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Matthias was an unusual find for me. After the somewhat lackluster demise of my last relationship, I was back on my usual fallback of online dating. Being a physician living in a small town in the Midwest meant that I didn’t have much in the way of options for potential bedfellows so at the urging of some of my colleagues, I turned to the nearest big city, which happened to be Chicago, some five hours away. After half-heartedly prowling the usual litany of ads, I stumbled upon one that I found somewhat auspicious. The tagline read, “Looking for a spunky kitten.” As I often thought of myself as being quite feline, I figured what the hell, it was worth a try — that and the fact that he mentioned a love of electronic music, which I could almost never find. I sent off a brief email and then went about my business.

Imagine my surprise some days later when I saw a reply in my inbox. After having actually read my profile, Matthias had found my dry sense of humor to his liking and appeared to be curious about me. When we’d exchanged a few pleasantries, I thought it might be rather a good idea to see how well we got on outside of emails. We set a time to meet on Skype and as I couldn’t really see his face well in his photos, I hoped he was easy on the eyes. The number of men who claimed to be good looking and in shape often tended to overestimate themselves. Some even flat out lied. As my laptop began to ring, I prayed he wasn’t unattractive.

When the call began and his picture came on the screen, I was pleasantly surprised. Matthias was very clean cut, with short, dark hair, dark eyes and a very nice build from what I could make out from the simple black T-shirt that covered his upper chest and shoulders. I’d always had a particular fondness for nice deltoids. That and a great ass. I’d have to get a full view later. He flashed me a smile that I found to be quite disarming and when he began to speak, I hadn’t realized that he was in fact European. His English had been so good in our communications that I had assumed he was American. I thought his Austrian accent quite charming. It complimented the deep, silky quality of his voice.

Our first conversation stretched for three hours, though I had a hard time believing that so much time had passed. He had such a sweet, kind demeanor and we talked about anything and everything. I thought it so cute how his eyes crinkled in the corners when he smiled or laughed. The fact that he could hold an intelligent conversation and possessed a great sense of humor was a refreshing change. When we finally managed to force ourselves to bring the call to an end, we’d decided on having a second “Skype Date” as we dubbed it.

We had many more internet phone sessions, and the more we talked, the more I got the sense that he had a playful, lascivious side that possibly matched mine. One of the problems I had in dating was that I almost never met a man who had a libido or sense of sexual adventure that compared to mine. Something told me that underneath his laid back exterior was a first class pervert. On our third Skype session, we began speaking right when he had returned from the gym and I got to see him without a shirt on, which was a real treat. When he briefly got up from his computer and walked to his refrigerator to get something, I was able to see all of his shirtless torso as well as his backside. My mind immediately began sketching him, his proportions were beautiful and elegant, not at all overly bulky. Matthias had a beautifully broad back and a narrow waist that tapered into an absolutely delectable ass. I actually licked my canines, imagining how nice it would be to sink my teeth into casino oyna it. And the icing on the cake — he had no body hair. None. I had a nice little session with my vibrator after that call.

My suspicions about his potential naughty streak were confirmed when he said during one conversation about hobbies that he didn’t want to tell me too much about his “adventures” as he put it because I might think he was crazy. Curious, I thought he meant drugs or putting his life at risk. When instead he revealed that he had a sizable sex drive, I thought if his cock was half as nice as the rest of him, I wanted to meet him. Now that the cat was out of the bag, I figured it was safe to let it slip that I was quite comfortable with my sexuality. I saw something change in his smile and our conversations took a distinctly dirty turn for the better. We’d joked a few times about my coming up to see him. One of our conversations began right when I’d come home from the gym. Wearing only a sports bar and my yoga pants, I curled up in front of my screen and saw his eyes light up at seeing some skin. As our call progressed, I teasingly pulled the waistband of my pants over my hip exposing the side of my black lace thong. I giggled when I saw him actually craning his head at the screen to try to get a better look. “Let me see more,” he asked huskily. Feeling bold, I pulled my pants off and raised my behind to give him a better view. “You have a nice ass,” he said in an approving tone. I loved how he said it. It sounded more like “you heff eh nice ess”. Pulling it over one hip, I saw his smile broaden a little bit.

“You like what you see?” I cooed.

“I’ve got a nine inch problem now,” he replied with a smile.

“Let me see it.” When he stood up, I sucked in my breath at the outline of his very stiff cock through his track pants. The only thought I could manage was that I needed a cuntful of that as soon as was humanly possible. “Fuck me,” I hissed under my breath. On the other end of the screen, I heard him chuckle.

“[Kaetzchen] has a bit of a foul mouth no?” he observed.

“If I come to visit you’ll get to see firsthand how foul it is,” I shot back. “Can I see it without the pants?”

Grabbing his shaft lightly through the nylon, he smirked and shook his head. “Not yet. You’ll have to wait.” Upon hearing my groan of frustration he laughed again.

I was in real danger of making a mess on my bed. Deciding I would up the ante, I pulled my blanket to my chest and slipped off my sports bra, making sure to dangle it in front of the camera before throwing it blithely over my shoulder. Sitting back down, Matthias peered attentively into the monitor. Smiling sweetly at him, I slipped two fingers inside my drooling pussy and pulled them out covered in the evidence of my arousal. Holding my hand up to the camera, I asked, “Can you see this?” He nodded silently, watching as I then brought my fingers to my lips and licked them clean with loud, pointed slurps.

“I want to taste you.”

“You should want to taste me,” I purred, still licking my fingers. “I taste very, verrrrry good.”

“Pull the blanket away,” he demanded, his hand disappearing under his desk.

“Only if I get to see him,” I retorted stubbornly. A smug smile turned up one of the corners of his mouth and he pulled first his T-shirt over his head, then lowered the waistband of his track pants. The first thing I noticed was that he didn’t wear underwear. That observation was quickly forgotten as his thick, veined shaft came into view. It was a thing of beauty. Straight, fat, topped with a beautiful round head, I didn’t realize that my eyes had slot oyna grown to the size of small saucers until I heard his laughter.

“Your eyes have gotten so big, [liebes Kaetzchen],” he chuckled.

Speechless, I simply stared as he stroked himself languidly a few times. “When can I come visit?” I finally managed, after unsticking my tongue off the roof of my very dry mouth.

“Ah ah,” he warned, still stroking lightly. “Blanket.” Never taking my eyes off his rod, I lifted the blanket away from my chest and began pinching one of my nipples while playing with my very wet lips and clit. “Why don’t you come to Chicago next weekend,” he suggested, now fisting his cock with greater urgency.

“I want to see you cum,” I panted. I wanted to watch him spray his load all over himself.

Giving me an evil grin, he took his hand off his cock and sat back down, appearing indifferent to my cries of dismay. “You will. But in person. I’m going to cum all over your face. We will talk tomorrow and work out the details of your visit. [Gute Nacht].”

“I hate you,” I muttered, still fingering myself furiously.

“It’s not easy for me either, [Kaetzchen],” he assured me. “But I want the first load of cum that you see to cover those freckles you keep telling me about.” After I grudgingly hung up, I worked myself up to one of the quickest orgasms I’d ever had and fell asleep dreaming of the moment I’d actually get my mouth around his mastodonic prick.


Kaetzchen: kitten (German)

liebes Kaetzchen: dear kitten (German)

gute Nacht: good night (German)


After a week of agony, I was on pins and needles as I finally boarded the train for Chicago. I couldn’t help laughing as I remembered our conversation two nights earlier. I had asked him to refrain from masturbating until I got there. “Unless you strap me into a chastity belt and dump the key into a sewer, that’s not very likely,” was his doleful reply.

I loved his command of English. “But think of how much fun it will be when we finally do fuck,” I pleaded.

Rolling his eyes in exasperation, he relented, “Fine, since it seems to be so important to you. I can’t refuse such a pretty kitten.”

In less than six hours, I planned to be mounted atop his cock screaming in ecstasy. I’d actually stopped wearing underwear because they inevitably ended up getting soaked and then I’d need to change. 48 hours without jerking off was starting to feel like an eternity, but I couldn’t remember the last time I was so fucking horny. As my train finally pulled into Union Station, I changed into a skirt and pulled on a thong so as not to leave a mess on the seat of my cab. Eons seemed to pass before I finally arrived at his building. Trying not to skip towards the elevator, I noted how the walls were practically all mirrors and visions of his slipping into me while riding the elevator added to the damp mess in my panties. When I got to his door, I knocked and then hid around the corner. When he opened it, I peered out from behind the wall and saw him laugh. Giving him a hug, it was strange to finally feel him under my hands and to smell him. He smelled distinctly male. I wondered how long it would be before we commenced fornicating. “It’s nice to meet you in person,” I told him. Odd, that at this point, I felt like I had known him for so long, yet this was our first meeting in the flesh.

“Thank you for coming,” he smiled. His voice was so smooth in my ear. I wanted him to say obscene things to me in German when he took me.” Taking off my shoes, I walked over to his window, which canlı casino siteleri had a pretty nice view of the city. Leaning lightly against the window, I suddenly felt him press his front into my back as his hands began wandering up and down my body. Now both breathing heavily, his cock rubbed against my ass and I almost went weak in the knees, he was so hard. “Can you feel my cock?” he rasped hoarsely in my ear, cupping my breasts as he ground into me. I could only turn my head towards his, I wanted so desperately for him to kiss me. Throwing me backwards onto his bed, he pulled his shirt off and held my head in place with one large hand and stared into my eyes before kissing me. I nipped at his lower lip and tongue but he playfully pulled away.

“Please, I need you to fuck me,” I whispered. Wrapping my fingers behind his neck I pulled him closer and he rested his body atop mine as I kissed him with a need that I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager. Standing on his knees, he pulled my thong off my hips and bent his head to lick my overly sensitive lips. Running my fingers into his short hair, I scratched at his scalp as he mouthed and caressed the wet folds of my cunt. “Matthias, please,” I begged. “Give it to me.”

“Don’t you want to wait a little longer?” he taunted, grinding his crotch into my hip.

“I can’t!”

“I want to see you naked,” he instructed. My shirt, skirt and bra joined my ruined thong on the floor. Producing a condom, he shed his pants and I was rewarded with the sight and smell of his beautiful cock. A bead of precum oozed out the tip and I scrambled forward not wanting to waste it. He tasted so good. I’d thought of little else except wanting to suck his cock for the better part of the week. “Your lips are so soft,” he moaned as I ran my lips along him. “I like that.” As I sucked, I loved the feeling of the blood rushing through his cock. After a minute, he pushed me off and rolled on the condom. Turning around, I got on all fours and lifted my hips in invitation. Guiding his fat head to the opening of my slit, he growled, “Let’s see if you can take me in one stroke,” and buried himself all the way to his balls in one fluid thrust. Had I not been so insanely wet, this sudden invasion would have hurt like hell, but as he began sawing in and out of me, I was in pure heaven.

“Fuck, my pussy never had it this good,” I wailed as he kept pounding into me. Straightening a little bit, the change in angle caused his head to slam right into my sweet spot and I knew that it would be a matter of seconds. “Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I warned.

“Do it,” he said between thrusts. I had warned him that I was a bit of a screamer and he had merely smiled and told me to be as loud as I wanted. What started off as a wail quickly turned into a shriek and then a long series of drawn out screams as I came around his cock, still hammering away at my cervix. My nerves overloaded, I shook as he trailed his fingers over my lower back and ass. Flipping me onto my back, he stripped of the condom and took his cock in his right hand while supporting my neck with his left. “I love your freckles,” he said as he jacked himself. “They’re going to disappear under my cum.” It made me so hot to watch him stroke his meat. His breathing became more labored and I felt his body go tense. His eyes never left mine when he suddenly shook and the first line of cum hit me square in the center of my face. I did my best to catch as much of it in my mouth as he milked every last drop. The 48 hours of abstinence had done its work. My face and chest were completely drenched. As his breathing returned to normal, he watched as I scooped up the remnants and rolled them delicately onto my tongue before swallowing. Grabbing a towel, he gently wiped my face and remarked in a satisfied tone, “I think this is going to be a very good weekend, [Kaetzchen].” I couldn’t help but agree.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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