Third Summer Sex Party

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Chapter 1 – My Past Sex Parties


It had been more than a month now since the last time my best friend Beth was able to talk me into going with her to one of her sex parties. It wasn’t like she hadn’t tried, believe me. Sometimes it seems that she spends half her evenings at the crazy things!

As for me, I have never understood the big attraction. Sure, they’re fun to go to every now and then but so are lots of other things and I don’t do them all the time. I guess I’m just more conservative and not a party girl like Beth or more cousin Kristi. Kristi goes with her quite a bit, but we really don’t talk about it much other than a hint or a knowing look now and then. Actually, I hear more about Kristi’s “extracurricular activities” from my mom who gets her information from Kristi’s mom, who has always been quite proud of her daughter’s exploits.

Every party Beth has taken me to over the past two summers has been unique in its own way, yet there is a common thread that runs through all of them, at least for me. Of course at each one I have sex with any number of guys in a variety of locations and positions – that’s the whole point going after all! What I am referring to is a common denominator where the sex has always been with men, never a woman.

It’s not that I don’t like sex with girls – THAT certainly has it’s time and place. It’s just that from my perspective, being fucked by a guy seems more suited to this type of situation. I mean, so far in my life sex with guys has revolved around various forms of fucking and getting off without a great deal of intimacy. Sure, I’ve had crushes on a few boys but looking back, that’s all they were.

Thus you could say I liked being fucked by a guy for my own pleasure. I’m not afraid to admit that it’s quite an ego booster when men fall over themselves to have me, including cheating on their wives and girlfriends. Although letting my uncle fuck me is more out of a sense of family obligations than actual attraction, I still enjoy it or I wouldn’t let him do it. My father has been the only man in my life with whom there has been any sense of an emotional bonding, but that should be obvious.

In contrast to being with men, many of whom I have no idea even what their names were, my lesbian experiences have involved women I am close to, such as my mom and aunt, or my younger cousins Tammy and Kristi. Outside my family, the only girls I have done it with has been people I am close to, like my college roomies Beth and Jen, my mom’s friend Tammy or my best friend Beth. So you see, lesbian sex is much more intimate and emotional for me, not something I would normally think about doing with stranger at a party.

There have been a few notable exceptions, but very limited. To put it in perspective, in my life so far I’ve had sex with 139 different men (100 of those were at parties so someone were to ask me I would normally say I’ve had sex with 39 men) but only 19 girls. Of course, I don’t count slumber parties with friends where we masturbated together, that was just typical girl stuff and in any case, it didn’t involve any sexual contact with other girls.

Chapter 2 – Sunday Morning – Masturbating Before Church


So now it was the middle of August and the weather was typical for that time of year – hot and muggy. It was Sunday morning and I was concentrating on what to wear to church. One look out my bedroom window and I knew from the clear ski and bright sun it was going to be another scorcher.

While most of our church is air-conditioned, the sanctuary is huge and being built over one hundred years ago, not well insulated so air-conditioning was never installed. They kept lots of fans running, especially on days like today, but all it did was move the hot air around. If I had my druthers, I would just throw on a pair of shorts and a bikini top and stay cool but it WAS church and I was raised that a certain decorum applied. I mean, it’s not like the old days where people wore suits and long dresses, no matter what. But still, our family “dressed up” for church and for me that typically meant a dress or at least a skirt and nice blouse. No shorts, jeans, etc., at least not for services.

My dad was out of town for the weekend which meant no “wakeup call” for me this morning and I was definitely feeling even hornier than usual as a result. It’s funny how you can take something for granted and it’s not until it’s gone that you realize how much it means to you. It felt strange just waking up on my own and getting out of bed without having first taken care of my dad’s needs. I thought about him in his hotel room and wondered if he was jerking off thinking about what he was missing this morning. To be honest, I was hoping he was and that meant he missed me!

Having just gotten out of bed, I was still nude as I stood in front of my closet. Typically I don’t bother putting anything on until I have finished in the bathroom since it was right across the canlı bahis hall from my bedroom. Like, what would be the point to through on a shirt or something just to drop it again a few minutes later?

I started sleeping in the buff back when I started college. At the time, it was more that I was eighteen and wanting to act grown-up and be like my parents than anything else. Over time, once I got accustomed to it, it got to the point where even a light negligee felt restrictive when I was in bed. There is just something about the feel of cool sheets against your bare skin that feels good at night. Besides, I’ve never understood the reason for covering yourself up in bed. It’s not like I run around the house nude or anything but when I throw back the covers, the night shirt doesn’t come off until just before I slip between the sheets.

Turning slightly, I looked at myself in the mirror mounted on the closet door and did what every girl does when she sees herself in the mirror – criticize myself! While I certainly am not fat, I can’t claim to have the petite figure of my cousin Kristi. My boobs are finally respectable and perky without any sag but when I compare them to my best friend Beth’s, it’s easy to understand why when we are together the boys always look at her chest first.

My fingers pinched the nipples on both of my breasts and pulled on them before letting go and allowing them to snap back. They tingled a bit and I smiled as they responded, growing harder and more pointed as I toyed with them. While I may not have always had the most spectacular boobs, even in a training bra my nipples have always been extremely sensitive and responsive to even the slightest attention. Just wearing a loose blouse that rubs over my nipples as I move is enough to get them poking out like bullets from my chest.

Reaching down with my right hand, I grabbed my crotch in my palm and pulled my hand upwards, dragging my palm and fingers over my pussy and up to my flat stomach. Hmmmm, I definitely needed to shave this morning! Perhaps it was a good thing my dad wasn’t here this morning, the stubble would have been pretty rough on his face had he tried eating me out. Normally I shave every day but sometimes I get lazy. I hate letting it go more than a couple of days or so because then it gets too rough and I end up with an irritated pussy which isn’t too appealing.

The first time I rubbed myself it was intended more as a personal inspection than anything else but as my fingers passed over my clit I was reminded that I hadn’t been fucked yet this morning. Even worse, I knew the odds of that happening today with my dad out of town were pretty remote.

If there is any time of day when I am the most naturally horny, it’s when I first wake up. It’s not unusual for me to wake up and find my pussy is literally dripping, making me wonder what I was dreaming about. Usually I at least masturbate before I even get out of bed although nothing beats waking up with a guy playing with me, maybe even fucking me as I slept, especially if it’s my dad. As my fingers touched my pussy, it started throbbing as if to remind me it hadn’t gotten its usual attention yet.

Sunday school was in less than an hour so I knew I didn’t have time to get back in bed and take care of myself properly. At the same time, if I went to church feeling like this I would be excusing myself to the little girl’s room before Sunday School was half over. Well, it’s not that I don’t do that anyway sometimes, but I still felt this terrible hunger in me that needed to be satisfied. When you’re used to certain things, not having them is something you miss and my pussy was definitely telling me in no uncertain terms that it was missing something this morning! Unfortunately, with my dad out of town it wasn’t going to get what it normally did, but there are ways of dealing with that in a pinch.

Leaning back against the wall, my hand returned to my pussy. God it felt so good to touch myself! I’ve hear guys joke that God must be a man because he created men so they could pee standing up. Well, I would say he blessed women between the legs a hell of lot more than men! I LOVE my pussy and unlike a guy, I can play with it just about anywhere. Do you think women cross their legs just to be modest when wearing a dress? Yeah right. Plus the fact that unlike men, whose dick is more like a musket, with one shot and then time to reload., my pussy is more like a machine gun, letting me cum over and over again until finally I just can’t take it anymore.

As my fingers worked their way into my pussy, any worries about getting ready for Sunday School quickly disappeared. Whenever I am this horny, I HAVE to do something about it. Thank God for masturbation! I

For me, it wasn’t until I experienced my first orgasm and it was like suddenly the light came on and I knew what it was all about. Of course, once I learned what a great thing it was, I was fingering myself all the time. It got to the point that even though technically I was not a child being over eighteen, my bahis siteleri mom felt she had to scold me and warn me to be more discreet about it. Over time I learned to control myself better but even now, I usually do it every day and typically more than once.

As horny as I was, it wasn’t going to take long this morning. I leaned back against the door frame and watched myself in the mirror. Maybe I’m weird or something, but I like to watch myself when I masturbate; it’s almost like I’m looking at someone else. With one hand on my pussy and the other on my boob, I could feel myself rising to whatever point it was that drove me off the edge.

God I wanted to be fucked so bad! Why did my dad have to go out of town this weekend? I closed my eyes at that point and imagined it was his dick in me instead of my fingers, that it was his strong hands massaging my boobs instead of my own, that his hot breath was on my neck as he kissed me and told me how good it felt to fuck me.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck me,” I whispered to myself as I dreamed of giving myself to him, “I want you to cum in me.”

Suddenly my knees weakened and I slumped slightly as I tried to keep my balance. My eyes shut tight as I focused on nothing but my pussy as I dreamed of my dad’s dick deep inside of me.

“I’m cumming daddy… oh god I’m cumming so hard,” I moaned softly.

It was like a vise had tightened on my chest as I couldn’t breathe. Every inch of my body suddenly felt like I had stepped into a furnace and the fire was consuming me except these were flames of pleasure. My bedroom disappeared and I was consumed by pure lust, my body aching for a cock to be in me. I could feel my pussy cum pouring over my hand as I kept my fingers in my pussy, stroking them in and out like a dick was in me instead. Just as I thought I was going to pass out, a giant gasp erupted from me and I took in a huge breath of air.

“Oh god!” I moaned over and over as I shook like I was freezing to death. It was like I was quivering like a guitar string that had been plucked, except that it was my fingers playing over my pussy that was producing the sensational music inside of me.

Finally I couldn’t even stand anymore and I slid down the door until I was sitting on the floor, my legs spread wide apart and now both hands pressing against my crotch. I had two fingers in me with the other hand pressing them tighter inside of me. I was exhausted, unable to even move my hands.

“Hey! We have to be at church in a half hour silly, couldn’t this have waited?”

I forced my eyes open to see my mom standing over me, hands on her hips. She was dressed and ready to go and here I was, still naked and sitting on the floor with my fingers up my pussy, caught like a kid with her hands in the cookie jar.

“No… it couldn’t’,” I protested.

“Well, quit playing with yourself and get going, we’re going to be late.”

It was tempting to just get dressed and go to church smelling like sex but I knew that wouldn’t go over well with some of the people there. I took a FAST shower, being careful not to get my hair wet and quickly got myself ready. Fortunately, I have never been one of those girls that takes two hours to get ready so in twenty minutes I was bouncing down the stairs to join my mom.

“You know Kelly,” my mom chided me, “Someday you’re going to have to learn some self-control!”

It was the same speech she had given me a hundred times, just in a different format, so I ignored it for the hundredth time as well. I mean, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!

Chapter 3 – My Cousin Rick Fucks My Best Friend During Church


When we got to church, we met my aunt and uncle along with my cousins in the parking lot. My cousin Rick was eighteen and quite the hunk. My mom had been keeping an eye on him for some time and it didn’t take long for her to pull a “Mrs. Robinson” with him once he started fucking me a few weeks ago. I don’t know which of them was more excited about it, him for getting the chance to screw an older woman (and his own aunt at that) or her getting the opportunity to have some teenage cock once again. It wasn’t like my dad didn’t please her. It was no different than my dad fucking me or my cousin. What I mean is, who could blame her for wanting a little fun with a boy less than half her age?

Without a sound, Rick moved in just behind my mom and I caught his hand reaching out to quickly squeeze her ass. My eyes widened in amazement at his guts considering we were right in the middle of the church parking lot. Fortunately, nobody was around at that moment to see what he had done – except me of course. My mom, to her credit, didn’t even bat an eye although when Rick moved away she gave him a naughty look that clearly said she wouldn’t have minded a little more – especially when I saw where she was looking!

As we headed to the side entrance of the church, Rick ran up to me and grabbed my arm, pulling me off to the side where he hurriedly bahis şirketleri started to whisper to me. He was so excited about something that he could barely get the words out without stuttering.

“Hey Kelly, I’m gonna fuck Beth during Sunday School – wanna watch?” he said, almost choking on his words with his excitement. “You’re going to fuck Beth? Here? Now?”

“Yeah, I know, I wasn’t supposed to tell you but I couldn’t resist once I saw you.”

“So… is that why you were so horny that you fondled my mom’s ass right smack in the middle of the parking lot?”

Rick grinned sheepishly and said with a wicked smile, “Oh, you saw that. Well, she DOES have a nice ass you know.”

I had to concede that point to him as my mom did indeed have a great looking ass! Not to mention boobs that still were hanging in there and not a line on her face or thighs.

“So… does Beth know you’re planning on fucking her?” I teased him. Really, I was having a hard time believing him as Beth had never told me she was doing anything with him.

Rick rolled his eyes at me in exasperation. “Very funny – gimme a break, Kelly.”

My mom was calling after me by now so I just giggled at him and ran off to catch up with the rest of my family. My parents attended a session intended for married couples while I split off to the college group. Just as I was about to go into the room I looked down the long hallway and saw Rick poking his head around the corner, gesturing with his arm to come down and join him.

Out of curiosity, more than anything, I decided to see what he really wanted as honestly, I still thought he was just jerking my chain with all that talk about fucking Beth. Beth was my best friend and I couldn’t believe that she was screwing my cousin and hadn’t told me about it.

Beth was the only person outside my family that knew about my “special relationships” at home and indeed, was the only girl my dad had ever fucked outside our family since he married my mom over twenty years ago. That alone should tell you how close of friends we were and how much a part of our family she was considered to be. Thus it was unimaginable to me that Beth would have been fucking Rick before now and not telling me about it.

“Move your ass and get in here,” Rick hissed at me as I approached. He was leaning out of a doorway leading to one of the older rooms in the church. These days it was now pretty much used for storing junk and not much else. Indeed, I couldn’t even remember being in it before.

“Hide over there – Beth should be here any minute,” he said in a low voice, as if he was afraid he would be overhead.

Being at the end of the hallway in this relatively unused part of the church, the odds of THAT were pretty remote. Heck, I hadn’t even been down here in years myself.

Rick was pointing towards a pile of boxes stacked against one side of the room that were labeled as having the various props for our annual Christmas pageant. In front of them was a clothes rack filled with costumes for the same pageant. So this is where they kept all that stuff! Rick pulled the clothes rack out far enough for me to hide between it and the boxes. Just in the nick of time, too, as it turned out. No sooner was I squatting down behind the clothes, peeking out between the costumes, then I heard a familiar voice – my best friend!

“Alright, let’s get going before someone catches us down here,” I barely heard her whisper.

At first I couldn’t actually see her or Rick but then someone closed the door and they moved over to an empty table which was almost directly in front of me, giving me virtually a front row seat to whatever was about to happen.

Beth was dressed rather conservatively – at least compared to her usual outfits. It was just a simple floral dress that came to just above her knees with thin spaghetti shoulder straps and a “peasant girl” style bust. God I loved her boobs! I’d been jealous of them since I was just twelve, when she was already into a B cup and I was in a training bra. Today they were a full D cup but didn’t have the sag and droopiness most bigger girls had to deal with.

Her long brunette hair was hanging down to the middle of her back, nothing special other than the hours of combing in her bedroom I knew she spent. From her flushed appearance and the way she kept staring at his crotch, I knew my best friend well enough to know she was one horny girl at the moment. Well, that made two of us!

“You’re late. I was afraid you weren’t going to show up,” Rick whined slightly.

Beth moved in closer to Rick and pressed her hand on the growing bulge in his pants. “And miss out on this?” she responded seductively, “Mmmmmm, not on your life.”

God, was I getting turned on! It’s not like I hadn’t seen Beth with a guy before. Beth was a charter member of a local group that met frequently for private sex parties and she had invited me to a couple already this summer. Beth was heavily into the group sex scene, much more than me. Although the two of us have been best friends forever, even fucking some guys together, we had never fooled around with each other until this past winter. The most amazing thing about Beth, so far as sex goes, is that my dad has fucked her as well – twice actually.

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