The Pool of Faunus

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Terri turned her head towards her friend, “This is simply glorious,” she said.

And it was.

A perfect blue skied day with not a cloud to spoil the perfection. A day for walking in the countryside and that was just what Terri and Esther were doing. It had been Esther’s idea. An idea formed months before and, finally, they had done it. They had synchronised diaries, got together and gone for the day’s hike. They had left the car and set off for a circular eighteen mile walk with a stop half way for a picnic lunch. The lunch had been good but that was already well behind them.

The track they had been following had just crested a hill. They looked down from the hill at the forest spread out before them, a sea of emerald green in the sunshine with the occasional splash of reflected light from a stream that ran, appearing here and there, through the trees far below. They flopped down beside the path to rest and admire the view.

“Glorious,” repeated Terri, and Esther smiled her agreement.

Two long legged girls in walking shorts, their tanned legs disappearing into walking socks and boots. Their short sleeved blouses a little damp from the exertion of the hike. Their day packs, now minus their lunches, cast aside, they sat side by side, knees drawn up looking out at the view.

“We’re making good time.”

“Mmmm, no hurry. We could just lay back and snooze.”

“I fancy dipping my feet in that stream down there… if we can find it.”

“If the track goes that way.”

Descending the hill they found that the track did not actually seem to come to the stream but occasionally they could still see it through the trees sparkling with reflected light, even hear it faintly as it ran. The sound was enticing. A liquid sound summoning up thirst, though they had their water bottles for that, and the thought of cooling water on hot, rather sweaty feet.

Terri and Esther rambled on with both of them rather hoping the stream would take a turn towards them, perhaps even cross the path under a little wooden footbridge, or their track turn towards it, either way causing a meeting. Instead, after a good ten or fifteen minutes, their track turned away from the supposed stream hidden by the trees. They could still hear it.

“Oh,” they both said together, seeing the track very obviously heading away from the desired cool flowing stream. The sound of water was louder at the turn, as if the stream was closer.

“Shall we see if we can find it?” Suggested Terri.

A small bird hopped towards them down the track and then flew off into the trees towards the sound of water.

Not so easy navigating off the track and through the trees without a path to follow. Not so easy having to circumnavigate patches of brambles and fallen trees. Not so easy when they had to push through a sudden sunlit expanse of tall green bracken with little idea what their feet were treading upon. They were puzzled that the sound of the stream had seemed louder yet was actually nowhere as close as it had been. They still could not see it, though the sound had become still louder. More trees and then a bit of a scramble down and they came out into the open, not to a stream but to a small body of water.

‘Pond’ would perhaps have under described it and ‘lake’ been far too grand. It was not large but it was not really small. A ‘tarn’ perhaps: only this was not Cumbria.

The water was fringed by trees and the sound of water was explained by a waterfall. Where the stream entered the pool at one end it did so over a rocky ledge with the water falling a good ten feet down into the pool. A real and rather beautiful waterfall cascading into the water. The outgoing water left at the other end of the pool much more sedately – just a stream again. The water was open and not fringed with reeds.

The sky reflected upon the water made it beautifully blue and anything but murky. Crystal clear was a much more accurate description.

“What a place!”

The girls sat and looked. A perfect place indeed, almost too perfect, and, but for them, deserted and not even the suggestion of a path around or to it. The pool so placid and calm, fringed with so many beautiful trees. Not a single species but many different types. It was a perfect and secret place.

Terri unlaced her boots and pulled them off together with her socks. She wriggled her toes. They had blue nail varnish to match her fingernails. A little incongruous out of walking socks but Terri liked her nail varnish.

“A paddle?”

“Perhaps a bit more than that, Esther. I’m tempted to go right in.”

Esther watched her friend unbuttoning her blouse. It would not simply pull off over Terri’s head, not with the sweat soaking it at the back and making it stick to her skin. It needed unbuttoning.

The last button undone and Terri pulled the blouse off and reached down for the button at the top of her shorts. A tug, a sliding of the zip and down they came around her ankles leaving her in brassiere and canlı bahis panties. She stepped towards the water, then turned.

“I don’t really need these, do I Esther? What do you think to skinny dipping?”


But they were alone. Just two girls. “Why not?”

Terri did not await an answer but reached and undid the clasp. She did not let her white brassiere fall to the water but threw it to the bank. Her breasts were not large but feminine enough. The brassiere was not really needed. Slim but tall. Esther admired her friend’s athletic body. Not that she had anything to be ashamed of though there was rather more of her. Not shorter than Terri but rather more substantial and, unlike Terri’s jet black hair, her hair was auburn. She was a redhead, a ginger.

Terri crossed her arms over her breasts, “this does feel sort of naughty.”

Esther laughed, “You’ve almost done it Terri. Go on, go the whole hog.”

And she did, turning from Esther and stepping carefully out of her panties so as not to wet them with her already wet feet and then there was Terri, all at once, completely naked in the water. With a backwards flick of her wrist her final piece of underclothing was discarded upon the bank. Again she turned to Esther, her really black and not at all curly triangle of hair replacing a view of her bottom before her hand went down to cover and an arm went across her breasts. Hands hiding, fingers with varnish as blue as the reflected sky in the pool.

“It’s only me here, Terri. Not a boy!”

The hands dropped revealing Terri’s slim athletic body to her friend entire. They had not seen each other naked before despite knowing each other well since school.

“You coming in too?”

“Suppose so. Seems silly to just paddle.” Esther undid her boots and pulled off her socks. She undid the button and zip of her shorts before standing and slipping them and her panties down.

Terri had already stepped into the water, no doubt relishing the cool water around and between her toes.

“Wait for me,” said Esther undoing her blouse. Already it felt pleasantly cooler where her shorts had been removed. Cooler and freer.

Terri turned and saw Esther’s white brassiere drop to the ground. The contrast between the two girls was even more marked. Both tall and both girls, but there the similarity ended. Whereas Terri was slim, Esther was inclined to the voluptuous. Her hips that much wider and her breasts so much larger. Her skin paler and her bush so much more generous, thickly curled and, of course, sort of matching her head but much more orange.

“That’s a bit dramatic.”

“What?” Asked Esther. She stepped towards the water and her now unrestrained boobs wobbled. “Sorry about these udders,” she said.

“Huh! Don’t be so disparaging. They’re lovely. Wish mine were larger,” the girl pushed hers together to give a hint of cleavage, “Except when I’m running of course. And don’t the boys love them! Hey, and what a marvellous colour you are!”

She was looking at her friend’s pubes, looking at the riot of orange curls. Whilst Esther’s hair was auburn, a reddish brown, her curls were so much lighter and really rather orange.

“A…mazing.” She held out her hand and the two girls stepped further into the water together.

Two girls holding hands walking into a pool of clear water hidden in the forest, a pool complete with splashing waterfall. A perfect place and made the prettier by the girls. A photograph could have been exquisite of the two of them naked in the setting.

“Oooh, a bit cold after the walk.”

“You’re not complaining, Esther, surely?”

She was not.

They swam. They swam across the pool, they swam up to the waterfall, even under it so the water fell upon them. The water was cool and clear and they could even see the occasional fish below and around them. Regular replenishment from the stream plus the oxygenating effect of the waterfall no doubt doing wonders for the health of the water.

In time they had enough swimming. It was best to leave the water before they became cold. The two girls lay back on the warm rock by the pool. A little sunbathing would be pleasant for a while and they were not yet in a hurry to get on and finish their walk. Esther closed her eyes.

Two girls lying naked in the sunshine. It was a bit too hot for the birds to be active, though a couple did come and sit and look for a moment or two at the sleeping girls. Perhaps for a moment they thought the girl’s nipples might be tasty tidbits or else their triangles of hair useful nesting material but then they hopped away and flew into the trees leaving the girls alone. A zephyr blew across the water disturbing the now tranquil and placid pool. Ripples from the moving air came across the pool to where the girls lay sleeping in the sunshine.

A while later Terri woke. She had been dreaming. It was the sort of dream she rather liked and enjoyed waking from and remembering: certainly when alone in her bed in bahis siteleri the early morning. It had been pleasantly erotic. She closed her thighs which had rather opened as she slept. She knew she was wet between them. It had, indeed, been a particularly pleasant and erotic dream. Terri was, though, immediately conscious of where she was and who she was with. It would be a little embarrassing if Esther had seen her perhaps opening and closing her thighs in the midst of her dream. She opened her eyes and turned to her friend and got a bit of a shock.

Esther was fast asleep or seemingly so as her eyes were closed but whereas Terri’s thighs had, she thought, been a little apart, Esther’s were splayed. Her mouth was rather open and her pink tongue flicking. Moreover she was panting and looking very much like a girl in the midst of sexual activity. It was clear and obvious to Terri that her friend was dreaming very much as she had been, but more so.

Esther’s gorgeous freckled breasts were moving, her perky nipples extended and Terri’s eyes could not fail to be drawn to Esther’s wonderful ginger bush. Such a pretty colour and looking all the better for a hint of dampness upon the curls. Terri glanced again at her friend’s face in case she had awoken but, whilst she could see movement of eyes underneath her lids, Esther seemed very much in the Land of Nod even if possibly very close to a sexual paroxysm.

Girls were not Terri’s thing but she could not resist looking a little closer at Esther’s sex. She sat up and looked between her friend’s thighs. Her orange curls framed her lips which were, unsurprisingly, thick and engorged but what held Terri’s eye and amazed her was Esther’s vagina. It was not just easily visible but really open: not the squashed entrance to her body which could be expanded and opened but a very visible tunnel, wide and seemingly pulsing. The soft, pink and obviously wet flesh was moving, rippling to and fro as if being drawn by an invisible penis. It was fascinating and surprisingly erotic. Terri just stared, then glanced at her still sleeping friend’s face before touching herself with her hand, feeling her own wetness and playing with her extended clit.

It was clear Esther was approaching orgasm and Terri did not think she would, herself, be far behind. Her dream had been rather erotic. A man had been atop her, in her dream, and doing what men do but rather well. It was, though, a new experience to be playing with herself and getting off not on the thought of some nice young man but the sight of a girl’s open pudenda. It was certainly very pretty, which actually was a somewhat odd thing for her to think about a girl’s sex.

The thought that it looked good enough to eat came to her mind. In the absence of a man would she actually like to have pushed her face into her friend’s sex, tasted her wetness, sucked on her standing pink clit and even pushed her tongue into that open vagina whilst, importantly, Esther did the same to her? Two girls on the ground in the sunshine, soixante-neuf? That was not Terri’s scene but just then, in the sunshine as her fingers took her to a peak, it seemed not unattractive and who would know! Terri’s eyes were fixed on the strange pulsing movement of Esther’s sex and then she glanced up at Esther’s face and saw her friend peak. A delightfully abandoned shuddering and movement of tongue and mouth. Esther as she had not seen her before.

Almost Terri herself coming, her fingers flicked but that last little raising of excitement, those last few yards up that hill seemed to elude her and then, frustratingly, Esther’s eyes opened. Terri’s thighs snapped shut and her hand came away. She felt embarrassed, caught doing something she should not have been doing but it was unlikely Esther had seen anything of that and certainly her own obvious embarrassment suggested she was much more conscious of her own display. Esther went bright red as her thighs came together and she sat up.

“Oh, I… I’ve been dreaming.” Her voice had an unusual timbre and was pitched higher than usual. Her eyes were blinking rapidly.

“So I could see. A nice dream was it?”

Laughter is the best relief for embarrassment, “Just a bit” She bit her lip.

“Sorry but, I’ve just… it’s what the boys call a ‘wet dream.’ It was… he was… sorry!”

Terri grinned and hunched her shoulders. “Shall we have another dip?” It was annoying she had not come herself. Cool water would take away her still desire for sexual activity and thoughts of touching Esther.

They said nothing more about it as they swam, dressed and set off back up the slope and across the sunlit patch of bracken towards their path. They found it easily despite not having the sound of water to guide them. That was behind them. A few more miles found the girls back at their car. A perfect day’s walking and even a swim!

Back in the city Terri found her thoughts kept returning to that Saturday with Esther. It had been such a perfect day. Such weather, bahis şirketleri such countryside, such good exercise, such an enjoyable picnic, what a wonderful pool to have found and it had been so good to swim and…, yes, and… Terri had to admit her thoughts kept also going back to her dream, her playing fingers and, indeed, the sight of Esther’s naked body in sexual excitement. Those orange curls and the sight of Esther’s sexual orifice so open and moving. It was such a shame she had not had the same dream again whilst in her bed in the city.

Esther pushed her chair back at her office desk and thought. Her thoughts, too, went back to that day’s hike with Terri. She felt embarrassed by what Terri must have seen. She had woken feeling so sexually taut. She had ‘come,’ she had felt the pulsing rush of orgasm, had been ‘coming’ as she awoke and saw Terri looking at… at her sex. It had been a ‘wet dream’ all right. The term was really for the boys, when they ejaculated whilst asleep. She knew that but, equally, ‘wet’ applied so much to girls, more so in a way, and she had been as ‘wet’ as anything.

And then there was her dream – her so sexual dream. It remained vivid. A man – of course – having sex with her. But what a man, an idealised man. So handsome, so virile. His olive skin and curly black hair – in many places – his tight bottom and, yes, upstanding curved penis. She could recall her dream, him walking towards her so naked, so beautiful, so hard. His ‘horn’ curving up for her. And then the coupling, the feel of him entering her and making her feel so good.

Esther had hoped the dream would come to her again whilst in bed in her flat in the city but it did not – not even a whisper of that dream. Not that she could recall, anyhow, and she had not woken to find herself all ‘wet’ from some, unfortunately, forgotten dream.

Again and again Esther found her thoughts returning to that perfect pool, that lovely swim and… and being naked with Terri in the sunshine and solitude. She could not forget her dream but nor could she forget Terri looking at her sex. Terri had looked so fine, her strong athletic body, her sweet little breasts and her pretty, so straight hair in her private place.

It was she, Esther, who again suggested they spend another Saturday hiking and it was she who suggested they take somewhat the same route as before.

“That pool… it was so lovely.”

And Terri had agreed.

Once again dressed in hiking shorts and boots they had set off from their car. The weather not so good but the forecast promising a steady improvement during the day and, by the time they stopped for lunch, rather later this time, the sun had come out and the clouds rolled away. A mostly different route but it found them again at the top of the hill looking out over the forest and the bright stream winding its way onwards. The wind had dropped completely and they found it hot enough to undo a few buttons of their shirts as they finished their lunch and stood once more, both eager to be on the move – or perhaps to reach the pool.

“I had been thinking it was not going to be warm enough to swim but, you know, I think it will be.”

Again the faint sound of running water when they came down into the forest. When their path turned they could hear the sound of the waterfall. Leaving the path proved as difficult as before. Neither could understand why there was not a track leading to the pool. Surely it must have enticed others. It was such a place for a picnic or to fish… or to swim.

The splashing of water was quite loud in the stillness when the two of them finally came out through the trees into the open at the pool’s edge. A few birds that had been drinking at the water flew up into the trees but otherwise just as before there was no one there and not the sign that anyone had been there, no path around the pool, no obvious favourite place for fishing, no rope hanging from a willow to swing on out over the water, no litter: just the girls and the trees around the pool.

“It really is the most perfect place,” said Terri.

It was where they had both so wanted to be; had thought about so much whilst in the city; had separately so wanted to take their clothes off again and swim and be naked together.

It was Esther who began, “I sort of feel it is almost wrong to be clothed here.”

Terri giggled, “two nymphs of the pool.” She watched as her friend undid her shirt and brassiere. Esther’s breasts were so full. She loved the way the freckles came down her neck and spread out across the swell of her breasts, not simply into her cleavage but out onto the breasts themselves almost touching her areolae. Terri smiled at seeing Esther’s nipples looking all erect – ‘perky’ indeed. It was not the cold, so she thought she must be feeling the same excitement Terri was – and she knew it was not simply the excitement of being back in this wonderful place or the prospect of slipping, naked, into the so soft clear water and swimming. No, it was sexual excitement and she felt it as much, had been feeling it and been growing wetter in her panties as they had stepped off the path. It could even have been the sound of the waterfall that had been the trigger.

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