Victoria , Chris: In the Forest

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It didn’t take long for the group to decide what to do or where to go before dinner, since, as usual, on our days off, we cook for ourselves, whereas for the rest of the week, a team does the work for us for lunch and dinner. And yet today, for some reason, we’re ordering from McDonald’s or something. So Ron ordered our food to arrive around 8pm, leaving us a few hours doing absolutely nada. And with the tension between Chris and I being suffocating at home, you probably understand how eager I was to get out of the house. I could barely look into his eyes with the others around, or else I would suddenly heat up.

“You know, maybe staying home was a good idea after all,” Hailey comments, attempting to catch her breath as she climbs up the hill in the middle of the forest. Someone had the enthusiastic idea to take a walk in the middle of the forest, and for fuck’s sake, we should’ve taken a fucking map or something, because something tells me we’re about to get lost soon, and we’re already losing signal.

I laugh, “Feeling regretful, Hail?” I annoy her, feeling the urge to get back at her and Penelope for the stunt they pulled earlier. True, it did get me a massage, and Chris got a little more comfortable around me, thanks to them, but for the love of God, he invited me to sleep over tonight. Sleep over. What the fuck do you think we’re gonna do? “Or are you just tired?”

“Girl, this is supposed to be my day off,” she complains, rolling her eyes, “I’m not supposed to feel tired on my day off, for fuck’s sake.” And I’m not supposed to stress it through, either.

“Hail, can we talk?” Her king, Justin, jumps in out of nowhere, popping up from behind us after talking for a little with Chris while the others are walking ahead. This smells like trouble, because Hailey, who’s been by Justin’s side since before I even came here, is having issues with her rival, Michelle, who’s been here two weeks, and Justin’s sadly picking sides.

Looking over her shoulder, her smile falls and she simply shrugs, as I slow down and let the two of them continue ahead, knowing they might have an intense chat and I should probably not be around. “Missed me?” Chris’ familiar voice rings through my ears as he approaches me, immediately putting a smile on my face.

I let out a quiet laugh before turning around to face him, seeing an amused grin on his joyous face. “Always,” I respond with a wink, keeping our conversation light and playful. I love messing with his head, especially knowing the effect anything I do has on him. Excuse me for pissing him off on purpose.

Chris chuckles softly at my answer, amused by my attitude. His eyes shy away from mine for a split second before meeting my own again. Biting his lower lip, he says, “Don’t fuck with my feelings.” He snakes his hands around my waist and pulls my body towards his, crashing his plump lips on my mouth. Grinning proudly, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back, feeling fireworks explode in my heart at his sudden touch.

Chris smirks through our kiss, and roughly slips his tongue in my mouth as his hands slowly lower themselves on my bum, before he squeezes it, making me let out a surprised moan. It’s a good thing güvenilir bahis there’s not a lot of people in this goddamn forest, or else they would probably be traumatised. Usually Chris and I aren’t so affectionate in these kinds of public places, but I guess when all we do is provoke each other, shit ought to happen earlier than expected.

“You like that?” He mumbles quietly through our kiss, before he nibbles on my lower lip, ignoring my answer. I don’t have to answer that. I like everything he does, and he knows it. Pulling away from my lips, Chris quickly grabs my hand and pulls me to a quiet corner, making sure it’s a spot where the others can’t see us – they barely notice us leaving – before he slams me against a tree, locking me in his grip as he places his arms next to me on the trunk, preventing me from escaping.

It’s not like I want to escape, anyway.

Placing my hands on his collar line, I pull his face closer to mine and crash my lips on his, feeling a million butterflies in my stomach. It’s strange how every single thing I do with Chris gets me feeling this kind of way, whether it’s our first kiss in a bar, us making out on swings and in the pool, or almost ripping each other’s clothes off in the middle of a forest. Chris kisses me back right away, biting my lower lip seductively before slowly breaking away. “Are you wearing that dress just to piss me off?”

My dress isn’t nothing out of the ordinary, it’s just a simple casual dark blue dress, mid-thigh cut from the front and a little longer from the back. But I guess anything I do is going to provoke him now.

“What if I am?” I fire back at him, already feeling my body heat up at the feeling of him being so close to me at a time like this, especially as I’m doing almost everything in my power to play with his head.

Chris’ face breaks out in a grin before he chuckles in amusement, looking down. He probably didn’t expect me to answer, let alone with a provocative comment like that, especially since ever since what happened between him and Eva, I’ve kept my guard up with him in a way. I mean, sure, we were still very physical, but I wasn’t as playful as I was before. Now that’s changed.

“You do realise I’m gonna have to punish you for that,” he whispers huskily in my ear, his rough voice sending chills down my neck as he adds, “Right?” What I realise is how much I want him right now, and us being in this goddamn forest is not helping the situation. Biting my lower lip, I let out a seductive laugh, purposefully trying to tease him for literally cornering me for the third time today. But I guess I provoked the fire this morning when I waited for him in his room in my lingerie and then left him hanging with yet another boner.

“I didn’t think I’d have to tell you this again,” I start, already feeling him nibble on my neck, his hungry lips leaving a trail of soft kisses on my skin as he keeps me locked in his grasp. Breathing heavily, I continue, grinning, “But you can do whatever you want to me.”

Let him think I’m his for even a split second, and watch just how wild I drive him.

Chris sucks harshly on my skin, before kissing the spot gently after provoking a moan out of me. He’s türkçe bahis always been the player, seductive kind, when it came to flirting and kissing. But I have a feeling this side of him amplifies by a thousand during sex. “I am going to make you wet in just a few seconds from now, and you’re gonna be wanting me so bad all night long.”

I try my hardest to regain control of my facial expressions as my cheeks directly heat up in response to his casual statement.

“That’s gonna be a hard task, cause I already want you so, so bad,” I retort, playfully teasing him as I place my hands against his chest before I put my lips back on his, kissing his roughly yet sensually. It’s exciting how much I appreciate him more and more with each passing day.

Kissing me back almost immediately, I feel Chris share all of his passion and hunger through our embrace, making me smile as we make out. Chris’ hand suddenly starts to lift my dress up, while he runs his fingers on my thigh, before he reaches his destination, and pulls on my underwear. My grin widens through our kiss, giving him the green light to go on, despite worrying about getting caught by our friends or by literally just anyone passing by. On one hand, I’m kind of worried about getting caught, but on the other, I am fucking ecstatic and excited about what’s finally about to happen.

We’ve been playing this game of seduction for a month now, and I’ve had so many wet dreams imagining this very scenario I’m living.

Chris smiles in amusement through our kiss, while his hand keeps pulling on my underwear as he already starts to feel my liquids dripping from my genitals, rubbing me for a quick minute. Gasping lightly, I suddenly feel him insert his fingers inside me, as he slowly thrusts his hand in and out, the fireworks I feel moving from my heart to my vagina. Shit, it’s happening.

Amused by my state, Chris inserts one more finger inside me and keeps pleasuring me, making me break contact as I throw my head back, gasping loudly from the pleasure. The brunette watches me lay back against the tree, as he continues with his activities, picking up the pace as he rubs my clit at the same time, making me moan quietly, in case someone’s around.

“You’re just too irresistible in this dress of yours,” he comments, ignoring my soft moans and gasps as he keeps fingering me against the tree, his hungry green eyes staring right into mine as he faces me with a content look on his face. Biting his lower lip, he tries to kiss my neck while resuming with his game, intending on winning, or punishing me, as he says.

This is the kind of game I like to play.

A flash of heat rushes through my body with his movement, as I start to feel my legs shake from the pleasure, my inner thighs already dripping wet. Moaning quietly, I whimper, “Your fingers… If you do anything else, I’ll be dripping all over the floor.”

Chuckling softly, my king crashes his lips on mine once again, making me melt on the inside, before responding, “If you think my fingers are good, you should try another part of me.” I laugh at his suggestion, though I have a feeling I’ll be trying it very soon. Cheeks flushed, I try to grab his face to kiss güvenilir bahis siteleri him but he tightens his grip on me and pinches my clit, making me let out a prolonged moan, pulling on his grey shirt, as I hope to hold on to the pleasure he’s causing me.

“Fuck, Chris,” I curse his name, throwing my head back as I chuckle lightly, my heavy breathing being the only noise in the area. If I thought I wanted him before, then holy shit, do I want to throw him on the floor and fuck the shit out of him right this second. “Please don’t stop whatever you’re doing.” I’ve heard the rumors saying what a great lover he is, and within a month of dating him, I quickly realised how playful and sexy he could be. I simply never expected to have him go down on me in the middle of nowhere with our friends not too far away- and that is turning me on.

“Oh, God…” I let out, breathing heavily, before I call out his name, “Chris.” I haven’t been with anyone in a little while, and let’s not forget all the shit I almost did this past month with Chris, so it only makes sense for me to feel this way, but dear Lord, what this boy is doing is sending me over the edge.

His hands are everywhere, caressing my thighs, running up my sides and molding my ass, pinching my skin and rolling my pussy lips between his mouth as his tongue follows, drawing them in one at a time and sending sparks from there straight to my pussy, where I yearn for him to touch me again, wanting to feel his hard length penetrating me until I flood again.

“Say my name, baby.”

I scream as Chris’ hand makes one deep plunge into my slick sex. My eyes roll, my back arches, and my muscles clench his magical hand, rolling waves of heat coating my pussy. I feel utterly and completely his, like I’m completely at his mercy- and I am. He owns me and with every crashing wave that follows, I continue to ride the tide that spontaneously forces my liquids to drip into his mouth.

The second wave of my climax makes me lose my balance and fall back against the tree trunk, attempting to hold onto to anything with my fingernails to hold onto the pleasure. How can he get me off purely from oral sex? I know he’s experienced, but I never thought he’d have me come just like that. It makes me have all sorts of thoughts about what actual sex with him would feel like.

I bite my lower lip, starting to see blurry, “Oh my God,” I cry out. My fingers curl around the hair on the back of his head, pulling the man of my dreams against my hips as I, for a moment, forget all about our whereabouts and the people with us. My body convulses as I come until finally my breathing holds and my body stiffens. “Fuck, Chris,” I scream, unable to remain any quieter. I want him, and I want him now.

His swift movements inside my vagina send a shock wave through me, pleasure traveling all the way down to my toes. Slowing down, I notice Chris pull back from my body to watch me, the cold breeze hitting my wet skin magnifying my orgasm. It takes me a moment to find my composure again and catch my breath, feeling absolutely helpless as I lay against the tree. With tears in my eyes, I gasp, feeling my stomach twitching in arousal, “That was amazing,” I breathlessly remark, grinning as I look down on my man, and blush at the sight of his drooling mouth and lustful eyes.

Letting out a quiet laugh, he comments in amusement, “Maybe that’ll keep you thinking about me until tonight.”

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