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Mark’s business had seen better days. The events of the past couple of years had taken a toll on it, and his cash flow was hurting. Hours were going to have to be cut, and maybe, people laid off in the near future if they weren’t able to turn things around. He was only 28, but had spent so much time at his electrical supply business that his marriage had fallen apart and his wife had left 18 months ago.

A new casino had opened in the area a couple of years ago, and the local economy had taken a hit. Too many people had dumped too much of their paycheck into the casino, and that meant that people weren’t remodeling or upgrading their homes, and that was before the pandemic hit.

One of Mark’s favorite employees was Julie. She drove one of the delivery vans for the business, and had been with him for a little over a year. She was 22, pretty, energetic, and just a fun person to be around, and the fact that she was so easy on the eyes had never been lost on Mark. He found himself giving her some of the easier jobs, and some of the things that kept her in the office a little bit more, just so he could watch her. Seeing her bend over to straighten items on the lower shelves, or reach for items a little higher always gave him a little thrill, watching her in her tight pants and tops. He also made sure that the uniforms he gave her would aide his viewing habits.

Mark had had an employee meeting a few weeks ago, and told everyone that things were getting tough, and he really needed everyone to try to watch everything they were doing to try to save money. They all realized how slow the business had been lately, because many of them had been there with him since he started the business 8 years earlier. It was a few days after the meeting that they heard of the retirement of one of their best contractor customers, and it wasn’t hard to guess that this meant real trouble for the business.

Julie wasn’t dumb; she knew that she could easily be the first person to be let go, and with the way the economy was around there, she knew another job would be tough to find, at least, one that paid enough to live on. She was a fun loving person that enjoyed having a good time, and that meant that sex for fun was something that she enjoyed, and she wasn’t above using it to try to save her job.

When closing time rolled around the next day, Julie was moving slowly, and hanging around until she and Mark were the only ones left in the building. She waited until Mark was ready to leave, and asked if she could talk to him before they headed home. They went back to his office and she shut the door, and leaned back against it while he sat down in his chair.

“Mark,” she said, “I know that things are tight right now, and I could easily be needing to look for another job, but I have an idea that you might like if you’d like to hear it.”

Mark could kind of tell from her etlik escort tone where she might be going, and between his wife leaving and the problems with the business, he had not had the time to find much “companionship” over the past too many months. “What did you have in mind, Julie,” he asked, but the wheels in his mind were already turning that direction.

“Well,” she said, “I know that you’ve been kind of lonely because your wife left before I started here, and that things have been tight and stressful here at the shop. I was thinking that we could help each other out; I could provide some stress relief for you, and you could make sure I keep my job, while we both have some fun.”

“What kind of fun are you talking about, and how much fun, too?” he said with a smile.

“I think that both of us would enjoy what I have on my mind,” she said. “How about at least one night a week, and I wouldn’t argue with more, that we spend time getting to know each other better, and I mean a LOT better! I enjoy sex, and have no hang-ups about sex for fun, and I love to have fun! I could give you a preview here and now if you’d like a sample of what’s on the menu.”

“I certainly wouldn’t turn down a sample,” Mark said. “Shall I get undressed, or what did you have in mind?”

“No,” Julie said, “I would prefer to do that myself. Just sit yourself in that chair, and let me see what I can find for us to do.”

With that, Julie slid down to her knees a few feet in front of Mark, and slowly crawled, catlike toward him, purring quietly in fact. Julie quietly said, “Let’s see what we have to work with here,” as she reached for his belt and zipper. Gently undoing those, she started tugging at his pants, before he excitedly humped up a bit to make it easier for her. Looking him in the eyes, she said, “We’ll have to see which of us enjoys this more.”

Mark was already firming up just from the thought of where this was leading, before she could even touch him. She grabbed his half-hard cock, and gave it a few strokes, then bent closer to slide her tongue up the bottom of his hardening shaft. Mark smiled, as this was the only close contact with a female in way too long, and his cock stiffened, and lengthened to its full size. He wasn’t much above average for length, but the head of his dick was larger than most.

Julie licked him from bottom to top a few times, then slid her mouth over the head of his cock, and started sucking gently. “How’s this feeling so far,” she asked, before getting back to the job at hand.

“Best thing I’ve felt in a LONG time,” he replied. “I think that we may be able to come to an arrangement, as long as there’s more of this in my immediate future.”

Julie just smiled around his dick, and winked at him as she continued her actions. She grabbed the base of his cock, and held it more upright, while sliding gaziosmanpaşa escort her lips up and down slowly. She knew just how to maneuver her tongue below the head to bring maximum pleasure to him, and she was certainly enjoying herself, too! She backed off for a second, and started pumping him with her hand, and asked if he was satisfied with his sample, or might like to try out a few other ideas that she had.

“I wouldn’t mind checking out the whole sampler platter, before I make up my mind,” he said. “I don’t have any reason to hurry home,” he added.

Julie started unbuttoning her tight work top, while eyeing him and licking her lips. She pulled it over her head, and he could see her tight, lacey bra that was doing a fantastic job of making her tits look so delicious! She reached behind herself, and unclasped it, then shrugged it off of her shoulders, and now he could tell that it wasn’t the bra that was making them look so good. “My god,” he said! “Those look absolutely perfect!”

She looked at him with a smile, and said, “the only reason for the bra is to try to keep my nipples a little more under control, but the way I’m feeling right now, they could poke through 2 layers of cardboard, I’ll bet!”

She stood up, and unbuttoned her tight jeans, and slid the zipper down. As she wriggled the tight pants downward, he could see that she was going commando, and he smiled. “I came to work thinking about this, this morning,” she said, “and it’s been hard not to soak through my jeans with this on my mind all day.” She removed her jeans the rest of the way, and he could see her wetness glistening in the light. Just a small patch of light, well-trimmed hair was visible, and the aroma of her arousal was making its way to his nose.

She turned around, and sat lightly in his lap, and asked if he had any special ideas of what he’d like to “sample” next.

“Well, since you’re asking, how about getting up and sitting back on the desk, and we’ll see just how wet that pussy is,” he said. “I definitely want to sample that, or maybe even go for the full value meal. I love to eat pussy, and yours looks extremely tasty right now!”

She sat on the edge of the desk, and leaned back while he leered at the wet, juicy sight in front of him. He gently ran his fingers over her mound, and then her lips, before finally gently inserting one inside. He could feel her move at his touch, and a slight moan came from her throat. He gently sawed in and out a few times before adding a second finger. He turned his hand over, and used his index finger to reach in behind her mound and found the rough, spongy area of her g-spot. Her moans were becoming louder, and sounding a little more needy to him. He took his fingers out of her nether region, and moved his lips in, and began to gently kiss her pussy. He licked the tops of her thighs, ankara escort and her lips, using his tongue to savor all of the flavor he could find. He ran it up the length of her slit a few times, digging in as deep as he could, and then spread her lips apart with his fingers, and dove in even deeper.

She shuddered under his efforts, and had a hard time not yelling out in pleasure. The moans and noises were getting more vocal, and there was no question how much she was enjoying herself. His tongue then found her clit, and she couldn’t hold back the scream anymore. “Good thing we waited for everyone to leave,” he said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of eating a pussy this juicy and I love it!”

“You won’t have to wait long for the next time, as far as I’m concerned,” she said. “Nobody has eaten me this well that I can ever remember, and this is certainly not going to be the last time I let you have a snack between my legs.”

He took a few more short licks and reached up and squeezed her breasts, and said, “I think there’s one more thing that we should check out this afternoon. How about you turn around and lean over the desk now?”

She smiled at him, and took his chin in her hand, and said, “I think that’s a wonderful idea! If fucking you is even half as good as what we’ve done so far, then I’m going to be smiling well into tomorrow by the time we’re done.”

He moved to line his cock up with her pussy, and slowly inserted himself into her. They both moaned in pleasure, and he started pumping in deeper until he was fully inserted into her wetness, then moved in and out, over and over as they both breathlessly spoke.

“Oh, you’re so tight,” he said, just as she told him not to stop. “Let me know where you’d like to come,” she said. “Anywhere you want, because you’re going to get the chance to put it just about everywhere you want, I’m pretty sure!”

“I’m getting close, please turn around quickly,” he said. “Those tits are so gorgeous, I’ve just got to glaze them” he said, as he started pumping his dick with his hand.

Julie lowered herself to her knees in front of him, and gave his iron-like cock a couple of licks just as he shot his first blast of cum onto her face, before he lowered his aim to her gorgeous breasts, and spurted 3 more times, finally dribbling a few final drops onto her hard nipples. The sight of his cum shooting towards her face was enough to send her over the edge, too! She too shuddered in climax, then dropped her hands down to the floor in exhaustion.

“That was by far the best fuck I ever had” he said tiredly. “When can we get together next?” he asked.

Julie smiled and replied, “I can’t remember having better sex either, and I’m not going to pass up the chance to do this again. My sister is coming to town on Saturday to visit for the one night.”

“I understand,” he said, “we can make something work some other time the following week.”

“No, you don’t understand,” she replied with a wry smile, “She’ll only be in town that one night, and I’m pretty sure she’d like to join us, if you’re up for that. She’s only 20, and she’s already the wild one in the family!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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