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He came home, surprised to have seen her car parked in the driveway so early in the day. As he walked in he could see her through the doorway of the kitchen, sitting on the island eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. She looked so damn cute and delectable swinging her black stockinged legs back and forth, her black pin striped skirt skimming the top of her thighs, her white blouse with just enough buttons undone for him to see the shadow of her breasts below… he suddenly felt his pulse thrumming in his cock and his perusion turned from admiration to lust.

As he moved toward her, her gaze shifted from the ice cream container to him. Their eyes met– her electric blue to his green, glowing with desire. She knew that look and her welcoming smile turned suddenly cat-like. She licked her lips, reddened from the cold, in anticipation.

Their lips met, she tasted of mint and chocolate… tongues dueled… breath bated… their desire growing with every languid sweep. She rested her head on his shoulder, nipping at his neck as his deft fingers undid the tiny buttons of her blouse to reveal the lacey bra beneath. He took a moment to look at the creamy white skin exposed before him, and then smiled.

“So, how was your day?”

She giggled at the change of pace, so unexpected. “Well, it’s definitely starting to look up.” She glanced pointedly at his crotch and grinned. “I got a present for you.”

“oh really? where is it?”

She looked at his hands resting on her knees, and then back up at him.

“You’re close.”

His hands moved up to her thighs.


They moved higher, where the nylon ended and silky skin began.

She smiled enticingly. “Warmer.”

His hands came to her inner thighs, thumbs resting on the apex.

Her breath caught. “Hot, very very hot.”

His fingers slipped under the lacey fabric and desire crashed over him in debilitating waves. Where he had expected to find crisp, curling hairs, he felt nothing but smooth, baby soft skin. “Damn, that’s hot baby.”

“See what happens when leave for a week on bus–” She gave a surprised sound as he lifted her, pushed her skirt around her waist and yanked off her panties.

His cock hardened and blood began to rush in his canlı bahis head as he looked at his “present.” Her exposed little pussy lips were perfectly shaped, perfectly smooth. The wet slit, just barely exposed was begging for his touch… for his mouth.

He took her mouth in an explosion of lust, his roving hands removing any clothing he came in contact with until she sat before him completely naked. Her full breasts with puckered nipples cried out for his touch, and he readily complied. He skimmed his thumbs over her taught nipples and gazed into eyes dilated with need.

“Do you want me?” He asked as he pinched the sensitized tips.

“yes!” she gasped

“Is your pussy hot and wet for me?”

She groaned and breathed a yes against his lips as her shaking fingers undid the buttons on, and removed, his shirt. He inserted a finger into her tight little hole, then two. He began to ease them in and out in a slow rhythm. Her nails bit into his shoulders as she whimpered his name against his chest.

“You like that my love? You’re so wet and tight.” he asked as he nibbled her earlobe.

She took a shaky breath. “You make me so hot baby.”

He drew a nipple into his mouth, sucking deeply.

“I’m gonna cum!”

He bit her nipple. “Right now?”

“uhhh… Now!”

He stopped. She groaned and bit his neck in disapproval. She looked up at him, her eyes dark and pleading. He laughed at her silent question and scooped her up, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck.

“Soon, but not now. Grab the ice cream.”

Their mouths melded in seamless heat as he turned toward the stairs. Her small hands undid his belt, then the button, then the zipper on his pants. they fell to the floor and he quickly stepped out of them, never breaking rhythm. His boxers soon followed, leaving a trail of his clothes on the stairs in their wake. She cupped him in her hands, admiring the heaviness of him… like steel sheathed in satin, glorying in the low moan her touch tore from him. She broke the kiss, gasping for breath as raw animal lust hit her.

“Fuck me, fuck me now!” She stroked his cock, kneaded his balls, biting his shoulder, his neck, his chest… needed to taste him in any way she could. bahis siteleri She felt herself slammed against the doorjamb and the pleasure/pain of his teeth grazing her bottom lip.

“Tell me how bad you need it.” he challenged.

She needed him inside of her more than she needed to breathe.

“Here you little cockslut.”

“Only for you.” she murmurred, giving a sigh of relief, thinking her release was to finally come.

Instead of feeling his length slam into her as she had hoped, he eased the very tip slowly into her, then retreated. she held her breath hoping to be experience the fullness of his cock inside her, but was disappointed again when only the head entered her pussy.

“More, baby.” she gasped. “More, I need all of you.”

He eased another scant inch into her aching pussy, slowly entering and retreated, enjoying her pants and moan and pleadings, knowing her release and his own would be far greater for the teasing.

“Please, give it to me!” she sobbed. He eased another inch into her. then retreated slowly. slowly entered giving her one more inch, then retreated. he knew she was at the breaking point… her eyes screwed shut, panting, whimpering, begging him. He gave a secret smile and pulled out completely– then slammed fully into her.

She gave a loud cry or surprise and pleasure. “Yes! Oh God, Yes!” He pounded into her once… twice… three times, and then pulled out completely, just as she was about to climax. He gave her a moment to get her breathing back down to normal, and kissed one of her pursed nipples.

She opened one eye just enough to stab him with her glare.

“You motherfucker. This better be good.”

“Oh, it will be.” He laughed at her, and brought her into the bedroom, laying her on the bed. He took the crushed carton of ice cream from her hands, lapping up the excess that had spilled onto her clenched hand. He took a moment to survey her fully nude, and fully aroused body. her face and chest her flushed with a lovely pink color, her nipples pert and coral, her stomach quivering, her pussy lips red and swollen, the juice pouring out of her gash as though her cunt were crying for his touch.

He slid on top of her and smoothed her fiery hair from her face. bahis şirketleri Softly kissing her forehead, her nose, both cheeks, her parted lips. Her blue eyes slowly opened, dark and dilated with unrequited passion. He nibbled at her lips, down her neck. Softly suckled at her breasts until they formed pink crowns at the tips. He took the ice cream and poured a dollop on each nipple, smiling as she gasped at the unexpected cold. Poured a river down her torso, stopping at her pubic mound. He kissed her fully, revelling in the heat and silk of her mouth.

As he began to lap and suck up the ice cream, she gasped at the contrast between her skin made cool by the ice cream and the heat of his delicious mouth. she arched her back as he licked his way down her tummy, wanting to feel his tongue where she ached and burned. He drew her knees up and dribbled melted ice cream onto her slit. She shivered at the cold on her heated flesh and moaned when his mouth covered her. He lapped slowly at the ice cream, it’s sweetness mixing with the subtle flavor of her need. He licked further up her slit, circling her clit, then stabbing at it with the hard tip of his tongue until she cried out again and again. He sucked her clit deeply into his mouth, her hips bucking in time to the rhythm of his mouth. Her sounds of incoherent pleasure grew to the point of screams, but he again stopped prematurely. He slid up her body again.

“Open your eyes.” He could tell she was having trouble focusing, the black pupils dilated until the color was almost gone from her eyes.

“Do you want to cum?” She nodded, her breathing to irregular, her mind to far gone to find the words.

“Are you ready?” He rested the tip of his penis at the opening of her pussy.

It was his turn to be surprised. She grabbed onto his shoulder, arched her back and hips and slid his cock into her. He hooked his arms under her knees, opening her fully, and slammed full length into her. he thrusted into her with wild, ruthless abandon as she cried and whimpered and moaned and screamed unintelligible sounds of pleasure. Her world shattered into a thousand multi-colored shards. The pulsing deep inside her milked his own climax from his body and he shuddred above her as he emptied himself deep inside her.

Spent, he collapse on top of her, her body still shaking with the force of her climax. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lightly.

“I love you.”

“Welcome home, baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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