The Prize Ch. 04

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The next day they docked, and Teel was taken to her new quarters. She sat around in her sumptuous surroundings with a host of servants anxious to ensure that she had everything that she wanted and was ready and waiting for their leader. Teel was bathed and perfumed and then dressed in one of many new clothes. She stood stiffly surveying her new wardrobe, while listening to the servants ooh and aah over the rich colors of the vibrant fabrics. Teel observed the thin cloths with a sardonic grimace, and just managed to sit still long enough for them to wrap one around her.

Teel again felt a glimmer of hatred rush through her as she took in her reflection. She could just make out the curve of her breast and the dark shadow between her thighs in the revealing garment. Teel sat down on the bed waiting for the moment when the Black Rogue would grace her with his presence. He hadn’t spoken to her, touched her, or acknowledged her in any way since he had turned his back on her the previous day.

Teel sat around as long as she could before her agitation became too much for her, and she angrily stalked to the double doors and threw them wide to make her exit. The servants were everywhere, swarming around her and trying to coerce her back into the room. Teel was making good her escape and was taken aback when she ran right into the Black Rogue, literally. Teel backed up a step to better take in his mood.

Teel looked up into his cold, hard eyes, taking in a deep breath. He really was very attractive. Teel’s body shuddered in excitement as she watched him advance towards her. Wrapping his arms around her, he drew her down the corridor. Teel felt her heart thunder with pleasure as she imagined spending time alone with the Black Rogue, enjoying his touch again.

Teel came to an abrupt halt and received an awful shock when she entered the room at the end of the corridor to find her mother naked on the bed before her. She turned in fury on the Black Rogue and raised her hand to strike him but he grabbed her wrist and pulled it behind her back spinning her in the process, forcing her to watch the scene that was unfolding before her.

Teel watched in horror as an older man approached her mother and put his hands on her, caressing Lanie’s breasts with obvious enjoyment.

The Black Rogue brushed the hair over Teel’s left shoulder and whispered in her ear. “You look extremely sexy today. Being captive must agree with you.” Teel struggled furiously in his hold.

“It won’t do you any good to fight me Teel. You’re here until I decide to let you go,” he threatened.

Teel closed her eyes against the scene before her in confusion. Her mother wasn’t doing anything to stop the man from touching her; she was in actuality arching up to meet his caresses.

“I gave your mother to my father as a gift in response to your insolence. Tazian has been many months without a woman. He said no one has stirred him since my mother died, but he felt something when he saw your mother this morning,” the Black Rogue enlightened. “You needn’t worry that she won’t enjoy his possession though, we gave her something special to help her adjust to her situation.”

Teel didn’t respond to the Black Rogue’s taunting; she just stood in his hold seething, watching.

Lanie was aware of what was happening, of what she had been given, and that her daughter was across the room. Lanie was no fool. She was a leader in her own right, and understood the power struggle that was going on between Teel and the Black Rogue. Lanie considered her options carefully as she writhed beneath Tazian. He really did know his way around a woman’s body, and he had the most delightful hands.

Lanie struggled to refocus her thoughts on the situation at hand. They couldn’t escape, but that didn’t mean they were defeated. Lanie refused to allow her daughter to become subservient or to lose one bit of the wild spirit that had guided her all her life. Lanie rolled illegal bahis over on top of Tazian, her decision made.

Lanie slid down Tazian’s hard length, lifted herself quickly, effected a quick rotation, and slammed herself back down. She repeated the motion again and again, moaning and sighing each time. Lanie knew how to drive a man wild, and she would give him pleasure without taking her own; that was a woman’s power.

Lanie raised her hands to her breasts, massaging them gently, rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger as she continued her wild movements. When Tazian raised his hands to her hips to control her movements, she leaned over him, putting her breast in his mouth. She covered one of his hands with her own, bringing it between her legs to quickly distract him.

Teel watched her mother in dawning comprehension as to what she was doing. Teel remembered the iron fist that her father had ruled with, but in the bedroom he had become as powerless as a kitten. Lanie had ruthlessly used her sexual power to control her husband both in and out of the bedroom. Teel had even caught them having sex in the kitchen once. After a time, she had come to accept it as the norm and had learned to ignore their escapades.

Teel’s eyes sparked with admiration as she watched her mother bring Tazian to a merciless orgasm. Lanie reigned in her own pleasure and rolled over next to him, struggling to catch her breath. The desire to touch herself was appallingly strong, and Lanie clenched and unclenched her hands in the folds of the bed linen beneath her determined not to give them the pleasure. Whatever they had given her, had only served to increase her normal sexual sensitivity and she was going up in flames just lying there.

Lanie began a light pattern of squeezing and releasing her internal muscles, hoping for some mild relief, never anticipating the fierce orgasm that ripped through her a few minutes later. She arched up off the bed as the ripples of pleasure chased through her and threw her head back with clenched teeth, riding the wave to its end.

Approbation gleamed in Tazian’s eyes as he looked down at Lanie. He had initially taken her because she appealed to him, and his son thought it a fitting punishment for the daughter, but he knew in that moment that once was not enough and he had to have Lanie for his own on a permanent basis. Tazian climbed off the bed and headed out of the room.

Teel tried to move towards her mother, but the Black Rogue dragged her from the room, back down the corridor they had just come through. He took Teel into his private quarters, instructing all the servants to leave, before directing Teel to undress and dance for him. The Black Rogue was already heavily aroused from that little scene in his father’s bedroom, but he wanted to see Teel’s desire flare up to meet his. What he wasn’t expecting was Teel’s adamant refusal.

“You will do as I say, or do you like seeing others punished for your bullheadedness,” he threatened.

“Don’t think me a fool,” Teel denied him hotly. “Your father has no intention of letting my mother go. I saw the look in his eyes. He intends to keep her forever. So don’t think you can threaten and coerce me with my mother as the bait,” Teel angrily threw at him.

The Black Rogue felt a further stirring at her refusal to submit to him, at her spirit; but he couldn’t allow it to continue. “I wouldn’t be so boorish as to use your mother again. Especially since you don’t seem to care what happens to her,” he coldly threw out knowing, it would inflame her. Knowing that the passion of rage could easily be turned to sexual passion.

He moved within an inch of Teel, grabbing the fabric of her shift from around her neck and ripping it off of her. “I will not repeat my instructions to you again,” he warned “The next time I ask you to do something I expect you to comply immediately. Nothing I say is negotiable, so no discussion illegal bahis siteleri is required. Your precious mother has already been used to make you suffer; it would be a shame if my anger spilled over onto the rest of your people as well.”

Teel stood in front him shaking with fury. Threatening her was one thing, and giving her mother away was quite another, but threatening her people was a whole other situation. She would give him what he wanted for now, she decided sadistically. “Fine,” she acquiesced. “Whatever you want,” she tacked on with a negligent shrug, her eyes promising retribution.

Teel turned her back on the Black Rogue, taking one step back to bring her tight ass into close contact with his throbbing cock. Teel began a slow circular motion with her hips as she bent her knees and raised her arms over her head, slowly sliding down his rock hard body and back up before him. She wrapped one of her arms around his neck to anchor herself to a solid surface and continued her erotic undulations.

Teel pulled away after she felt the hand curved around her hip tighten. She knew he was quickly approaching the moment when he would throw her on the bed and use her for his own ends. It wasn’t that she despised his touch, she admitted to herself, far from it. She craved his wild and decadent ways, but free spirits had no owner, and she couldn’t allow their relationship to go on as it had with him continually flexing his power over her.

Teel moved over to the bed of her own free violation, crawling up on it, sensuously twirling her pert ass in small inviting circles as she crawled on the bed. Upon reaching the center she kneeled slightly with her feet touching, but her knees spread far apart, and began making small swirling circles, before dropping her hips to the bed.

As the Black Rogue continued to stare, Teel let the circle get a little wider and the motions a little quicker. She was fast becoming lost to the erotic rhythm herself. Teel beckoned with her arms inviting him to come near.

The Black Rogue swiftly disrobed and joined Teel on the bed. “Slide under me,” she invited. The Black Rogue wasted no time in complying with her request. Teel immediately picked up the rhythm her mother had been using on his father a few moments before.

Teel knew the rhythm was one her parents had loved. It was unique to their people, and though the Black Rogue couldn’t see it, Lanie had been using a unique counting system that functioned on a series of internal squeezes and lifts. The counting allowed the woman to withhold her pleasure, increasing until it drove the man wild. Teel’s people rarely used the technique for anything other than power and control, as Teel was about to do.

Teel pushed herself down onto the Black Rogue’s length forcefully. Her breath caught in her throat at the sensations. She had never had cause to use the secret rhythm, but it was addictive. One.

She lifted herself back up half way and effected the rotation, four sets of internal squeezes as she slid back down. Two.

She pulled back up, almost allowing him to fall out of her hot entrance and slid back down. Three.

Teel lifted half way up again, slamming herself down hard, before effecting another half withdrawal, the rotation, and a hard downward thrust with five internal squeezes. Four.

Teel went on and on and on, and the Black Rogue gave as good as he got, letting her move as she desired, his hands on her hips resting lightly as she slid up and down his length driving him wild. He lasted all the way up to seventeen, which was quite a feat, before he came in a burst of hot pleasure inside of Teel. Teel felt the urge to join him in his pleasure. It would be so easy to crest the wave and let herself be taken along, but she refused.

Teel moved to pull away, and the Black Rogue’s fingers tightened on her hips. Teel subsided, resting her face on his chest. The Black Rogue rolled her underneath canlı bahis siteleri him before his orgasm was anywhere near done chasing through him. Teel could still feel the tremors shaking his body as he pulsed inside her.

His hands gripped her hips tightly as he withdrew and pressed deeply back inside. Teel looked up into his eyes, and knew that he recognized what she had been trying to do, that he had been aware of the rhythm her mother had been practicing on his father. She tried to pull back from what he wanted, but he wouldn’t let her. His grip on her hips tightened considerably when he saw her mental refusal. He withdrew and pushed in again.

Teel felt the silent scream of pleasure released within her, but refused to give him the pleasure. She began working through a series of mental exercises her father had taught her. Teel was just beginning to get a measure of control over the pleasure, when the Black Rogue did something so unexpected.

He withdrew, rotated, and pushed in halfway, before withdrawing and pushing in deep. He knew. How did he know? It was the only way the men of her culture had been able to bargain with the women. All of them had been trained since 13 to pleasure the opposite sex, and there were certain skills and styles that were passed down within families and certain ones that were distinct to the whole of the people. It was a move that put unbearable pleasure on the woman, and they invariable caved in within four to five reps.

“No,” Teel denied, thrashing wildly beneath him as he repeated the move. Two.

He thrust again. Three.

Teel arched her spine and turned her head restlessly from side to side seeking some release. Four.

She felt the breath catch in her throat; the pleasure was unbearable. Five.

“Yes,” Teel screamed, unable to hold back her impassioned cries any longer. Six.

Teel squeezed her internal muscles to try and hold off his next thrust, knowing it would finish her off. The Black Rogue felt the resistance the second he moved to push back in, but it was the worst mistake Teel could have made.

He pushed past her taunt muscles, and the friction it caused set off a chain of bursts inside of her. Three orgasms chased through her one right after the other, causing her whole body to shake, shiver, and convulse as she was overcome with pleasure. Her arms locked around his back as she held on for dear life, dragging the Black Rogue over the edge with her.

Teel lay beneath the Black Rogue letting the pleasure run rampant, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop it at that point.

He caught her gaze and held it as he reveled in his own prowess, his ability to make her cum several times in the space of a few seconds was a rarity indeed. Even without the secrets of her people he could have made her cum whenever he wanted. The black look in her eyes indicated that she too recognized this truth.

He felt no remorse for Teel. She would learn not to play sexual games with him. He was not his father, and he could not be controlled by a woman or sex.

Teel pushed against his shoulders when she finally caught her breath, struggling to remove herself from his oppressive presence. He always had to win, he always had to make her submit, he always had to be on top. He had let her take control of the sex in the beginning, but only because he knew he would be taking it back in the end. That was just how he was. He had to conquer.

The Black Rogue let her slide from under him, but restrained her with a hand on her hip as she tried to move from the bed. “Lay with me awhile,” he tempted with his dark good looks and his sex appeal.

Teel bristled at this light request, knowing he would restrain her if she refused, and his anger would be riled, and he would take her again. Teel settled beside him, but promised to find a way to free her people within a fortnight from his threatening presence. They had to be free. Whatever else happened to her, she would see them free.

“Rogue,” she called over her shoulder.

“”Mmm,” he mumbled into the curve of her shoulder, dropping light kisses on her flesh.

“I’ll see you in hell for what you did to my mother,” she whispered.

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