Valentines Surprise

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Act 1

“Hey daddy, I’m missing you like crazy. I know you’re busy on Fridays, but I just wanted you know you’re the greatest gift I could ever ask for.” I left voicemails like this often when Benny out of town, the fact that it was the Friday before Valentine’s Day really didn’t play a factor. See he traveled for work a lot and I was a project manager for an engineering firm. We have been married just shy of three years. We’ve been good considering the hectic schedules we maintain. Most couples probably wouldn’t survive the obstacles we face as far as distance and time but we make it work for us.

I often have long hours when he’s home, well and when he’s away. Usually two weeks out of the month Benny was working out of his corporate office in Atlanta. But there’s times where he’d have a driver pick me up around lunchtime and fly me up to the A for dinner and to spend quiet evenings usually overlooking the city in different hotels. My favorite had to be The Loews hotel or The Westin downtown. I mean it’s no better feeling than having my man in me with city as my backdrop.

Then there’s the time when my King is in town. He was always doing the most for me and I adored him for it. I remember the one time he picked me up in a Ferrari. You should have seen how the jokers in my parking lot at my job were gawking. Hell to be honest I was gawking too, but my eyes were on the clean cut brotha that got out the scorching ride. He made that Miami heat even hotter if it was even possible. I instantly started fucking him with my eyes. The suit he wore accented his build with a precision only the Egyptians knew. And OMG that fresh lineup had my pussy leaking “first quarter” as he’d say. Shit I’m wet just recalling it. Sheesh that’s another story for another day though.

Bae been good to me always had been. I already had his gift taken care of but he deserves so much more. So me, I did something different this year. Usually there was a white trail of rose petals that met his feet at the door. I’d usually leave my special guy a note along with his favorite snack milk and cookies. Chocolate chip with walnuts just like he liked them. This year though I was thinking outside the box.

When I got notice of the trip a few weeks, the wheels in my head began to turn. I had a few good ideas come to me. I reached out Janet, his secretary; to get the ball rolling on this plan. She was so helpful in the process of putting all this together. He was booked a 1 o’clock flight from ATL to MIA, or so you thought. Janice called him at 11:30 with a new itinerary, with a destination of Colorado Springs. As the story goes the western division called short notice meeting for the afternoon. He had to absolutely be there as representation for the Southeast division.

“Hey Baby” you grumbled. I could tell you were completely livid.

“Hey Papi, what’s wrong? I can’t wait to be in your arms.” You sighed and there was a long silence. “Papi, you there?”

“Yeah baby I’m here. So I probably won’t be home til’ super late Sunday or early Monday morning.”

“What the hell?” I had to put on my Oscar hat because we couldn’t let you know I was in on it. “What are you talking, you’re supposed to be here. You’ve been gone all week an now I can’t even have you until Monday?”

“I know love, I know… they called a last minute meeting this evening out in Colorado. I’m so damn pissed right now baby.”

“Think how I feel right now. This is the worst Valentines ever.” I sobbed a little bit to add to the drama. I was good act this acting thing.

“Baby I’m so sorry. Have you finished the book I got you a couple weeks ago?”

“Ummm no. Why what’s up Papi?”

“Well go ahead and run a nice bubble bath and breeze through a couple of chapters baby. Pour up a glass of wine while you’re at it.

“Ok daddy, I’ll try to keep calm.”

“Please do, I am about to hop on this flight. I will call you soon as we land baby…. I’m sorry love.”

“Daddy, its ok go be that HNIC. Muah baby.”

“Muah, thanks love.”

I was already in place. Nervousness consumed me the next three and a half hours. I pondered how he would respond, would he like this? There was so many things swirling around in my head. I mean I’ve done things like this before but the little things I did do weren’t anywhere near on this scale. I was a wreck so I took Benny’s advice and had a glass of wine and soaked in the tub. This place was heaven on earth. I think I was slightly beyond proud of myself. From the coziness of the place to the hot tub on the deck overlooking the mountain.

I got that call soon as he touched down just as he said. His tone still sounded blah. It was a quick conversation as I knew he had to touch basis with Janet to get his hotel information. As the story goes the hotel chain his company (Blaze Communications) uses was booked but they had a lodge available. He brought every bit of. I was surprised how gullible he was being. Janet text me that everything was going off without a hitch and that he should be to me in about 30 minutes. güvenilir bahis That was my queue, I laid out the freshly cut strawberries I sat the massage oils on the night stand. I found a way to get my music to play from my phone on to the speakers throughout the entire log cabin. I went ahead and cut the lights. I had the fireplace going. It was rare for us to see fireplaces being from Miami so it was an added umph.

I went ahead and put on my special outfit I’d I picked up from a boutique before I caught my flight. It was a red lace bra and panty set, to match the theme of the occasion. The bottoms were boy shorts, just thing type he loved to see on me. I just wished the front said kiss me like one of those little candies from back in the day. I took a selfie and almost sent it to him, but remembered I wasn’t home and he’d know. Dodged a major bullet there. Aside from that I also had a couple cigars, (which also fancied) set out as I filled the tub back up. My king deserved pampering.

It wasn’t too long before I heard him fidgeting at the door. I scurried across the floor to quickly lay in front of the fireplace. I could see his sexy self centered the door but I wasn’t quite in his line of sight. I could see the look of bewilderment on that face of his face as you caught wind of the music playing in the background. Sitting his bags down his arms stretched towards the ceiling. It took everything in me not to jump up and run, leap in your arms and shower him with my long overdue kisses. Slowly my man began to walk unknowingly in my direction. Head on the swivel as he strolled through, taking the sites of the cabin as it as unfamiliar to him.

The moment your eyes met mine, the biggest smile came upon you face. Honestly it was more than a smile it was you were blushing hard as hell. Crazy as it is, it made me start blushing right along with you. We missed each other something terrible. I started to get up from my perch in front of the fire place, but he put his hand up for me to stop. Walking over with that sexy walk, I swear he gave Denzel a run for his money.

“Baby so you mean to tell me my meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado was for you?”

“Ummm… yes baby?”

“Hmph… my meeting was for Jasmine Lashae Spence?”

“Yes sir daddy.”

“Hmph, damn lady you have me blushing something serious over here.”

“Well Mr. Spence, I know you work hard and every year you go above and beyond for me. This year I want to show my gratitude.” I plant my lips on your warm lips and it’s as though electricity is flowing through us. He cupped my ass like I liked just as hands began roaming your chest. We were always very passionate when we embraced. But the crackle and glow of the fireplace seemed to only heighten the moment. He broke the kiss abruptly to stare into my eyes, you didn’t say a word yet I knew everything you were saying. “I love you too baby, so much more than you’ll ever know.”

He kissed me feverishly. His strong hands began exploring more parts of me. It wasn’t even overly sexual yet but I couldn’t take it. I rolled him over onto your back and straddled his torso. “I’ve missed you so much.” I planted a kiss on his chest as I started to unbutton the shirt thast covered his melanin rich skin. I had to pause and lay m head on his chest and listen to heart beat. It was strong like a drum from the Serengeti. The passion bled from my man’s eyes, he was in love with me and there was no doubt about it. Just as equally the flames inside of me for him raged strong.

Even though my thong was drenched and I wanted him. My pussy was not his gift; at least not tonight. Besides if I knew him I would be his midnight snack. I slid up his chest and put my mound right up to his lips. “Do as the panties say Papi.” He puckered and I rolled my hips to the rhythm of Joe’s “I Wanna Know” that was playing in the background. Our lips met albeit through the fabric, it still sent waves throughout my frame. He quickly pushed them to the side turning my pussy from thong covered to Kelvin covered in mere seconds. I was lost forgetting my original plan, as he feast like I was the last supper and he was on death row. Instinctively I began grinding and matching pace and I reached back grabbed a hold of the tent. Fuck I wanted him but I had to be strong. “Baby… MMM Baby…” I called out to him.

“Hmmm.” He was still muffled by my pussy. I tried to slide back, but his big hands gripped my ass and pulled me in closer. Fuck, that was all it took and I was in ecstasy. And according to our pact I had to return fire. As it goes if he makes me cum while downtown, I have to make him cum while downtown. If not I’d have to pay up. 100 dollars to be exact. And it worked both ways but he had to pay 250, cause’ I just got it like that. After I came down I turned to my task at hand. I released the beast took my finger across the tip wiping up all the pre-cum that had accumulated. Looking back over my shoulder show him my glazed finger tips, “oh really daddy? This is going to be easy.” I slurped my finger türkçe bahis slowly and turned back to my dick. Just as fast as I had wiped it clean, it was glistening again with a fresh coat of clear goodness. I swallowed his shit in one motion, I felt his body lock and he moaned so deep my pussy lips quivered. My slick ass leaned back to give his ass more of a taste. Dick in mouth I undid his pants beneath me so I could get to them balls. The way he was moaning into my pussy was about to have me cum all over again. I thought about how much I had paid to get his ass out here and was like nope, not going to have me in the hole for this second nut. I moved back out of his reach and committed homicide on his joystick. With one hand juggling his balls the other jacking the base of his dick, his joystick began to twitch. I spun my whole body around so that now I was completely between his legs. I throated his ass three times back to back to back. The last time I went from dick to ball slurping them good and loud like Wesely Pipes say “you ain’t got not table manners.” Damn right! That was me. I heard Bae gasp and that was all she wrote. I stuck my tongue out and caught every drop of him.

“Come on baby let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Sheesh, give me a sec… that was too real.”

“Well you know.”

“You know that’s why you have my last name right?”

“Oh really, well what about all of this?” I slapped my ass and swished my hips.

“Oh but of course baby.”

“I thought so, now come on here before your water gets too cold.”

“Who told you that you can cater to me?”

“Ha… well that’d be me.”

“Well tell me that she winning.”

“Bring your ass on.” I was glad my plan went smooth.

Act 2

Jas had got me good. In no way shape, form, or fashion was I expecting her to have me all to herself. She did well, I thought for sure I’d be stuck in meetings all weekend. It not like it hadn’t happened before. And she got Janet my assistant in on it too. Man I’m a lucky to have her. She did me right Saturday was so much fun.

I woke up the next morning and she had a chef come in and whip up a marvelous breakfast. I had an egg white western omelet, two sausage links and toast. She had French toast, eggs, and turkey sausage. It was early here but it felt late. Our bodies were used to the Eastern Time zone. Felt like we had the whole day ahead of us though anytime we looked at the clock. After breakfast and a shower I was ushered out of the door. The driver awaited us in the driveway.

“So…. Where we headed?” I eagerly probed as we got situated in the car.

“Huh?” she shot back.

“Oh really we playing like that?”

“I’m not sure I understand what you are saying.” She snickered as she looked out of the window. “Bae it’s so beautiful out here, look at the mountains oh my god.” She was torn between literally being consumed by the breath taking views and trying to change the subject. I let her have her moment though. I slid up behind her and rested my chin on her shoulder.

Wrapping my arms around her mid-section and kissing her on the cheek, “Thanks lady… this means mean a lot to me.”

“Baby as much as you do for me, this is light weight.” You kiss me back before turning back to the window.

It was maybe ten minutes before we reached our destination. We got out and she had the biggest grin on her face. Meanwhile I was still clueless, we walk over to a little shack. There we were greeted by the clerk, who instructs us to follow him. He takes us on a narrow path into the woods. I look back at Jas and she’s still grinning. I’m leery as hell, but I press on. We walk about a half a football field in to brush before we reach a clearing. My heart sinks a little as I see a helicopter awaiting our entry. “Really?” I look back at her, and she simply smile and shrug. “I am going to get you.” I snarl as we boarded the tiny air craft, I was nervous and excited at the same time. We went up and before long the sights captured my full attention. Jasmine grabbed my hand and squeezed tight. I knew she was in awe just as I was. We flew around several snowcapped peaks. Words couldn’t describe the beauty my eyes met.

The tour lasted about 45 minutes but the memories will last a life time. After the tour we hit the shopping district. We really didn’t see too much that we could use back home in Miami, but the Nike outlet had a pretty decent selection of shoes. I grabbed 1 pair for her and 2 for myself. We hit a few other stores but only picked up a few more items. She had to have these Gucci frames she laid eyes on. After shopping she took me to an indoor skydive experience. We had a blast, before we knew it, dinner time was upon us. Reservations had been made downtown at The Famous Steak House. I ordered their signature dish and wasn’t disappointed. Jas on the other hand, ordered a damn chef’s salad. I was appalled. I made no mentions of it though, in my head it didn’t make sense to go to a place known for steaks and get a damn salad. I didn’t want any problems so I let it rest güvenilir bahis siteleri in my mind.

By the time dinner was complete it was about 9:30p.m. but 11:30p.m. to our bodies. I was beat after an all-day affair with wifey. It was written all over her face too. When we got back to the cabin we showered and sat out by the fire place. She tried her damnedest to make googly eyes at me but the struggle to keep them open was too overbearing for my honey bun. I played in her hair as she dozed in to her slumber as she laid on my chest. It was no better feeling in the world. When I knew she was good and sleep I put her in the bed and tucked her in. I went and checked a few things on my laptop before I joined her.

We woke up some kind of late Sunday morning. Our flight was set for 10:30am and it was already 9am. Granted I hadn’t slept that good in what felt like years. We were in a mad dash to get to the airport. At 9:15am the driver was already ringing the doorbell. I rushed up front and let him know we’d be a few minutes more. Turning around dashed back to finish getting ready. I still made time to grab Jasmine’s ass every time we passed each other.

“Boy you know we are already late, you keep on.”

“What? What I do?” I put on a puzzled look.

“I got you punk.” We chuckled. I went back to brushing my teeth and she went back into the room. Few seconds later I saw her approaching in the mirror. I tried to be discrete as I turned to grab her soft ass again but she reached back and grabbed my tool.

(Cough) I had to cover my mouth to keep from spitting tooth paste on her back. “Awww man you cheating.”

“No such thing baby.” She kissed my forehead. “Now hurry up so we can get gone.”

I finished getting ready with the biggest smile on my face. She was my queen, and she knew me if not better than just as much as she knew herself. We made it to the airport with little time to spare or so we thought. We were used to the busy airports of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Atlanta. I swear we were at our terminal in less than 20 minutes after our arrival.

“Brian I really hope you enjoyed this change of scenery. I know it wasn’t much but it was a big deal to me.”

“Really Jas?….. Really?…. How could I ever be disappointed? You really had me thrown. I was so upset that I wouldn’t be able to be with you on this day. And look here it is, I got a whole entire weekend with my love. Baby I am forever indebted to you. No one has ever gone to bat for me in such a way…. Thank you so much. I really don’t know how I can top you, frankly I don’t want to.”

She sighed as I could see the relief in her eyes. I couldn’t believe she was really worried about my reaction. But I guess you really don’t know how people respond to things. “I’m going to miss this place, you know for the scenery and the different weather.” She leaned her head on my shoulder. “You think we could.”

“Oh no.” I interrupted. “Nope… Nope… No… not going to happen. The cold is good for a couple days and that’s it. Don’t even think about it.”

“Whattttt?” she drug it out. “I was just going to ask if you think we can come back later this year… Geesh…”

“Come on buddy… Come on buddy…” I mimicked Dave Chappelle. I looked at her with the side eye. In that instant one of the United attendants called our section.

“Hey Bae, they’ve called our section… Let’s go.” She was super quick to divert the attention off of herself.

“Yeah aight.”


We touch down a little after 4:30 pm local time. It wasn’t 15 minutes of the flight being in the air that we both knocked out, the nap was much needed. I know Bae was peckish, so I grabbed her a cup of fruit as we exited the airport. She had let me know that she parked in the overnight parking area of the garage. As we put our bags in the trunk of the beamer, I let Jasmine know how much I appreciated the time went spent together. She blushed and assured me it was nothing. She really had no clue what that meant to me.

The ride home was a mellow one, we recapped our weekend. We through plenty of jokes in there followed by giggles. Twenty minutes after reaching our 650i we were already pulling up to our driveway. We stayed in the intercostal, with beautiful views of Biscayne Bay. Instruct my lady to go ahead an open the house while I grabbed the bags out of the car. Now usually I would always be the first to enter the house, just because you never know what’s lying in wake. But today… hmph today…

“Brian Latrell Spence, we are going to fight. Wow baby.” The way she looked at me over her shoulder I knew I was gonna get me some tonight. I mean that’s not why I did it, but it was a perk. Besides we didn’t even really “do the do” in Colorado Springs. It’s not always about that with us. But please believe when do get it in, it goes all the way down. “Brian come on I want you to see my reaction I don’t know what else is in store.” She was really excited , so I made my way over to the door. “Drop the bags right in the door.” She commanded. At our feet was a path of rose petals, I could see the excitement in her eyes. She kissed me quickly and grabbed my hand eager to get to her surprise. She strolled along the path as a few of the petals drifted of due to the draft she created.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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