Why Go To The Mall?

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Night 1

Oh the beautiful countryside of Scotland! This was a new experience for him as he saw it pass on horseback. The rhythm of him and the horse in unison as that scenery passed. For him this was a dream come true. To experience the country as his ancestors did. The pace picked up and he was riding faster. He felt the wind in his hair. All of a sudden he was in an off road truck in the baja tearing through as stage of the Baja 1000. This couldn’t be right as he felt like he was truly in the Highlands again. Something was amiss and he felt strangely horny. All of a sudden the movement stopped. He awake enough that he started to realise that he had a raging hardon. In his half asleep yet drunken stupor he heard the door shut to the bed room. As he came fully to, he looked down saw his hard cock and it spewed cum all over his belly. He rolled over and went to sleep.

As morning came, he awoke and found himself to be in the bedroom in his wife’s grandmother’s house. He remembered they were on vacation seeing her family. His wife was next to him, still asleep. They were both naked and he realised that he had cum dried on his belly. He vaguely remembered the dream he had. When he woke up at that time his wife was not in the room or the bed. Had she come in and seen his sleep induced hard on and rode his cock? Why did she go back out and when did she come back to bed? Most importantly why had she not woken him up? He was still thinking about the night before. All the young folk had gone out dancing in Oklahoma City. His wife had pulled her cousin Jasmine over to dance with them. Her boyfriend did not make it to OKC and she did not feel like part of the group. At one point, His wife had pulled her close to him as they both grinded against him as two friends may. When his wife left the dance floor for a few she announced that she needed to pee and that she needed a break. She pushed Jasmine closer to her husband playfully and said go ahead.

As Jasmine’s ass grinded against his cock on the dance floor, he immediately got hard. She said nothing but had to notice. He knew this because as she turned to face him and put her arm around his neck for the slightly slower song, she nudged her knee between his legs and began to massage. His cock was straining against his pants and basically throbbing. She smiled as she kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for the dance. He had barely realised the song was ending. He hadn’t really thought much about it.

Night 2

Tonight he turned in early. He was kind of tired from the night before and everyone he normally talks to had gone to bed or gone home. His wife was still talking and he whispered in her ear that she should keep hanging out, that he was going to bed.

She replied with, “I’ll be up in a bit!”

He answered, “sounds güvenilir bahis good darling, love you!”

He was just about to drift off as he heard the door creek open. Just the sound of it made his cock spring to life. He thought for sure his wife had come up. He enjoyed the idea of her taking him while he was asleep, so he pretended to be asleep. He heard clothes hit the floor this time. The covers got pulled back and through the slit in his eye something was off. The woman who had just slid his hard cock into her pussy was smaller than his wife. He could feel lithe muscles in her powerful thighs. She also had much longer hair and was it blond? Her pussy felt different too. He knew it felt good and from what he could smell, it probably tasted amazing. It was so tight and toned compared to his wife’s pussy that had been stretched from childbirth. Suffice to say that his wife’s felt great as when they first started afucking she was too tight. This reminded him of how his wife used to feel, the extra friction was almost too much but it felt good. He felt like he was filling her up. Keep in mind he was only an average guy. This mystery pussy smelled of a similar spicy pheromone too. A smell he remembered from pre-childbirth. A smell that had changed but not terribly. Oh fuck he was in heaven.

He decided it was time, time to do something drastic. He began to talk in rhythm in his fake sleep. “Oh Jasmin!” The motion slowed. “I love the way you move. You are a goddess on the dance floor!” The motion picked back up as she thought he was just dreaming about two nights ago. He continued with “that ass grinding up against me is heaven…” as he drifted his words into muttering.

The woman on top of him was now moaning slightly. He said “that’s right, cum on this cock!” He reached up and taking her small, perky tit in his hand and lightly tugged on her nipple. He knew his wife like this so he figured she might. He then slowly tightened his grip on the selected nipple. She moaned out and he called out to her, “That’s right Jasmine ride this hungry cock!” He felt her already tight pussy clench down and the ring of muscles at the opening to her beautiful pussy gripped his cock. She began to shudder and her pussy became as wet as a fountain.

“Oh Shit!” was all she could say. It was somewhere between the response to a great orgasm and knowing she had been caught. He knew at this point that his wife did not know about these visits.

“So Khloe doesn;t know that you have fucked me in my sleep the last two nights?”

“No and neither were you!”

“Well let’s see if we can make the best of this!” He cleared his throat and said “but first we gotta do something about this!”

He told her to lay down. She did so reluctantly and he lined up between her legs and began to rub türkçe bahis his cock head against her pussy. She was still soaking wet and her cunt hole was still twitching. He pushed into her and felt that tight ring still pulsing. It was rubbing hard against his hard cock and gave him that almost in familiar feel. HE began to slide in and out of her tight little pussy! The outer lips and overall pussy could almost be a dead ringer for his wife’s quim. He loved watching his cock slide almost all the way out. What was best though, was sliding all the way in and feeling the head of his cock rub her cervix and then drop down just below that. It was here that his wife loved his cock to push. So he slid all the way into her and his cock dropped down in that area and he began slow pulse his cock back and forth. She bit her lip as she began to cum again. He could feel that he was not going to hold out much longer and he was not sure what her birth control. He felt his balls tighten up and he pulled his cock out. He shot his load on her belly and her tits. She laughed and as she did one more rope of cum shot out and landed on her mouth. Without thinking she licked it off of her lips and commented that it was delicious. She actually scooped the other cum off her body and ate it too.

“Now we have some business to attend to!”

“Yes I guess we do.”

“My wife your cousin can not know about these little secret rendezvous. I don’t want them to stop. So here is my deal. I won’t say anything as long as you don’t. You keep coming up here when you can and maybe I can find somewhere to meet you while I am here. When we leave I want to continue sexting. I want to exchange pictures and understand that I will be saving them so that I can jerk off and think about how amazing your pussy is. Tomorrow night I want you to come up here freshly bathed or showered. I want you to strip down and lie naked on the bed with your legs spread. I am going to eat you first and try to make you cum that way!”

She agreed and quietly left the room.

“Hey honey! Are you awake?” His wife asked.

“Yeah! Come on in here I wanna fuck!” he answered.

She came in and dropped her clothes. She was on the bed and ready for him to have his way with her. He dove face first into his wife’s pussy. The similarities were uncanny. The differences enticing! As she began to moan he kept licking. She had a small orgasm and while her eyes were still closed, he dove his hard cock right into his wife’s pussy. It was still slick with the cream of her cousin, but she didn’t know that. They fucked until she had come twice and soaked the sheets. She never squirted per se, but Goddamn did she get soaking dripping wet.

He stroked a few more times, enjoying the way his wife’s precious flower felt and fantasized about how güvenilir bahis siteleri her cousin felt, remembering the youthful tightness and yet the similarities to his wife’s pussy. When he was about to finish, he pulled his cock out and put it to her mouth. This was not something they ever did, but she was not opposed to taking his cum in her mouth. She began sucking with passion and licking the frenulum. His cock was throbbing and purple. He grabbed a pillow and began to moan out loud as his orgasm him. He felt his seed and the second shot of it this evening shoot down the back of her throat. She sucked furiously and swallowed the cum. She drank every last bit! The two fell asleep in a pile of themselves and their collective juices.

Night 3

As he ascended the stairs to his room, his cock already began swelling. He could feel his pulse in his cock as he thought about tonight. He went for his shower to clean up and give Jasmine the same chance as he was going to have. As the warm water pelted his skin he continued to stroke his hard cock. He shaved and cleaned off and went to his room. It was dark and he could hear a giggle as he entered the room.

He pulled the covers back and to his surprise he noticed two bodies in the bed. His wife and her cousin were already making out. They were giggling as it happened. He sat in the corner and watched as they began to rub their beautiful, shaved pussies together. It was at this point that he climbed into bed with the two of them. He grabbed his wife by the hips and pulled her to him, sliding his hard cock into her. He stopped her when her face would be in her cousin’s beautiful pussy. She immediately began to eat it as they both began to moan. Khloe’s pussy began to pulse around his cock and he could feel her orgasm about to happen. What he was not prepared for was that as her orgasm took over his cock slipped out and she squirted.

His wife fell down on the bed and rolled over. As she did this Jasmine straddled her and began playing with and sucking on his wife’s tits. In the meantime, he got between Jasmine’s thighs and slid his cock into her. He began to pump on her pussy. The tightness of it and already being excited did not allow for him to go long. He warned he was about to cum as he was about to pull out. He felt two hands grab his ass and pull him forward. It was then that he looked down and saw his wife kissing Jasmine passionately. He began to spurt streams of cum into Jasmine’s pussy. She screamed out through Khloe’s mouth as she had her own orgasm.

The three collapsed and his wife spoke first. “You didn’t think I knew did you?” “But it was me that set this all up.”

He replied “well this has turned out to be a great trip and I can’t wait to see how it ends.”

The rest of the week was essentially the same. Jasmine just slept in their room and left early in the morning so the rest of the family was none the wiser. When it came time for them to leave, Jasmine whispered into his ear, “I may just be moving very soon, know where I can stay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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