The Resort – Day 04: The Last Day

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It was our last day at the resort and we were scheduled to fly out that night. Because of aircraft noise control laws at our destinations, our flights departed at about 11pm so that the aircraft could fly overnight and land just as the noise curfew was lifted.

Checkout time was normally 10am, so the resort wanted to charge us each for another whole day. Whilst this was understandable, we decided that we only needed one room to shower and get dressed (yes, we had to start wearing clothes again) before heading to the airport. The four of us agreed that Audrey and I would keep our room and that Wendy and Richard would vacate their room. Wendy and Richard would move their luggage into our room and we would split the cost of the final day.

Over breakfast, we had decided that we would spend the day, just the four of us, lazing on the beach. Half an hour later, Audrey and I were walking along the beach, hand in hand, we saw lots of people. Almost all were totally naked and obliviously so. There were a small number of women and adolescents that wore bikini bottoms. Women menstruate and some choose feminine hygiene products that adhere to garments, it was no big deal.

We saw women with small perky breasts, women with large watermelons and everything in between. There were penises everywhere, some long, some short, some with foreskins, some without, some were wide and some were skinny. The natural variability of the human species was on display for all to witness.

Audrey and I were heading back to the spot we had left Wendy and Richard and found that they were not there. A quick look around spotted them down at the water line. Just as we set off to join them, Donna and Charles from the party walked past holding hands.

“Audrey, Ben, Hi!” Donna said as she recognised us.

“Hello you two. Did you enjoy the party yesterday?” Audrey asked.

“Indeed we did.” Charles replied.

“We were hoping to run into you guys before you left.” Donna said.

“Yes, we were hoping to learn some more about your special bond with your sister.” Charles said looking at me.

“We’re thinking about giving it a try.” Donna added gleefully.

“Perhaps we can reference Ben and Wendy in the future.” Audrey commenced, “How about we chat about you two for a while.”

“OK, where would you like to begin?” Donna responded.

“For example, you both seem perfectly comfortable being naked together. How did that start?” Audrey observed.

“Well we grew up in a warm climate and our parents never wore pyjamas to bed.” Charles started off.

“OK.” Audrey said.

“When we came along, we didn’t wear pyjamas either.” Charles continued.

“Same with our daughters actually.” I said nodding in agreement.

“Mind you,” Donna said interrupting, “if we had asked to wear pyjamas, I’m sure that our parents would have agreed. The subject just never came up.”

“This meant that for the most part, our breakfasts were also consumed naked and we did not get dressed until after we had showered and we were ready to leave the house for the day.” Charles said.

“It wasn’t a nudist household per se, we just didn’t feel the need to cover up in front of each other like other families did.” Donna added.

“We did have one set of pyjamas each, especially for sleepovers. As we got older, I had girlfriends and Donna had boyfriends. All of that was fairly normal I suspect.” Charles said.

“So what changed recently?” I asked.

“After finishing our degrees, through a complete coincidence, we ended up working in the same city. I had a spare room and Donna needed somewhere to stay so it just made sense that she move in with me.” Charles continued.

“Very pragmatic.” Audrey replied.

“It had been a while since we’d been naked together, but on the first morning I just absent-mindedly got out of bed and headed to the kitchen naked.” Donna said.

“And when she got there, she found me buttering my toast, also naked.” Charles added.

“I assume that ‘buttering your toast’ is not an euphemism.” I added.

“You are correct, literally applying churned cream to my re-cooked bread.” Charles confirmed with a nod.

“We looked at each other for a fraction of a second and then just went about our business.” Donna said.

“During this time, we continued to date other people and carry on with our separate lives as per normal.” Charles said.

“So something happened.” I said.

“Yes. Our morning nakedness had eventually evolved into full time nudism. We’d get home from work and just disrobe rather than change into other clothes. Purely practical, nothing sordid until.” Donna said pausing.

“Until Donna saw me with an erection.” Charles admitted continuing, “Donna was working late and I was watching a movie. It wasn’t a particularly erotic movie, she just walked in on the one and only sex scene in the whole movie.”

“So Donna saw your erect penis?” Audrey asked.

“Yes, but I may possibly have been masturbating just a little bit at the time too.” Charles said.

“A ataşehir escort little? You were tugging at that thing like there was no tomorrow.” Donna interjected.

“So how did you react Donna?” Audrey asked.

“You know, it didn’t bother me in the least.” Donna said, “The DVD was actually mine and to be totally honest, I’d masturbated to that scene once or twice when Charles wasn’t home.”

“I was fumbling for a pillow to cover my indiscretion when I saw what Donna was doing.” Charles said.

“What was that?” I asked.

“She undressed, throwing her clothes onto the table next to the door and walked over to where I was sitting. She picked up the remote control, backed the movie up to the beginning of the scene and started to play with herself as she sat next to me.” Charles said.

“We ended up masturbating together as a semi-regular event. We never touched each other, only ourselves, but we seemed to enjoy doing this together.” Donna added.

“This was our private together time. We still dated other people and had fulfilling sex lives of our own. Sometimes when we were masturbating together, we’d describe our latest sexual exploit in erotic detail to see if we could get each other off. Whatever we did together, we never touched each other.” Charles said.

“So how did you end up in your current predicament?” I asked.

“This is where things get a little more, um, complicated.” Donna responded.

“It was Donna’s turn to select our pornographic stimulation for the evening’s proceedings. She’s picked a streaming service with female-oriented content and selected what looked like a good one.” Charles explained.

“As it turns out, the opening scene was a couple having sex on a bed, normal, everyday, missionary position sex.” Donna said.

“There was a bit of dialogue, but who watches porn for the dialogue right?” Charles continued.

“It wasn’t until after the closeup of their spermy mess that we realised that the characters were actually sister and brother and that they were living out a forbidden incest fantasy.” Donna added.

“So you watched a porno on the internet and decided to give incest a try? Is that right?” I said intentionally confrontingly to gauge their response.

“No, not when you just blurt it out like that. We talked about it. We talked about it a lot.” Donna replied.

“During our masturbation sessions, we decided to introduce a bit of reciprocal manual stimulation and see how that felt. That went very well.” Charles added.

“We’ve been sleeping in the same bed for a few months now. I stress sleeping, we haven’t done anything more that a bit of a kiss and cuddle.” Donna said.

“Excellent restraint.” I commented.

“Have you tried oral sex?” Audrey asked.

“Back in our room last night after the party was our first time ever.” Charles admitted.

“Watching me ride Richard was just too much for Charles. He got a blowjob from one of the ladies there, but seeing me get fucked by Richard really turned him on.” Donna said.

“And how did the oral activities go?” I asked.

“They went fine.” Donna replied nodded at Charles in agreement.

“So what’s stopping you from closing the deal?” Audrey asked.

“Well it’s incest, isn’t it?” Charles responded.

“I’m sorry to break this to you, but just because you haven’t actually put your penis into Donna’s vagina yet, doesn’t mean that you have not already committed incest.” Audrey responded.

“You think so?” Donna asked somewhat concerned.

“It sounds like the intent has been there for a while, probably since the time that you stimulated each other during one of your masturbation sessions.” Audrey replied plainly.

“Congratulations!” I added helpfully.

“Really?” Charles asked.

“I think so.” Audrey responded nodding.

“We’ve committed incest already?” Donna asked looking somewhat puzzled.

“Don’t feel bad.” Audrey started, “Listen, why don’t you come up to our room with Wendy and Richard and see what happens. Do whatever you’re comfortable doing, or not doing.”

“Yes, the offer to watch Wendy and I still stands. We’re not mutant freaks or anything. You can ask any questions you like and we’ll answer them the best that we can.” I added.

“When did you want to do this?” Donna asked.

“The four of us are flying out this evening, so it’ll have to be this afternoon or never, I’m afraid.” Audrey responded.

“We need to think about it for a while. We’ll come and find you at lunch time, if that’s OK?” Donna asked timidly.

“That’ll be fine. We’ll try to get the big table up the back. 12:30 OK?” Audrey asked.

“12:30 will be fine.” Charles responded.

With that being said, Donna and Charles bade us farewell and headed off along the beach, deep in conversation. Moments later, I felt a cold spray as Wendy shook most of the water out of her hair.

“Was that the young couple from the party yesterday?” Richard asked.

“Indeed it was. Donna and Charles.” I responded.

“They said that they’d kadıköy escort like to ask Ben and Wendy some questions so we are going to join them at lunch.” Audrey responded.

“What kind of questions?” Wendy asked.

Richard, Audrey and I simply shook our heads in unison as we pondered the quizzical look on Wendy’s face for several seconds before the proverbial light bulb went on over her head.

“Oh, yes, of course. Questions that they may have for a brother and sister.” Wendy said.

“Exactly.” I replied.

“We’re meeting at 12:30 in the main dining hall.” Audrey said.

“Fine by us.” Richard said in agreement.

“I wanted to take one last swim with Ben. You’re welcome to join us if you like or we can meet you at lunch.” Audrey said looking from Wendy to Richard.

At that point, Wendy and Richard indicated that they wanted to take a walk along the beach, so we agreed to meet at the dining hall at about 12:20.

Audrey and I had a wonderful time swimming in the warm ocean water and even managed to do a bit of bodysurfing like some over-aged kids. When we were done, we used the beach shower to rinse off the salt water before meandering our way towards the dining hall.

Wendy and Richard were already waiting outside when we arrived at the dining hall. Donna and Charles turned up so late that we were about to write them off as no-shows. Both Donna and Charles were clasping each others’ hands tightly and grinning from ear to ear when they arrived. Audrey has often said that I’m not the most perceptive person on the planet, but even I could tell that they had some news to share with us.

The dining hall had filled up somewhat as we waited for Donna and Charles to arrive so we made small talk as we queued for our meals and shuffled our way past the cashier. Charles must have had an eagle eye because immediately after the cashier, he dashed off and secured the recently vacated, much coveted, corner booth for us.

Once the plates and cutlery from the previous occupants had been cleared and the table wiped over, the six of us took our seats and stared at each other in silence for a moment.

“So how was it?” Wendy asked breaking the silence.

“How was what?” Charles asked with a huge silly grin on his poor excuse for a poker face.

“You two did it, didn’t you?” Audrey said squinting accusingly.

Neither Charles nor Donna responded at first. Both raising their eyebrows as if they had no idea what Wendy and Audrey was talking about.

“Fuck what a rush!” Donna finally burst out unable to contain herself any longer, “Charlie, we gotta do that again.”

“Oh yeah, we’re doin’ that again. For sure!” Charles responded.

“Like, we’ve done that sort of thing with lots of other people and it was great, but this, this, this, this, this. I’m still trying to process how absolutely fucking amazing ‘this’ is.” Donna said trying to articulate something that she had not yet fully reconciled herself.

“So what changed since this morning’s conversation?” I asked.

“Well Audrey had quite rightly pointed out that we have effectively already been in a special relationship for some time now.” Charles replied.

As we were in a public setting, the use of the word ‘special’ in this instance was a prudent precaution considering the repercussions should our conversation be overheard by the wrong people.

“We were walking along the beach after we left you, discussing and debating the merits of Audrey’s earlier observations. I realised that actually, we probably booked this specific trip to this specific resort subconsciously hoping that something might happen between us. Seriously, what ‘normal’ brother and sister book a trip to a nudist resort together?” Donna said.

“She was right and once we finally admitted that to ourselves it was like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders. The tension had been released.” Charles explained.

“So who made the first move?” Richard asked.

“It was me, definitely me.” Donna admitted excitedly making her perky breasts jiggle up and down.

“We were walking on the beach and she just pulled on my hand so that I spun around to face her and she just said simply that she wanted to go back to the room.” Charles said.

“He knew exactly what I meant too.” Donna added.

“I did.” Charles said nodding.

“We went back to our room and the experience was simply awesome.” Donna said.

“I’m lost for words, but it was better than I would have ever expected.” Charles admitted.

“Wasn’t it awkward?” Richard asked.

“A bit, to begin with. Yes, but once he penetrated me for the first time,” Donna said rolling her eyes just remembering the sensation, “it just felt like the most natural thing we could ever do together.”

“It was like time just stood still and we were frozen in the moment of intense ecstasy. That’s probably why we were late to lunch. Sorry about that.” Charles added.

“I hope that you used protection.” Wendy said.

“I’m on the pill, we’re fine.” Donna bostancı escort bayan responded.

“When Ben and I started, we already had our families and he’d already had a vasectomy. You two are still very young, so you need to be a little more cautious than the average couple.” Wendy explained.

“We know, but thanks for pointing that out.” Donna replied.

“So what’s next?” Audrey asked.

“Well right after lunch, we’re going back to our room, but after that we don’t know.” Donna said looking at Charles with a smile.

“We’ve always talked about having our own families one day and we know that we can’t do that with each other.” Charles added.

“Definitely not. Listen, it’s early days still. Enjoy the initial euphoria for a while until your heads clear.” Audrey advised.

“Mmmm!” Donna and Charles said nodding in agreement.

We continued our conversation throughout the meal, answering their questions as best we could. Donna and Charles were so full of enthusiasm for their newly discovered favourite pastime. The meal complete, we were standing outside the dining hall, taking turns embracing fondly before parting company.

Donna and Charles turned to head back to their room and whatever adventure may await them whilst the four of was watched them go. It would have been nice to hear from them again, but we never did.

“After a conversation like that, I feel the need to be defiled one more time by my brother.” Wendy said lowering her voice giving me a hyper-exaggerated wink.

“Whadda say Richard?” Audrey asked, “Wanna fuck your sister-in-law senseless one more time before we fly home?”

Richard put one arm behind his back and the other across his abdomen. Bowing politely he replied, “I’d be honoured to fuck you senseless madam.”

The four of us headed back to the room for some super-happy private fun-time of our own. When we arrived back in the room, we paired up as normal: Audrey and Richard got started with a bit of fellatio whereas Wendy and I kicked off our session with a little cunnilingus.

Wendy was particularly aroused this afternoon. It may have been a result of our recent conversation with Donna and Charles, it may have been this morning’s refreshing swim in the sea, perhaps she was simply savouring what she knew would be our last encounter for a year or so. For all I knew, it could have been even parts of all of the above, in any case, she was moaning and squirming in unrestrained ecstasy every time my tongue touched her clitoris or a finger entered her vagina.

During a brief intermission from pleasuring my sister, I looked over to see Richard’s monstrously long manly appendage pounding my wife from behind. Audrey was on all fours with her head hung down. For a brief moment she looked up, I caught here eye and she made an open mouth ‘Ohhhh’ gesture and I watched her breasts rock back and forth.

When I looked back at Wendy, she had moved up towards the bed head, holding her pussy lips open invitingly. Never being one to disappoint a lady, mounted my sister and gently lowered myself into position as she guided me inside her.

If you have read enough of my accounts of the sexual encounters between my sister and I, you will know that I find the moment of penetration to be especially memorable. At the risk of repeating myself, this occasion was no different. Wendy and I were looking right into each other’s eyes as I entered her, unspoken endorsement of this forbidden act.

I felt the warmth of her vagina slowly yield to the forward advance of my shaft, gradually surrounding my penis as my first inward thrust progressed. Once I had achieved the joy of full penetration, I felt the slickness of her ample natural lubrication as I made my first slow and deliberate outward thrust. The whole time, looking deeply into each other’s very being.

“I love that part.” Wendy said breaking the silence.

“The bit where I first enter you?” I asked.

“Yeah. Gives me tingles every time.” she clarified.

“Me too.” I said smiling as I slowly thrust inside my sister.

“Oh fuck!!” Audrey yelled unexpectedly interrupting the special moment that Wendy and I were having.

We both looked towards Audrey and Richard to see him gripping her hips with all of his might pounding into her pussy like a madman.

“Keep going Richard. Almost there.” she said.

I looked back at Wendy, still slowly thrusting. I leaned down towards her and we kissed passionately for several minutes just enjoying the moment, tongues and genital moving in sync.

Wendy broke our kiss, turned her head and said, “Look at those two will you.”

I turned my head to see that Richard and Audrey had changed positions without me even noticing. Audrey was laying on her back at the end of the bed with her legs up on Richard’s shoulders. Richard was holding the front of her thighs as he pounded every last millimetre of his well endowed manhood into her squelching vagina.

Audrey had her arms back under her head encouraging her breasts to swoosh around in synchronised ellipses driven by Richard’s rhythmic thrusting. Her breasts collided as they reached perigee near her chin and then receding towards her naval, only to repeat the same motion moments later. I loved watching women’s breasts then they had sex.

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