Veespering to the Professor

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Veespering to the Professor


ProfessorXxX: I have a lot of fantasies, but you are halfway around the world.

Veesper: Well… one day, perhaps.

ProfessorXxX: Perhaps.

He could feel his heart beat faster as he slowly turned his attention away from the dim light of his laptop. He has been chatting with Veesper for quite a while now and this was the first time he began telling her how much he lusted after her.

Veesper, as she called herself, was a “sex worker” who lived in the U.S.A. Of course, she was not all that appropriate about who she was and what she did. She enjoyed her profession, she took pride in fulfilling needs and desires of people and she was damn good at it. She called herself stuff like “whore” and “hooker,” which made him tickle inside. Her uncaring attitude, her tattoos, her seductive smile, her leather jackets, boots, bright red lipstick and even her nail polish. All made her stand like a sex goddess, irresistible, at the very least, to him.

Alex, on the other hand, seemed like a completely different person. He was a married professor who lived a rather calm life. He was teaching in a university in Australia, lived in Sydney’s suburbs and, his life was essentially eventless. Too eventless. The word “unfulfilling” didn’t even began describing his sex life. His wife, who was also a professor at another university, came home only every other weekend. That left a little time for sex—and in that time, they were mostly trying to catch up with their research and their teaching schedules. They had no time for sex, kids, going out—in other words, life.

Consequently, Alex created this online persona “ProfessorXxX,” where he could explore his sexuality without actually physically touching anyone. His sexuality, his fantasy world, was vast. He loved raunchy, dirty, rough, sex—the stuff his wife would roll her eyes when Alex showed her.

This is what Veesper meant to him. An escape, a flirt. He could look at her and fantasize his brains out. And it was okay. Not only it was okay, in his fantasies, Veesper would rock his world, she would want it harder, rougher, faster.

He came across Veesper’s website as he was researching online expressions of sexuality for his book. Then her email. Then her messenger. It all started quite innocent. He told her about his project. She was intrigued and interested. As they talked more, as the conversation always revolved around sex, he began opening up, just like she began telling about herself and her story. He was secretly drooling over her, she was beginning to be impressed by his intelligence day by day. And it came down to that moment when he couldn’t just let it pass as an implied, tacit assumption of their chat sessions. He wanted her, and that was that. He wanted to fuck her in ways she couldn’t imagine. He wanted to take her in every way he wasn’t able to take anyone for past he-didn’t-remember-how-many-years.

But, and there was always a “but” for him, he was in Australia and she was in the USA. He was an overworked, underpaid professor. She was an amazing woman he believed he was never ever going to be able to touch.

Veesper: So, how are your studies coming along, ‘professor’?

He heard his laptop beep the next day in his office. It was Veesper, asking about his work. If only she knew how much he imagined her, saw her in his fantasies, right there, on her knees. In his fantasies, she was obedient. She only said “yes professor” or “as you say, professor” or “whatever you want, professor” and phrases of that nature. Before getting lost in his fantasies, he replied.

ProfessorXxX: They are coming along just fine. Quite stressful though. I have no idea what to do about my back.

Veesper: Oh I have some ideas.

ProfessorXxX: Do you now? What kind of ideas do you have?

Veesper: That is for me to know, and for you to find out, professor.

ProfessorXxX: …

ProfessorXxX: You are cruel.

Veesper: Oh? Have I been bad?

ProfessorXxX: Very, very bad. I am going to have to give you a proper spanking.

Veesper: Mmmm. Professor. I wish. I am soaking wet right now.

ProfessorXxX: Well, I have a student canlı bahis waiting outside the door. So, you have fun. Bad girl.

Veesper: Oh I wish it was me, professor. I would beg on my knees and do everything you told me for a good grade.

ProfessorXxX: Hush. Bye!

And just like that, he logged off the chat. He really did not have a student waiting outside his door. But he couldn’t take Veesper talking like that. He did not want to read those lines from a woman he admired so much and knew he wasn’t going to be able to even touch. It was plain torture.

It was not just a week after this exchange, and some others, he received the following email:

Call for Papers:

The society for the study of language and culture is now accepting applications for its 28th annual international conference, which will be held in University of Southern California between September 14th and 18th. You can submit abstracts, panel proposals or workshop sessions. The deadline is 15th of June. All inquires, including proposals, should be sent to Dr. Jolanda Hastings.

Intriguing, he thought. He wondered if the school had any funding. He checked where the University of Southern California was located. Los Angeles. He wondered where Veesper lived. He noticed she was online.

ProfessorXxX: Where do you live in the USA?

Veesper: LA.

ProfessorXxX: Interesting. Because, in a couple of months, there is a slight possibility I might be there.

Veesper: Oh?

ProfessorXxX: There is conference in the University of Southern California. If I can get funding from my university, I can be there for a week or so.

Veesper: So, you will get funding for my fees as well?

ProfessorXxX: : ) If you behave.

Veesper: You mean ‘mis’behave?

ProfessorXxX: You are a bad girl. I am going to have to teach you a lesson or two once I am there.

Veesper: I might enjoy that.

ProfessorXxX: You WILL enjoy it.

Veesper: Uh-huh.

ProfessorXxX: Well, I need to make sure I can be there first. I will let you know.

Veesper: See you, professor.

He immediately sent two abstracts to the conference, an email to his department chair, explaining the conference, his abstracts and asking for funding. He sent further funding requests to other places in the university. He hoped to get at least one of them—which would be enough to send him to the US.

He would have to wait several weeks, quite anxiously, to receive the all around good news. Both of his abstracts were accepted, he received funding from his department, as well as from the office of the provost. These two sources gave him ample funding to go the US and indulge in local ‘delicacies.’ He had to let her know.

ProfessorXxX: So, what does your schedule look like the second week of September?

Veesper: So you got it?

ProfessorXxX: Damn right I got it. So, tell me your schedule, so I can book my appointment.

Veesper: When are you exactly free?

ProfessorXxX: Anytime after 7 pm and 6 am, between September 15th and 18th.

Veesper: Let me see, hold on.

Veesper: Well, during those times I am available. Those dates are months away, no one books so far ahead.

ProfessorXxX: Then book all those 3 nights for me.

Veesper: My rate is 1000 dollars per night.

ProfessorXxX: That wont be a problem. Just do as I say.

Veesper: Yes, professor.

That was it. In a few months, he was going to meet her. He was going to tease her. He was going to tie her, slap her, spank her. He was going to do everything he was holding inside for all these years. He was going to fuck her brains out for three nights in a row.


The plane finally touched down on LAX, after hours of flight that felt like forever. He got out of the plane, got through the passport, the customs, and before he know it, he was in the cab on his way to the hotel room. On the way, he was thinking about Veesper. They have exchanged pictures bahis siteleri of all kinds by now, they knew what each other looked like, they knew each other’s fantasies, and they even ‘role played’ what they would do to each other once they met. They did phone-sex, they watched each other masturbate on cam, and they talked almost continuously with anticipation.

He dialed her phone number and the now familiar voice picked it up.

Hello? Professor?

Hi Veesper.

Oh my gosh. You are here, aren’t you?

Indeed. I know we will be together starting tomorrow, but what about I take you out for a dinner and drinks this evening. I am sure there is happy hour somewhere.

Oh yes. Give the phone to the driver, I will tell him where to go.

Alex handed the phone over to the taxi driver and after a brief exchange the driver handed the phone back.

See you soon, professor.

Her soft, sultry voice, her emphasis on professor and how she was able to say it so seductively gave him an almost immediate hard on. He put his coat on his lap to hide is raging erection.

The cab stopped in front of his hotel. He told the driver to wait for him. He checked in, took a quick shower, freshened up and went back down. He anxiously waited for the cab to take him to the place Veesper described.

The cab finally stopped in front of what seemed like a cozy little restaurant. “Sotto,” the name read. He got out and walked towards the entrance. His heart was beating as if it was going to rip open his chest. As he entered the restaurant, he noticed her sitting at the bar. She was wearing a knee high pleated plaid skirt with a black blouse on top. From what he was able to tell, she also had some type of stockings underneath, completed with black high heels. As his legs moved towards her, his mind began undressing her—one item at a time. It didn’t take long for her to notice him, and his devouring eyes. She could only imagine what was going through his head—and she really could imagine. She stood up as he approached, couldn’t hide her excitement and her smile.

He stood before her for a moment, smiled. She looked up, a bit timid.

Hi, professor.

He was not able to take hearing another seductive “professor” one more time and do absolutely nothing about it. That was it. He wrapped his right arm around her waist and suddenly pulled her to him, hard. She did not expect that. He leaned in, his breath passing her lips, and landed a soft, wet kiss on her neck as he inhaled her and all that he anticipated for months. He took a step back as he watched Veesper melt with the kiss.

Hi there, Veesper.

They sat down, ordered their drinks, ordered pizza and talked until the restaurant closed down. With even greater anticipation, he went to his hotel and she went back to her house.

The next day passed like a flash. With meetings, presentations, discussions, he barely had a time to breathe. But, it was almost seven o’clock. He was just able to take a shower and prepare for meeting with Veesper.

He went down the hotel lobby and saw her waiting there. She was wearing a black mini-dress with, what he thought was a garter belt—just like as he imagined her in his fantasies. They walked up to the hotel room, talking about their day and so on. It was, of course, the calm before the storm. As they approached the hotel door, he took out his card reader, inserted it to the door and took it out. He pushed the door handle down and opened the door for Veesper. He exhaled deeply. He thought, now this was time unleash.

As soon as Veesper took a step in, he pushed her and pinned her to the wall with his hand. She yelped, that was completely unexpected. As he closed the door behind him, he moved his hand up to her hair, grabbed tightly and yanked it down, forcing her down to her knees. She was moaning and squealing as he manhandled her as he wished.

He did not bother with wearing any underwear. He just unbuttoned his trousers and took his now raging hard cock out. As she gasped to his size and girth, he shoved his cock in her mouth. He grabbed her hair tightly and began bucking his hips back and forth, fucking her pretty little mouth. He was making her gag and choke on his cock as he pushed further and further. He grabbed her hair tightly, pushed as deep as he could and as she was choking on his cock, he slapped her face, saying

That’s it, take professor’s cock. Good girl. Take it like bahis şirketleri the slut you are.

She began moaning and bobbing her head back and forth to the rhythm of his hips. Her saliva was running down her chin, down his balls, it was all over the place. She was slurping around his thick head, moving her tongue around. He was getting a blowjob like he never got in the past he-didn’t-remember-how-many-years. He was not going to be able to stand much longer.

Yes, make me cum. You want professor’s cum don’t you. All over your face. Oh yes, suck my cock harder, harder!

She began sucking his cock as masterfully as she could, wanting every drop of cum all over her face. She fantasized about him squirting his cum all over her, over and over again, for months now. Finally, she was milking his cock to get every last bit drop of seed.

He felt his body tighten, as she kept on her rhythm. He closed his eyes, tilt his head back and felt his entire body build up, and he was almost lost in ecstasy as he felt a surge of release washing over his body. He emptied wave after wave of cum all over her mouth and face. Her face was covered with his thick juice. When he opened his eyes, she was on his knees, licking cum from her lips and around her mouth.

He reached down, grabbed by her throat and pulled her up. He turned her around and pushed her to the wall. Lifting her mini-dress up, he slid her thong to the side. He grabbed his still rock hard cock and put it right on her hole. Before pushing his cock in he smacked her ass as hard as he could. And again. And again. Each time she yelped and squealed and screamed. As he was spanking her, the tip of his cock was just sitting at her entrance, teasing her hole. She couldn’t take it any more.

Please, professor. Please fuck me hard. I need that cock inside me. Please, give it to me, please.

As she begged for his cock, she pushed her ass back, trying to take his cock in as soon as she could. He moved his hand up and covered her mouth. With his other hand, he grabbed her neck. He slammed his cock deep in her wet pussy as he pulled back her mouth and her neck. As she groaned with pleasure, he took almost all of his cock out, all the way to the tip, and shoved all of it inside as hard as he could. He leaned her against the wall and began pounding his thick cock deep in her wet pussy. Each time he shoved his cock in, she felt her balls slap against her. She was covered in his cum, his hands around her body, his cock pounding deep inside her. She was moaning, groaning, and screaming with utter pleasure. She was in heaven.

After what seemed like a lifetime of fucking, he slid out of her, he told her to get down on her knees. She turned her head around and just smirked, whispering

Make me.

He reached forward, grabbed her by her shoulders and threw her down. Walked over to her, reached down, grabbed her hair and began dragging her on the ground to the bed. He sat on the bed, grabbed her by her throat, and pulled her over his lap. She immediately grabbed his cock and began jerking it up and down. He on the other hand, started spanking her, as she laid chest down on his lap. With each spank, she sucked harder and harder, tasting her own juices all over his big cock.

After a while, he laid down and spanking turned into a 69. He began licking her as she sucked his cock as deep as she could. He began licking all around her pussy lips, his tongue flickering on her clit, and circling her hole. She was getting wetter by the minute. She pulled her legs in, got her mouth off his cock and sit up right in a reverse cow-girl. She reached down, grabbed his cock and took it right in. She began bouncing on his cock up and down, trying to take as much as she could of his thick cock. She was hopping and grinding, losing herself on his cock. She arched her ass back and bounced her ass up and down on his cock, squeezing her muscles around him, trying to milk his cum out one more time.

They were both moaning and groaning. Sounds of pleasure and bodies slamming each other, scent of sex, sweat, cum and pussy filled the air.

In a complete state euphoria, he felt his body tighten again.

I am going to cum. Don’t stop.

He announced. She began bouncing on his cock harder, wanting to feel his cum inside her, filling her up. In the midst of groans, he began squirting his cum deep in her pussy. As she felt his warm cum filling her up, she went over the edge and began shaking with an orgasm.

After a while they both stopped and she leaned back, collapsing on top of him.

You know, I had ropes and whips in my bag.

That is okay. He said, we got two more days.

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