Virgin Chronicles

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She was a virgin when he met her and had been for the last three years they were dating and it was gonna stay that way until the day they got married, but she was a virgin only in the medical sense of the word, she was a curious girl and six months after they had been together she surprised the hell out of him one day by stating simply she wanted to know what it was like to have and orgasm……

He was floored, not that he didn’t know how to accomplish this. He just didn’t know how he would do this without resisting the urge to feel himself inside of her….she was not ordinary, hell far from it, she was beautiful. she wasn’t slim in form either, and he liked that.

With medium length brown hair with flecks of gold that you saw in the right light, light brown eyes, and a golden complexion that looked as if it had been kissed by the sun, pouty lips that were soft to the touch, and her curves were in all the right places, she had firm perky breasts that weren’t small but a little bigger that a C cup, a stomach that was flat and toned and hips that curved into a pair of very beautiful legs, she was 5’5’’, and fit perfectly to his 6’ form.

He would never want to hurt or disappoint her in anyway, so he would make this special for her….he asked her to give him some time. She agreed.

It was two days later when he brought her to his house, she had been here before, so she knew the lay of the land, but when she walked in, the house was in darkness except for the living room from which she could see flickering lights, which upon entering she saw why, the room was flooded with candles, and in the center of all this he had moved the couches and in its place were dozens of pillows on some sort of cushiony surface she would later find out was a huge feather filled pillow covered in silk…..

He led her away from this serene scene leading her up the stairs to the bathroom, where she found a bath already drawn for her. and with candles also lit in this room to provide light, their was a faint scent of jasmine in the air, it was her favorite, she turned and look up at his smiling face a question in her eyes, he didn’t answer but came toward her, and slowly began to remove her clothes, he said nothing while he did this and didn’t touch her in any other way once he was thru, he led her to the bath helped her in and bathed her…..she relaxed allowing the warmth of the water, the scent of jasmine and the feel of him to enfold her….

He felt as if he’s died and gone to heaven, the cloth he was using was not enough of a barrier, the warmth of her skin burned into his palm thru it and she moaned just then a sound that came from deep within her body because he felt it radiate through her chest and he turned to look at her face and her eyes were locked on him, desire turning her light brown eyes to a darker, stormier shade, and he had to kiss her then, but resisted, tearing his gaze away from the invitation that burned there…..he finished the task at hand….

He helped her out of the tub, and proceeded to dry her slowly trailing the towel over each body part and enjoying the feel of it, the sight of it, drowning in it, moving to her breast he watched as a droplet of water flowed over the delicious curve to settle on her nipple, before he followed it to soak it into the cloth, she drew in her breath then and he fought very hard not to look at her face, he failed, looking up he saw that she had her head thrown back, her eyes closed, and she was drawing small gasps of breath through her teeth, he closed his eyes and fought for control stamping his desire into the ground with a control he was amazed that he possessed…..all in good time.

Her body was on fire, she felt desire hot and hard racing thru her body, her nerve endings tingled, and it seemed he only had to breathe on her skin for her to feel desire slam into her anew, he finished drying her, wrapped her in a towel and led her back down the stairs and asked her to lay on the bed of cushions he had created and left her there, she simply waited, she didn’t doubt he would come back, but she did wonder where he’s gone……

she didn’t have long to wait, he returned minutes later and upon seeing him her breath caught in her throat, he stood in the doorway his bronze muscular body completely naked, and as bahis firmaları her eyes trailed down passed the corded muscles of his stomach she discovered him to be also completely aroused, her eyes flew to his face and he smiled, coming towards her seating himself on a cushion beside her and simply waited……

He wanted her to make the first move, to be the first to touch, he had yet to say anything to her since picking her up from her home but as he sat and waited for her to touch him, he tried to find the words to tell her it was ok, she surprised him and herself it seemed as she reached out to trace a finger on the side of his face and then the back of her hand as she reversed the stroke in the other direction, she moved towards him and he held his breath as she loosen the towel that enfolded her to reveal to his gaze the sight of her and he hoped that he would not be as devastated every time he saw it.

She knelt beside his thigh and leaned in to place a tentative kiss on his lips, it was electric and deepened quickly, he didn’t touch her, he was afraid she’d pull away but allowed the it to deepen more before he touched her, folding her in his arms he shifted their positions so that she was now kneeling between his legs, he stopped kissing her for a moment to trail his tongue under her chin, kissing then nipping her there, leaning her back a little to get better access to her throat coming back to her mouth to kiss her once more, her hands were on his shoulder and he moved them, silently telling her to explore him by moving them down his body, he let go and she broke the kiss, he waited to see what she would do…..

She had been completely tempted by the sight of him before, so much so she had touched him just to make sure this was real, that this was not just a dream, as she had been thinking as he walked toward her, had kissed him because she needed some connection to him, needed to taste him, the moments their lips touched desire slammed into her like a welcomed friend and she wanted more, needed more, and as the kissed deepened she lost all sense of time, only felt and boy what a feeling…..

she became aware of being moved but didn’t care, she felt as he moved her hands down his chest and she opened her eyes then, he hadn’t stopped kissing her, and his eyes were closed, she was the first to break the kiss, she wanted to see where her hands were going, but he had stopped guiding them as soon as he had started, her hands now rested on his chest and she felt his heart beating a furious pace, she looked at him and he just silently watched her, and she understood he wanted her to take the initiative, like she had done moments before.

So moving her left hand over his chest she kept her right on the spot where his heart beat beneath her palm, lowering her head she traced the path of her left hand with her tongue, coming to and erect nipple she flicked it with her tongue and felt his heart jump at the same instant, smiling she pulled it into her mouth, heard his breath release in a gasp and felt his heart slam a furious beat into her palm…

now this was interesting she thought to herself as she released her hold, to lift her palm just enough to treat that nipple to the same, then using her hand she pushed him back on the pillows following him as he reclined but placing her body once more to the side of him, keeping her palm over his heart she proceeded to slowly lick her way down the rest of his body, lingering on the taunt muscles of his stomach as she felt them contract with each contact her tongue made, she smiled to herself because his breathing had quickened and so had his heart beat as she got lower, and lower…..

but before she could reach her goal, he stopped her by placing his palm on top of hers, looking up at him she saw desire burning strong and hard in his eyes and then he slowly shook his head at her as he caught her hand and pulled her towards him, he moved quickly and in the next instant she was lying on her back on a silk covered pillow as he rose above her and smiled, she understood then it was her turn……..

He didn’t think that allowing her to explore him would have been such sweet torture, but he couldn’t allow her to appease her curiosity or touch his cock just yet, his control was hanging on threads so far…..

he kaçak iddaa brought his mind to the task at hand showing his little minx what true desire was and fulfilling her wish for her, he started by simply kissing her. Leaving her lips to trail a line of kisses and nips down her throat to her breasts. Placing his hand underneath her, palm side up he lifted her slightly, effectively thrusting her breast forward and in a more comfortable reach, bending his head he took one erect nipple into his mouth and sucked lightly at first. He sensed her hand before it touched him, and then winced a little as she curled her finger into his hair. He nipped her once not hard but just enough for her to feel a little sting, and then licking away the pain he caused, he rolled his tongue around it then pulled it fully into his mouth, she moaned that same deep moan he had heard before in the bath, and this time he felt it against his lips, desire racked his body strong and hard begging for released, he cock was so hard it hurt but he was determined she would find fulfillment first.

Releasing one nipple he moved to the second treating it to the same, he felt her heart beating against his lips and realized why she had kept her palm over his, it was a heady effect knowing that her heart raced the way it did because of him…..

letting go he kissed each one before continuing down her body, licking and sucking as she had done but much more thoroughly. As he neared her pussy she tried to stop him as he had done by placing her palm on top of his where it rested beneath her right breast. He didn’t need to look up to know she would have shook her head at him, ignoring the silent command he lick the top of her mound that was devoid of all hair and felt just as smooth as the rest of her lovely skin, she buried her fingers in his hair then and yanked.

He stopped removing her hand without looking at her and grabbing the other just in case. He used his left hand to hold them in place above her head, he smiled to himself as he bent and placed a kiss once more on the top of her pussy, then used his tongue to slip between her pussy lips to find the clit which he then pulled into his mouth and sucked on it.

She reared up then and he released her hands to grab her hips following her movements with his mouth as she rolled her hips beneath his head, her hand came back to his head and though he prepared himself for the pain, she gently splayed her fingers to hold his head in place, he relaxed his mouth then using his tongue to slide down the open folds of her pussy and then licked the full length of it. The taste and smell of her was heady and sweet, she smelled like jasmine and tasted like honey, he had never tasted anything like it, he came back to her clit and flicked his tongue there finally looking up to see her roll her head to the side and back, her eyes tightly closed, as he felt her fingers closed in his hair. Her breathing had become shallow and came out in little gasps…..

He licked and sucked and inserted his middle finger while he sucked on her clit. Then changing tactics as he inserted his tongue into her pussy which seemed to drive her over the edge as she began to literally ride his face, he let her and felt when she was coming, tasting her was a whole other experience as her juices flowed and he tasted her.

She lay still for a moment after and he kneeled watching her come back to herself, he had given her what he had promised, he started to rise to leave intending to take care of himself out of her sight when she touched his arm, he looked at her then and Lord help him he tried to resist the invitation he saw there but leaned forward when she tugged on his arm….

She kissed him then her soft hands touching the back of his neck as they their lips danced over each other, as their tongues played a silent battle that was total sexual, she tasted her own juices as she did, and was more turned on. She ran her fingers thru his hair and over his back.

The excitement he felt at her touch was bone melting he felt the warmth of her skin burning into his flesh at the base of his neck and the desire he felt passed through his body like electricity, his control wouldn’t last much longer, again he tried to withdraw from her, she held on tighter, then used her hand to turn him over kaçak bahis so their positions were now in the reverse, smiling at him she leaned forward to kiss him once more, long and deep then rocked back and rested slightly on his legs where she had straddled them…..

he knew what was coming but couldn’t seem to prepare himself for it, and then she touched him…..

He was gonna leave, how could he after doing that to me, and not finding release himself he was gonna leave, no way…..

so she had reached out and touch his hand intending to ask him to stay, but words have yet to pass between them so she tries a silent command she tugs on his hand and he let her pull him towards her, as she kisses him she uses her palm to force him to lay on his back while in her other hand she held a piece of the silk covering from their makeshift bed, she laid it aside for the moment as she leaned forward to kiss him.

Returning to her original position she finally touches him feeling his legs tense beneath her as she does this. Releasing him she raises up to adjust her position, spreading his legs she kneels between them and placing both hands on his cock she begins to stroke him….

alternating palms at times, at others locking them together at the fingers to stroke him fully up and down, up and down, then stroking with one hand she uses the other to play with the head that has turned a dark pink almost purple color and she is fascinated by this, watching as a tiny drop of pre-cum appears at the head as she continues to stroke, she leans forward and licks this drop, and feels him tense, and hears the indrawn breath.

She had forgotten for a moment that he was there so caught up with that region of him, slowly she looks up to see desire burn in his eyes which were once a light grey now cloudy and dark, he was biting down on his lower lip….

Deciding to test his willpower she ran her thumb over the head of his cock and he gasped, releasing the breath the breath he held thru clenched teeth, she keeps her eyes locked with his as she lowers her head once more and takes his cock into her mouth but only the head, she sucks it causing it to swell and turn darker….

But she doesn’t notice this she’s watching his reaction as he closes his eyes breaking contact and clenching his hands into fists, she sucks it deeply into her mouth then, scraping her teeth across the head gently as she allows it out of her mouth with a plop. She takes him back into her mouth down to the root, alternating between sucking and stroking on her way back up, she stops at the head running her tongue along the most prominent vein of his cock then sucking on the head, running her tongue along the slit keeping the tip of her tongue on the groove as she slowly turns her head first to the right and then the left….he groans deep and long…

she can sense that he was getting ready to burst he had started to move his hips to the rhythm she had set with her mouth, she takes him in her mouth once more down to the root sucking long and hard, once, twice, and a third time, each time slowly….

He suddenly opens his eyes and looks at her, taking this as his silent warning she grabs the silk cloth she had so far abandoned throws it over her hand and cock, and reversing her hold on him so that her thumb is pointing down as she strokes she leans forward a little giving him access to her breast which he immediately takes advantage of, bringing his hand up to balance her and hold her in place as he brings his lips to the nipple and gently sucks taking her nipple and a little of her areola into his mouth he sucks a little harder.

She pulls back to get him to release her, sits back on her heals and reverses her hand once more so her thumb is pointing to the ceiling.

She increases the stroke, slightly squeezing on the up stroke, she feels him tighten once more, and feels the warmth of his cum on her fingers as he finds release his whole body tensing with it…..smiling to herself she continues to stroke until nothing was left, he was so still she thought he had gone to sleep, removing her hand she uses a clean corner of the cloth to clean her hand, and putting it aside she leans over him, he grab her suddenly she only had a moment to gasp before he was kissing her deep and hard…….

As he lay there he recalled asking whoever was the higher power above to send him someone to love him and who he could love…..they had outdone themselves and sent him perfection….

The night had just begun….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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