The Semen Experiment

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Chapter 1 A Surrogate Match

When Tia came in from work, her husband, Rik, could tell that she was very excited about something. Even though Tia had been promoted to a Senior Research Associate at The New Life Center a couple of months ago, that wasn’t the reason for her excitement today. She had a surprise gift for him.

Tia brought home the news that Rik had been selected by The Life Center to become a third party surrogate donor.

Tia loved her work and as a matter of fact the experimental work being done at The Life Center was directly responsible for assisting in the birth of their son two years ago.

Tia was impregnated by a third party surrogate. Both of them decided to use a real live surrogate or third party donor after Tia had difficulty in getting pregnant by Rik. Tia believed the experimental work done at The New Life Center confirmed a growing preference by women to be impregnated by one on one intercourse.

More evidence suggested that even though the biological donor may not be their husband, the women felt better about themselves and were rewarded psychologically when impregnation occurred naturally. Artificial insemination or test tube implantation was preferred less and less by women of the 22nd century. The research suggested that women were missing the human interaction that made them feel good about the act of becoming pregnant.

The work being done in the Psychological Department at The New Life Center dealt with improving the acceptance of this practice by husbands. Many found it difficult to accept their wives engaging in sex with a third party. Conversely, great progress had been made in this area. Times are in fact changing and more and more couples, knowingly and openly, are including other partners in their normal sex lives.

Tia began to tell Rik about her excitement. “Rik we have a couple of new patients who are having difficulty getting pregnant. She insists on getting pregnant by intercourse. Their names are Kim and Mike Stone. We at the Life Center have had a difficult time zeroing in on the exact cause of their infertility. Mike has a normal sperm count and Kim’s ovaries seem to be functioning perfectly. Her eggs appear normal in all respects.”

Rik asked, “What have you discovered to be the problem?”

Tia continued, “Just recently, we have found that Mike’s semen and Kim vaginal fluids are incompatible. When we mix a sample of Mike’s semen/sperm in Kim’s vaginal fluids a strange and an immediate response is noted in the action of the sperm. Under a microscope the sperm start swimming away from any contact with her vaginal lubrication. Upon contact with the fluids, the sperm start a twisting motion and begin to die. On a personal level it’s very sad. They want children so badly.”

“Have you come up with a plan?” asked Rik.

“Yes and it involves you,” responded Tia through a big smile. The Life Center conducted a candidate search for Kim. You were selected as a surrogate candidate. I had no prior knowledge that you were one of the finalists being considered by the couple.

“I am confused. How can I contribute as a surrogate in this case? You know my sperm count is below normal.”

Tia began to explain, “We won’t be using your sperm. We will be using your semen. It turns out that when Mike’s sperm is mixed with your semen then brought in contact with Kim’s vaginal fluids the acceptance is excellent. We found only two subjects whose semen/sperm mixture mixed well with Kim’s fluids. Without my knowledge Kim made the selection based on characteristics of appearance, intelligence, and personality. We have an experiment designed where we can include you. I think it’s great.

With raised eyebrows Rik asked, “Is this going to require intercourse.”

Tia smiled and said, “Oh Yes! Maybe, two to three weeks of it.”

“What about the sperm I do produce and how will Mike’s sperm be mixed with my semen,” Rik asked.

“We will give you a hormone shot two weeks before the mating. The shot will temporarily stop your sperm production. Then comes the tricky part.”

“We will have collected several samples of Mike’s sperm. His sperm will be centrifuged to separate the sperm from the semen. Then the sperm will be immediately re-mixed in a saline solution and encapsulated in a jell coating. We have developed a process that encapsulates the sperm in small time release spheres less than .5 millimeters in diameter.”

Rik asked again, “how will the sperm be mixed with my semen?”

Tia laughed and said, “You are going to love this. We have developed a special syringe with a small plastic tube measured precisely the right length to reach your prostate gland.”

“Whattt,” was Rik’s surprised reply.

“Don’t worry,” Tia explained, “Kim will be well trained in performing this procedure. It is important to have your semen and Mike’s encapsulated sperm mix in your prostate area. It doesn’t work when Mike’s jell covered sperm are deposited in Kim’s vagina. We believe that the best results casino oyna can be achieved when the mixing takes place in the prostate, then, ejaculated into Kim’s vagina, with your semen acting as an insulating carrier.

We have designed the encapsulating jell to dissolve immediately when coming in contact with Kim’s vaginal fluids. Then the mixture of your semen and Mike’s sperm is received quite well in the vagina. At least that’s what our preliminary tests have shown.”

Chapter 2 Kim and Mike

Kim and Mike Stone had been married for four years and were trying to have a baby. They weren’t sure what their problems were. Kim’s gynecologist referred her to The New Life Center and explained that they were doing some revolutionary experimental work in the field of human reproduction.

Kim’s and Mike’s appointment with Dr. Stack was quite routine. They were interviewed and tested extensively. Over the course of Kim’s entire cycle, they submitted multiple sperm counts and ovary function tests. All seemed to be normal until they created a mixture of Mike’s semen and sperm with Kim’s vaginal fluids during ovulation. The results were quite rare. During ovulation, Kim’s vaginal environment would attack and reject Mike’s sperm. This creates an action similar to a spermicide.

Kim felt guilty. She loved her husband so much. What could be the problem? Dr. Stack reassured them, that, The New Life Center could help them with their problem even though the reproductive work in this area was just beginning.

Her husband was scheduled to be on an International work assignment in the Bahamas for the next three months. Both of them had decided that this would be a good time for Kim to plan the natural insemination. Even though they were liberal in their attitudes toward sex, Mike felt that he would make Kim feel uncomfortable through the process if he remained close by. He assured Kim should he be needed for any emergency that he could get home in 24 hours.

Kim knew that a lot of her time would have to be spent with her lover/donor until she conceived. Her counselors had indicated that they may need to cohabitate for two to three weeks before the attempted breeding. They wanted to familiarize their genital environment as much as possible in order to minimize any rejection that may develop between her and her donor.

Kim was informed that they would first meet Rik and Tia for an evening dinner and then proceed to a week of in-home dating. Kim found out that Tia was a member of her fertility team and would have a deep understanding of all of the events to take place during the next few weeks. Kim was advised to allow intercourse as soon as she was ready. Rik would receive the same advice with a caution added….not to pressure Kim until she was ready…be patient.

Chapter 3 Meeting the Chosen Donor

RiK and Tia greeted Kim and Mike at the entrance to the Angus Steakhouse. The introductions were very friendly. Kim showed signs of some shyness and embarrassment. Rik also felt a little strange. Both of them harbored some pangs of guilt in front of their mates.

Tia spoke first, realizing that Kim and Rik would feel uncomfortable. After all, this was her job. It was also her husband to whom the honor had been given to help Kim and Mike conceive their child.

The host led them to a secluded candlelit table in the rear of the restaurant. The atmosphere was perfect for the occasion. The drinks relaxed their conversation and the meal seduced their senses. Their discussion finally turned to the purpose of their meeting.

Tia began the conversation by saying, “Kim, as you and Mike are well aware you have a sexual incompatibility issue that is rare and occurs very infrequently in couples.

Let me tell you about my experience in one of our other programs. Rik and I participated in a donor insemination program three years ago here at the Life Center. As a result, we now have a two year old son whom we dearly love. Rik is not the biological father, yet he participated in the donor selection and both of us could not love a son any more than we do.”

They all laughed when Tia said, “And I especially liked the breeding part. Seriously it was important for me to experience that human exchange and deep feeling of participating in bringing life to another human being. I’m now glad Rik gets a chance to help you as well. In fact I believe that Rik may get more sex out of this program. I will just get even when we have our second child.”

The conversation relaxed everyone even further. Kim commented, “I have read a lot about your controversial programs at The Life Center. I became very interested in the programs that allow third party intercourse. I agree totally that a woman needs to experience that perceived sensation of conception. That is very important to me.”

Mike understands, although he and I think it will be easier on us emotionally to be apart during this month of mating. The counselor’s have recommended the same. Mike has been given an International slot oyna assignment and will be out of the country for the next couple of months. The timing works out quite well, and I hope I’m pregnant when he gets back.”

Chapter 4 The First Date

As Rik was driving to Kim’s, he began to feel nervous; a sense of excitement and anticipation overwhelmed him. He began to recall those youthful insecurities experienced in his early years of dating.

Sexual images of Kim crept into his thoughts. He smiled and allowed his imagination to enjoy brief moments of lust. A guilty conscious briefly struck him as he reminded himself that he was chosen for a nobler mission.

As he started to ring the doorbell, Kim opened the door and welcomed Rik into her home. Kim was beautiful. Her silky sandy colored hair rested on her shoulders and framed a feminine smile set below a prominent set of cheek bones. A sensual set of blue eyes and welcoming embrace greeted his arrival. He surveyed a shapely set of hips, and breasts, and arms, and legs. Briefly they sensed the nervousness in each of them.

“Thanks for coming; you look quite handsome this evening.”

Rik nervously replied, “Thanks for the warm welcome. I can’t begin to describe how beautiful you look and you cannot imagine how nervous I am?”

”I sure can,” was Kim’s reply. “Come in the family room. I picked up some hors de oeuvres on the way home tonight. I thought we could snack on this and not worry much about eating a heavy dinner. Would you like some wine?”

Rik laughed and responded, “Yes please, a light one if you have it. I suspect our attention will not be directed toward to much food.”

Kim smiled and handed Rik a drink, then ushered him into her husband’s favorite recliner. She settled on the adjacent love seat. Kim then asked, “How does Tia really feel about all this?”

Rik responded, “Tia is a senior fellow at The Life Center and is one of the leading thinkers when novel and new sexual approaches are required in difficult reproduction cases. It is easy for her to put things in a clinical context and remove herself from the emotion of it all.

She is very good at developing the sensual aspects of the sex activities. She is convinced that sensuality plays an important role in reproduction. Even though she had submitted my name as a donor candidate, I never thought I would be selected due to the low sperm count condition I have.”

“Why would that make a difference,” asked Kim?

“Tia always felt that a situation would come up that would need my participation. Tia theorized that my semen pool would be different and enrich someone else’s sperm. That made me a special candidate in your situation. I was truly surprised, although I have to admit I’m very thankful that you picked me as your donor. It seems strange. I hardly know how to start without being a total cad. I don’t want to rush things.”

“Rik, you make me feel very much at ease in you company. As she handed Rik a freshly filled glass of wine she took his hand and with a coquettish smile invited him to sit on the love seat with her.

Rik settled into the arm of the love-seat and Kim tucked herself under his right arm and said. “This is nice and your hair smells so ……… I don’t think that there is any perfume that can match the scent of fresh and clean.”

Kim quietly responded, “I’m beginning to like your company. Those sex enhancers seem to be having the desired effect.”

“Oh that reminds me, as I was driving over tonight I kept reviewing my “to do” list. Yes, I had my Sprermcease shot two weeks ago. Then I had to take these hormones that increased the volume of semen production. Then Tia made me take a sex enhancer as well. All of this sounds so clinical.” Kim turned and raised her eyes. Rik lowered his head and met her open lips. Their tongues danced together. “I was going to try and be the proper gentleman tonight. I don’t think I can.”

Kim’s hand came to rest in his lap and gave him the answer he desired. “They told me that our bodies needed to become familiar as soon as possible. I don’t want to wait any longer.”

Rik began to feel Kim’s hand start a light stroking. His hands began their own exploration. Her breasts swelled with each deep breath she took. They felt so natural. He began to release the buttons of her blouse. Kim took over for him. His hands encircled her back and released her bra.

Abruptly, Kim rose from the loveseat and took Rik’s hand. “Come with me.” She led him upstairs to the guest bedroom and paused at the door. She turned, embraced Rik and said, when we go inside that room treat me as you like. I can be your slut, or your whore. I love sex. You can talk dirty to me. Take me as you wish….

Hearing that, Rik lifted Kim in his arms, stepped into the room, and placed her in the middle of the bed. They tore at each others clothes until nothing was left between them. Rik paused and closed the door. Kim raised the sheet and allowed Rik to slide in beside canlı casino siteleri her. Each of them explored the other with their fingertips, their lips, their tongues. They embraced and pressed the entire length of their bodies together.

Kim begged, “Rik, I’m ready…Don’t make me wait…..fuck me… quick….I don’t need any more foreplay….Get inside me now.”

Rik rose above Kim’s body. Her legs spread instinctively. She gazed at his hard cock as he approached the swollen lips of her cunt. Precum dripped from his rod. The image was so animalistic. She wrapped her fingers around the base of his rod. Then as if she were wielding a paintbrush she applied a copious amount of his natural lubricant between her parting labia. Kim sensed Rik’s hip muscles tighten, and with a little tug, Rik advanced. Kim rotated her cunt upward, inviting Rik’s invasion. With her hand securely wrapped around his cock she guided him forward, so very slowly.

Kim marveled at how mother-nature had shaped man and woman so perfectly for coupling. The tapered, turgid, lubricated glans naturally guided itself down the furrow of her labia until it reached a nesting area at the entrance of her vagina. She began to feel her lips spreading. Rik began to slowly bore into this woman. Kim’s heels dug into his buns as if to prevent any reversal. She felt her opening stretch as the spreading lips encased this masculine machine plowing her depths.

Suddenly Rik arrested Kim from her carnal imagination by whispering, “Stop…stop…easy…I’m about to cum. Let’s make this one last longer.”

Kim gently stopped all external movement. She felt pre-orgasmic muscles firing in her gut. Rik’s cock twitched as her own internal muscles spasmed and danced up and down Rik’s buried cock. Slowly the excited senses settled down and they managed to stop short of the inevitable explosion.

Rik felt content as he lay gently in her arms. Her hands caressed his back. Slowly the coupled midsection of their bodies began to move again.

Kim’s imagination intensified her arousal. Rik’s throbbing cock began a slow penetration. Her body absorbed the heat generated in Rik’s passion. His well muscled hips drove a relentless assault. The strength of his cock propelled her body into uncontrolled reactive motions. She became a total slave to his desire. She now understood the meaning of “being serviced.” She had no control. Her body totally succumbed to his ultimate sexual pleasure. He benefited equally.

Kim’s heighten fantasy imagined Rik’s cock growing larger. His pounding drove her to new heights of ecstasy. Unconsciously with each inward thrust her stomach curled upward and her legs opened wider to allow deeper penetration. The well lubricated vagina encasing Rik’s cock began to spasm. A vision crossed Kim’s mind of Rik completely filling her with massive charges of semen.

Suddenly without warning her body exploded. Aieegh…uuugh……oooooh …ump..oh yes..oh god..,she wailed, she cried and thrashed about as she had never done. Rik’s thrusting, stronger than ever, continued to plow her depths.

Rik’s passion was fueled by Kim’s total sensual offering. United, they moved in a natural rhythm. He was so close to his own eruption. Her hands clutched his arms unknowingly as cries of passion escaped her lips. Rik’s rutting charge sought her deepest sexual center. A tight heavy sensation gathered in his balls. His release was imminent. Without warning, he erupted in a sudden fury. His cocked exploded in a series of semen discharges. He had never delivered that kind of charge before. An enormous backflow poured out of Kim’s vagina.

Both held onto each other as their bodies completed their involuntary spasms. After a brief period of solitude, Kim whispered, “I have never felt the strength of orgasm as I did just then. I felt it over and over and over. You must have unloaded a dozen times. It is the most intense sex I’ve ever had.”

Rik smiled and said, “I think we have made a big mess between us.”

“It was worth it, I can wash these sheets.” Kim replied. “If I let you rest awhile can we do it again?”

With a sly grin and twinkle in his eye Rik said, “Maybe so, after all, I think our bodies are supposed to become mutually compatible. I thought it might take a little longer.”

“No complaints here,” Kim said as she lightly stroked Rik’s cock, “Uum…As soon as you’re ready just come on in…The door is open.”

Chapter 5 The Breeding

Kim and Rik naturally fell into a mating frequency of about three times a week and each session resulted in two to three orgasms each. This occurred over a two week period of time. The Life Center was very pleased with the compatibility test results they were getting from Rik and Kim.

Rik was also pleased with the sex energy that he had in reserve for Tia at home. The enhancer drugs were leaving him an ample amount of libido for both Kim and Tia.

The day had finally arrived where Rik and Kim were to meet at the Life Center Conception Suite for her impregnation.

During the past two weeks Kim had been attending training sessions to familiarize herself with the facility and to learn the technique required to inject her husband’s sperm into Rik’s prostate gland.

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