The Switch Up Ch. 04

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Thank you for your support over the previous three chapters, your emails and comments are very important to me, and sorry that I have made you wait so long for the next instalment. To make up for it, this is certainly a bumper issue. We are still in Incest/Taboo because that is the crux of the story, we are just not quite there yet. Enjoy!



I heard the door slam shut, meaning Dylan had taken off with Mollie. It only took me ten minutes to get ready, rather than my customary hour. I opted for a white V-neck and skinny jeans, although they were slightly less tight than I was used to despite their name. Following Dylan’s advice, I had put on underwear that was slightly too small. This, as he had said, acted like a push up bra and didn’t hide his package whatsoever. I mean my package; I guess I would have to get used to saying that now, though I was not sure that I would have cause to make use of that particular phrase all that often. You could make out the outline of my cock and balls, as well as tell that I was uncircumcised, if you get what I mean.

Less than a minute later the door bell sounded once more. I raced down the stairs, forgetting my new body’s dimensions and tripped on the final step. Standing up unhurt, I brushed myself off and opened the front door. Behind it was one of the most sought after girls at school, Emma Charles. She was wearing a trench coat, the kind you once only saw in old spy movies but had recently become stylish again, and what appeared to be Christian Louboutin high heels. I recognised the coat as Burberry and that coupled with the heels must have cost a small fortune, but her family were even richer than ours was so I decided she could stretch to it. To add to the extravagance, she also had a large Mulberry handbag swinging from her arm which was similar to the one I currently had my eye on.

“Hey Emma,” I greeted, trying to sound as much like Dylan as I could. Of course, having his voice would help matters.

“Shut the fuck up!” she commanded.

“What?” I spluttered in shock, causing my voice to crack slightly.

“I said, shut the fuck up!” repeating herself, as she dipped as hand into her handbag and pulled something out. She pointed it at me. It took me a few seconds to register what it was.

“Holy shit, is that a gun?” I said with a squeal, completely losing whatever masculinity I was previously managing to pull off. “I’m sure I told you to shut the fuck up?”

“Sorry, sorry…yes you did…you said to…sorry.”

“Take me to your bedroom,” she ordered, stepping into the house, the gun still trained on my chest. I turned and led the way upstairs, not saying another word. I had never been more petrified in my life. Without thinking I almost led her into my old room instead of Dylan’s, but I caught myself at the last moment. We reached the door to Dylan’s room and I opened it.

“Sit on the bed,” Emma instructed. I did as she said, and once again she pulled something from her bag. Handcuffs. She attached one cuff to my arm, and told me to put the other one around a railing on Dylan’s bed’s headboard. I needed a way out, but her gun was still trained on me. When I was younger I had taken some self-defence classes, but they wouldn’t be much use against a gun

“What the hell are you doing? Cuff yourself to your bed or I will fucking kill you!” she screamed. Quickly, I did as I was told. I was trapped. This girl was insane. She got more restraints out of her bag, and did the same with my other hand so my arms were stretched as far apart as they could be. My muscles were being overstretched; why the hell did Dylan have such a large bed?

“You’re a complete psychopath!” I spat in a foolish surge of courage, that did nothing but earn me a slap.

“No, I’m a Dominatrix. There is a difference, however slight it may be,” she reasoned. I knew she had a reputation for being all powerful and putting on a show when fucking a guy from school, but this was something else. “And I heard you were a little hard to handle.”

“I thought you came to fuck Dylan, I mean me?”

“I have,” she agreed, despite shooting me a quizzical look for my misstep. “But you must earn it first.”

She stepped back so I could see her, but I still had to strain to sit up. Emma undid her coat, and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing one of the sexiest outfits I had ever seen in real life. It was one of those black latex catsuits that are a regular feature in porn, and covered her from below her neck to her ankles. There were several zips, one that ran vertically down her torso, a horizontal one over her boobs, and one that ran from above her clit to just above her ass. I felt my cock harden in my jeans as I looked at her, and having studied her for some time, to say that what she was wearing was sexy was an understatement. The tightness of the outfit made it the next closest thing to seeing her naked, something I wanted very much. Her blonde locks were pulled back into a tight, sleek güvenilir bahis ponytail. Meanwhile her tits looked as if they were uncomfortable in the suit because they were so big, around a DD, and the outfit was so tight. She turned around and bent over at the waist to get something from her bag, giving me one of the sexiest views of an ass I had ever seen. It was massive, and perfectly rounded, encased by the tight material as was the rest of her incredibly curvy yet slim body. I had slept with dozens of girls, and seen many more naked, but even clothed Emma was probably the hottest I had even encountered when based solely on looks; from the way she dressed, to the way she carried herself. She exuded sex appeal. No wonder she was so sought out. For a moment, I even forgot the dire situation I was in.

That was until I felt my legs being strapped to the foot of the bed. I had to shuffle down, so I was lying completely spread eagled, just to get slightly more comfortable. My erection was getting stronger, beginning to strain painfully against my tight jeans. However, I instantly forgot all about that when the gun came back into view.

“Wh… what are you going to do to me?” I whimpered, any male bravado I had tried to put on before now gone entirely.

The only reply I received was her finger moving to the trigger. This was how I was going to die. Not in my body, but Dylan’s. Would he actually be the one to die, and I would just revert to my old body? What reason did she have to kill me, or rather Dylan? Maybe she was one of those freaks who killed people and fucked them. If you kill a man in the right way, it can trigger an erection after death. Not that I needed any help, I was engorged enough already. I closed my eyes, accepting my fate.

Without warning, she squeezed the trigger. A cold liquid dribbled off my forehead and made its way downwards, into my mouth. Thinking this was some kind of afterlife, or that I had somehow survived but had a terrible head wound, I expected to taste blood but instead water trickled into my mouth. I opened my eyes. Emma was on her knees, straddling me.

“I’m not going to do anything to you, good or bad, until you satisfy me.” She said.

“But the gun?” I said, confused.

“A water pistol,” she explained. “I know that you are a big boy, and thought I might need something to control you.”

“Oh, okay,” I sighed, relieved.

“Nothing has changed. I still control you. You are my slave. If you do your job well, and follow what I say then I will reward you otherwise there will be consequences. Agreed?”

“Yes,” I agreed, willing to do near enough anything for her to be the person I lost my male virginity to.

“Yes, what?” she yelled, slapping me hard across the face.


“Wrong!” she screamed, giving me another slap.

“Yes…mistress?” I ventured.


She reached into her bag once more, and produced scissors and a riding crop. Delicately, she positioned the riding crop under my chin.

“Yes, Dominatrix,” she whispered closely into my ear.

“Yes, Dominatrix,” I repeated.

Emma picked up the scissors and quickly cut off my shirt, removing it from the bed.

“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded, which earned a crack of the crop across my left pec.

“I will do as I please,” she said, Emma repositioned herself so she was now straddling my neck. She unzipped her lowest zip, exposing her pussy. “I am the Dominatrix, your mistress, your ruler, your empress. You will eat my pussy, and if you satisfy me I will reward you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dominatrix,” I answered, learning my lesson from last time. I had never been overly interested in BDSM or being dominated, I’d tried it, but it never really worked for me. However, this was different somehow. It was really turning me on, I felt as if I had wet myself but I realised it was just pre-cum. My cock was still straining very hard against my jeans, I needed to get them off and get a release soon.

Emma grabbed my hair, and buried my face in her pussy. I think she expected me to be shocked or not know what to do, not that I had been on both ends hundreds of times. Of course, she did not know that and probably thought I was one of those guys that just stuck his tongue in hoping for the best. Her vulva was completely bare, and her pussy had a gentle musky smell. I squirmed so I was sat up a little straighter, but she was still in control. Struggling to breathe, with my face enveloped by her pussy, I knew the only way to get out of this as well as to get a release myself was the make her orgasm and orgasm hard.

I gently probed her entrance with my tongue, and then moved down to the lowest part of her pussy. In one slow, sweeping motion, like a St. Bernard dog would lick your face, I licked up to just below her clit. I realised that Dylan’s tongue was much larger than my own, so I had the distinct advantage of an upgraded tool coupled with the enhanced knowledge türkçe bahis of a bisexual girl. I repeated the same lick about a dozen times. Her already wet pussy increased the amount of juice that was running onto my face. She had softened her grip enough with each lick and bolt of pleasure, that on the next pass I could reach her clit. As I did her hips bucked, a gentle moan escaped from her lips and the grip on my hair tightened, as she involuntarily thrust my face deeper into her pussy. Now I knew her real hot spot, like nearly every other girl, was her clit. Did you know there are eight thousand nerve endings in a clit alone, yet just four thousand in a whole cock? I think I got the raw deal in this body swap thing. Managing to get into an angle so I could reach it had unlocked the door, and I alternated between gently sucking on her bean and flicking it with my tongue. Physical tremors of pleasure rippled throughout her body each time. Giving her a break, I returned to the St Bernard licks, swapping them every so often for a probe of my tongue into her soaking wet pussy.

Emma, who had been surprisingly quiet, using her actions and body positions to control me rather than her voice, was already close; if I had carried on for as little as a minute during my last attack on her clit, she would have cum. Instead, I decided to slow down to increase the chance of her living up to her end of the bargain. I was though going to give her the best oral orgasm of her life; well, off of a ‘guy’ anyway.

I continued with the licks, this time finishing them only after passing over her clit. She was very close now. I sped up the licks. Her hand released my hair, now joining the other in steadying herself against the bed. This allowed me even better manoeuvrability, and access to her clit. Feeling her orgasm coming, I flicked her clit harder than before, interchanging with pushing it in a circular motion.

Suddenly, her clit retracted. I swapped back to the long licks, but this time at a faster pace. Her back arched. The already intense moaning grew louder. The moaning turned into cries of joy. Her pelvis pushed forward towards my face. Her pussy contracted. She screamed. Another contraction. I could feel it around my face that was still buried in her pussy. Juices squirted onto my face, and into my mouth. It tasted amazing. Another scream. Another contraction. Another squirt. Finally, she was done.

“How…did you… do…that?” she panted, collapsing to the side of me, her domineering persona fading. “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, especially off a guy, and nobody has ever made me squirt like that. It was almost like you knew how it felt, you know, the best areas to hit, when to stop or when to ramp it up.”

“Practice I guess,” I said, obviously unable to reveal the real reason I was so good at eating pussy. My erection was stronger than ever, I needed to get my jeans off. “Now you’ve got to hold up to your end of the deal, or at least get these damn jeans off of me, before my cock splits them.”

“I’ll do you one better than hold up to my end of the deal,” she said, propping herself up on my chest. “Normally, I’d give guys a quickie at best and get outta there, but that orgasm was so good I can still feel it. So, instead…”

With her blonde hair having some lose from all her bucking and writhing, it was now dangling around my face; it tickled my chin as she lent in and pressed her lips to mine. Some of her red lipstick transferred onto me, as her incredibly soft and big lips caressed mine. Almost immediately, her tongue came knocking on my lips which were covered in her drying pussy juices. I copied her, pushing my tongue forward, allowing them to dance together just outside of our mouths for a minute or so. It still felt unnatural for my tongue to be that size, but Emma had certainly liked it. I pushed it forward into her mouth. She did the same.

As quickly as it had begun, she broke off the kiss. Instead she moved her way down to my neck, kissing and gently biting. Normally, I couldn’t get enough of someone kissing my neck, but in Dylan’s body I could take it or leave it. She moved further down, giving me little pecs as she went until she reached my jeans. By now my erection was so strong having rubbed against my jeans, I was close to coming, even without any help. She paused, teasing me, knowing my discomfort. Eventually, in one skilful motion she undid the buckle on my belt and my fly. She pulled them down to my ankles, along with my underwear, but not off because the restraints still in place.

My cock sprung free, pre-cum spreading from the tip like chocolate on a strawberry. Emma knelt in between my legs, and undid the zip covering her tits. Two massive boobs were revealed. They hardly sagged at all, and had small but perfectly formed areolas that made her tits look even bigger. Softly, Emma lowered herself down so far that I could feel her breath on the head of my cock, and her tits were resting on my upper thighs. She poked her tongue güvenilir bahis siteleri out of her mouth, and very slowly licked my pre-cum from my cock’s head. It was so sensitive it almost was not pleasurable- almost.

Even with my pre-cum gone, she repeated this move again, paying special attention to what I assumed were my glands on the underside of the head, but I obviously could not see or recognise the feeling; with Dylan not being circumcised this area was naturally very sensitive. Emma then went one step further, taking the whole of my head in her mouth and creating a seal just below the ridge. I was officially experiencing my first blowjob, and it was a masterclass; a masterclass which caused me to throw my head back, and grip the sheets. I had to grit my teeth, because the pleasure was so intense. She very gently sucked in and out, similar to a baby sucking on a pacifier, causing her lips to bobble up and down the underside of the head. This brought me unimaginable amounts off pleasure, a different kind than I had experienced in my female body. One thing that was noticeably different was the build-up of pressure around my pelvis, I assumed that meant I was not far off coming from what I had experienced from masturbating earlier in Dylan’s body. It had not taken long; it was no wonder men were so hung up over how long they lasted in bed.

Emma decided to take it further, and slid her lips down my shaft. She managed to take half my length on the first pass before gagging a little and pulling off. Knowing from experience what giving a blowjob was like I sat up a little, and held her hair out of her way for her. This gave me opportunity to hold her beautiful gaze, the thing I always found sexiest about giving head, as she took the plunge once more and managed to get seventy-five percent of the way down this time. Emma backed off, but not entirely, pausing to licking my head as she regrouped.

“You are so good at this,” I praised.

“It has been a while since I have done this for a guy,” she admitted. “I’m a little rusty.”

“Not from where I’m sitting.”

She moved down again this time taking my entire length, to the familiar sounding gag of a girl deep throating a cock. Her throat convulsed, adding to the feeling before she got into her rhythm. Emma’s head bobbed up and down, giving my cock long strokes with her throat and lips while managing to never take her eyes off mine. I let out a short groan. This girl was a pro.

I could feel my orgasm coming, and the closer it got the more similar it became to the feeling of the sensation heightening in my female body as I waited, albeit a lot longer, for an orgasm. As Emma changed tactic, I knew I was done. The head bobbing and long strokes continued, but as her lips reached the head she added the perfect sprinkling of teeth; just a little graze on the way up was all it needed to kick the blowjob up a notch. A let out a longer and louder groan than the one previously. This girl really knew what she was doing.

“I’m close,” I warned, but that only spurred her on. “Really close!”

I felt it coming, but the pleasure was too intense to tell her that this was it; our eyes broke contact for the first time in what felt like an age, as I was forced to close my eyes and lay back in sheer ecstasy. I concentrated on the sensations I was feeling, trying to remember them in case this was the only time that I got to experience them. The pleasure increased for another thirty seconds, and that was when strings of cum shot into Emma’s mouth, without warning, that she took like a seasoned porn star. Everything tailed off after I had cum, which although I had been expecting it I was surprised it happened so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, Emma’s mouth on my still hard erection was still pleasurable enough, but it was nowhere near as good as the build-up.

Emma released my cock from her lips expecting it, as I was, to go limp. She shimmied up the bed to lie next to me and pressed her lips to mine, before trying to reach down to gently massage my balls in an attempt to revive me for round two. As she did so, however, her hand was blocked by something in between my balls and her hand.

“Are you still hard?” she asked, puzzled.

“It looks like it,” I replied, looking down, also shocked. I have had sex with dozens of guys but never have I fucked one who was ready to go immediately, at least not with the same strength of erection.

“But that’s impossible?” Emma gasped.

“Apparently not,” I joked, as Emma’s walls began to come down. This whole dominatrix act was just that, an act, a way to cover up an unknown vulnerability.

“In that case, do you fancy round two?”

“Round two?”

“Yeah, as in fucking again or at least you cumming another time,” she explained, missing my point. “You definitely deserve it!”

“I meant that you’re not exactly famous for lying around, and pillow talk, you even said it yourself.”

“There’s something different about you,” she began, as she grabbed a key from her bag and began to take my cuffs off. “I can’t quite place it, but you make me feel different than the other guys I’ve been with, and you gave me the best orgasm of my life earlier! Do you have a condom?”

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