Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 16

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It was Friday. Almost a week had passed since the accident. Abby and Beth dressed Tyler and Brenda and joined Aunt Janice in taking them to the doctor’s office for a check up.

The doctor was pleased with their progress. He determined that their healing hands no longer required the thick layers of gauze bandages. He replaced them with off the shelf Band-aids and he cautioned Tyler and Brenda to still take it easy. They assured him that they had plenty of helping hands available to them at their home.

The doctor also removed Tyler’s arm cast. It seems that Tyler had misunderstood his diagnosis last week. The doctor had said Tyler had fractured his arm. But, the fracture was not a complete break. Ty had only suffered a hairline fracture in his one of the two bones in his forearm along with strained some ligaments. The doctor replaced Ty’s fiberglass cast with a soft cast, an arm sleeve to protect the damaged area.

Pleased with their progress, Tyler and Brenda celebrated by taking everyone out for lunch and then ice cream. Tyler and Brenda had trouble feeding themselves, but they were pleased to discover that they could hold their own ice cream cones.


When they arrived back home, the twins stripped as soon as they entered the house. Janice wondered about the necessity of everyone being naked now that Tyler and Brenda were healing, but told herself, “What the Hell! I’m enjoying the freedom of being nude and seeing Tyler naked as much as the twins.” Janice took her clothes off while the twins disrobed the injured couple.

A sad Abby asked Janice, “Can Tom could come over for dinner? He is leaving for college tomorrow morning.”

Janice smiled thinking, “What a normal teenager! She is upset that her boyfriend is leaving. Now those are the kinds of problems my nieces should have.”

Janice answered, “Yes dear. Of course. Do you want us to dress?”

“No,” Abby responded.

The twins ran together upstairs to plan their evening while the adults relaxed.


Minutes before Tom was to arrive, the twins re-appeared looking very serious.

Abby said, “Can I have everyone’s attention.”

The grown-ups turned her way.

“Beth and I have made a decision and we hope you will support us,” Abby began.

Beth spoke, “Brenda and Aunt Janice we’ve taken to heart your stories about the first time you had intercourse. We can easily see ourselves having the same troubling experiences.”

Abby cut in, “Yet with your help tonight, we can see ourselves having a wonderful introduction to womanhood.”

“Girls,” Janice asked, “What are you asking?”

Beth said, “Tom is leaving for college tomorrow. Abby won’t be able to see him for a long time. She loves him and he has told her that he loves her. Abby wants to make love to him before he goes.”

Stunned the adults just sat there.

Abby said, “I could have done it without your knowledge, but I want your help and guidance. And …well…Beth and I have always done everything together. We want to lose our virginity together.”

The stunned adults still just sat there not comprehending.

Beth asked, “Brenda, you’ve told us you share….Will you share Tyler with me?” Brenda swallowed hard on that question. Beth continued, “Tyler, you were the first man I’ve kissed…the first man I’ve admired and cared about…Will you be the first man to make love to me?”

Janice and Brenda start to cry. They found the twins’ plea so moving. Tyler didn’t know what to say.

“Err…ahm,” Janice struggled to find her voice. “Are you sure girls? This is a big decision.”

The twins nodded solemnly.

Janice asked, “What is it you want us to do?”

Beth answered, canlı bahis “We want to avoid the problems you and Brenda experienced. We believe we have chosen good men. With your guidance, we won’t be…unprepared like you were.”

Abby said, “We want this to be a happy, joyful experience. You can assure us of that. And we want to share this event with the people we love.”

Teary eyed, Brenda and Janice rushed to the twins and hugged them. Tyler was also a little choked up too, but he still managed a smile and an erection.

Tom knocked on the door. Tyler being the only one unencumbered answered it and said, “Tom, as you can probably guess, we are all naked. You’re welcome to join us.”

Tom entered and asked, “Is anything wrong. I got a call from Abby telling me it was important that I get over here now.’

“Oh, I don’t think you need to fret. I’m sure Abby can explain.”

Abby rushed up and hugged Tom fiercely. She kissed him and quickly dragged him off to the patio. When Tom was gone, Beth asked,

“Will you help us?”

Janice looked at Brenda and Tyler. They each nodded. Janice said, “Well…yes we are willing help, but we can’t take any chance of you getting pregnant.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Aunt Janice,” Beth smiled and said, “We are both on birth control pills. Our doctor prescribed them to regulate our periods and to prevent cramps.

Beth grabbed Brenda and said, “Thanks for lending me your guy. Abby said she really wanted us to do it together.” Brenda smiled still have trouble getting her mind around this proposed group virgin de-flowering extravaganza.

Beth then grabbed Tyler and said, “I’m so glad my first time is going to be with you. I love and trust you. I will cherish this memory my whole life.”

Beth hugged him. Tyler said what he was thinking, “Wow! I hope I can live up to your expectations.”

Beth knocked on the Patio door and gave her sister the thumbs up sign. That was their pre-arraigned signal that the ‘event’ was on. Beth then went upstairs to prepare the bedroom.

Abby had been killing time with Tom engaging in small talk while waiting for her sister to let her know the adults decision. Now that she knew they were on board, it was her turn to broach the subject with Tom.

“Tom,” Abby said, “I’m so comfortable around you. I feel I’ve known you a long time.”

“Me too,” Tom responded.

“I couldn’t say it the other night, but please believe me when I say, I love you,” Abby said shyly.

“I love you,” Tom gushed. “I was going to ask you to wear my college ring. I love you so much, Abby.”

The couple kissed and hugged. They both enjoyed the moment. The feelings of serenity and love.

Abby said, “I have a present for you and it isn’t money in a Hallmark card.”

Tom started to say she didn’t need to get him anything, but he stopped because her words confused him.

Abby giggled at the puzzled look on his face and said, “Don’t you remember Tyler’s story?”

Tom thought the line was familiar, but he hadn’t placed it. Right, it was from Tyler’s ‘first time’ story. Tom was still confused.

“Tom,” Abby whispered, “I want to give myself to you.”

“R…Are you sure?” Tom stammered. “I’d love to make love to you, but I don’t want to rush you.”

“The time is right,” Abby said in a breathy voice.

Abby asked, “Tom, you know how close I am to my sister and everyone in this house?”

Tom nodded. She continued,

“I couldn’t do this without my sister and the help of these people.”

Tom sort of understood so he nodded.

“Tom, I want Tyler to take Beth in the same bed as you take me.” Abby stared into his eyes reading her man. She saw the look bahis siteleri of terror leave him.

Tom was relieved. He was afraid Abby was going to ask him to screw her and her sister. He knew he couldn’t handle that. Tom wiped the sweat off his brow, smiled and said,


Abby and Tom hugged and kissed again. Then Abby led him upstairs to Tyler and Brenda’s bed room.

Beth and Janice had made the king-size bed with clean sheets over towels. Brenda had set out candles which Beth lit. The room had a wonderful ambience.

Brenda kissed her husband good-bye. She and Janice hugged the twins and turned to leave.

“Wait,” Beth said.

“Brenda,” Abby said, “We know the understanding you have with Tyler. You have to be present.”

Beth said, “Aunt Janice, none of this would be possible without your hard work. You saved us. Please stay, watch over us as we become women.”

Janice started to cry. Brenda tried to beg off saying, “Girls this is your night. I’m giving Ty a special dispensation for tonight.”

“No,” the twins said together, “we want you here.”

Janice looked at the twins; tears were rolling down her cheeks. She looked to Brenda who was blurry eyed. They shrugged and sat on the window seat.

Beth, who had never been shy, ran up and jumped on Tyler. She hugged him and wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him passionately.

Abby was more demure. She led Tom to the bed. They sat and kissed. Abby could sense Tom’s hesitancy so she brought his hand to her breasts and forced him to fondle her. She french kissed him as he hefted her tits and toyed with her nipples. She moaned and sighed to let him know his actions were appreciated.

Tyler carried Beth to the bed. He lowered her gently and she roughly pulled him down on top of her. Unable to support his weight, Tyler rolled onto his back. Beth pounced on top of him and began sucking his firm dick.

Janice and Brenda smiled at the love making twins. It was a lovely sight.

Abby was feeling good. The man she loved was in her arms. She spread her legs and brought her timid lover’s hand to her pussy. Tom didn’t need further instructions. He felt the heat of her box. He ran his finger tips along her slit. Sometimes inserting them and other times using his fingers to strum her clit. Abby stroked his shaft as they continued kissing.

Beth was happy too. She was glad that she and her sister could make love for the first time at the same time. She was thrilled to lose her virginity to Tyler, a man she cared about and had lusted after. But especially because she trusted him and knew he would make it special.

Beth was feeling a little hot, but she was determined to be on fire when they did it. She climbed on top of Tyler and maneuvered in the “69” position. She stuck her ass in his face and said, “Lick me. Stick your tongue in my pussy.”

Beth went back to her blowjob. Ty did as he was told. He licked up and down the length of her cunt and then he buried his tongue in her pussy. He scooped out a generous helping of her womanly fluid. Tyler nibbled and sucked on Beth’s pink labia lips. He had her moaning and moving her hips.

Abby heard the noises coming from her sister and turned to investigate. She tapped Tom on the chest and said in a low sexy voice,

“I want that.”

Tom was happy to oblige. He lay on his back and Abby assumed the position,

9. Soon she had a mouthful of cock and Tom was exploring her nether region. Tom kissed her thighs and stroked her vagina. Then he gently caressed her inner thighs with his fingers tips while his tongue attacked her sex. He alternated between fucking her with his tongue and flicking it across bahis şirketleri her clit.

Abby was overcome by it all. She let go of his dick and lay there. She head was in such a fog of good feeling, she had to tell herself to remember to breathe. She felt a level of sensation that she didn’t know was humanly possible.

Brenda and Janice were no longer smiling. They were panting and leering. Their nips were hard and their pussies were wet. They craved what they saw. Brenda had spread her legs and begun to play with herself. The air was filled with a strong, womanly smell.

Janice had her legs crossed and was squirming in her seat. She began to whimper. The noise annoyed Brenda. “Stop whining and stop denying your feelings. Spread your legs!” Brenda ordered.

Brenda clawed at Janice’s thigh. Janice opened her legs. Brenda frigged herself with one hand and frigged Janice with the other.

Beth called out to her sister, “Abby are you wet?”

Abby responded, “Uhhmm. I’m so wet…so ready. I’m one big puddle!”

“Me too. Let’s do it,” Beth said.

The twins moved around until they straddled the men’s hips. Grasping their penises gently they slotted them inside their vaginas up against their hymens.

“Ready?” Beth asked.

“Ready,” Abby responded.

Together they counted. “One. Two. Three!”

The twins plunged down on the cocks. Their hymens broke easily. Abby screamed in anticipation of pain.

Concerned, Beth asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yea.Yes I am,” Abby said. “It didn’t hurt that much. I was expecting more.”

Slowly the twins began to ride their men. Tyler stayed still letting Beth get accustomed to having him inside her. Tom stayed still out of a sense of wonder. He marveled at the warm velvety glove that enveloped his erection. It felt so good…so good.

The twins were over the shock of penetration. They concentrated on the warm, steely firmness that was inside them. They marveled that they had each taken their man completely. They moved slowly, getting use to the sensations and learning their body’s responses to every movement they made. Their nervous systems were overloaded with pleasurable feelings.

The men began to move with them. Tom learned to move with Abby to increase his pleasure. From the sputtering sound of Abby’s breathing and the high piercing cries she uttered, he assumed she found it pleasurable too.

Tyler sat up and began sucking on Beth’s nipples while she ground her clit into him. Her breathing and color increased. Ty lay back down and began to pound his cock into her. Beth vocalized a tiny scream with each breath and with each rocking motion of her hips until she let out a continuous scream as she climaxed. Beth saw spots in front of her eyes. She fell over on Tyler and felt the waves of pleasure pulse through her young body.

Tyler had barely been able to stand the tightness of Beth’s warm, wet pussy. Knowing he was the first man in her blew his mind. When Beth screamed with orgasmic pleasure, he lost it. His dick exploded in her blasting shot after shot of cum into the former virgin.

When Tom first entered Abby, he knew he was not going to last long no matter how many baseball statistics he recited. He came with a grunt and a gush, filling Abby with his sperm. Tom hoped that Abby was close. When she felt his penis pulsate inside her and she heard her sister scream with hedonistic delight, she came too.

Abby’s body locked up as a euphoric feeling radiated throughout her body. She released a huge sigh and fell on top of her lover.

Brenda and Janice had never seen a more erotic sight. The moans of the twins and the grunts from the men brought them over the edge. By this time, Janice’s hand had joined Brenda’s between her legs. The duo’s staccato breathing was stopped as they had an orgasmic spasm. Followed by the wondrous release of tension and the blissful feeling they had been yearning for.

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