Training Ch. 25

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Dhea had been with Paul for over a month now and had moved in with him. Each day she was learning more and more how to become his personal sex slave and do what he told her to do when he told her. He had convinced her that she had whorist ways, an inner slut that needed to be saved and relieved of her nasty filthy sexual ways. He told her that sex was wonderful when done in a loving way.

But Paul had convinced Dhea that she had to learn to deal and control her indecent, inner immoral, dirty sexual ways. The only way was to drive it out of her physically when ever she felt it coming on.

Paul told her that if she followed his directions to the letter he could cure her of these revolting feelings by giving her body more and more sex that would teach her to love the sexual feeling but remove those raging unclean urges that were making her a whore for anyone who came along.

She agreed and moved in with him giving herself over to him completely becoming his submissive, his sexual slave first to have her nasty needs removed from a pure animal lust to simple a more pure and sexual need for love.

Today Paul had her dress only in the bra and panties he purchased for her on line. The bra was a sort of nursing type bra which with a flip of a finger opened the end which exposed her nipples.

The panties were crotch-less panties that weren’t more than a small 3 inch patch over her vagina slit with its own slit at the proper place. A finger or tongue or cock would find no problem moving in and penetrating her vagina when it was time. There was no back to the panties except for the throng string that ran up her ass.

Paul always had her dress for sex in some sort of outfit that showed off her body without hindering his touches or need to finger or lick or to fuck her. He loved to see her dressed this way in panties and bra and for the most part when he was home or coming home Dhea would put on the outfit he laid out for her each day. That’s all she wore until last week when Paul got her a new gift.

Now, there was something new added to her outfits which she had to wear all the time. He told her she could never take it off until she was cured of her nasty sexual lust.

It was a neck strap made of leather which went around her beautiful neck and has the words DHEA — PAUL on the front and SLAVE on the back which could be reversed if want. It was burned into the chrome plates. She wore this all the time now, even when she slept. It had a long chain on it that went around Paul’s arm so he could pull and guided her wherever he wanted her to go.

Today was going to be a special day for Dhea. Paul would teach her how to become a complete sub, a complete sex slave to him. After today their relationship would advance especially for her.

Today it would start out with her sucking his cock and balls properly. He may or may not cum, that was up to her to make him. Paul had great staying power and many times Dhea’s mouth and jaws would tire and she would actually have her lower jaw lock up on her so she had to stop before he blew his load in her mouth.

When that happened she would be punished. But then Paul would always work her pussy afterwards and make her hold off cumming for some time as part of the punishment for not sucking his cum out of his cock.

Paul would make her cum with his fingers working them hard in and out of her hole until she climaxed on them. Sometimes she would have to stand and spread her legs and he would finger fuck her that way driving his fingers up into her pussy. He had made her squirt a few times doing it that way.

He loved to see her beautiful sexy body squatting there in front of him as he drove his fingers deep into her cunt. She would cry and moan and beg him to stop because the feeling of her inner slut was returning. But Paul always told her he had to drive it out of her and the best way was to make her cum. She did.

When he was done making her cum he slowly removed his fingers and then he would make her taste her cum directly from them seconds after he pulled them out of her cunt hole. He would move them right to her lips. At first Dhea didn’t want to do it, tasting her own juices felt dirty and not right to her. But, now Dhea always sucked her fingers clean. While he watched her, he would tell her that the wetness was the slut juices coming out of her body. He insisted she had more and that he would get them all removed.

He would also always remind her that he made her cum and that she didn’t make him cum. He would always make her feel inadequate and subordinate in love making to him. He could make her cum orally but she couldn’t make him. Each time Dhea sucked him now she would work so hard trying to make him cum in her mouth. Her blow jobs were getting better and better and Paul was having a very hard time holding off now.

Once Dhea had cum a couple times from Paul’s mouth he would spread her thighs wide open stretching her legs until they hurt a little. He enjoyed looking at her pussy. It was dark around canlı bahis the edges like most Asian women he had known. But the insides were so very pink almost reddish with a small clit which by now in their love making was always poking out from under a long sot clit hood. Her actual pussy hole was small, very small, and that was one of the reasons Paul loved fucking her. He always stretched her hole with his big dick.

Once Paul’s cock was fully inside Dhea’s beautiful cunt he loved how she fucked him. Her body went wild on him. Sometimes he wouldn’t move and he would just watch her and let her fuck herself and him with her body moving on it. That was the greatest thing for him seeing her fucking herself as he watched. But it was strange, Dhea always seem to be recovered by the next day for his cock to enjoy her hole again.

Licking her pussy and building her lust up higher and higher now, Paul loved to hear her beg him to make her cum again and again before he fucked her with his big cock. Telling her she had to work out the demons of evil lust from her body Paul usually got three orgasms out of Dhea with his fingers and mouth! God how he loved feeling her body shutter from his touch and sucking and licking!

After denying her satisfaction for a long while he would make her cum with her legs over her head as he exposed both of her holes. He played and touched and worked on her ass and pussy which made her feel so slutty.

Legs over her head and pussy on fire and her ass hole showing Paul would always asked her if the nasty slutty feeling was there. And, of course it was, Paul had made sure of that. Dhea would always tell him: “Yes. It’s there Sir and I feel so full of it now. I need to cum so baldy Sir. Please Sir. Help me Sir please help me get rid of it.”

He held her legs over her head and looked down at her pussy and ass and saw her face between her open legs. He told her it was ashame that she had so much slut inside her that had to be removed. He told her how lovely she was and how bad she needed discipline and control or she would be a whore, a worthless slut, all her life. He told her it was his job to make her control her nasty lust side and obey him and he would guide her as she learned.

Then usually after she was ready and willing and needing it so badly Paul would move up and show her his big cock slapping it on her cunt. The head pointed over her pelvis and Dhea could see the thick hard dick head. Then slowly, very slowly he would begin to insert it into her tight little cunt. As he did he asked her over and over again what she wanted.

Dean would reply: “Oh God Sir please, please, put your cock into my pussy and relieve my nasty sexual urges. Please Sir fuck me and make me your women. OH yes your cock feels so good going into me. Fuck me Sir!! Fuck me Paul! Fuck me!!!”

Paul stopped moving his body and with just his cock head in her hot wet and ready pussy hole he yelled: “What? You haven’t earned the right to call me Paul, not yet bitch! What did I tell you to call me? Maybe I should just jack off over your nasty whore body.”

Dhea moaned trying to lift up to get his cock into her body. She couldn’t move Paul had her secured tightly. “Sir! OH fuck me! I’m so sorry Sir!! I’m so worked up Sir. Please Sir! PLEASE! SIR!! I need it so bad today Sir!! PLEASE! PLEASE!! Fuck me SIR”, she begged.

She was panting and begging. He looked down and took her upper thighs and held them while he bent over her body and pushed his cock down into her cunt. Dhea moaned loudly as she felt him move deeper and deeper into her body. “Is this what you want my sweet slut”; he asked looking directly into her eyes.

Dhea moaned when she heard him call her his sweet slut. “Yes, yes sir. Please! I love how it feels when you push so deep into my nasty cunt. It helps so much to remove my whorist needs. Fuck my need out of me Sir. Please fuck me! Remove my nasty lust. Make me cum with your hard long cock Sir. Please!” she said in a servant’s voice.

Paul smiled down at her and removed some of the straps holding her lower body tightly. Once removed Dhea could move and she started to work her cunt on his cock. He was fully embedded inside her tiny little pussy and as he looked down at her he said: “If yow want to cum Dhea you have to help me. You have to move your lower body like I showed you. Work baby! Work your cunt on my cock. Work hard and get that slutty whorish feeling out of you. Cum on my cock Dhea. Be my beauty lady and show me how much you love me and love my cock and how you want to get that whore out of you!”

Dhea started to rock her hips and thrust her pelvis up into her master and she worked her body rotating her pussy around and up and down on his big hard cock. “Yes, yes baby! That’s it. Fuck me. Fuck me and cum for me Dhea my sweet slave. Get that nasty sexual feeling out of your body. Cum for me Dhea. Cum on my dick. Let me feel your wetness coat my hard cock. Cum and be free of the slut inside you”

Dhea lifted and humped and went bahis siteleri wild moving her pussy on his cock. God he loved how she fucked him. He watched her as he stood there looking down at her body as her cunt was taking his dick in and out of her vagina as she rocked and humped on it. “So good! Soooo very good Sir”, she moaned.

She fucked him like a wild women, a women under a spell, she was. As he stood there not moving and watched her working her body to please him completely he smiled down at her giving her his approval!! “Oh Sir! It feels so good!!! I’m going to cum I can’t help it! The feeling is over powering Sir. Please tell me it’s OK to cum! Please” she cried out.

Paul smiled down and said: “Yes my sweet slut! Cum hard. Get it all out of you and I’ll make love to your body like always. Now baby moved! Now fuck me like you really need it.”

He knew she was very close. He pushed into her deep and fast and started to fuck her back now. Seconds later Dhea closed her eyes, her mouth opened as she arched her back and thrust her ass up as high as she could tied in the chair like she was and she screamed: “OH FUCK YES! I’m CUMMING SIR! I”M CUMMING”

Her orgasm rocked her so hard she couldn’t catch her breath. Paul was still fucking her as she lay there breathless. He pumped and pumped his big hard long cock down into her body. Soon he untied her legs and arms and moved his hands under her ass. He lifted her up and pushed his cock as deep into her cunt as he could get it. He had passed her cervix and his cock head was in her womb!! He hiss: “I’m cumming Dhea, Move your body bitch!”

Dhea squeezed, rocked and rotated her cunt as she milked his cock like he had taught her. She worked her pussy muscles every day and was now very tight and very good at squeezing his cock. He loved how it felt.

He moaned from the feeling of her tight little pussy squeezing his entire cock shaft and he bit his lip and as hard as he tried he couldn’t hold off. Paul was cumming! He was in ecstasy as his balls released his cum so deep inside Dhea he was sure he was knocking her up. Her cunt held him tight as she humped and humped and humped her body pleasing him with everything she had inside her. “If this doesn’t do it she can’t get preprint.’ he said to himself.

Dhea loved to feel Paul’s cum pumping into her body and coating her internal sex orgasm. As deep as Paul was in her hole, Dhea loved the idea that right now one of her eggs was being mated with one of his sperm. “So good Sir. It feels so good to have the whore washed out of me now. Thank you Sir. Your cock is magic to me. I need it Sir. I need it all the time. Fill me with you cum Sir”, she moaned as she felt his cum pumping deep into her body.

“Yes, give me it all Sir. Please just let it all fill me”, Dhea whispered in his ear as he lay on top of her.

A few minutes later Paul pulled out and his cock flopped out her cunt hole. He quickly pushed the plug inside her pussy and placed the straps over her feet again. He lifted her legs over her head keeping his cum deep inside her body.

Then he used his fingers to remove any of the cum that had already slowly leaked out of Dhea’s pussy slit. He shared it with her feeding her as he licked one finger and gave her the other. They stayed like this for a long time. Then he released her and told her to clean up.

Dhea went into the shower and cleaned herself completely. When Paul came into the shower she cleaned him too. She washed his body kneeing and sucking his cock and then drying him off she sucked it some more. “Is today the day you show me the chair Sir? I would love to try it”, Dhea said looking down at her feet.

Paul took her chin and lifted it up as he told her: “Look up at me Dhea. Look into my eyes now Dhea. And call me Paul. Your whore has been removed for while so I want to see your beautiful face. If it comes back you must tell me immediately and then you must call me Sir again until we rid it of your body again.”

Dhea looked up into her master’s face and smiled. He bent down and kissed her lovingly. She was so beautiful. He couldn’t get over how easy it was to change her and convert her into his sub slut. She was his now and would do whatever he wanted sexually or otherwise. He wondered how long he would keep this one. He usually turned them and then kept them for awhile before he sold them to another master.

But Dhea was so special, so small and beautiful and so willing! God she was more than willing to try and do anything for him, anything. He would hold on to her for a long time before tiring of her and then he would either trade her or sell her to another man for his enjoyment.

That is if she wasn’t knocked up. If she was he would get Bobby to be the dad. He would let her keep her appointments with Bobby and he would film them and then show Dhea how nasty and slutty she was with Bobby. He would tell her and show her how much more she needed his help and how much more work she need to change. Then he would sell the film. He bahis şirketleri controlled her life completely now.

As Dhea prepared their lunch she was completely nude. He made her stay that way after their first sexual encounter of the day. She walked around the kitchen and Paul loved to look at her. Her breasts were small but she had dark long nipples that seemed to always be hard.

Her pussy was trimmed nicely as he directed her to do. It had just a little patch, a landing strip, above her slit. Her hips and ass were small like all young Asian women but she had athletic and shapely legs that accented her ass, he loved to hold her ass cheeks in his hand as he fucked her.

Her body was small but proportioned very nicely. Her face was so beautiful, long black hair and deep dark eyes with her lips so full made him hard just looking at it. Her belly was flat and she was a tiger in bed with him. That was the most important thing to him.

Paul had many beautiful women in his life and some were useless in bed. Some couldn’t fuck or suck. But, Dhea was good at both and getting better with each day that passed.

They ate lunch and when she had cleaned up the kitchen Paul took her hand and they went down to the basement. “There’s the chair Dhea. Are you sure you want to try it? It’s very stimulating and it might bring back your whore feeling. If it does we’ll have to get them out again” he told her.

“Dhea looked at him and he could already see the lust in her eyes. “Yes. Yes Sir if you will help me I want to try it. Would you let me try it and stay here with me Sir? Show me how it works and help me if my slut feelings come back?”

Paul knew he would fuck her again and again with the help of the chair. It would drive her wild and her need would be the greatest it had been. He would fuck her again and cum in her and if she came to it would be all the better. If not, she would use the chair or she would have to wait until later. His pleasure came first as always.

Dhea knew his pleasure was her prime task and she would work hard to please him. She knew if she did Paul would reward her with his cum. He fed her it at least twice daily usually filled pussy with it if her mouth didn’t make him cum first. This was their sexual schedule every day.

Paul had Dhea wanting to be completely controlled by him now. She loved how he made her cum so hard all the time. She loved how he made the whore in her leave for as short period of time day after day. The sex was better than any she had ever had in her life. He always surprised her with what they did or he had her do. She moved in with him and needed him badly now.

There were days when she would ask and then beg him to make her cum so many times that Paul had to use a toy on her. His cock was completely drained. He used various tools from his office and those he had at home on her to make her cum very hard.

His basement was like his office. It had a table and stapes to secure her thighs and arms and body, as he positioned her in different ways. He used this table on her many times over the month they had been together.

He also had the chair. The chair that a woman could sit on or lay back on and he would have her thighs spread wide and secured in the straps he had so they held her knees and ankles. The chair also had straps at the top so to secure her arms. He could fuck her with different toys and attachments he would attach to a machine that would then move the toys directly into her pussy, ass, or both.

He had showed Dhea the chair and the toys but held off letting her try it. Perhaps today he would show her how wonderful the toys can make her feel. Perhaps if she is willing he would make her cum in the chair.

The object was to start her out with him making the arm of the machine move in and out of her pussy hole. He would fuck her ass too a little later on.

Then as she started to enjoy it he might hand her the remote control and watch as she fucked herself. He would instruct her and guide her and cheer her on as she worked the toy.

Or he would keep the remote and work it as he moved up next to her face and drop is shorts and put his cock in her face AND let her suck his cock. He knew Dhea loved sucking his cock for him. Sometimes he would cum in her mouth and some times she couldn’t get him to cum before her mouth got tired. Then he would have her suck him back hard and fuck her on the chair or in bed and cum in her pussy.

As usual he would always have her clean him and make him hard again for the third time so he could fuck her again maybe taking her ass this time.

But tonight Paul had planned a little something for his slut. When she asked him again if she could experience the chair tonight he told her if she would follow his direction completely without question or hesitation.

She asked him what it involved. Paul told her: “Well first I want you to feel this.”

Paul had a glove made of mink and when he touched her body she smiled and told him how nice it felt. Paul told her: “Went I touch your body parts it will make you feel so good Dhea. But I’m worried your slut will come out and we will have to stop the tender love and touching and make you cum to relieve your nastiness.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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