Under the Stars

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It was not long before the sun had begun to set over the horizon. Dwight and Amy were up on top of the hill watching it set over the line of trees. They held each other in their arms smiling as they watched it slowly rest over the forest. Soon afterwards Dwight had started to refuel the fire they had already started.

The young couple was fresh out of their first year of college. Having only dated a few short months, Dwight thought it would be romantic to bring Amy up to the hills where he spent most of his times hanging out in high school. His buddies would all go up there to drink and party and have a good time. Dwight would always lay there late at night, telling himself that when he finds that special girl, he would bring her up here to watch the stars with her.

Amy was sitting in the lounge chair resting with a blanket over her, watching Dwight reset the fire. Whenever she was with Dwight she would always feel warm and safe. Amy’s soft brunette hair flowed on the back of the chair; her deep blue eyes reflected the growing fire. He would glance at her and smile every now and then as he was piling on more wood. After he finished, Dwight sat with Amy, together in the cozy chair.

Dwight wrapped his arms around Amy, pressing against her tummy to hold her close to him. Amy’s smile grew as she felt him, feeling herself melt more into his lap. Together they sat, looking up and watching the stars. Dwight told Amy that no matter where she looked, the brightest star would always be in front of him. Her rosy cheeks blushed as he told her that and he gave her a tiny peck on her nose.

All through the night as they were gazing, Amy would rub herself on top of Dwight’s lap, sliding on top of his hardening cock through their clothes. She would turn her head to him grinning wickedly. Every so often, Dwight’s bahis firmaları hand would go over between her thighs to return the favor. As the fire died down they moved into the tent to get themselves ready.

They both got into the tent and were now kneeling in front of each other in the middle of it. Both of them were slightly nervous, because even though they have been dating for a while, their busy schedules never allowed them to have any sexual encounters. Dwight made the first move and started to unbutton Amy’s shirt. She knelt frozen, watching every move as Dwight plucked each button off. He then slid it off of her body and threw it to the side, looking at her breasts being confined in her bra. When his turn was over he knelt back upright to let Amy take off his shirt. She leaned forward and curled her fingers underneath his shirt, looking deep into his eyes as she lifted it over his head and threw it by hers.

Amy returned to her knees, nervously, looking at his bare chest that she had just unveiled. Dwight crawled over and moved his arms behind her, barely touching her as he tried to undo the bra, clipping it off effortlessly. The cloth fell down slowly to the cold earthen floor. When he moved back into his spot he could see her blush as he was staring at her lovely breasts. At this point Amy was feeling a little timorous, being afraid that she might not be what he is looking for. Dwight quenched all of those fears when he pulled her in close for a deep, electrifying kiss. Her breasts pushed up against his chest, her nipples poking into his soft skin. As the two were entrapped in their locked lips of passion, Dwight gently leaned her back onto the blanket that was laid out in the tent.

Not removing themselves from their kiss, they both started to fumble with each others jeans, both itching to get kaçak iddaa each others off. They laughed softly into each others mouth, as they were both able to successfully slide the buttons off. From outside of the tent, you could hear the rustling of there hips trying to shake themselves free of the rest of their clothes. Dwight reached his hand down to slide off her panties, Amy reached down to pull down his boxers. Both eagerly wanted to expose the others sex. When both were completely naked they broke their kiss for a slight moment to see what had been unraveled. Dwight looked down at Amy, looking as beautiful as ever, her exposed body laying there for his pleasure. Amy looked up to him and felt the same feelings, wanting to explore her deepest, innermost desires.

Dwight softly glided his hand over her body, over her succulent breasts, down her stomach, and gently rubbing against her slowly glistening vagina. He looked into her wanting eyes, knowing that she wants him, knowing that she wants him to feel her. Ever so carefully he slid two fingers into her tender burrow, feeling her muscles clasp around him. His penis responded to her signs of pleasure and immediately hardened before her eyes. She tilted her head back, lowering her inhibitions as she reveled in his hand. Amy grabbed Dwight’s neck and pulled his lips onto hers, physically showing her gratification. At this, Dwight removed his hands and slowly positioned himself between her legs. She had anticipated this moment, his body parting her legs as it came down on her. He moved the cock in his hands and slid it onto her pussy, ever so slightly pushing the head into the slit.

Amy moaned in such a way that it resembled the creatures in the woods. He continued putting his cock into her, inch by inch, making sure Amy was completely comfortable with every kaçak bahis passing moment. Dwight kissed her velvet lips when his cock was completely inside her. She pulled her head away and up into his ear. She told him that she loved him and that she knew what he wanted. Amy seductively whispered into his ear how she felt the same way and that it was ok. She moved her head back so that they could both gaze into each others eyes and she muttered her last words before they began to make love. Her last words to him were “fuck me”.

For almost an hour the two gave in to their wildest fantasies. He drove his cock so deep inside her. She wrapped her pussy so tight around him. They wrestled with each others bodies the entire night, both making sure to build up their pleasure and to save it for their final climax. Eventually their bodies rolled into the same position in which they had started. They both looked at each other and knew that it was time. Dwight’s pace quickened, his hands pulling her up into him underneath her thighs. Amy moaned and shouted, telling him she was ready to cum. She begged him to cum deep into her pussy, she wanted to finally feel his loving juice inside her. Dwight nodded his head and smiled as he was pushed over the edge and slid his head all the way in the back of her walls as he let out a stream of his milky white fluid. The pressure of his cum triggered her own intense orgasm and Dwight could feel Amy’s legs quake beneath them. She shouted out like a crying beast and Dwight lowered his head into her shoulder gently sucking her neck and squeezing her till her pulses subsided.

For the rest of the night both laid in the tent, cuddling in each others arms. The next morning they woke up smiling together. He reached over and kissed her forehead and she moved down to peck his nose. While they were mesmerized in each others stares he whispered to her, “I love you”, and she quickly repeated the same words to him. Both of them would never forget that night and Dwight would add another happy memory to his collection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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