The Stranger

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I knew that tonight will be the night that I fulfill my fantasy. I’ve been watching for a pattern with her nights, watching when her husband goes to work, watching when she goes to bed. She obviously didn’t see me when she came home earlier and got her key from under the doormat in her garage. I had to smile when she placed it back and went inside. Yes, this will be the night.

I’ve given her enough time to get to bed and get to sleep. I walk up to the house and into the garage. I lifted the mat and picked up her key. It’s as if she knew that I was coming. I wouldn’t disappoint her, that’s for sure.

I open the door easily and step inside. The house was dark, but thanks to a full moon tonight, there was enough light to see my way around. I ease down the hall and look into the rooms. As I peek into the master bedroom, I notice her laying on the bed. Luckily, it was kind of warm and she has kicked all of her covers off. I walk over to the bed and listen to her breathing and it is as she was in a deep slumber. She didn’t wake up. I was thankful for that.

I stood in a trance momentarily, watching her chest heave as she breathes. Seeing her breasts flatten out with the most luscious nipples I’ve ever seen before. I quietly removed my clothes and stand there naked as she is, my cock beginning to stir…to come to life as I soak in her beauty.

I touch her skin. The velvety touch is so smooth to my fingers. I move my fingers up to her nipples, but she didn’t wake up. I ran my tongue over her tiny buds and as if they had a mind of their own, they began becoming erect. I move down and with my hands I ease her legs apart.

The light of the moon coming through the window, acting as it was almost a spotlight shining on her almost hairless pussy. I begin kissing her inner thighs and as I do that, she finally begins to stir. I pause briefly and güvenilir bahis look at her face to see signs of waking up. She didn’t, so I continued moving closer to my reward.

Her body smelled so fresh as she obviously just took a shower before she came to bed. I move closer and extend my tongue so it will touch her lips of her pussy. The fragrance of her sex was as I had imagined. So sweet and fresh smelling. She moaned a little and involuntarily parted her legs more. I couldn’t tell if she was waking, but may have been dreaming.

My tongue finds her opening and slides in as I receive my first taste of her. She moans again and I see here hand moving over her body and down to her pussy. I raise my head as her fingers start moving to her clit. I was positive she was dreaming at this time. Her fingers rubbed more, then dipped down with her fingers and her middle finger finds her opening. She had become wet so her finger slipped in with ease. She moved her other hand down and began massaging her clit as her finger began fucking herself. Oh, this was a sight to see. My cock was hard as a rock with such an erotic display.

I couldn’t hold it much longer. I had to taste her inner being. I took her finger out of her pussy and placed it in my mouth. My tongue begins licking her juices off. Moving her hand away and placing it on her leg, my tongue enters her pussy again. She has really become wet and smelled of sex.

Suddenly, I hear her gasp as she comes out of her slumber. She wanted to scream but the pleasure of my tongue kept her from making a sound other than a moan. Her hand moved from her leg and found my head and pulled me closer to her pussy. Her hips began moving in a thrusting motion as my tongue dives deeper inside of her. The walls of her pussy clutch at my tongue as I tongue fuck her. Still no words where spoken between us, but türkçe bahis we both knew that we had something else in mind.

My hands move under her thighs and lift them while parting them more. I lift them forward and it lifts her ass up off of the bed. Her knees near her chest. I see the moisture that has dripped out of her pussy and it was glistening in the moonlight. I ran my tongue from her pussy downward over the sensitive area just below her pussy. Further down, I find the crevice of her ass and began licking the full length of it, then back to her tight opening. My tongue twirls around her opening and moves up the same trail as I had previously taken. I lick all of her juices that have dripped out en route to her wonderful pussy.

I take my fingers and find her pussy open for them to explore. I push two of them inside of her as her hips thrust upwards, trying to capture them. She begins moving wildly and moaning as her orgasm nears. Both hands now pulling me closer to her lonesome clit. Swollen and erect, I take her clit between my lips and begin sucking it as hard as I can while my fingers continue to fuck her. She arches her back off of the bed as she begins cumming in waves. Harder I suck as my mouth is rewarded with her juices.

By now my cock is throbbing and needs to be inside of her. I move up and kiss her nipples again as she pulls my head up so she can kiss me. Our tongues battling each other as we both sample her sweet nectar. My cock poised just on her clit as the underside of me fits well in the grove of her pussy. She hunches her hips and make me slide up and back with my cock moving over her aroused clit. I move back and the head of my cock finds her opening. I thrust my hips forward and my cock enters her tight pussy. Little by little I begin going deeper in her as our bodies begin a perfect rhythm, fucking each other as güvenilir bahis siteleri if it was the most natural thing we’ve both ever known.

Her legs wrap around my ass as I continue thrusting deeper and harder inside of her silky walls. Her muscles tightening around my cock as I fuck her like I’ve never fucked before. Her hands move to her own breasts and start pulling her nipples. She cups her breasts and offers them to my tongue as I fuck her. My tongue moves around her nipples, first one, then the other.

She wraps her arms around my body and pulls me over to the side of her as she gets up and straddles my body….her pussy slides down on my rock hard cock. She begins moving up and down slowly at first, then starts moving in a circular motion, grinding her clit over the base of my cock. She begins moving harder up and down, meeting my hips as I lift them off of the bed with each thrust. We find the rhythm again and fall prey to pure lust.

My hands move up and I take her nipples between my thumb and fingers and pull on them, and play with their hardness. She leans forward and kisses me again, but this time I begin sucking on her tongue, which causes a moan to escape her lips.

She raises up and leans backwards and takes her hand and finds my balls. She begins massaging them as my hand moves down and with my thumb, I begin massaging her clit. This triggers such an explosion between the both of us. As she cums….my balls erupt, sending thick jets of cum deep inside of her body. I lift my hips, lifting her off of the bed while still impailed on my cock. My cock throbs as my final drops empty inside of her.

Her breathing becomes ragged as she collapses onto my body. I place my arms around her as our hearts pound out the rhythm of love. She snuggles close to me while laying on my body. My hand caressing her soft skin. Her breasts burning a hole in my chest. We both lay spent in each other’s arms.

She looks into my eyes and wonders who I am. She asks, but I place my finger over her mouth and tell her, “Don’t say anything….we are each other’s fantasy my love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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