Waterfall Erotica

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One of the coolest things about going camping is the kind of adventures a person can get themselves into when one is unleashed to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sexual experiences are no different. Especially for Cain and Ann as they decide to take a shower, the good old ‘natural’ way.

The cascading waters of the waterfalls weren’t too rough or heavy, which felt luxurious. Even more so with the feel of Cain’s arms wrapped tightly around her. His kisses drifted from Ann’s lips to her chin. He then slowly worked his way to her neck. She arched herself to give him more room to work with.

This encouraged Cain to hold his bride even tighter as his lust began to kick into overdrive. He fed into her almost like a vampire feeding into his prey. Ann’s knees buckled and Cain was quick to assume dominant control over her.

He tore her clothes off, shredding them apart like they were nothing. Somehow, Ann managed to do the same thing with Cain. In no time at all they were completely naked, still relishing the soothing waters beating down on them as well as the each other’s touch.

There was a large rock, almost formed like a chair that caught their eye. Smiling wickedly, Ryshtyan slowly turns around so that her backside was pressing against Cain’s chest. She could feel his erection between their hot bodies and shuddered with anticipation.

Instead of allowing Ann to lean against the rock, Cain held her tight, clasping his hands over her large breasts. He sunk his lips and teeth into the base of his bride’s neck, not wanting to let go.

The feel of lust, pain and excitement made Ryshtyan cry out but she loved every second güvenilir bahis of it. She continued the cries as this feeling was no longer isolated to her neck. Cain’s hands were massaging and squeezing her breasts, kneading the soft flesh between his fingertips in such a way that it sent some remarkable surge of energy throughout her body. She found her hands on top of his, pressing his palms even tighter against the rock hard nipples.

With one arm snaking and caressing between Ann’s breasts, Cain lowers his other hand to her pubes and begins to work his fingers over her clit. She arched herself accordingly to make things that much easier for him.

It didn’t take long before Cain inserted two of his fingers as deep inside Ann’s tunnel as he could reach. Again, she cried out, which encouraged Cain to become more aggressive. He silenced her by pressing his mouth over hers with as deep and sensual of a kiss as he could possibly provide. Her response was to kiss him back, with the sounds of muffled moans as she feels herself reach an orgasm.

The thought of pulling his fingers out never even crossed his mind as he continued to work them, exploring deep within Ann as if it were some hunger he just couldn’t control.

Ann’s hands clasped onto Cain’s buttocks, driving her fingertips into the cheeky flesh. This caused him to break the kiss and growl out, matching the noise level of his bride’s cry of ecstasy as she cums again.

Finally he let go of Ann and she is quick to press her hands against the rock, bracing herself for what was about to come next.

Cain began to tease her, rubbing the tip of his shaft against the bald türkçe bahis pussy from behind. “Are you sure you want it?”

Purring, Ann answers. “I want it.”

“But do you need it?”

“I need it.”

Clasping his hands against Ann’s hips, he presses the tip of his shaft no moe than an inch inside her. “Are you ready?”

Arching herself to take more of him in, she gasps out. “I’m rea…”

Ann screams out the moment Cain drives himself straight into her tunnel in one long, strong thrust. He completely engulfed himself, feeling the tight muscles contract around his sensitive organ as he roughly ground himself all the way to the base of his shaft. This move alone was enough to cause Ryshtyan to explode yet again.

He held himself deep inside until the flow of her juices calmed down. Those tight muscles of hers contracting and expanding made Cain groan. The length and width of his shaft had Ann filled so completely that just the feel of this alone was overwhelming, but in a very, very good way.

When Ann started to get her breathing back down to normal, Cain began to thrust himself. It was a slow steady pace at first, but the mutual need to fulfill the lust kicked in all too quickly.

She was thrusting herself against her husband each time he drove straight back into her. Gasping and crying out, Ann eggs Cain on. “Fuck me like there won’t be a tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” Cain grunts, picking up the pace steadily.

Crying out, Ann answers. “Yes!”

Like a man possessed, Cain rammed in and out of Ann’s tightness as requested; like no tomorrow.

Growling, grunting and crying out, Cain’s voice was güvenilir bahis siteleri just as loud as Ann’s gasps, screams and wails as he pounded into her with wild, reckless abandon.

With the water beating down on them, along with the sweat that was building up between the lovers, steam was actually emerging from their bodies. It formed a thick misty haze around them as Cain continued to drive his wife over the edge. Again and again and again.

Ann could feel her insides taking one hell of a beating, but loved every second of it. Cain’s hands left deep imprints into the flesh of her waist and hips and the impression of his thrusts into her had her ass blood red from the endless pounding of flesh against flesh. Actually, it felt like she was getting a spanking as she could feel herself become swollen and numb, but she didn’t care.

Cain was enjoying this just as much as she was. He used every ounce of fortitude to prevent himself from exploding, but he just couldn’t help himself. Once he reached that plateau, he slammed himself all the way in. Determined to get that much more of his great length inside Ryshtyan’s hot tunnel, both lovers pushed themselves to the limit so that she could milk this moment for all that it was worth.

When he exploded, he did so with such authority that Ann felt herself cum yet again, crying out at the top of her lungs. Even he was doing it. It was like as if they were virgins, experiencing orgasms for the very first times in their lives.

Feeling their strength completely drain from them, Cain was quick to withdraw from Ann as soon as the last drop of his hot cream made it’s mark. The two collapse into each other’s arms and step away from the waterfalls and further into the cave.

They seat themselves to give their knees and legs a break. Within minutes, they pass out, obviously exhausted from their lovemaking efforts.

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