Wild Oats – Roger

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As soon as I got home from work I put some soup on the stove to simmer, stripped off my work clothes and jumped in the shower. I slipped on a short, thin T-shirt that barely reached my pubes and, with my hair still wet, started for the kitchen.

There was a light knock at the front door and Roger was standing there with flowers and a bottle of wine.

“Roger, what a pleasant surprise.”

“I ask Jason for your phone number, but he said you were saving for school and did not have one. I would like to take you to dinner.”

“You are so sweet. I just showered and as you can see, I am really not dressed to go out. I have soup simmering on the stove if you would like to stay here and share it with me. I also have a loaf of French bread and some cheese. Along with your wine, I think we can put together a meal for the two of us.”

“Have I told you that you are beautiful and that I really enjoyed spending time with you last week at Jason’s party?”

“Thank you. I think you cebeci escort are pretty sharp yourself.”

I kissed him lightly on the lips and led him by the hand to the kitchen.

We enjoyed our dinner, cleaned up and did dishes together. Roger poured us each another glass of wine and we retired to the living room.

He took me in his arms and kissed me tenderly all over my face including my neck and behind the ears. He dragged his tongue from my ear to my mouth and began tracing my lips with his lovely wet tongue.

I opened my mouth and our tongues battled in our mouths. He fondled and stroked my unfettered, natural, firm, full, heavy, DD breasts. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him close. I was commando down below and this put my clit right up against the bulge in his pants and I began to grind.

He laid me on the sofa, knelt on the floor beside me, and buried his face in my neatly trimmed furry mound. He traced the folds of my vagina with his tongue and sucked on çukurambar escort the knob of my clit.

I knew I was really wet when I heard him slurp down there. I pulled him up so I could kiss him again, this time with the taste of my pussy on his lips and his face shiny wet.

I unfastened his belt and his pants. After I helped them over his erect penis they dropped to the floor and he kicked them off. He pulled off his shirt and my top and carried me naked to my bedroom. He placed me gently on the bed and moved into a 69 position where I could love him while he loved me.

He moved over me and I slid a pillow under my fanny to change his angle of insertion to the one most comfortable for me.

He placed my legs over his shoulders and slid his beautiful, thick, circumcised cock into me with little resistance. As he stroked into me I rose to meet him with each thrust. I had my first orgasm almost immediately and he kept stroking right through it. He was stretching the walls of my ankara escort vagina as I tightened on him for all I was worth. It must have been fifteen or twenty minutes of pure, lovely sex before he started pumping faster. My juices were squishing as he plunged in and out and we could hear the slap, slap of our flesh coming together. I felt him begin to swell.

“Cum deep inside me. I want your cum.”

He began spewing stream after stream of warm, creamy cum into my eager vagina.

I moved my legs to his waist and hugged him tight as he collapsed onto me.

When we had recovered, he asked me to try the reverse cowgirl with him. I had never done this position before and it felt a little different. What he really wanted was to hold my breasts while we fucked. When he pulled me back on him with a hand on each breast, I knew how nice it could be.

He rolled me over onto my back and said, “I really want to cum in you again.”

I spread my legs and directed his cock to my love opening. He pumped hard and fast and we came together.

We took a shower together, cleaned each other thoroughly, and returned to bed where we fell asleep cuddled together.

He woke in the morning with a woody and naturally I did everything I could to take care of it so he wouldn’t have to go to work that way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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