took a little longer to convince than Des, actually, but she led us there,” Nina added.

“Wow, even more surprises. Any others?” I chuckled, unsure of what else to expect.

“Yes, in fact, there are,” another voice added itself to the equation.

My fork fell from my fingers and my face paled. It was Molly … alive and in the flesh. Sweet Molly, my sister, who had been adopted from our mother by the Fitzsimmons along with me, only to be mistreated and disowned by my parents just like me, once it was learned that she had an “unnatural” desire for me, her own brother. Yes, Molly and I had been lovers, but she had gone missing, presumed dead, and now here she was, standing in front of me just like yesterday, the years showing in her face, but still as lovely and sexy as ever.

Dear God, she was beautiful!

“Brother dear, you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Molly smiled as she planted very sweet kiss on my lips, her tongue and her eyes telling me that she was still mine first … that she still adored me.

“How long … how long have you all known this?” I asked Becky and Des.

“Oh, we’ve suspected for a while, and a fraction of the estate that I didn’t disclose was reserved for her, just in case. You probably want to add her to the Board of Directors now, maybe even the Executive Committee. She’ll get her share of her inheritance, too, the unallotted portion that I just stated. But only this week did I get confirmation, and naturally I had to strike then, hence my push to get Des into the open marriage thing sooner rather than later. It was the Sign. It was time, dear brother of mine.

“Ian, your parents didn’t stumble upon Molly’s body. They had her committed to an institution, which was where we found her … quite sane. We had a lot of effort put into it, but it worked. Now she’s back and happy again. She never died. She was alive all along. It was a sham, a ruse to fool you. Your parents are dead, of course, but they weren’t able to carry their secret to the grave,” Becky continued.

“Oh, damn … Molly, you know how much I love you. Can you forgive me for not getting you out of that awful place?” I asked her, getting my answer in the form of another kiss, this a tearful one as she put her head on my shoulders.

“Then you know my lifestyle is even wilder than we used to practice, baby,” I warned her.

“I don’t care, Ian. I love you. I will love you until Death claims me for real, and perhaps even beyond the grave, if possible. Please, I will be with you. I will love you. I will do whatever you want of me. I will adapt to this new life of yours. It sounds great, in fact. You’re a different man in some ways, but you’re still the same Ian. The same guy who made me happier than any other person alive. I … need you, brother. I’m still in love with you,” Molly began making out with me in front of everyone present, much to their delight.

“Well, one thing that I know about Ian … he loves his sisters,” Des smiled at us, kissing me as well.

“Very true,” Becky coughed.

“Indeed, as I can attest,” Tammy added, “Hey, this means that you’re our sister, too.”

“Yes, it does, doesn’t it, Sis?” Molly turned and kissed Tammy on the mouth, followed by Becky.

“What about us?” Nathan Adler wondered, more than a bit unnerved by all of this.

“I’ve kept people and seen people kept against their will long enough. I was wrong to ask people to go against their tendencies. So, Martha, you’re free to pursue whatever relationships that you wish. They don’t have to be with men. They just have to be okay with it themselves,” I first released the resident lesbian in the group.

“To be frank, I only want Becky. I want to serve her. I want to worship her, especially her ass. I want to belong to her. I don’t care that she has you guys or won’t ever be faithful to me. I will be faithful to her, anyway, unless she asks me to service someone, of course. I don’t expect her to do anything to please me. This is about her needs, never about mine,” Martha stunned us all with her confession.

“You honestly mean that, do you, Martha?” Becky was astonished at the newest confession.

“Yes, Miss … Becky, I do,” Martha stammered.

“In that case, I think that we can work something out for you. Just know your place. And from now on, I’m Mistress to you. Is that clear?” Becky demanded.

“Yes, Mistress,” Martha averted her eyes and awaited commands.

“Here, replace my chair with your face. If the other guests don’t like it, they can deal with it. From now on, if I want to sit down, I want to sit on your face instead of a chair. Oh, and escort mersin tongue my butt again. I love that,” Becky ordered her with a sadistic grin, “You’re to follow me around and supply your face as a seat whenever I wish it, are we clear? Oh, and you’re to be my toilet, but only for number one. I don’t do that other thing to human beings. Some things go too far, even for scum like you. You are family, after all.”

“As you wish, Mistress,” Martha eagerly submitted and presented her face for Becky to sit down on it.

“And you two … Stuart and Noelle, what do you two really desire?” I now confronted the Chief Counsel and security guard.

“I want to marry Noelle. I was willing to do the other thing. It sounded okay, even fun, but part of it felt wrong on some level. I belong to Noelle and she to me. I want her to be my wife. Marry me, please, Noelle,” Stuart now proposed at last, his tall and thin figure a stark contrast to Noelle’s curves.

“Yes! Yes, Stuart, I will marry you! Just remember who is the boss in this marriage, right?” Noelle grinned, but I could tell that she was serious.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, ma’am,” Stuart blushed, “I only want to please you, my dear.”

“Done. Blessed, accepted, and arranged. What’s next? You, Nathan, what of you? Do you still want Celia, given how she is with Enrique? For that matter, does she want Enrique and does he still want her?” I turned to them.

“Yeah, here’s what I want. I want a deal with Celia that allows us to stay together, but with lovers on the side. Celia has her Enrique, but I want my Priya. Oh, and I want to have a lot more sex with Celia. No more cutting me off, Celia, are we clear?” Nathan announced.

“Wait … Priya, our maid? The cute, barely legal housekeeper from Mumbai? Damn, you move fast, don’t you, honey? Oh, well … I’ll own up to it. I’m a slut. Yeah, I like Enrique and I want to keep doing him. Why wouldn’t I? He’s a Latin hunk. Oh, and sorry about the racist talk. It was part of the social scene, me trying to fit in. I compromised my principles to conform. That was wrong, as was cheating on Nathan. However, I didn’t cut him off. I drugged him several times a week at night and fucked him while he slept. Check the videos I kept of the action, Nathan, if you doubt me. Not to mention, how many times did you wake up drained instead of horny? It’s possible that this little one on the way is Enrique’s, but it could just as easily be Nathan’s. I kind of enjoyed fucking Nathan when I didn’t have to listen to his sniveling. Enrique didn’t grovel. He was a bit more aggressive.

“Nathan, I’ll go for an open marriage if you wish. You always liked young women. I always liked men like Enrique. I’ve always been drawn to you for those alpha traits that you do possess, and yes, you have a few. So … I can be as slutty as I wish and you can be the considerate Sugar Daddy that you like being for those young ladies. Just try to keep it legal, please. You know … of age,” Celia encouraged him.

“You’ll treat me with more respect from now on, too. Are we clear? No more roofies. When you want me to fuck you, you’ll seduce me when I’m awake. Are we agreed? Oh, and no DNA testing. I’d rather take a risk of possibly raising Enrique’s brat and not be publicly humiliated, you see,” Nathan insisted.

“Agreed. You’re a better provider, anyway. Whatever else Enrique is, he isn’t worth half of what you are, even without your executive job. You’re still a director, after all. Sorry, I’ll treat you better from now on, I swear it. We have a deal, I think. You and I have the freedom to chase as much tail as we wish while still being married to each other,” Celia kissed her husband to seal the deal.

“How cozy, but how about we finish eating, okay?” I interrupted, prompting laughter, while Blanca began sucking my cock right under the table and Tina started licking my balls.

“I am eating, can’t you tell?” Blanca teased me a bit there, amusing all of us.

“I can’t wait to get that meat in my mouth, too. Yeah, I’m a total cumslut. I admit it. I’m a very kinky tramp. Good Syrian girl gone bad, I’m afraid. Chaldean, to be more precise. I once fucked three Muslim guys just because my church would frown on it. And I mean that they gang-banged me. I was just 18 at the time, barely an adult. Belonging to a Jew would be that much yummier. I told you. I was always in it for the sex. If it were up to me, I’d be fucking all of you. I do mean ALL of you, even Martha,” Dani confessed to me, much to our arousal.

“Well, I never said that Stuart had to be faithful, did I? Or me, for that matter,” Noelle laughed then, “Remember, honey … you did admit that I wear the pants in our marriage, right?”

“Yes, dear,” Stuart coughed a bit.

“Then there is no trouble from our end. I know that Stuart has fucked you now and then, and that’s okay. I want Stuart because he’s cute and knows who’s boss, don’t you, dear? As long as you know who’s in charge and do everything that I say, we can have as much fun as we wish … or rather, I wish,” mersin escort bayan Noelle giggled a little.

“Oh, I’ll share Martha with you now and then, Dani, but she’ll have to know her place. This means that she goes down on you, but you have no obligation to go down on her. Feel free to make her beg for that. Oh, and be sure to use her as your chair now and then, not to mention your toilet, but only for number one. She needs to accept that she’s at the bottom of the heap now, not the top. I bet that she made you rim her, so feel free to make her rim you,” Becky declared.

“Yes on both counts. Payback’s a bitch, though I admit that I enjoy giving a fine rimjob, and not just to the ladies. I don’t mind getting one, too. Ian, can we … have a moment in private, so I can prove my point?” Dani invited me, making my other girls laugh.

“Go for it, honey. You’ve wanted that sweet Syrian booty since you met Dani and I don’t blame you at all. I’m looking forward to eating her pussy, to be perfectly honest,” Des winked at me.

“Mind if I take Molly along, Dani? She’s not had any of this fun yet,” I suggested.

“Well, by private, I just meant not in public. Besides, you’re my Master now, right? Your wish is my command, Sir. I’m your little slut now. You call the shots with me, just as Martha used to do,” Dani assured me as I went back to the closet and took Molly with us by the hand.

Molly didn’t hesitate in fishing my dick out of my pants and feeding it to Dani. She acted instinctively, as if reading my mind. Well, she was my twin, so that made sense. Pretty soon, both women were on their knees before me, sucking my cock as if they needed it like air. It was apparent to me that my long lost sister still felt every bit as strongly for me as she did before … and now Dani indicated that she was very interested in my body, if nothing else.

“Told you, I’m in it for the sex. Always was, my dear Ian. With Stuart, with Martha, with Celia, with all of them. Okay, maybe some pampering and gossip, too, but I am a woman, after all. I love that you fuck your sisters, incidentally. Incest is a delightful sin, isn’t it? Here, let me show what a slut I really am,” Dani promised before putting my cock back into her mouth, while Molly sucked my balls.

This attention from both women soon had the intended effect, and I was soon hard enough to drive my cock pretty far inside Dani at last before pulling out and fucking Molly for a second. This switching back and forth lasted several minutes, my dick appreciating the contrast between Molly’s and Dani’s wet snatches. I was sure that both women were about to cum good, too, and they proved me right, with Molly practically howling and Dani cursing in her native tongue. It was precisely the sort of threesome that I enjoyed most, one where both women derived their greatest pleasure from their service to me. Oh, I liked other kinds, too, but something about having two women practically worship me was truly awesome.

When I came at last, it was all over Molly and Dani both, their skins glistening with my seed as well as their sweat, both ladies kissing me feverishly afterward. They gave me enough tongue to fill the butcher’s section in the supermarket, but that was hardly a bad thing, was it now? I now had not only my sweet sister back, but also a sexy Syrian who made no secret of her lust for me.

This was quite on top of already having my sultry half-sisters Becky and Tammy, my wonderful fiancée and her sister, that splendid waitress Kerry, my former colleagues Blanca and Cristina, and naturally Giovanna, my fiancee’s aunt and her sibling cousin Giulia, who evidently didn’t know immigration law well enough to know that if she could prove an American father, she was in good for citizenship and need not fear deportation. I would have to enlighten her on that, now that I knew the truth about her parentage. It would take a load off her mind, I hoped. That didn’t even count my male lovers, Bacchus, Felix, and Liam, of course.

In the meantime, as we emerged and Aunt Giovanna basically told us that our money was no good, I somehow found myself and my harem herded upstairs to the apartment above the Italian ristorante, with strict orders from our hostess to, “take it easy and make yourselves at home.” Something told me that Aunt Giovanna intended to welcome us soon with legs wide open, which was just fine with me. While I was supposed to be Master of the harem, this was her territory and she evidently planned to use that at least one more time to ensure that we had the best times possible. Yeah, I was gonna add those women to the Board and make sure that they never knew hard times again … and I was going to make damn sure that they never needed to fear deportation, either.

They were family, after all, and if there was one thing that I learned from Desiree, families took care of their own.

Oh, and in case you wondered, none of us made it back to the office that day. It was kind of hard to do so when tangled in a massive heap of slick, sweaty bodies all engaged in trying to fuck each other blind. Not to mention the many ways that food and wine ended up in our bodies in the process of our fine little orgy. I was pretty sure, and still am, that this was Aunt Giovanna’s doing, since her restaurant was just below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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