The Utter Need for Martin

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If I’m feeling down. If the wet weather is stopping me from taking my walks and doing my garden bit I am one lucky woman in knowing I always have Martin there to comfort me.

Martin has the magical ability to offset all my stress and bunged up brain cells and he is obviously the best thing that has happened in my life. He made rubbish of my ex who treated me like a wet rag with no consideration whatsoever.

Martin is so very different and outgoing as well, I joke with him and say that he suits me down to the ground -and up again. And of courses out of that comes a few derogative remarks which he mean in good heart.

If he sees discontent in my eyes he is out to do something about it. And I am completely his to toy with or whatever. I don’t mind which, where he toys or whatever. They are both nice and joyful, and thrilling too. One realises that this is what having a toy boy is all about, and it is not just about the sex, which is incomparable t anything else I have known, but also those elements which lodge in the corners of the mind, like when I know I haven’t done this or that properly or my boss is after my butt because I have caused a rumpus in the office, when I have muddled the computer and I don’t know what..

I get home and fall into a chair, spread may legs and yearn for Martin be there, and usually just a call will do it.

“What is it this time?” He asks nicely and I tell him about the ghastly things that have happened to me at the office, and how my manager threatens canlı bahis to sack me.

“What you want is a jolly good shag Cherie” he said frankly.

And that is what I adore about Martin, he says it how it is and if I sit and think about it, that is a very food recipe to clear the mind and body of all those nasty thoughts going on.

“Are you coming over here to do it then”” I said candidly.

“How can a gut refuse that offer” says he and already I feel my sex buds pumping. Like I am a teenager having been worked up by this new boy in my life who is eager to get his end away..

My tall handsome young fellow is barely half my age. I am coming on 45 ne4xt years but pride myself in keeping trim and very sex to please Martin. I would do anything for him to prevent him going off me, He says he never could but I have to be practical and assume one day he will want to find a girl nearer his own age..

But I do give him all the passion I have, which since I was forty and since I met him a year ago, is in plenty and never stops,

He arrived and I am in my chair again, but appropriately showered and dressed for the occasion, I spray a myself with his favourite pong and enjoy the look of sheer lust in those gorgeous blue eyes.

“Baby you are rearing to go by the look” I tell him and he responds telling me I am the most beautiful women in the world.

“Flattery will get you everywhere” I say and I see he has a beautiful bulge which seem to be attempting to spring out of his jeans..

I bahis siteleri undo his zip for him, no point in hanging around, we have a mission to accomplished the sooner the better, the foreplay can wait until the second innings which will come later. There was no hassle for the preliminaries. Just the quick kiss was enough to set the ball rolling. I needed that I really did, My whole body was geared up to it, If anything happened that would deny me I am sure I would burst open at the seams

“I feel him in my hands. The sheer warmth and comfort is there, in that beautifully sculptured essentially stem of life, which jerks to my touch and rises high.

“Say it Cherie, say it how you like to say it” he says as i begin to stretch my fingers over his length.

“And how you would like to hear me say it?” I ask “That I simply adore your fuck and cannot live without it” I continue.

“That’s a good start” he says meaning he wants more of the same.

“I love and adore your cock, it is simply the best.

I want to taste and enjoy its zest

I need you to take me rough and deep

Indeed for you to take one enormous leap

To where you have been before,

Baby take the grand tour

Do me how you love to; deep and hard to the core.”

By now his face is plum red, I am ready to have him in bed, his cock is ripe and ready to the fore, I taste it and want it more, he sighs and takes me too, his head between me like he loves to do

“Fuck me now, deep and bahis şirketleri rough, let me feel the man inside you and do your volcano stance for me, when your fuck is nearly complete, and you erupt over my form.

That is so very good , so nice as I feel myself throb to the climax, and we have done it once more, we are as one and I love you so much.”

It is as nice as always it is, being all woman for my baby, he deserves the best and I want to give him that. I suckle him more, slow and deep into my throat, feeling his sweet vibrations within, I adjust so he can smother his face in my quinny and enjoy the feeling his tongue esteems. I enjoy is so much, I open up for him as we independently suckle each other and his finger rim my nipples to give me the ultimate thrill.

Instinctively we slither into a warm scintillating fuck and for a while hold it there, to feel the absolute throb of each other’s love deep within. I feel it stretch and comfort me, I feel its need for me. He will take me both ways as always he does and afterwards I will take the strap on to him. It is what we like to do, something which gives us both absolutes joy and happiness and something I can allocate to the masculine part of me and for Martin the feminine vibes which also gives me an extra boost.

Our intimacy can never diminish I feel sure. I love him to the core, his young virile body is all a woman could want. He sends me to heaven every time we bond. He is my lover supreme. He does it for me like no one has ever before. He can take me any time, in the bathroom, in bed or doggy on the floor, each fuck is different in its way but they fulfill me to the core.

Having a toy boy for me has opened a new page in my book of life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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