Visitation Rights Pt. 02

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This part takes place about a week after Tessa and Evan’s initial tryst. For more background, please read Part 1. Any ideas on how this story should proceed? Please comment and let me know what you think.


“Yes, Jamie’s 18 and he is still Jamie’s dad even after Jamie turns 18. I am not about to stop them from seeing each other, Jill!”

“Well, he can’t just come over and have his way with you whenever he wants now can he? What kind of message are you trying to send?”

My friend Jillian was shouting her dissent on the phone. I had just told her about what happened between my ex and I. Clearly she was not a fan.

I let Jill babble on and let my mind wander. It’s been a week since Saturday and I was still on edge. I was so turned on that I did what I did to combat stress: I baked.

My kitchen had become war zone of flour, sugar and butter. Pies (apple and peach), cookies (double chocolate chip, oatmeal-raisin and cinnamon sugar), bread and muffins, a testament to both my sexual frustration and satisfaction, littered the counter and overflowed to the table. I had just finished wrestling with some dough that was now rising sullenly in its bowl under a cloth cover. My arms were achy and I felt just a teeny bit sweaty.

I had forgotten how good the sex was with him. Just remembering made me ache with need.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt again, girlfriend. Jeez it’s like you never got over the guy and it’s been like a hundred thousand years. We’re not in high school anymore, Tessa.”

Of course we weren’t in high school anymore. This wasn’t desperate coupling behind the bleachers of the football field while we professed eternal love to each other. For one thing, Evan was no longer the awkward, lanky teenager from 18 years ago. His blonde hair had darkened and his wiry arms and chest have filled out in hard muscle. As far as being intimate, well, he’s had almost 2 decades of perfecting that and he knew exactly what he was doing. As did I. An involuntary shiver ran through my body as I smooth the knee length robe over my tummy, remembering his vise like grip.

“Okay, okay already Jill. It’s not like I want to marry him okay?” I say, exasperated. Jill is a great friend but this was a time I wanted someone to listen to me and not lecture about practicalities. “It was the one time and- oh, hold on I’ll call you back later. Someone’s at the door.”

I end the call and sigh. Jill’s preachy tone was not really what I was looking for this morning. I wrapped my yellow satin robe tighter around me, cinching it around my waist. It was confusing, yes, but really wasn’t anything more than a moment of weakness between 2 consenting adults who happen to know how to push each other’s buttons. It was sex. With an ex. Plain and simple. Uncomplicated, that is if I didn’t count that canlı bahis he had a girlfriend, or that our teenage son was in the next room.

I sigh. Jamie has been trying to get us back together for years! At this point though, I know we both know that that ship has passed. There was also the issue of Monica, the girl he’s been with for 2 years now. “One time. That’s it,” I tell myself, “There will be no more fooling around.”

I open the door slightly, hoping it’s the Amazon delivery I’ve been waiting for when-


“Hey Tessa. Can I come in?” It wasn’t a question as much as a command. He closes the door behind him with a smooth click. I instinctively wrap my arms around myself.

“Jamie’s not home. He’s at a sleepover-“

“I know…”, he cuts in, taking a confident step with each silky syllable.

I get a cold fluttery feeling in my gut. “Did you have plans with him today?I must not have put it in the calendar.” My voice sounds weak, phony, like I know what’s coming but I don’t want to show it. My heart starts beating faster. I step back with each step forward he takes.

“I’m not here for Jamie.”

The eyes again. Green. Steely. Hard. Needy.

His right hand cradles the back of my neck tilting my head slightly upward. His other arm snakes around my waist, binding me to him. I’m trembling with anticipation as he backs me against a wall and pins me there with a knee between my legs.

My hands flutter out to feel his hard muscular arms, the heat from his chest burns. He caresses my face with the back of his hand, catching a stray lock of hair and tucking it behind my ear. The touch is light and I am straining for more. With the pad of his thumb, he traces my upper lip.

“Good morning, Tessa. I’ve been thinking about doing this all week.”

He presses his thumb onto my lower lip and I open my mouth slightly, panting at the hard flesh. He holds his finger there for a moment before I meet it with my mouth, flicking a tongue at it before I slowly suck on it. I close my eyes and a soft moan escapes me.

He moves his head closer and I can smell mint, coffee and musky sweat. I whimper when he takes his thumb out of my mouth. Then he is teasing, tongue darting and finally engulfing my mouth with his.

The assault is simultaneous. Lips on lips. Hands on bodies. My fingers entangled in his hair while his loosening my robe. Tongues clash, breaths ragged. I feel his erection through his jeans. His knee grinds against my mound.

“E-Evan, wait-“

My robe is slipping. I want this but not before we’ve talked. We need to talk. We need to work through this. We need to sort it out. Oh fuck it. We need to fuck.

“Do you want me to stop?” he whispers, tracing a path from my ear to my collarbone.

“No. I mean y-yes. Stop.”

He pulls away while still bahis siteleri leaning in, a hand on either side of my head. I bite my lip. It feels bruised, the kind of bruised that makes you feel incredibly sexy. My robe is almost off my shoulders, my chest heaving. I try to catch my breath. His eyes bear into mine, mocking me, daring me.

I step into his arms, licking his upper lip. “Don’t move,” I command shakily, while my hands fumble with his belt, his pants, which fall below his knees. I let my mouth trail down his body, planting soft bites on his neck, his nipple, his muscular stomach, down to the hairy patch below, kneeling in front of him.

I look up, teasing, and carefully lick around his enormous mushroom head before I pop him in my mouth. He is as delicious as I remember. The angry veins on his shaft twitch in purple streaks as I gently suck on his cock.

“Tessa-god-“, he groans. “That’s it baby-ohhhh yes”.

I can take almost all of him in my mouth and wrap my lips around his girth. Soon he is humping my face, holding on to my hair as he fucks my mouth. I feel exhilarated over the feeling of having him in my power. His grip on my hair tightens and he closes his eyes, breaking eye contact, as he shoots hot cum in the roof of my mouth. I swallow in hungry gulps and look up at Evan, palms flat on the wall above me. His mouth is open in an “O” and his eyes are shut tight.

My hands snake up his hard muscular body, arms finally coming to rest on his strong shoulders. We kiss again, with a little less urgency. I let him taste himself on my mouth. I can tell he is pleased, and aroused. I ease his shirt off and nuzzle his chest, breathing his scent and listening to his rapid heartbeat.

He hitches my left leg on his hip. His hand slides up my thigh and squeezes my ass, presses at my cunt. My panties are damp. He is panting a little, trying to control his breathing. Slowly, oh so excruciatingly slowly, he pulls at the sash at my waist, undoing my robe. The sash falls to the floor.

“You little minx,” he says with a smirk, admiring my tits as they come into view. His hands move to my shoulders easing them half out of the robe. His mouth follows his hands trailing hot little kisses from shoulder to neck to the other shoulder and down to the swell of my breasts.

I shiver. Anticipation clouds my judgement as my arms are trapped behind me in yellow satin, my chest bared for the assault. As he kisses his way to the top of my breasts, his unshaved chin prickles my nipples. I lean against the wall, arching slightly, and close my eyes, gasping as his tongue flicks one nipple then the other. I shudder, unsteady on one leg, as he takes a tit in his mouth, lapping and sucking at the tender flesh.

As he ravages my chest, he hitches my other leg up to wrap around his waist. Two strong bahis şirketleri arms support my back and hips. He humps me from below, sending jolts of electricity to the tips of my fingers and toes. With each stroke he grows harder until I can grind against him.

“Evan. Please. Bed. Fuck. Fuck, Evan.”

“Are you on-” he asks, gesturing down.

“Yes. IUD. Fuck, yes. Fuck me, just fuck me-” I shrug off my robe and for a moment it hangs on my waist before I get on my feet and let it slither to the floor. Evan kicks off his pants and boxers and carries me to my room.

I fall into bed and he quickly follows, hooking his arms against my bent knees. I raise my hips slightly, helping him ease off my panties. The faint musky smell of aroused pussy floats in the room.

Evan roughly drags a tongue into my wet pussy, making me yelp as the flat of his tongue goes from slit to clit. I use my feet to grind into the bed, feeding my pussy to his hungry, torturing mouth. His pace is languid, like a cat lapping at itself. Each lick is long, slow and heavy, drawing out the pleasure and ending with a tickle to my engorged clit. I twist and grab a pillow to my mouth to muffle my screams.

He takes me to the brink of exhaustion and ecstasy but doesn’t let me cum. All too quickly, the pillow is replaced by Evan’s mouth. I taste my pussy juice on him, sweet and thick. I feel his hard rod rubbing against my thigh. He stares at me as if asking my leave, daring me to defy the inevitable. I grab his erection and drag it teasingly against my wet cunt lips. He takes the pillow and tucks it under my ass.

In one swift movement he mounts me. For a moment, I can’t breathe, stuffed full of hard cock, pussy stretching to fullness. My heels dig into his ass cheeks, pushing him even deeper into my cunt.

He saws into me and I meet him crest for crest, slamming our bodies together. The wet sound of flesh against flesh and our ragged breathing fill the room. His balls slap against my clit with every stroke. I slow down our rhythm, relishing the deep penetration and letting excitement build. Sweat shines on my skin and drips from Evan’s forehead into the valley of my breasts. My moans climb higher in pitch until something snaps and I lose control, babbling incoherently as I climax.

Evan brings his face close to mine, staring into my glazed eyes as I stiffen and writhe against him. He continues to pound into me, faster, lengthening my orgasm. My pussy pulses, squeezing his cock and swallowing his cum. The walls ring with our echoed cries and moans of pleasure. He falls onto his elbows, ravaging my lips once more as we stay fused, riding out aftershocks.

I feel his cock soften and fall out of me. The pillow under me is soaked with our mingled juices. Suddenly cold, I meld my body to his, and we kiss, letting our tongues play. His fingers strum my body from ribcage to ass and up again. He is playing me and again I’m aching for more.

“What now?” his voice is husky, low and sexy.

“Jamie won’t be back until 3,” I reply.

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