The Repairman

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It was a long two weeks with Jim out of town. Stuck alone with two kids under the age of 4, I had to call in the reserves. So I called my sister Denise and asked her if she could come to my house Thursday after work to help with the kids.

“Sure Lisa!” she said, “I’ll be there around dinner time and I’ll bring pizza for dinner.”

Denise showed up at six and the kids were happy to see her. We ate dinner, drank some wine and caught up with each other’s lives. There wasn’t much to talk about on my end based on the last two weeks but Jim was due home tomorrow, Friday night.

She and I got the kids cleaned up and into bed. We watched a movie but I was exhausted and fell asleep mid way through.

The next morning was the usual routine. Get the kids up. Get the fed and dressed. It was a little easier with Denise there to help but I felt that I needed a little “me time.” I asked her if I could slip away for about an hour so I could soak in the tub. The kids were glued to the TV watching their favorite shows.

Denise laughingly said, “I think I can handle them for an hour or so.”

With that I slipped in my bedroom of our one floor ranch house. I was wearing a white terry cloth robe that was mid calf length and tied in the middle with a separate piece of cloth. As I took it off, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I could hear myself saying, “Not bad for having two kids.”

My B cup tits were not saggy although I picked up a little weight. I always tried to keep my public hair trimmed and even though it looked pretty good it was time to keep it from growing wild when I take my bath. As I stood there looking it hit me like a thunder bolt that it had been over two weeks since I had sex. With Denise covering me for at least an hour I decided to lay on the bed and take care of some much needed business before my bath.

I closed the bedroom door partially so I could hear Denise if she needed me. I reached in one of my dresser drawers and pulled out my dildo. Lying on my back on the bed, completely naked, I started to play with my tits and pussy. My vagina became instantly wet and I could feel it leaking down my butt crack. I reached for my dido and started to slip it inside of me. My other hand went for my clit to give it a nice massage. Within seconds my clit was swollen and erect.

Just as the tensions of the last two weeks were beginning to fade and my orgasm was beginning to build, I heard Denise yell, “Lisa there is someone at the front door.”

I pulled the dildo out of me and grabbed my robe to go see who was at the door. In my haste I could not find the tie and just pulled güvenilir bahis the two sides together and held them in place with my hand. Approaching the front door I could see out the window that it was our oil heating company and it dawned on me that today was the appointment for our maintenance. I opened the front door while holding my robe closed but then realized his hands were full with tool boxes and could not get past the screen door. I had to release the grasp on my robe to open the screen door and as he entered he had full view of my naked body. I could feel a little gush of juice trickle from my pussy. Closing my robe as quickly as I could, I led him down the basement stairs knowing he had just received a great show.

He was not a good looking man. He was probably in his late fifties or early sixties. He was mostly bald and what hair he did have was gray. I showed him where the heater was and he went straight to work. I asked him if I could take a shower. He said I would have to wait until he was done. He looked at me with a smile and said he had guessed I was going to take a shower based on what was underneath my robe. I could feel my face turn bright red and another jolt shot straight to my vagina. I released my grasp on the robe as there was no sense trying to hide what had already been seen. I did not openly flash him but I made no attempt to cover either. I asked him how long it would take him to do the work and he said about 20 minutes provided he did not need to make any repairs. When I turned to go up the steps I could feel his eyes on me, knowing that various parts of my body were being exposed as I moved.

I explained to Denise that my bath would be delayed and asked her if she could handle the kids a little longer. She said no problem and that if worse came to worse she would take them to the park and that she would call back to me if she did take them.

Back in my bedroom, I once again removed my robe and lie on my back naked. It did not take long before my hands were back around my pussy and tits rekindling the lust that had started several minutes before. Imagining the view that the repairman got with my open robe only fueled my fire. After a few minutes my nipples were erect and my clit was aching to be touched. I felt around for my dildo and once I located it on the bed I pulled my knees up into the air with feet flat on the bed and inserted it into my wet and wanting pussy. Then I closed my eyes for several minutes just enjoying the moment.

I heard some noises outside my bedroom and opened my eyes to see what was going on. The bedroom door was partially open, maybe about 50% and türkçe bahis directly outside was the heater repair man working on the thermostat directly across from my bedroom door. Every few seconds he was looking away from the thermostat and directly at me while I was masturbating. Then he would turn back to the thermostat and pretend to work on it..

At this point I was so turned on I could care less if the whole world was watching me play with my pussy. The next time he looked at me I gestured for him to come into the bedroom but to be quiet. As I lay there with the dildo in my cunt and legs wide open I motioned for him to close and lock the bedroom door.

I used hand signals and motioned for him to come closer and take down his pants. He dropped his pants and underwear to the floor which then exposed a pretty impressive cock even in his semi erect state. Grabbing his cock and I pulled it to my lips and ran my tongue around the head. His one eyed snake grew rapidly as he reached down and started to play with my pussy. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could but fell short of engulfing his whole length. He didn’t seem to mind though as he moaned with pleasure while I gently massaged him with my tongue and teeth.

My pussy was aching to be filled with some manhood. Pulling his cock from my mouth I asked him if he would fuck me. He looked at me puzzled probably thinking he was lucky enough just to get a blow job.

“I don’t have a condom,” he whispered.

“That’s OK. I will take you bareback,” I replied.

He began to remove all of his clothes and once completely naked, I laid back on the bed to take his cock into my sopping wet cunt. The head of his cock pressed against my opening and I was so wet he slipped right in all the way. He took about a dozen stokes inside of me when I heard my sister call for me. I pushed him off me as quickly as possible and grabbed my robe. Going out to where she and the kids were, she announced that she was taking them to the playground. With me saying,” that would be great”, out the door she went.

Immediately I removed my robe and walked back to the bedroom completely naked. There was the repairman lying on the bed, still naked, and for the first time I really got a good look at his cock. That thing almost reached his naval and was twice as thick as my husband. Leaving the bedroom door open, climbing up on the bed I straddled him and then mounted his cock facing him. Moving up and down on his pole he grabbed both my breasts and started to play. Rubbing my nipples between his fingers they became quite erect. I leaned forward so he could suck on them and güvenilir bahis siteleri make them even harder.

Enjoying the ride, it started to dawn on me exactly what I was doing. Here I was fucking this old man, a total stranger, completely naked with no protection on his cock and my husband could be home ay any minute. Just those thoughts brought me close to a major orgasm that was building in me.

Slowly, I lifted my cunt from his rod until it plopped out of me. There was a coating of white on his cock that was obviously from me. I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the dining room. This allowed me to see out a window to the driveway in case my husband came home. I then bent over the table and told the repairman that we needed to finish up. Entering me from behind his strokes had my tits swaying in all directions. My pussy and body were close to ecstasy. I heard him start to moan as he continued to pump in and out of me. OMG it felt so good I didn’t want to stop. My orgasm just exploded as he pushed deep into my vagina on one stroke. The knees went weak and I could feel my face and chest turn bright red. While I was still coming down from my orgasm he let out a loud moan. He told me he was about to cum an asked where he could drop his load. Telling him to let it go inside my cunt I just waited for him to splash his sperm inside me. Once he had drained everything into me, he pulled out and went to the bedroom to get his clothes and get dressed.

Still bent over at the table just enjoying my orgasm and naughtiness, the repairman walked by me, slapped me on the ass and handed me my robe. He gathered up his tools as I slipped on my robe. As he was leaving the door, I could see my sister walking up the driveway with the kids. Denise got the kids settled for more TV.

She saw me in the dining room still in my robe an asked if I was ever going to get that shower?

I said, “I am going right now. He took longer than I thought.”

When I turned to walk to the bathroom I saw a big puddle of his sperm had leaked out of me onto the carpet. So as to not draw attention to it and hoping Denise did not see it, I walked toward the bathroom to take a now much needed shower. While washing, more and more of his spunk leaked out of my pussy. Hopefully, if my husband wanted sex when he got home he would not notice that another man had already coated the inside of my vagina. I dried off and got dressed, grabbed some paper towels and headed to the dining room to clean up the mess on the carpet.

Looking around for the wad of sperm, I could not find it. I knew that it had not soaked into the carpet that quickly so I felt around with my hands and found a damp spot. Denise must have seen the cum puddle and cleaned it up.

I walked into where she was sitting and sat next to her. She turned and smiled at me and asked, “do you feel better now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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