The Sentinel

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Time is like a river, at points you stand back and watch the flow while other times you are racing along out of control flowing with the flow, imagine stopping the flow… the water becoming a solid… the immense power you could yield then… that’s me. Nobody knows me or what I can do, the things I did or will do are not recognised by anyone in authority. Am I a god? Nay, cursed is more like it… imagine living forever and loving a mortal, watching them as if they were a pretty flower, growing then flowering, aging then wilting before finally crumbling with age to a withered husk, that I have seen… I am alone…

Peals of laughter woke me up then the thump of two female bodies as my sisters leapt onto my bed as was their usual morning routine. I opened my eyes to see them laying on their stomachs, chins perched on their hands as then lay on top of me… Not that I’m complaining mind you, Callie is 18, shoulder length hair, her face looks similar to mine tho thinner and her body type is slender I’d say, I’ve seen them both running around the house in underwear enough to notice her breasts and bottom too.

Brothers shouldn’t loook I hear you say, it’s normal in our house, just make sure you are wearing outer clothes when visitors are here. Mom and Dad have this aura of decency where outsiders are involved.

Emma was 19, similar build to Callie except her breasts were about a size bigger, probably a large c cup, I’ve seen enough of their bras and panties in the laundry basket in my life.

Anyway, I see them both staring at me strangely escort ataşehir today, I’ve just woken up my bladder is full and both of them have laid on top of me with a foot hooked in between my feet laying across my thighs and legs. Their soft warm bodies were distracting tho…

“So birthday boy, seeing how your 21 today anything special you want brother dearest? ” they chant together.

“Birthday hugs” is my response as I wrap my arms around the both of them pulling them down against my chest, which was just covered by a sheet.

Two definitely female chests barely covered by tshirt and not much else pressed against mine, their faces kissing my cheeks and mouth, then hands running over my chest and stomach, then lower as I couldn’t move as someone ran their hand over the bulge in my boxers under the sheet… another hand joined the first, cupping my sac. Two sisters teasing me so I slid my hands down their backs, then up slowly, down again to the bottom edge of the tee shirt they used as pyjamas and slid under them, my fingers resting against their thighs, Callie parting her thighs first, then Emma inviting me to explore more…

Soft cotton panties under my fingertips, my thumb grazing over the soft skin above the panties stroking their backs… my fingers cupping their cheeks. Dare I go further?

Soft lips covering mine as hands tug the sheet down lower then my sisters hands caressing my chest and stomach, their painted nails blazing trails over my skin, Callies coral pink nails contrasting with Emma’s kadıköy escort vibrant red nails, they’re teasing more, slipping their hands all over me…

My hands are cupping their bottoms then sliding up, tugging at their tee shirts impatiently. They look at each other then sit up leaning back like they have rehearsed this moment together, and slip their hands under the bottom edge of their tee shirts and lift them up slowly… higher and higher revealing the swells of their breasts then the nipples, aroused already. The shirts come off and are thrown on the bed before they lay back down with their nipples bare against my chest.

No words need to be spoken now, their soft lips kissing mine in turn, then they lean over, kiss each other, one of them pulls the sheet down, I don’t resist,

Callie reaching down with her left hand to tug my boxers down, my hot flesh springing up, as Emma grabs it in her right hand, stroking it softly, then Callies hand joins hers after she removes my boxers with her hand and feet, my hips lifting to allow her to remove them.

Emma stroked my cock slowly, pumping it Callie dragging her nails over my sac and shaft, feeling me get harder as they turn their heads and their bodies around to face my hips, I’m looking at two bottoms covered in pastel pink panties, matching ones it seems, both of them showing damp spots now… I tug their panties off, strings of fluid stretching from their outer lips to their panties as I take them off, pulling them down over their feet, and tossing them onto my bed maltepe escort bayan near the pillows. Their glistening slits have my full attention as I slide my fingers outside but beside them, My sisters legs part, their bottoms push up as they invite me to enter them, my finger tips tease then slide between their outer lips, stroking softly feeling the taboo insides of their wet pussies for the first time…

Warm lips cover my hard cock, no idea which one it is, sucking me, the other mouth and tongue bathing my cock, their sharing it now, my fingers deeper inside them, tw then three fingers stretching them, stroking in and up to stroke their g spots simultaneously,, my thumbs finding their clits, flick, stroking them with my thumbs. Their juices on my hands as my balls tighten up, someone engulfs my cock burying it in her throat, her chin against my pubs as I tense up…

Both Callie and Emma’s young pussies are clenching on my fingers, my fingers held hard inside them as they come, one after another, their bodies shaking as I come, spurt after spurt of my come filling her mouth, the hot mouth takes it all them pulls off my semi hard cock as the other replaces it to lick and suck the remaining come off it,

I can hear them kissing now, their hard aroused nipples poking my skin, they turn their bodies around as my fingers leave their young bald pussies, two mouths open showing my come inside their mouths then they swallow,…

“Happy Birthday brother” they whisper before climbing up to snuggle against me, hips over mine, someone pulls the sheet up…

I step back, releasing the flow of time again, watching an old memory… it still hurts to watch… eons gone… no more can I hold them… my eyes turn to the stars again. Alone in the dark of space I float. Watching waiting, I am alone, or am I?

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