Wilson Peak Pt. 05

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Naturally the first thing Suzy wanted to know was why was I home so early and how did it go? I said we had a perfectly nice dinner and took a walk and I came home.

“Annnnnnddddddd???” she asked.

“And nothing, she seems very nice,” I said.

“So there was no chemistry?”

“Yeah, a little bit.”

“Oh. Well that’s disappointing,” she said, “are you going to see her again?”

I smiled at my sister and raised my hand, pointing to Judy’s number on my palm.

“Ah ha,” she smiled at me, “ran outta paper I guess.”

“I guess,” I said, “well, good night sis.”

“Night Mike.”

But as I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I couldn’t get the image of Judy and Anna staring at me like a couple of she-wolves out of my head. Where was this headed and did I want to go there?


Eve and I must have been tired because it was nearly 8:30 the next morning when I first stirred. Eve was buried in the comforter, looking unbearably cute with only her head showing.

It was cold in the RV, so I slipped on a robe and padded over to turn up the thermostat and start a pot of coffee. Outside, the sun was out and it was quickly warming up. With some luck, snowplows could clear the road by tomorrow. In any case I would dig the RV out today and put the chains on. As I was pondering this and enjoying the aroma of brewing coffee, I felt two breasts on my back and a hand snake inside my robe to grab my cock. I let out a squeak of surprise.

“Funny, it doesn’t feel dangerous,” Eve whispered in my ear.

“I don’t think it is,” I replied as she gently rubbed the head, “Why, what have you heard?”

“Oh it’s not what I heard, it’s what I know. This thing tried to kill me last night.”

“It did?” I asked, “So sorry. That’s why I rarely let it out.”

“You need to teach it some manners,” she said as she brought her other hand around to massage my balls.

“Ahh…okay, but I may need some help.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure it’s afraid of the dark,” I said, “Maybe if we put it in some dark places it would come around.”

At that she cracked up. “Okay, that was funny,” she giggled, “do you know any dark places that would fit the bill?”

I craned my neck around to look at her, studying her face.

“Open your mouth,” I said. She did and I looked at her carefully, like a dentist. “Yes, I think your mouth is dark enough. We could start there and see what comes of it.”

She came around to face me and I was suddenly aware that she was naked, her flawless breasts moving enticingly as she looked intently in my eyes. Then her gaze drifted down to my hard cock in her hand. She looked up again.

“If you think it’s best,” she said.

“The only way, I’m afraid,” I answered seriously.

Her eyes never left mine as she dropped to her knees between my legs. She lifted my dick up to her face and looked at it.

“Looks like I have to teach you a lesson,” she said.

Her pink tongue snaked out and she slowly licked from my balls to the head of my cock, drawing a gasp from me.

“Cause you’ve been a naughty boy,” she said, as she dropped her head to suck one of my balls into her mouth.

She looked into my eyes as she brought the head of my cock to her mouth. Sensuously watching my face, she spit on the tip and rubbed it around with her hand. Then she turned her attention to the shaft, giving it several slow, sexy licks from balls to the head, which she ran her tongue around like a lollipop. Then she slowed and I thought she would lick me again, but to my surprise, she engulfed half of my cock in her mouth.

I groaned loudly as she slid her lips to the tip, pausing to run her pink tongue around the head before plunging down again. She repeated this several times as she watched my face for reactions.

I was in heaven. This beautiful young thing was enthusiastically impaling her face on my cock, eagerly trying to please me while I see her lovely tits bounce with every stroke. What’s not to like?

Occasionally she would remove her mouth and jack me off as she licked my balls and cock, always checking my face.

As she thrust my cock down her throat once again, I moved my hands to the back of her head to push her a little deeper. She pulled her head away and coughed, but then dove right back down even deeper.

If she kept this up, I knew I would cum soon. I didn’t know if she wanted me to cum in her mouth, so I started to pull her off but she slapped my hands away and pumped me even harder while massaging my balls.

Much of what made it so hot was watching my shining dick pushing in and out of her sexy mouth as she sucked me for all she was worth.

A moment later, I felt myself starting to cum.

“Eve…I’m…gonna…cum,” I croaked.

She pulled her mouth away but kept jacking me off.

“Do it,” she demanded, then dove back down on my searing shaft.

My entire body stiffened and I pushed her head deeper on my raging dick. I erupted with a shout and she took ostim escort the first couple of blasts in her mouth, then directed the rest onto those perfect tits. Each shot was more intense than the last and I felt like I would faint from the pleasure.

After what seemed like hours, it was over, and I slumped in the chair with my eyes closed. I had a smile a mile wide plastered across my face as I basked in the afterglow. Then, she started licking my cock, cleaning it up. I opened my eyes and she was watching me.

“Mmmm. Tasty,” she said, “I hope he learned his lesson.”

“I dunno,” I said, “he’s kinda thick. It may take a lot of those lessons to teach him.”

“At least he gives me a reward,” she smiled, “what’s a girl gotta do to get breakfast around here?”

I gave her a big smile as I leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on her mouth, then pulled away and looked into her eyes.


Half an hour later we were munching eggs and buttermilk pancakes and laughing together. I asked little things about her background, trying to piece together what might have happened to her. She would be alternately evasive and forthcoming about some things. I made sure I didn’t push too hard. But I needed to know what happened to her.

“Okay, so how was it I had to dig you out of the snow a couple of nights ago?” I asked.

Her face darkened as she took another bite of pancake and washed it down with coffee. She was considering how to answer.

“For the past year I’ve been dating a guy named Ricky Thompson,” she said, “but for the last few weeks we haven’t been getting along. He was fired from his job and he started drinking a lot. When he was drunk, he would become abusive.”

“So he hit you?” I asked, feeling my temper rise.

“Slapped me a few times. He was always accusing me of sleeping with other men,” she said, “then he would sober up and he was all apologies and swearing he’d never do it again.”

“That’s the usual pattern of an abuser,” I said.

“I guess I know that now,” she said, sadly, “anyway, ten days ago I decided I’d had enough and broke up with him.”

“Finally,” I said, “smart girl.”

“But he started calling me like 10 times a day. Coming by my apartment at night, beating on the door, ringing the bell.”

“Why didn’t you call the police?” I asked

“His father’s the sheriff,” she said simply, “it would have made things worse. But after about four days, the harassment stopped.”


“I wondered that, too. Then, a couple of days ago, he showed up as I was getting off work. He was sober, well dressed, and very apologetic. He said he loved me, missed me, and wanted us to get back together,” she said, “I still cared for him and really felt sorry for him, so when he asked me to come up here with him, I said yes.

“We got here and took one of our favorite walks, down the trail on the other side. While we were out there, he told me he wanted us to move in together and eventually get married. I told him I wasn’t sure about that—I would need some time to think it over.

“He got real mad and told me I was being a hurtful little bitch. Couldn’t I see he had changed and would do anything for me? Then he grabbed my arm and squeezed it real hard,” she said, pointing to the bruises.

“I told him to let me go. That this was not the way to win me back. He said ‘Who are you kidding you little cunt? You’re never coming back.’

“Then he pushed me backward, and I lost my balance and fell off the trail, down the mountain,” she said with tears rising in her eyes, “I don’t know how far I fell but my head hit something hard and I don’t remember much after that. The next thing I knew was waking up in your bed, naked, in a sleeping bag.”

“Does he have a blue Camaro,” I asked, “kinda beat up on one side?”

“That’s his car,” she answered.

“He went flying out of here just after sundown,” I said, “I’ll bet he thought he killed you.”

“He was almost right,” she said as she started to sob, “if it hadn’t been for you…”

I reached over and pulled her to me, holding her tight as she cried.

“It’s all right,” I said, gently kissing her forehead, “he’s gone and I won’t let him come back.”

Eve cried it out, and I let her. I got her some tissues and poured her a little more coffee.

“So you didn’t live with him,” I said, “is there anyone missing you now? Roommate? Friends? Family? Employer?”

“Yes, I’m sure my dad’s worried sick,” she said, “can we call him?”

“No, I can’t get a phone signal up here. But I can radio the police and have them call him.”

“Uh-uh. His father would find out and it would start all over.”

I smiled at her. “I told you. You don’t need to worry about him.”

“Mike, you don’t understand,” she said, “he’s crazy. And he has guns.”

I could see she was genuinely terrified, so I decided to take a gentle approach.

“How about I contact the state police?” I suggested, “have them call your dad?”

She thought about that sıhhiye escort a minute before finally saying “Okay.”

Fifteen minutes later I radioed the state highway patrol and gave them Eve’s father’s number. They said they would let him know, and that snowplows were headed my way, perhaps arriving as early as tomorrow morning.

Little did I know what was in store for us before they even got there.


Just my luck, after meeting Judy and Anna, the damn voltage regulator on the coach quit working and I couldn’t find another one anywhere locally so I was going to be stuck at Suzy’s for another 10 days while a new one shipped from China. This was the longest I’d stayed in one place since I finished the RV and I was feeling restless. I decided to use the time to do basic mechanical maintenance—oil and transmission fluid changes, brake pads, belt replacements, that kind of stuff. I also wanted to flush the sewer system.

But despite staying busy working on these things, my mind kept drifting back to the beautiful mom and daughter. Should I call Judy? It’s not really fair since I won’t be here long, but then again she said she didn’t want a relationship. And what about Anna? She had looked at me like she was a piranha and I was a morsel of bloody meat—and that I would ENJOY being that meal.

These thoughts were bouncing around in my head while I was under the coach draining transmission fluid when a voice startled me.

“Hello?” it said.

I jumped, hitting my head on the muffler.

“Ow, damn!” I exclaimed, grabbing my head.

I saw a pair of high heels walking my way attached to a nice pair of legs. So curious, but annoyed, I rolled our from under the RV to see Judy standing there.

“Hi Mike,” she said cheerfully, “was that you cussing in here?”

“Hi Judy. Yeah, hit my head on the muffler.”

“Are you all right?”

“I think so.”

She looked at me lying there and I took in the full sight of her. She was in a tight dress that really showed off her legs and, although work appropriate, made her breasts and ass look great. For the first time I appreciated how hot she was.

“Sit up,” she said, looking at my head, “you have blood coming from your scalp.”

“I do?”

“Yeah, we should take care of that,” she said. “Are there Band Aids in the house?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, “there’s a first aid kit in the RV.”

“Good. Let’s go get it cleaned up.”

I stood up and, to my surprise, got a little dizzy. I grabbed Judy’s shoulder to steady myself. She immediately put my arm around her neck.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“I think so,” I said, “maybe I hit my head a little harder than I thought.”

“Let’s get you inside and take a look.”

We got to the door and I stopped.

“Wait,” I said, “I can’t wear these coveralls inside, they’re greasy.”

“Okay, let’s take them off.”

“I’m just wearing boxers underneath,” I said.

She looked at me like I was an idiot.

“You’ve got nothing I haven’t seen before.”

She pulled down the zipper on my coveralls, carefully removed them and laid them across a patio chair. Although at this point I didn’t need it, I let her help me into the coach and I pointed to the bathroom.

“First aid kit is under the sink.”

“Okay,” she said, “let’s sit you on the bed.”

I sat on the edge of my bed waiting as she returned with the kit and a warm, wet rag washcloth.

“I put some soap on the washcloth so you can clean your hands.” she told me.

I cleaned my hands while she looked at my head.

“You have a little gash here,” she said, “nothing serious but I’m going to wash it and put a butterfly bandage on it.”

“Whatever you think is best, Doc,” I answered, “do you think I’ll ever play piano again?”

“I think you’ll play piano just fine,” she said.

“That’s strange, I never could before.”

That got a chuckle out of her. “Verrrryyy funny,” she said. After a few seconds of silence she added “I couldn’t help noticing you keep yourself in really good shape.”

“Are you sexually harassing me?”

“Of course not,” she replied, “just an observation.”

“You’re not fooling anyone,” I said, “you just wanted to get me out of my coveralls.”

“You’re the one that busted your head, genius.”

She pulled my head a little closer and I was at just the right height to be face to face with her breasts, dressed though they were. I decided to press my luck just a little and lightly brush the right one with my nose. Her body stiffened, but she didn’t pull away. So a few seconds later, I subtly brushed where I guessed the nipple to be with my mouth. She didn’t object, so I slowly brushed it several more times with slightly increasing pressure.

The result was, as I hoped, she was getting a nipple erection coming through her tight dress and bra. I teased the nipple with my nose a bit before blowing a stream of hot breath over it, which produced a slight shift in her body as ankara escort she pulled my head closer. I opened my mouth and gently bit the nipple, eliciting a little squeal.

“If you keep that up I won’t be able to finish with your head,” she warned me.

So I bit it again, harder. This time her head went slightly back and she drew a breath.

“Um…I’m almost done,” she said breathily.

Emboldened, I brought my hand up to gently caress her other breast while continuing to nip and bite the nipple. Meanwhile, my other hand went behind her to lightly rub her ass cheek.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, “lucky for you I’m finished.”

I stood in front of her, then turned her back to me.

“I can’t do this,” she breathed, “I have to get back to work.”

But she didn’t resist or try to get away, so I kissed her ear and brought my hands around to cup each breast, pinching the nipples. She sighed, and leaned back slightly.

“Please don’t,” she moaned as her breathing quickened.

By now I had figured out that she was one of those women who get off on being forced to fuck—or at least roughly persuaded. As I kissed down her neck and unbuttoned her blouse, I felt her hand reach back to stroke my face.

“I really don’t want this. I…oh my…” she said, just as I took out my hard cock and put it in her other hand.

Working quickly, I opened the blouse and pulled up her bra to expose her tits. They were nice, 34C I learned later with small aureoles and cherry pit nipples that were hard as stones right now. I cupped those lovely breasts and gave each nipple a hard pinch. She gasped, and squeezed my cock hard, then started masturbating me. I worked my hand up under her skirt and began to rub her pussy through her panties.

Again an intake of breath, and another protest, “Please stop,” but her hand was still jacking me off and her breathing became faster and shallow.

Then I pushed the panties aside and plunged two fingers into her steaming pussy. I was right, she was soaked.

“Oh God,” she croaked, “oh my God.” I finger fucked her for another minute or so until I felt her legs starting to crumble. I turned her to face me and pushed her to her knees, and brought my cock to her lips. She looked up at me and I said “Suck it. Now.”

With that Judy opened her mouth and took as much of my cock in as she could, then backed off and did it again.

She was slowly taking me in and out of her mouth and she brought her hands up to cup my balls and hold my ass.

“Put your hands on your knees and keep them there,” I ordered.

She did it and I grabbed her head and proceeded to fuck her face. Every few strokes I would feel her gag, but I could tell she was getting off on this because her hand was now furiously friggin her pussy. To my delight, after a minute, she was forcing my cock down her throat, so I released her head. She looked up with a desperate lust that was eager to please me. Her head moved back and forth as fast as she could and every now and then she would let my soaked cock slip from her mouth so she could lick my balls and the underside length. She wanted me to cum—now!

Her blowjob was doing the trick and I thought about just cumming down her throat, but I wanted to plow this field for future harvest. I pulled her head off my cock.

“Stand up,” I said, as she looked at me, hesitant, “Now!”

Judy stood, looked at me with fear, then turned her gaze down.

“Turn around, pull down your panties and bend over,” I commanded.

Her eyes came back up to mine. “Bu..but…” she stammered.

I gently took her chin in my hand, looked directly in her eyes and said, “Do it!”

She turned around and pulled her panties down before bending over and placing her elbows on the bed. I gently thrust two fingers into her dripping pussy, fucking her with them while I diddled her clit. She began to softly whimper.

I brought my cock to her scorching pussy and rubbed it against her slit before plunging in.

She groaned deeply in her throat and I felt her tight pussy grip me as I held it there. I slowly withdrew and slammed it home again to the root. Her body shuddered and she let out another moan.

I knew this one wouldn’t last long, so I started giving her 6 short strokes, one full one-then 5 short strokes and one full one, etc, down to all full strokes, then start over.

Judy’s pussy lubricated even more and our hips made wet slapping sounds as they crashed together. Soon I was smashing into her for all I was worth and she was moaning “Oh…oh fuck…oh god…oh fuck…god you’re so deep…fuck, fuck fuck…”

Suddenly I stopped to see what she would do. She snapped her head around with a wild look in her eyes, then started slamming her ass back against my cock—impaling herself on me. I watched for a moment, resting while she fucked herself, then resumed my thrusting with a vicious slam.

“Ohhhh yessssss. More…more…Oh god, I’m cumming,” she screamed.

Her back arched up as she tensed. Then I felt the dam burst inside her and cum shoot out to cover my cock as she fell forward on the bed. I grabbed her panties and ripped them off her, then pulled her legs up behind her and continued slamming her abused cunt. She was doing something between a scream and a cry as I mercilessly reamed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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