The Playground Crush Ch. 02

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Second installment to my first ever story submission. I have spent a little more time on this one so hoping its even better than the first. Hope you guys like it.


Claire stood under the cascading water unable to move. She had her eyes closed and all she could see was his face, with his beautiful lips kissing every inch of her. She had just cheated on her boyfriend of 6 years. Not just with anyone though, but with him. All she had dreamed about for months was his hands on her body. This wasn’t just some one night stand situation. She had genuine feelings for him and they were growing. She loved her partner but tom gave her something new, something exciting, and they just had so much in common. She felt a twinge of sadness that she had betrayed her boyfriend but nothing could compare to what she had just experienced.

She didn’t know how long she had been in the shower when she felt tom up against her back. She loved the way he held her, so gentle but so strong. It felt like he’d never ever let her go, and she didn’t want him to. She could feel him, hard against her. He turned her around and smoothed her cheek. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, such soft skin.

He lowered his head and kissed her gently. Claire ran her fingers through his soaking wet hair and pulled him closer. Toms hands ran down her back and to her waist, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him. He entered her slowly, this time the love making was different than before. At first they just wanted each other so badly they ravaged each other whereas now they wanted to explore each other properly and enjoy each other. He was bigger than anyone she had ever had and her pussy gripped his cock tightly and they made love till the water ran cold.

Time had run away with them and when they were both dried they realised it was quite late, tom had to leave but he promised they would see each other again güvenilir bahis soon. They kissed goodbye and embraced tightly, and Claire spent the rest of the afternoon daydreaming.

A few days went by and Claire hadn’t seen tom but this was the norm. He usually only dropped off the kids one of the days during the week, and this was the end of term as well. So she definitely wouldn’t be seeing him for another couple of weeks. This made her sad but she was so sore from where he had been inside of her that she had a nice reminder of him every time she took a step. She wanted to message him just to see how he was but she knew he would be busy at work so she went through the next week and a half keeping herself busy.

Claire and her other half had bought a new car during this time and it just so happened that it was the same make as the car tom had but just a newer model so she knew he would like it. The new school term came so fast and before she knew it Claire was getting ready to see him again. She knew they couldn’t be close to each other, the way she wanted, but they spoke often anyway so it wasn’t weird that they were standing together. He whispered in her ear that he had missed her and had not stopped thinking about her since he had left her that day. She admitted she had missed him to. They walked back down towards the car park and he noticed Claire’s new ride. She joked that she would take him for a spin sometime and he said there was no time like the present. She blushed.

Claire couldn’t take him far as he would need to be home soon before his wife suspected anything. She only worked a couple of hours a week and tom often worked from home. They held hands while Claire drove but she could feel the leather of the seat getting wet underneath her. She really couldn’t help how he made her feel, hot and so wet. Tom noticed she was getting flushed so he asked if there was anything he could do to help. Before türkçe bahis Claire could say anything toms hands were sliding up her legs. She had chosen to wear a loose dress today so he had very easy access.

Claire had not expected this at all. She had to grab the steering wheel with both hands and nearly lost control of the car. She felt dizzy and overwhelmed but in a really good way. Tom felt her lips swell and her pussy juice trickling out of her. She was so ready for him, so he pushed in one finger and she took a sharp breath, even his fingers felt amazing inside of her. She wanted to pull over but she couldn’t. He slowly put in another and another. He rubbed her clit until it grew to double the size. She came just as they got back to toms car. Claire couldn’t move and all tom could do was smile at her. He kissed her on the cheek with a little giggle and whispered in her ear that next time he wanted to taste her, and went on his way. Claire felt a quiver all throughout her body, she shook herself off and went home to clean up.

It transpired that the week after that Claire’s other half would be away with work for a night, and her daughter would be at a sleep over. She let tom know and he agreed that he could get away for a few hours. The first time he had come over she had felt nervous but now she just couldn’t wait for him to get there. This time instead of shaving completely she left a thin line of hair, she thought he might like it, and his voice was stuck in her head that next time he wanted to taste her. So she also used all her best body scrubs and moisturisers.

The knock came at 7. She invited him in and offered him a drink. They talked for a while, after all it wasn’t just sex they were interested in. After a couple of rounds they both started to feel a little tipsy, but instead of leading him upstairs Claire fetched a huge fur rug that lived in another room. She placed it in front of the open fire güvenilir bahis siteleri that was situated in the centre of the living room. She had always fantasised about making love to tom this way. She pulled him onto the rug and they knelt in front of one another. Tom ran his fingers down Claire’s neck and pulled down the straps on her top until her breasts fell out. He caressed them, looking at them closely like he wanted to remember exactly the way they looked in the firelight. He kissed them and starting sucking on the nipples making them hard, he pulled down her top along with her trousers. Claire was wearing blue diamanté and lace up crotchless panties. He liked them very much.

Tom laid her down on the rug and continued to kiss and nibble at her breasts. He starting moving down her stomach kissing every inch of her till he reached her panties. He undid them and slipped them off her body, he could see her juices glistening at him, he felt himself swell rapidly. He put his hands on her buttocks and he lifted her pussy up to him, he ran up and down her soft lips. She tasted like heaven to him. He teased her clit, flicking and sucking on it gently. he could feel her twitching underneath him. He brought down his mouth and pushed his tongue inside of her. Claire clenched her legs together and brought up her hips, her pussy was throbbing like crazy and she couldn’t catch her breath, she could feel herself climaxing, she thought tom would pull away but he held tight to her. He really did want to taste her. She cried out as she came, wet with cum and hot sweat. Tom came back up and he lay on top of her. He pushed his hard cock into her tight soaking pussy. In and out faster and faster, they panted together until tom exploded inside of her. They were covered in each others sweat and exhausted. They both just wanted to lay like this forever if they could.

They shared a shower before tom had to leave to get home, but it was getting harder and harder to say goodbye. This relationship was turning into so much more. There was always genuine feelings between the two of them but now they couldn’t see a future without one another in it. Where do they go from here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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